Marketing technician: his job and how much he earns

The marketing technician is an increasingly important and dynamic professional figure within a company. Whoever fills this role has the task of coordinating and monitoring the marketing activities of the company for which he works, starting from the strategic planning phase, moving on to planning and implementation up to the analysis of the results.

If you want to work in this area, you need to have skills of various kinds. The marketing technicians carry out the analysis of the reference market and draw up and check the company development plan. This is why it is important that you have notions of communication and knowledge of business and management.

Furthermore, if you want to work in a specific area of this field you must specialize, which you can do with a dedicated course.

marketing technician job description

For example, by signing up for one of the many certifications for new Digital Professions you can become a certified technician in a specific digital sector. Through a theoretical-practical path, you will acquire notions and skills that will allow you to become highly competitive in a context, namely the corporate one, where the ability to use digital tools and channels is particularly required.

If you want to know more about this profession, read on. I will explain:

  • Who are the marketing technicians and what are their duties;
  • what are the skills of the technician specialized in marketing;
  • what digital marketers do and how much they earn.

I will tell you, in particular, how to become an operational marketing technician, a complete professional capable of strategic planning, analyzing business results, and introducing improvements to increase performance.

Who is the marketing technician and what does he do

The marketing technician is a figure who works in companies that fall within the sectors of industry and commerce, mainly of medium and large size. These are marketing-oriented companies, i.e. where marketing and image strategy are very important. The presence within the company itself of a more or less large workgroup depends on the importance given to the business area and the need to develop successful strategies.

In some cases, marketing engineers work for consultancy companies that offer specialized assistance to individual companies. Alternatively, they may be VAT-registered professionals who work as business consultants.

But, more exactly, what does the marketing technician do? As I mentioned, this figure performs various tasks in the company where he works, of which he knows the target market well. Its decisions concern both existing products and new products under study.

In fact, this technician, who is often called a manager, is responsible for conceiving the development plan and defining prices, advertising, means of communication, and promotion. Furthermore, he analyzes the results to optimize advertising, sales, and pricing solutions. So, you can understand that professionals working in this industry have responsibilities in different areas including communication, sales, and administration.

The main tasks of marketers are:

  • analyze the market, competitors, and customer trends
  • set up and coordinate the marketing strategy and product sales
  • plan advertising
  • design the presentation and promotion of the product
  • define prices
  • analyze results and sales data
  • check consumer response.

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Skills of the technician specialized in marketing

To become a marketing technician, it would be ideal to have a degree in economics or communication sciences, however, followed by a master’s degree or specialization courses in sales strategies and market analysis. It is a role that requires a lot of practical preparation and for this reason, internships, seminars, master’s, and courses are very important both in the educational path and for professional updating.

Once you enter the world of work, in fact, if you want to be an operational marketing manager and have excellent results, you will always have to keep up with new technologies, market transformations, and the use of means and tools that are continuously developed.

Hence, the technical skills required of an experienced marketer:

  • know the techniques for market research and analysis
  • establish strategic and market share objectives for product/service launch for all areas of the marketing mix: product, price, distribution, and promotion
  • define the marketing plan and monitor its development in its established times, means, and methods
  • manage relationships with customers, purchasing department, company partners, and communication agencies
  • define the communication plan
  • calculate industrial production costs and allocate economic resources
  • analyze and evaluate the results and effectiveness of the plan, and implement corrections where necessary
  • know how to use IT tools
  • know the English language.

There are also other skills, called transversal, which are useful in this job. These are personal characteristics, innate or that can be built over time and experience. The soft skills required of a marketing technician are:

  • listening, negotiation, and communication skills
  • ability to set goals and expected results
  • cooperation and teamwork
  • relational and decision-making skills
  • analysis skills
  • propensity to upgrade.

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Digital marketing technicians: types and duties

In recent decades, marketing engineers have been able to take advantage of the digitization of the market to increase and perfect their contribution to companies.

Digital has had a great impact on companies and many repercussions on the way of communicating, selling, and analyzing. Specifically, it has made it possible to improve sales strategies and performance analysis, making them more effective but also complex. Consequently, if you are or want to be among the figures working in this area, you must study digital marketing, online tools, and channels and how they work.

