How to start a fashion blog and become a fashion blogger

How to set up a fashion blog and how to become a fashion blogger

If your dream has always been to appear in the top ten fashion bloggers of the moment thanks to your blog, know that fashion bloggers are not born but made! Creating a fashion blog and becoming a fashion blogger is no mean feat! Every day, thousands of girls and boys with a passion for fashion decide to start a fashion blog for the most varied reasons. Dear Chiara Ferragni wannabe, if you want to know how to create a fashion blog, how to become a beauty blogger and rise to the top of the charts, know that it is not enough for you to have a photographer mum, an entrepreneur boyfriend, and fifty shades of Blondsalad hair. Standing out will have to be your new mantra!

In the first part of the article, I will explain how to start a fashion blog thanks to an interview with Ida Galati, while the second part will reveal the 9 tips + 1 on how to become a fashion blogger.

Becoming a fashion blogger and starting a fashion blog is not easy. As you will see at the end of the article (thanks to the list of the 10 best Italian fashion bloggers), competition is very high and you need to know how to apply the rules of web marketing to the fashion sector very well. But thanks to this vademecum, you could become the fashion influencer of the moment!

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Creating a fashion blog: an interview with Ida Galati | Fashion blogger & Beauty reporter

how to create fashion blog

If you want to turn your passion for fashion into a successful profession, make perseverance, your personality, and your passion for social and fashion your strategy of attack. Don’t struggle to imitate your rivals, but rather take inspiration from them, just as I did by choosing and strongly wanting fashion blogger and beauty reporter Ida Galati to tell you the ins and outs of fashion blogging and explain how best to start a successful and profitable fashion blog by taking inspiration from a professional.

simonetta favale

From psychotherapist to successful blogger: what led you to change your life and start a fashion blog?

ida galatiCircumstances on the one hand and dissatisfaction on the other. If I had listened to ‘Ida Child’, I would have found my place in the world early on, but I always thought it nobler to mend broken hearts – by pursuing a career as a psychotherapist – than to express my explosive creativity. I’ve always loved singing and I’ve always been a computer enthusiast: at 15 I spent whole afternoons in front of the computer pondering what I could do with it, I didn’t know yet how to start a fashion blog and create a fashion blog would be my path.

But I had decided that I was going to be a psychotherapist and I couldn’t ‘mess up my plans’. So I continued with my studies and did not give up once, although I felt a great need. I started working as a psychotherapist, then I met what would be my future husband and one of the most beautiful and intense chapters of my life began: London. It was the chance I had been waiting for, the chance to give up, reset everything, and give myself the opportunity to find my true passion. At the age of 30, I started looking inside myself, experimenting, and finally in a hidden corner I found my true passions – writing, fashion, and social media – and decided to create a fashion blog: lestanzedellamoda.

I built great things thanks to a few simple intuitions and it all started with the sharing of a very long thought of mine on Facebook, the right person who noticed it, and the proposal to write for his online Italian fashion and lifestyle magazine in England. Within a very short time – only 10 days after my stay in London – I found myself with an International Press pass for London Fashion Week and my life became a succession of fashion shows, then the Fashion Journalism course to learn how to write newspaper articles and Social Media for Fashion in London, a master’s degree in Italy, the blog in 2013 – my greatest good fortune – the lectures,, my web agency StandOut Fashion Project, where I am Co-founder and Web Editor in short, since then I haven’t stopped and my passions have become my job.

simonetta favale

Many aspiring fashion bloggers dream of doing your job. Let’s get to the heart of the interview: tell us how you set up a fashion blog.

ida galatiBeyond the technicalities, first of all, it takes some fundamental skills to become a fashion blogger or become a beauty blogger. Personality. Taste. Intelligence. Perseverance. Passion for social media. I wouldn’t mention writing skills necessarily; if you want to start a fashion blog but writing has never been your forte, the advice is to do personal branding and adopt different ploys to express yourself at your best: interesting shots, a good selection of styles, videos of yourself. In short: you have to know how to stand out! If you like writing, start a blog! You used to start with the more amateurish blogspot, now I recommend starting with a free WordPress theme and then, as soon as the audience, content, and everything else starts to take off and take shape, customize it by also buying a personal domain. For cutting-edge themes, I recommend Themeforest, a portal with many professional templates and utilities for website creation.

