Google Ads Specialist: What it does and how to become one

The Google Ads Specialist is a key figure in the performance marketing landscape. Companies that move online need the skills of this professional to optimize lead generation costs and acquire new customers thanks to the use of online advertising campaigns created with Google Ads: Google’s advertising platform. For this reason, skills such as analytical skills, knowledge of HTML code, marketing, communication and psychology are required.

There are many job opportunities in this sector and very interesting career prospects. This is why attending a basic SEM course can be a good starting point for getting to know the subject. Since this is a fairly complex profession, I interviewed Luigi Sciolti, Google Ads Specialist of the Up Vision company, to find out more.

Who is the Google Ads specialist?Google Ads Specialist woman

Google Ads Specialist manThe Google Ads Specialist is a marketing consultant who helps companies and professionals achieve their goals through the Google Ads platform, i.e. the advertising system that Google makes available. Clearly defining the objectives to be achieved is a fundamental starting point for carrying out this work correctly. An Ads campaign without a marketing strategy is nothing more than web traffic sent to a page that can have very high costs without, however, guaranteeing a result.

Once the objective has been outlined and the most suitable type of campaign has been identified, the strategy is implemented. More and more often, I happen to be contacted by companies that manage Google Ads campaigns and need to optimize their investments. Therefore, it is not just a question of intervening for an increase in sales, but also for a reduction in costs. What a Google Ads Specialist must know how to do is optimize costs, as well as increase advertising traffic. In practice, being able to understand which channels, messages and keywords offer the greatest economic return.

Google Ads Specialist womanWhat skills should a Google Ads expert have?

Google Ads Specialist manIt may seem obvious, but a Google Ads Specialist must first of all know the Google Ads panel very well. The panel is really very large and complex for a person who is not familiar with this type of tool. It occurs to me that, almost all of them, focus on search campaigns. Google Ads, however, is not just a tool that allows us to appear in search engines with our ads. In fact, it has a display network and other types of campaigns that require more specific skills.

It is good for a Google Ads Specialist to obtain at least two or three years of experience in managing multiple accounts and broaden their knowledge to various sectors. In fact, managing different types of campaigns can help acquire skills suitable for a greater number of sectors. Ultimately, what matters are the results: for this reason, a Google Ads Specialist must be able to achieve the set objectives.  Another necessary skill is the ability to read and analyze data, this requires in-depth knowledge of the Google Analytics panel. Understanding which channels, traffic sources and audience segments are most suited to a strategy is essential for optimizing the costs of a campaign.

Furthermore, a Google Ads Specialist should help the client identify the competitive advantage. More and more often, in fact, I happen to ask the customer about their strengths compared to their competitors. Even a basic knowledge of html development is a useful skill, because more and more often it is necessary to optimize landing pages – landing pages – or solve problems in data tracking, therefore being familiar with HTML code or with a JavaScript script makes work easier.

Google Ads Specialist womanWhat other Ads platforms should you know about?

Google Ads Specialist manFor a Google Ads Specialist a broad spectrum knowledge is necessary , even if it is unthinkable to acquire the same level of specialization on multiple platforms. In some circumstances it will certainly happen that you have to direct the customer towards other types of advertising.

Google Ads campaign can be too expensive for certain conversion goals, for example on products or services where the markup on the product is low. However, if you get to know Google Ads and the display network well, you acquire the ability to segment the audience and establish the target to hit. This will also make things much easier when using other advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads

Google Ads Specialist womanHow many campaigns can you manage at the same time?

Google Ads Specialist manIt really depends on the skills of the Google Ads Specialist and how he organizes the work. In my experience, I’ve managed over 140 accounts at once. However, it is a big workload.

On average, the number of manageable accounts is between 20 and 25. However, it must be said that a lot depends on how large an account is: an account, in fact, can be composed of many campaigns, many types of ads. In this case, given the greater management and optimization time required, even a single person may suffice.

How to become a Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Specialist womanWhat was your training path to become a Google Ads Specialist?

Google Ads Specialist manFourteen years ago I started developing websites, but my passion has always been linked to SEO activities. I entered the Google Ads world about ten years ago: I approached this tool because I needed support to give immediate visibility and to overcome the limitations of SEO. I used AdWords to understand which keywords worked best: it helped me slowly to understand which mechanisms and dynamics can influence a person’s conversion.

If today I had to recommend a path to follow to someone who wants to specialize in this sector and become a good Google Ads Specialist, I would tell him to start from the Google Ads exam ago by obtaining the individual certification. Another important thing is certainly the sharing of successes and failures with colleagues and insiders. This also happens by participating in forums and live events. In fact, constructive dialogue with people and colleagues is of great value. And finally, a constant study of marketing and psychology helps to understand the levers of persuasion and becomes a support both in the creation of messages and in the optimization of landing pages.

Google Ads Specialist womanFrom which companies do the most job offers come?

Google Ads Specialist manOften participating as a speaker at training events, I met young people who, after the training courses, found work in those companies that decided to move online. There are more and more companies that are structured for online sales through their e-commerce and need these figures. Then, Google Ads Specialists will always be necessary for both communication agencies and web agencies that offer this type of service.


Google Ads Specialist womanGoogle Ads Specialist: how does his role change according to different contexts?

Google Ads Specialist manI started working in the tourism sector. When I started, 10 years ago, even a small Bed & Breakfast could think of promoting itself with Google Ads. This doesn’t mean that now it can’t do it, but today the competition is constantly increasing and the click costs are getting higher and higher.


There really isn’t a sector that can’t promote itself through Google Ads. If something is sold it is because it is sought and therefore, if it is sought, there is the possibility of promoting it with a Google Ads ad . For this reason, all sectors are fine. However, you must always understand what goal you want to pursue.

Google Ads Specialist womanGoogle Ads Specialist: what is the average budget that a Senior can manage?

Google Ads Specialist manAs far as my experience and that of my colleagues are concerned, I can say that in 2014, with Up Vision, I managed campaigns for 700,000 euros in PPC (Pay Per Click) and budget. Although I would estimate the average annual budget managed by a Google Ads Specialist at around 300,000 euros.


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