Marketing Assistant: find out his job and how much he makes

What does a Marketing Assistant do? How much does he/she earn and what is his/her typical day like? You will find out everything about this digital professional by reading the article.

Every company that wants to go digital, or has already done so, needs staff specialized in digital marketing, characterized by a different approach from the traditional one.

Today, digital professions, including that of Marketing Assistant, are seen as very advantageous as they allow one to work from home or work temporarily remotely.

These are dynamic jobs, offering a different experience every day. In fact, working in digital marketing means having initiative, creativity, and being ready to change strategy on the fly.

marketing assistant responsibilities

Marketing has become one of the most popular outlets for recent graduates, which is great news for companies that need to hire people such as Marketing Managers and Marketing Assistants.

I will explain, specifically:

    • Who is and what does the Web Marketing Assistant do;
    • What role does the Marketing Assistant play and what skills should he/she have;
    • What is the salary of the Digital Marketing Assistant
  • How to become a marketing assistant.

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Who is the Marketing Assistant?

The translation of Marketing Assistant is literally “Marketing Assistant”. He is a professional who works closely with the marketing manager; he has to be familiar with every area that his work touches, both at the level of marketing and market knowledge and at the level of data analysis.

Moreover, being a real intermediary between the company and the customer and having to maintain a continuous dialogue between the employees of the marketing and communication departments, he is responsible for the success of digital marketing campaigns and therefore has to be an excellent communicator.

More specifically, the Digital Marketing Assistant is in charge of lead generation campaigns (creating essential sales databases), and is responsible for customer follow-up (i.e. the post-sale contact that strengthens the bond between salesperson and customer, with the aim of gathering feedback and increasing trust) and through market analyses conducted by him or her enables the company to implement digital marketing campaigns that really work.

To do all this, he must be familiar with:

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEM) campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Analytics Tools
  • Product/service promotion tools (mail automation software, affiliate networks, use of CMS…).

The job of the Marketing Assistant in Digital

Under the supervision of the marketing manager, the role of the Marketing Assistant may seem reductive. In reality, this is not the case. His or her tasks, autonomy, and involvement within certain projects can be different and vary depending on the size and organization of the company.

In a small company, the Marketing Assistant may be entrusted with the implementation of an entire marketing campaign, whereas in a large, and therefore more organized and branched company, the Marketing Assistant may only be entrusted with the supervision of one project.

Working shoulder to shoulder with the manager during the implementation of the marketing plan, he or she takes part in the promotion of a new product or campaigns aimed at increasing product awareness. In other words, he has to make everything go smoothly in the various stages of each campaign with the support of the sales team, using the skills acquired in web marketing.

A “typical” day for him would certainly include some of the tasks listed, namely:

  • Carrying out the minor activities of his superiors
  • Organizing events
  • Lead generation and follow-up campaigns
  • Market Analysis
  • Internal company communication.

I will elaborate more on each of the points below, so as to provide you with a comprehensive job description of the Marketing Assistant.

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Managing minor tasks of superiors

The Marketing and Communications Assistant (MCA), as already mentioned, works closely with both the marketing manager and the rest of the marketing team.

If the definition of management is literally “getting results through others” then it is of paramount importance for a manager to be relieved of secondary tasks so that he or she can devote himself or herself to the things he or she is best at.

The AMC can in this case take care of the organisation of his travels and meetings or any task agreed upon with the manager.

Organizing and hosting events

Corporate events are part of marketing, in fact, if an event is organized seeing it as part of a marketing campaign, it will create a positive and permanent memory. They are therefore not to be overlooked, if done properly they will strengthen the identity and recognisability of the company.

The Marketing Assistant, based on the objectives and target audience to be reached, takes care of selecting the audience that will attend.

The carefully selected audience generates word of mouth both offline and online by increasing brand awareness, which is crucial for the stability and growth of a company. The AMC has the task of welcoming the participants, providing them with information material and fully answering their doubts and questions.

The marketing assistant remains at the public’s disposal throughout the event, so that new contacts essential to the company can be made and any problems that may arise can be resolved with the help of the coordinator.

Lead generation

This is definitely one of the tasks that a Marketing Assistant must master, as it is of paramount importance to achieve conversions, which can translate into ebook downloads, newsletter subscriptions, and webinar registrations. Of course, all of this has sales as its ultimate goal.

