Editorial Director: what he does, skills, tools used and earnings

In this video interview, we will talk about the editorial director, a leading figure in the digital field who deals, in particular, with the choice of content to be published in informative magazines. Through the help offered by Paola Barletta, who occupies this position at Donne Magazine, we will enter this world, discovering:

  • Who is the editorial director and what does he do?
  • What is the path to undertake to become an editorial director
  • What are the most used tools in his profession
  • What is his salary level.


Who is the editorial director and what does he do?

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Paola Barletta Editorial DirectorThe editorial director takes care of the coordination of a magazine: in particular, of the choice of contents, which range from evergreen ones (ie contents that never “expire”) to those chronologically closest.


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What are the skills needed in order to become an editorial director?

Paola Barletta Editorial DirectorObviously, everything starts with studies, which can be in communication or publishing. For the rest, it takes passion, a desire to do and learn, and putting what you have learned over the years into practice in the field.


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What are the most used tools?

Paola Barletta Editorial DirectorFor evergreen content I use Semrush, SEOszoom, Answer The Public, and Google Suggest. These tools allow me to analyze the search volume, seasonality, and potential of content, both in the short and long term. For news, however, I use Google Trends, Hot Trends, and Spike, which help most in instant keyword research.


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How can you become an editorial director?

Paola Barletta Editorial DirectorA well-defined path does not exist. As already mentioned before, specific studies in communication or publishing are addressed, with the possibility of adding various specialized courses and, preferably, a training course in the field.

To this, we must add a strong intuition and sensitivity for the news, combined with the desire to constantly improve. As well as Google undergoes constant updates, and we too, in our profession, should update often.

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What is his average salary?

Paola Barletta Editorial DirectorIt starts from a basic salary, up to several thousand euros. Obviously, salary depends on various factors, such as age, education, and years of experience.



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We conclude this video interview by emphasizing how the role of the editorial director is full of responsibility: it is he who decides, in fact, the type of content to publish, as well as the structure of a magazine and the correct division between last minute and evergreen content.

The editorial director is the one who sets the vision for an entire publishing house or a branch of it.

To cover this role it is necessary to have, consequently, respect for very tight and close deadlines, an eye for the search for valid collaborators, and a good relationship with high voltage situations, as well as, obviously, a high level of communication and persuasion.


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