Marketing communication manager: find out the skills and salary

The Marketing Communication Manager is the answer to the question “Who studies and coordinates all company activities, from product launch to finding the right strategies to implement?”

This is a role of great responsibility, where several skills are required that you will have to develop to become an established professional. Do you feel this is the right path for you?

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In this article I am going to talk to you precisely about this professional figure and, to do so, I interviewed Chiara Braghin. A professional who has been working in the digital marketing sector for years, and is currently Marketing Communication Manager at TXT Spa.

Who is the Marketing Communication Manager and what does he do?

Marta Chiarello wex Digital Coach

The Marketing Communication Manager is a rather special figure who has started to evolve over the years. Currently, he is the one who coordinates the activities preceding, but also constituting, the launch, as well as the subsequent sale, of a product or product line.

video interview chiara braghinDealing with marketing management he has to coordinate different areas: there is the marketing of the web world and offline marketing, even if it is now an omnichannel world). Often he must, however, hold the strings of the whole process according to the company’s objectives.

The functions of marketing experts vary from company to company, so there may be small to medium-sized companies on the one hand, and large companies on the other. Basically, what does the Marketing Communication Manager do?

He is mainly concerned with researching, sharing, analyzing, applying and even operationally translating the various strategies that are aimed at making the company successful.

Marta Chiarello wex Digital Coach

What skills should a Marketing Communication Manager have?

video interview chiara braghinThe skills a Marketing Communications Manager must have are definitely:

  • Entrepreneurial.
  • Commercial, in the sense that the moment you decide to play such a role you have to feel the company as if it were your own.
  • Of analysis and synthesis.
  • Creative, and therefore always try to find out what’s new, stay up-to-date, and above all be aware of changes. Curiosity is fundamental.
  • Underlying everything should be a great ability both in listening and in building professional relationships; it is important to be able to create empathy in the team also by comparing experiences and/or testing new strategies. Never cling to the concept we have always done it this way!

Another thing the Communication Manager must have done before is “the worker”, i.e. he must have gotten his hands dirty in different areas of marketing.

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Starting with content, web advertising, and trying to create different packaging for a product. It is essential to play different roles to fully learn what all the branches of this industry are and then be able to hold the strings of the process.

Anyone who claims to be a Marketing Manager without any operational experience is unlikely to be able to do his or her job well. One might miss those fundamental steps consisting of a building process.

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What is the training required to become a Marketing Communication Manager?

video interview chiara braghinSpeaking of my experience, first I did a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in communication. Then a specialization in business management (i.e. economics).

Therefore, degrees in economics, marketing or, in any case, communication are suitable.

It is essential to always try to do refresher courses, nowadays, there are so many schools that do refresher courses, but above all, you should look for courses that actually give you something in terms of experience and content.

Trying to gain experience abroad can definitely be a plus because it opens your eyes to a world that is not our current market, from which you can take the best and integrate it innovatively into our market.

Regardless of the educational background, the Marketing Communication Manager must have a great propensity to work in a team, to be able to relate to people, especially his or her co-workers.

Another fundamental basis is English. The world of marketing communication has a lot of terminology in English, so having a good command of reading, writing, and speaking English allows you to do marketing even with companies that work with foreign countries.

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What kind of company does this professional work in and why is he or she an indispensable figure in the company?

video interview chiara braghinIt can be different. In today’s world, we talk about B2C and B2B, and in both of them, there is a need to have this kind of professional figure.

Regardless of that, what matters is the relationship you can establish with your suppliers, with your customers, and with the people you work with. There can be so many people who need this professional.

Obviously, the bigger the company, the more it needs a figure to coordinate all activities for business processes. From the publishing sector to the web agency sector, there can be so many realities that need one.

Certainly, a bar is unlikely to need a Marketing Communication Manager unless it is a chain of a well-known brand that needs management, but here we are talking about much more structured realities and companies.

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Marketing Communication Manager: how much do you earn?

video interview chiara braghinHow much does the Marketing Communication Manager earn? The salary depends on the sector you work in, there are contracts that depend on the trade sector you are part of, so there is a bit of variability.

It also depends on the company’s knowledge and culture of the role, to understand how important it really is for a company and therefore to give it the right recognition… however, let’s say it starts from 30,000 euro (net, not gross) upwards per year.

Marta Chiarello wex Digital Coach

Do you have any advice for those who want to start a career as a Marketing Communication Manager?

video interview chiara braghinFirst of all humility, then being curious, wanting to know, trying to relate, and having the propensity to work in a team, to create a team. All this is crucial for the success of a Marketing Communication Manager.

If he works in an individualistic manner, he will never have a successful team and will probably find it very difficult to pursue the goals the company gives.

We talk about communication, so if you can’t do good communication within your team, it is difficult for you to transfer it to your customers, your company, or your business.

I recommend always staying on the ball, never stopping, always staying up to date, reading a lot, and practicing a lot. By practice, I mean accepting different roles in marketing to gain enough experience to put it to use over the years.

You can’t enter this profession straight away, I’ll give you an example. If I’ve only been in charge of a product, or I’ve only been in logistics, it’s difficult for me to really understand this kind of role right away or to do it properly.

There are fundamental basics, it is important to practice a lot, always having your feet on the ground, in order to be able to achieve your goals. After all, the good things in life come to those who know how to wait!

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