To do this, the AMC can use both social media (especially LinkedIn and Instagram) and search engines as tools. The lead generation process thus consists of finding potential buyers who will be provided with useful information.

lead generation task

During the construction of a lead generation strategy, the marketing assistant will put together a free resource (as mentioned above webinars, ebooks…) called a lead magnet, tailored to the desired target group. In exchange for this information, the user will provide their data, which will contribute to the construction of a profiled database, very useful to the sales department.

In fact, the Marketing Assistant will provide them with master data of users with a strong propensity to purchase the product/service they are going to propose. A lead generation done well will allow the company to significantly increase its ROI (Return On Investment).

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Customer follow-up

Fifty percent of the results of an excellent lead generation campaign would be lost without follow-up. Those who work in marketing are constantly bombarded with English terms that they are sometimes unfamiliar with, so first you need to know that the Italian equivalent of follow-up is literally “to follow up”.

In marketing, follow-up refers to the contact after the sale that strengthens the bond between seller and customer, with the aim of gathering positive and especially negative feedback by increasing trust between the customer/buyer and the company.

To carry out this action, email is the channel to be used by the Marketing Assistant because it allows more complete and direct communication than other channels.

This practice prevents the company from wasting money on advertising campaigns or events that would otherwise be an end in itself. Furthermore, implementing the follow-up correctly will allow the company you work for to clearly outperform competitors who do not adopt this strategy and the result will inevitably be attributed to the Marketing Assistant and the teams he has worked with.

Market Research

By conducting in-depth research of the target market, the marketing assistant makes an analysis of which products should be discarded, which should be improved, and which are most popular.

Market research is crucial, as it provides indispensable information for decisions regarding which products or services will be placed on the market, how they will be distributed, and what advertising and promotional channels will be used.

Sometimes the Digital Marketing Assistant may be asked to focus on a narrower market, because of the need to identify information about the market for a particular good. This research will enable the marketing assistant to do his or her job better by providing all useful information to be implemented in his or her marketing campaigns.

Internal corporate communication

As mentioned earlier, the Marketing Assistant must be an excellent communicator. In fact, by talking about internal communication, I am referring to the management of internal corporate relations. Today, strategic corporate communication has established itself as one of a company’s priorities.

When managed correctly, it converts into exponentially improved results, leading to increasing employee engagement, increasing their commitment and interest in the company, and making them more satisfied overall.

o allow every “cog” in the company to contribute to the overall functioning, internal communication must be managed strategically. A good Marketing Assistant will also know how to strengthen the bond of a team, helping them to work in harmony and collaboration.

Essential Skills of a Marketing Assistant

In order to successfully complete each of the tasks just described, a Marketing Assistant must possess certain skills. These skills can be divided into two categories:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills

So-called hard skills are easy to describe and include in one’s CV as they are skills that are acquired through training courses, professional experience, and personal studies.

Hard skills are therefore fundamental prerequisites for being hired in certain company roles and are therefore the first “filter” when selecting personnel.

Soft skills, on the other hand, can be defined as the individual qualities that a person can bring to the company. These qualities vary in importance and can serve different purposes depending on the role and the complexity of the problem to be solved. Some soft skills can be:

  • Stress resistance;
  • Ability to communicate;
  • Empathy;
  • Autonomy.

These are just a few examples of soft skills. Below I will help you understand in more detail the set of skills that a Marketing Assistant must possess.

Time Management

As you may have noticed, the marketing assistant must not only take care of his or her own tasks but also those of the marketing manager and must ensure that everything runs smoothly within the teams he or she works with.

This is precisely why a Digital Marketing Assistant must master time management. In fact, this skill allows him to optimize and increase the effectiveness of every business activity in which he is involved. Indeed, the productivity of a company derives from accurate time management and control.

Through time management, a good marketing assistant is able to plan schedules and deadlines according to priorities.

The number one goal here is to perform each task in the best possible way and avoid unnecessary waste of time.

Knowledge of the target market

The target market is none other than the type of market and target audience to which the company intends to offer its products/services. The Web Marketing Assistant, as seen above, must carry out market research in order to understand to whom the company’s offer should be addressed and which market niche to target.