The idea of creating a blog in general, and of creating a fashion blog in particular, is always linked to the ambition of observing its success, but its popularity depends on many unavoidable factors, the most important of which are structure, content, and design. For example, a site with pages that are excessively heavy to load is penalized by search engines and consequently by the very users who might be interested in the content, just as a blog with a more attractive layout and colors is certainly more interesting to follow, not to mention the content, which is and will always remain the main reason why a user continues to follow you.

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If you like communicating on video, equip yourself with a tripod, two lights, and a microphone. Think about the stories you want to tell, learn how to edit a video, and then go for it. But let the project and your approach be original!

“Creativity is about inventing, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” (Mary Lou Cook)

If you like Instagram all you need is a good phone (preferably one that also has a portrait mode that blurs the background) and good taste in photography. Also, take a small beginners’ course and ‘steal with your eyes’ from other Instagram accounts that you like or particularly represent you, and get inspired for your own (this is how I also started to shape my Instagram profile lestanzedellamoda).

how to create a fashion blog on instagram

simonetta favale

Yours is a career that goes beyond fashion blogging. How important has having a fashion blog been for your career as a fashion blogger?

ida galatiMy blog lestanzedellamoda has been and will always remain at the center of my career: you need to feed it continuously if you don’t want to disappoint your audience and continue to ‘like’ the dreaded Google algorithm. I learned how best to index my blog on search engines with a view to SEO and how to promote it on my social networks by following an accurate editorial plan structured day by day and, within a short time, I gave my career a new turn: after receiving a series of requests from companies that wanted me to do the same for their blogs, my all-female web agency StandOut Fashion Project was born, specializing in digital PR and influencer marketing. It was also thanks to blogging that I was called to teach blogging and web editing at prestigious masters and courses and to write for I used to try to do everything myself, but now I have an office, a business partner, and 3 girls working for us: digital innovation projects need cohesive, high-performance teams! I supervise the work and continue to work on my personal branding and do a lot of training for myself and others.

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simonetta favale

With the advent of social media, what strategies have you had to put in place and are needed today to keep the number of conversions and impressions on your blog high?

ida galatiThe correct answer is social media marketing! I had to write less and shoot more to critically feed my Instagram gallery. I started monitoring conversions and studying which images and posts attracted the most audience and generated the most engagement among users. I started analyzing my competitors and their digital and social positioning. One of the goals of my digital strategy was to understand the digital success factors and identify all the channels through which I could reach my audience to optimize results. This is why, in view of future predictions and social trends, I recently opened the lestanzedellamoda YouTube channel. Video blogs (aka vlogs) will be the future of being social!

what makes a fashion blog successful

simonetta favale

One does not live by dreams alone: enlighten us on how and how much a fashion blogger earns.

ida galatiThere are plenty of ways to earn money with a fashion blog, first of all, sponsored posts on your blog and/or social media in which you talk about certain brands or products. To name a few: attending events, being a testimonial for beauty products or clothing and footwear brands, participating in fashion book presentations, attending national events as a beauty reporter (last week, by the way, I was at the Sanremo Festival as a beauty reporter): the more you have a following, the more your cachet increases. Bloggers with a good following (20k to 100k followers on Instagram) can earn as much as 5k€ to 10k€ a month for a single Instagram post created in collaboration with a brand that for a period of time takes over your image to sponsor their products and talk about them, but this is very subjective and never constant as most collaborations with brands are never continuous. In order to rise to 18-21k€, it counts a lot to be a well-known personality even outside the fashion world, maybe because of some relevant TV experience, or a love story – just look at Chiara Ferragni who after her relationship with Fedez and now the sweet expectation has risen to more than 11.7 mln followers on Instagram.

simonetta favale

What are the keys to successful blogging and the skills needed to become a professional fashion blogger like you?

ida galatiFirst of all personality! In such a saturated market you have to make a difference, you have to invent a story to tell around you and the world you love, which is the world of fashion, and you have to make it as original as possible. You have to be very persevering, without giving up at the first “no” and 0 visits in the first few months. You have to study a lot (social media, writing, styling, fashion history, and everything about fashion brands) but above all you have to have passion and a lot of motivation. Then there is resourcefulness: fashion blogging requires entrepreneurial skills, the ability to take risks and turn your work into a real business, and the courage and enthusiasm to get help in this adventure. Valentino, for example, if he had not had Giancarlo Giammetti at his side, the rational and economic mind of the eponymous brand as well as an expert in economics and commerce, would not have become what we all know today for his incredible and sometimes indomitable creative flair and inexperience in the world of commerce. Even today, I still attend training and specialized courses to improve myself as an entrepreneur.

simonetta favale

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How to become a fashion blogger [9 infallible tips + 1]

Here we come to the most interesting point of the article: how to become a fashion blogger!