Furthermore, it would be better if you specialized in one of the many operational areas increasingly in demand by companies. In fact, in the digital sector, there are different managerial profiles, with specific tasks and skills. Read on to find out the most important ones.

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Web Marketing Manager

The Web Marketing Manager coordinates and manages a set of people and resources essential for developing the company’s communication plan. This figure has horizontal skills that embrace all the actions necessary to achieve the acquisition of new customers.

The web marketing technician works mainly on websites, landing pages, and search engines. He, therefore, takes care of the company’s online presence through SEO and SEM, Display Advertising, and E-mail Marketing activities, and studies traffic flows with Web Analytics tools.

To fill this role it is important to know and know how to use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and the main CMS (Content Management System). If you want to be a good professional you will also need skills such as leadership, charisma, and problem-solving in order to best lead your team.

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Digital Brand Manager

The Digital Brand Manager has the task of guaranteeing the correspondence between the company’s strategies and the associations that serve to form the brand image of the brand it manages. To fill this role you must be able to design and implement digital projects with the aim of enhancing the brand and, consequently, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

This marketing technician must also know-devise a strategic plan for the digital image that he wants to give to the company to plan advertising campaigns on the web. The Digital Brand Manager, in fact, designs the brand image plan and the company’s presence on Social Media, defining company promotion strategies and the products/services offered.

Also in this case it is important to know the SEO and SEM tools and measure the results of the activities through the KPIs and therefore the Web Analysis tools.

Web content manager

The Web Content Manager takes care of developing content aimed at communicating online with the public of your company. To become an expert in digital communication, you must have copywriting skills and know how to persuade and convey empathy in communicating messages.

Furthermore, you must know how to develop a content strategy, then manage and plan all the contents of a website, from the interface to the blog articles.

Precisely because of the tasks performed, this professional manages both the communication and the corporate sales strategy. So, must have web editing skills, SEO copywriting, Social Media management, and organization and coordination of a team.

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Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager establishes the guidelines of the corporate strategy and monitors and coordinates all sector activities. He is a transversal figure that you can interpret as an evolution of the traditional marketing director. He is part of the general management and supervises all the work aimed at achieving the objectives set in the business plan.

To assume this role you must have years of study in classic and online marketing, sales, communication, service or product development, as well as a lot of experience in the field. If you want to become a successful manager, it is important that you are familiar with the communication style, vision, and values of your Brand.

You will have to take care of carrying out the right communication approach, both with customers and with management, with whom you will often have to relate. As for the other roles, the ability to analyze and study results is important, as well as relational and team management skills.

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Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager deals with operationally managing the digital project for which he is responsible and coordinates the resources that have to deal with the development and implementation. An important skill is certainly project management skills, as this technician must plan the work, activities, times, and budgets with which to achieve the set objectives.

To be a Digital Project Manager you need to know how to manage these activities using the best and most suitable digital channels to be able to involve the target audience.

Projects can be implemented on websites, blogs, and social pages, or by coordinating different channels based on the defined strategy.

Also, for this reason, he is another marketing technician who requires horizontal preparation on the various aspects of digital.


How much does a marketing technician earn

After having seen all the tasks and duties of the main managers in the digital field, perhaps you will be curious to know what salary a marketing technician receives. The earnings of a marketer who enters the world of work once the course of study is finished are around 1300 dollars of monthly salary.

In this sector, however, there are several influencing factors such as years of experience, the company to which they belong, seniority, and the type of employment. For example, a marketing director with more than 10 years of experience earns around 100,000 dollars gross per year, while figures with minor functions start from lower salaries.

Below I indicate the average annual salary of each marketing technician described above, considering a professional with average experience:

  • Web Marketing Manager: $32,000
  • Web Content Manager: $22,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager: $39,500
  • Digital Brand Manager: $30,000
  • Digital Product Manager: $40,000.

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Conclusions and career counseling

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a marketing technician does and how to become one, what are the various areas of specialization thanks also to digital technology and what are the salaries, you can decide which path is best for you.

The skills needed to specialize in the digital sector are increasingly specific, the roles that can be assumed are increasingly numerous, and new technologies are increasingly protagonists of these changes. So, remember that whatever career you choose, it will be very important to always keep up with the news of digital.

If you are committed to staying up to date, you will be able to continue to be successful over time. If you need clarification to become a digital marketing technique, you can book a free consultancy session with an expert digital professional.

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