A marketing assistant must therefore have a strong knowledge of the target market in order to know:

  • What are the differences between the target company and its competitors?
  • Industry trends and events. 
  • Which products/services to focus on and which to discard?

For the growth and scalability of a company, it is essential that the Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant are provided with all the necessary resources. Market knowledge is in fact the company’s foundation on which marketing campaigns and offerings are built.

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Many times your view of creativity is distorted; this talent is often associated with artistic or musical geniuses.

One hardly thinks of the figure of the Marketing Assistant as creative; in fact, creativity is fundamental in this role. It is no coincidence that I say in the introduction to this article that working in digital marketing means having initiative and creativity.

This is even more true nowadays, because in an ever-changing world, creativity will be the hallmark of many managers, and, in this case, of Marketing Assistants. This is a skill that used to be overlooked but today we know that 97 percent of employers rate creativity as a vital business skill, given the need to constantly innovate.

Companies looking for staff are no longer just looking for employees who can understand analytical data, they want someone who, in addition to understanding this data, can devise effective solutions to improve it.


Working together does not always mean teamwork. Teamwork happens when empathy is created between team members and as a result, the team becomes a unified block. The task of a Marketing Assistant is precisely this: to make sure that the team finds the right synergy.

knowledge in digital tools

A good AMC will give each member the opportunity to express their ideas and impress upon the team the importance of achieving the goal.

Soft skills in this case will help the marketing assistant to manage the team, especially today, when work is done remotely.

Knowledge of digital and analysis tools

Nowadays, knowing how to use digital tools has become a must in both everyday life and work experience.

A Marketing Assistant a fortiori must have advanced digital skills, i.e. know how the main digital tools work.

These can range from the simplest such as Skype or Zoom (which have seen a reckless increase in their use in recent years) to more elaborate software such as Search Console and Google Analytics.

Again, digital competencies are divided into:

  • Digital hard skills;
  • Digital soft skills.

As in the case of offline, digital hard skills are the skills acquired from certified studies and experience that go to define the job position specifically.

A Web Developer will need different training than a Marketing Assistant and this training will precisely determine the type of occupation. Digital soft skills are the skills that relate to digital but, unlike hard skills, do not define an individual’s job position.

Examples might be the use of social media, searching for useful information on the Internet, or “simply” designing and creating digital content.

More specifically, a Marketing Assistant must effectively use Google Ads, know the principles and put them into practice SEO, and use CMS (content management systems) and email automation tools.

These tools will help in the collection of useful data for analyzing the results, a marketing assistant, by analyzing the data with the help of Web Analytics tools will be able to understand which content performs better and which to improve.

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How much does a Marketing Assistant earn?

The average salary of a Marketing Assistant in Italy in 2021 is 40,000€ per year. This figure may vary depending on the experience gained and the roles that the company will assign you.

A junior Marketing Assistant, i.e. with less than 2-3 years of experience and still without specific knowledge of the sector can expect to earn approximately 20,000€ to 30,000€. A senior Marketing Assistant, who unlike the junior has 3 years or more experience and has gained some industry knowledge can expect to earn between 40 and 60,000€ per year.

However, you must know that experience cannot be measured in days, months, or years; it varies according to the person in question, his or her training, and learning speed. It is therefore necessary not to take this data literally but to concentrate on your work to the maximum. This will make the climb faster.

As you can see, the Web Marketing Assistant compared to other jobs is well paid and offers good growth prospects.

How to Become a Web Marketing Assistant

By this point in the reading, your interest will be peaked and you will probably be wondering how to become a Web Marketing Assistant. As you have been able to see, a marketing assistant must be cross-trained in online marketing. A professional with his or her responsibilities cannot afford to neglect any aspect to the detriment of his or her work.

A degree in economics and marketing may be useful, but it is not enough. If you really want to aspire to become an AMC, it will be important to have thorough professional training dedicated specifically to the areas that your work will touch.

The courses and training you will have to follow will have to differ from classic university education, where learning takes place almost exclusively in theory. A lot of practice will also be needed to get you started on this path, and I particularly recommend the Web Marketing Specialist Certification from Digital Coach.

It will enable you to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to win your place in the company. In addition to this, you will also have to keep up with the latest developments on the web. Marketing is constantly evolving and you cannot afford to miss the latest trends if you aspire to work in this field.

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