These tips, combined with Ida’s tips on how to create a fashion blog, are sure to help you become a fashion influencer and have the success you deserve!

1) Study and keep up-to-date (always)

Fashion bloggers, how to get started? If you are asking yourself this question, here is the answer: read everything, compulsively! From fashion magazines to fashion blogs, from costume history books to biographies of great designers.

I know that this time, being such a frivolous topic, you were hoping to get away with it, but no: the nerd in me strikes again.

how to start a fashion blog for free

I believe that training and deepening are also necessary in this area; do you want to be a trendsetter or not?

If you don’t have the luck that I had, i.e. an aunt who raised you on bread and Vogue, try to put some money aside to attend a master’s degree or specific course on the subject.

I find the courses held by fashion expert Carla Gozzi on fashion style and image consulting very interesting, but with a simple Google search, you can find several.

Besides the fun part, the fashion part, you also need to learn some technical knowledge on how to make a successful blog, such as choosing the most suitable platform and how to manage it. I anticipate that WordPress is the easiest to use and also the most flexible, but if you are just starting out I suggest you take at least one online course on the subject.

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web content editor ebook guide

2) Study your competitors well

Do you really want to become a blogger? Well, look at your competitors. Start with the ‘classics’ but also keep an eye on the up-and-comers, and analyze their moves as much as you can.

From the more established, such as the now mythological Chiara Ferragni (did you know that she was even called to Harvard to give a lecture on her blogging strategy?) and the super cool Mariano di Vaio, authors of the two most popular women’s and men’s fashion blogs in Italy, MDV Style and The Blond Salad to the lesser-known but who have something original to say.

For example, I follow with interest the fashion blog Fashion and Cookies, which is certainly less famous than the previous ones, because I really appreciate the elegance and at the same time the personality of the outfits proposed.

can anyone become a fashion blogger

If you are a boy, I envy you a little, because the competition is certainly lower, but hurry up, your industry is getting crowded too. Just take a trip to Instagram and you’ll notice a whole swarm of handsome, slicked-up boys aspiring to become influencers, read, for instance, Gian Maria Sainato of the eponymous blog as well as many others.

Do you have a few extra kilos but fashion is your dream?

No problem, you will find plenty of material to draw inspiration from in this area too.

In fact, plus-size male fashion bloggers have also recently arrived in Italy, following the example of their braver female colleagues.

One of the first and today most successful in Italy is certainly Elisa D’Ospina, size 48, supermodel and curvy fashion blogger, who over the years has become a spokesperson for an idea of beauty free from the odious dictate skinny=beautiful.

Another curvy blogger, more fashionably courageous than the previous one and very pleasant to follow, is Iris Tinunin of Stylosophique.

Among the boys, I would like to point out Riccardo Onorato’s blog Guy Overboard, which expresses the idea of fashion that fits one’s body and holds the concept of style high, regardless of the size one wears.

3) Be yourself

Perhaps you are thinking that this suggestion contradicts the previous one.

Actually, this is not the case, and I will explain why.

The great artists, for example, already did this: they traveled to Rome to study the classics and drew inspiration from them to create their most personal and unique works.

how do i write a fashion blog

(Forgive the off-topic, but every now and then I get reminiscences of being an art historian!)

I advise you to do the same: look at the examples you like best or that have been most successful, but create your own style, your own language that can become easily recognizable.

Remember that you are creating your own fashion blog and not ‘the copy of a thousand summaries’.

Where to start? Look at yourself, analyze yourself, in short, know yourself! Only after understanding who and how you are, and also having studied your physique and proportions well, start dressing and creating your own style. Anglophones use a perfect adjective that expresses this very concept: they say ‘confident’ to indicate self-awareness and self-confidence.

Here, first become self-confident and only then take care of the look.

4) Remain yourself

Even in the very likely event that you become a successful blogger after reading my advice, please don’t let it go to your head and, above all, don’t distort yourself. By this I do not mean that you should not follow the flow of events, nor that you should never change, change is part of life! Remember the good Heraclitus and his Pànta rei, ‘everything flows’? Well, I firmly believe that.

However, what I suggest is that you do not betray yourself, your personal taste, your origins, or your style. After all, if your followers follow your fashion blog, it is because you have something unique, something uniquely yours, that sets you apart from the masses: don’t disappoint them by conforming to the others, even if the others are called Chiara Ferragni and earn $32,000 per post (arghhhh, it’s crazy, I know)!

how to start a fashion blog with no money

Clio Zamatteo, Youtuber and author of the now very famous blog Clio Makeup seem to me to be an excellent example in this respect.

It cannot be said that she has not become rich and famous thanks to her blog in which she dispenses advice on make-up and beauty. Despite this, she has maintained the simple language and fresh approach of her early days, which have made her so loved by her audience. She has not even succumbed to the temptation of wanting to change her less-than-model-like body at all costs, about which, on the contrary, she can even joke and laugh today.

In fact, I would say that it is precisely because of her imperfections that she has managed to become a positive role model for many girls, because as she says:

“I am a normal, average intelligent girl who has managed to achieve great things without having to compromise or make big sacrifices. In a time of crisis like this it is important to know that it is possible to succeed in what you love.

5) Identify your target audience well

How to become a fashion blogger? Still, need advice?

But then you really mean business! Well, know that we are now going to get into the more technical part, so, please, full concentration.

First, try to identify well who your audience is and find the best way to interact with them and understand what they want. For a fashion blog to take off and last, in fact, like any other business, you need to identify your audience, real or ideal, so as not to waste potential customers.

OK, but how to do this? There is a very powerful tool, buyer personas, ideal prototypes of your typical customers, identifiable on the basis of a number of factors, such as socio-demographic information, their behavioral habits, their lifestyle, their fears, and the obstacles that stand between you and them. I can tell you that you tend to bring an audience with similar age and socio-demographic and physical characteristics to your own, but this is not always the case.

That is why I advise you to start by identifying buyer personas, and then move on to analyzing the insights of your blog and your social channels: it is your followers who will make you understand what to talk about, what to photograph, in short, what they like and what they dislike.

6) Rely on affiliate marketing

(and any other concrete ways to earn money with a blog)

I don’t know why but I feel you are about to ask me the fateful question:

“Yes, OK, but how much does a fashion blogger earn?”

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have to tell you that the question is badly posed: there are too many variables and one can go from derisory sums to the dizzying amounts earned by Chiara Ferragni (for the sake of intellectual honesty, I have to tell you that this is a unique case).

What I think is more useful and what I would like to focus on is, instead, how to earn money with a blog; how much you will see for yourself!

It pains me to warn you right away that the days of fat cows are over once upon a time, bloggers only needed to put two banners on their platform to earn considerable amounts of money; unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Something can still be earned, but it is very little.

Today, one of the means to monetize your blog is to use Google Adsense: you can place advertising space on the platform. Earnings are derived from the impressions (views) and click that users make when visiting your blog.

But the most profitable and most widely used tool, especially for fashion blogs, is certainly affiliate marketing, whereby you earn money through sales of clothes and accessories from your blog or social channel directly to fashion e-commerce sites. For fashion bloggers, the percentage of sales from affiliations is a godsend!

Among the fashion marketplaces using this tool are:

  • Amazon
  • Zalando
  • Asos
  • Yoox
  • Sarenza

A less invasive method that is also beginning to make its way into the fashion sphere is native advertising, a sort of mix of advertisement and content. In practice, once the advertisements are placed on the blog, in order to monetize, there must be someone who clicks on the banners published on its pages.

There are no magic recipes for this: you simply have to come up with interesting content that attracts the visitor.

Once a solid base of followers has been created, earning money with a blog will become quite natural.

You will also be contacted by some companies that will offer you classic fashion blogger collaborations, i.e. to publish reviews of their products or sponsored posts for a reward, in money or products.

It will be up to you to decide conscientiously what to propose to your readers.

7) Do not neglect the quality of content

‘Content is the King’ said the legendary Bill Gates in 1996, and I assure you that even in a world as ephemeral as the world of fashion, content carries its weight.

If you want to start a blog, you have to be prepared to do good content marketing.

Do you know what this is for?

It serves to communicate effectively with your target audience, which you will have defined well beforehand (thanks to my tip number 5).

Through this strategy, in fact, once you have identified your typical reader, you will be able to choose the most appropriate form of content and tone of voice, as well as the best channels and media to dialogue with them.

I, therefore, advise you to delve into techniques and strategies for effective content marketing: they will be very useful for getting your fashion blog off the ground and establishing itself.

8) Take and have good pictures taken

We are still in the world of vanity, looks count and the eye wants its share. So the photos must be beautiful, glossy, attractive. I am not necessarily talking about sexy photos; the genre depends on your style and the style of the blog. But certainly posting nice pictures will make your fashion blog more visible.

You know the classic fashion blogger poses, right?

Behind a great blogger, there is a great photographer.

(Or should we say in front, ready to capture the most beautiful snapshots!)

how to become a fashion blogger

You don’t believe it?

The data speak for themselves.

The good Ferragni also owes much of her early fame to her first boyfriend, Riccardo Pozzoli, manager and co-founder of ‘The blonde salad’, but also and above all her first photographer.

Even the Tuscan blogger Irene Colzi, a character who has literally exploded in the last two years, so much so that she has written a book for Mondadori and landed on generalist TV as a fashion stylist, does not miss an opportunity to publicly thank her ‘Giova’ for the beautiful photos he takes of her (as well as the psychological and practical support).

So you have a partner who takes awful pictures of you? Change him!

I am seriously thinking about it ;)

9) Be as social as you can

How do you become a fashion blogger you are still wondering?

One last -inevitable- step and you will know them all, I promise.

You must become a social animal!

The natural habitat of fashion bloggers, it is known, is social networks.

And you cannot be outdone.

So share as much as you can, post photos, make videos and stories, experiment, and put your face out there, in short: throw yourself in, show yourself.

type of fashion blogs

Start by opening an Instagram account; it is by far the fastest and easiest way to make yourself known and gain visibility.

But how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram?

Obviously, try to publish only beautiful or at least evocative images; but I won’t go into that at length because I guess you already know everything thanks to my previous advice, right?

I’ll tell you just two things:

– try to use the same filters (experiment until you find the ones that work best for you) so that your images are immediately recognizable

– carefully select the most appropriate hashtags: they give your photos visibility. If you’re short of inspiration, download the TagsForLikes app, it’s very useful, you’ll see!

Continue with a Facebook page and then choose the social media you feel most comfortable with and that your readers prefer. In any case, remember that the profile should not just be opened, but followed assiduously, posting with some constancy and, above all, replying to those who write comments to you.

In addition to this, what I would advise you is not to be afraid to explore untrodden fields.

For example, Snapchat is growing exponentially and is followed by the very young but also by millennials (18-35 year-olds). If you want to target this segment of the audience, open a profile there too.

Consider that fashion houses of the caliber of Burberry, Valentino, and Michael Kors rely precisely on Snapchat stories, lasting just 24 hours, to tell the behind-the-scenes story of fashion shows or the launch of some particular promotion/initiative. Why?

Because stories yield so much in terms of engagement and bring luxury brands closer to a large, mixed audience through more direct and immediate communication.

In practice, they allow storytelling without having to change their tone of voice. And if even high-sounding, institutional brands such as Chanel or Dior have been won over by the little yellow ghost, who are we to back down?

And why not take advantage of the social network of the moment? Obviously, I’m talking about TikTok. Follow this guide and discover how to exploit this young social network like a real fashion blogger!

+1 Have fun like crazy!

And here we come, in the end, to the last tip, the classic ‘the last but not the least’, because it is meant to be life advice as well as business advice (but it also pays off at work).

How to become a fashion blogger?

Simple: enjoy it, enjoy it, disfavor it: I’d like to say it in all the synonyms and languages I know!

Don’t lose focus, of course, but if you do what you do with sincere passion, it shows. At least that’s what they say, the good ones.

how to become a fashion blogger example victoria beckham

Don’t let anything steal your smile, not even fashion, as that (very stylish) sourpuss Victoria Beckham claims.

And even if interplanetary success does not come, who cares: remember that life is too short to do a job that sucks for us.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you already do, or are about to do, a really cool job. If you can also make a living at it (and with these tips of mine you will), you are truly privileged. Remember that! Be grateful and… enjoy it!

Italian fashion bloggers: who are they and what do they do?

“I also want to become one of the most followed Italian fashion bloggers in the world!”

ranking influential fashion bloggers

This is a statement you have certainly heard many times yourself, especially in recent times. Living in the land of fashion, the increasing use of social networks and Instagram in particular, which bombard us with pictures of beautiful exotic trips and the latest fashionable clothes, has made this trend of pursuing a career as a fashion blogger so favorable that it has become a real dream for all young girls.

Fashion influencers are girls considered to be trendsetters who have a passion for fashion and have decided to start a fashion blog and use it as a personal diary through which they can share glimpses of their day, dispensing shopping tips based on the latest trends, beauty and fashion advice, and sharing travel experiences.

These girls, by consistently updating their online diaries and using the right strategies, have successfully gained a large following to the extent that they have become the reference point for all those who want to keep up with the latest trends. Being among the most followed fashion bloggers is not so simple, it requires constancy and originality.

Let’s take a step back, though. You don’t know what is meant by Italian fashion influencers? Don’t worry, here’s an article that will help you understand how these mythological creatures we talk so much about work!

Who are the most influential Italian fashion bloggers? The top 10

Here are the definitive top 10 famous Italian fashion bloggers in random order and their respective fashion blogs. Wondering how they became famous? Well, read on to find out!

1. CHIARA FERRAGNI: You have never heard of the digital entrepreneur par excellence and you are not yet among her 16 million followers! You might be surprised to know that Chiara Ferragni is considered the undisputed queen of the most followed Italian fashion bloggers in the world. Her success began more than ten years ago with the launch of her blog ‘The Blonde Salad’, which deals with various topics ranging from clothing to travel, from food to personal care.

how do i start a beauty and fashion blog

2. CHIARA NASTI: at the age of just 20, fashion blogger Chiara Nasti has managed to build a small empire, or almost, thanks to her fashion blog ‘Chiara Nasti’, a showcase for her everyday looks or outfits for special events.

3. CHIARA BIASI: controversial founder of the blog ‘Chiara Biasi’, highly coveted ambassador for several brands, she is also the face of a lifestyle brand focusing on sunglasses and swimwear. It is no coincidence that she created her own bikini line called ‘Poisson d’Amour’, worn by the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid.

4. VERONICA FERRARO: founder of ‘The Fashion Fruit’, she has become an important fashion influencer by publishing photos of her looks in Flickr communities. Her blog has quickly become one of the most popular in Italy, becoming a showcase for her glamorous world of fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle in general.

5. ELEONORA CARISI: Italian influencer as well as model, creative director, and founder of her successful blog ‘Jou Jou Villeroy’, she started her career as a fashion designer, opening a small boutique right after graduation in her hometown of Turin. She has worked with many prestigious brands and collaborates as an editor for several fashion magazines including,, Elle and Elle Girl China.

6. NICOLETTA REGGIO: founder of ‘Scent of Obsession’, our Nicoletta Reggio shares her passion for fashion, travel, and photography on social media. Her simple and clean graphic style together with her classic-chic style is the hallmark of her project. All these distinctive features make her blog a visual delight.

7. IRENE COLZI: Irene opened her blog ‘Irene closet’ in 2009 and immediately began to chronicle her journeys through the pages of her diary, dispensing useful advice on caring for her body. Her energetic and motivating style led her to participate in Milan Fashion Week in 2010 as a special correspondent for the online magazine

8. GIORGIA TORDINI: co-founder with Gilda Ambrosio of the successful fashion label ‘Attico’, she began her career as a trend expert. Since the beginning of her career as a fashion blogger, she has collaborated with high-profile magazines because of her sophisticated style of classic, simple, and minimalist outfits.

9. GILDA AMBROSIO: a fashion blogger and designer who has been established for years, she owns a clothing line called ‘Attico’ with her friend Giorgia Tordini, mentioned a few lines above. Unlike her business friend, Gilda is characterized by more typically Italian outfits characterized by a riot of glamour, sequins, and colors.

10. ERIKA BOLDRIN: Founder of the blog ‘My Free Choice’, this successful Italian fashion blogger takes us with her on her countless trips to ever different and picturesque places. The dreamlike places portrayed in her photographs together with the always fashionable looks she shows off at them entice all her readers and followers to take the first plane to relive her experiences.

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