Micro Influencer: who they are and how much they earn

Who is a micro influencer? They are the new protagonists of Influencer marketing.

In the last year, the focus of brands and companies has shifted from big names in social media like Chiara Ferragni, Kendal Jenner, and Beyonce, to the smaller and “humble” micro influencers.

It is a curious, effective, and intelligent choice. In this guide, I will explain the advantages of micro influencer marketing for a company and how they can be integrated into your marketing strategies.

If you are not interested in the business aspects but want to know how to become a micro influencer, you are in the right place.

Here, you will find information about the number of followers, characteristics, and even an estimate of earnings of this rising figure in the world of social media marketing.

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Who are micro influencers?

A micro influencer is a social media user, especially on Instagram, with a follower count ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 users. What sets them apart from classic influencers, besides the number of followers, is the trust they inspire within their community.


A micro influencer works within a specific niche. Through the use of social media, they have built a small community over time-related to their area of expertise, within which they enjoy trust and authority.

These characteristics result in a high engagement rate. The ratio between the number of followers and the average number of likes their content receives is significantly higher than that of macro influencers (profiles with over 100,000 followers or likes).

The engagement rate for a profile with 1,000 or fewer followers typically reaches 8%. This percentage decreases as the number of followers increases, dropping by half when reaching 10,000 followers and reaching a mere 1.7% for profiles with 100,000 or more followers.


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How to become a micro influencer

If you have an Instagram or Twitter profile and aim to become part of this new category of influencers, we have some tips and advice for you.

  • Choose your niche. If you want to inspire trust within your community, you must choose a field you are truly passionate about or an expert in. Do not focus on trendy fields where you lack expertise. You should be the first person interested in creating and viewing your content; the followers will follow accordingly.
  • Find your style. The content must be of quality, and the way it is presented must be well-crafted and preferably have an original style. Especially when it comes to Instagram, the visual aspect is fundamental; leave nothing to chance!
  • Define your offering. What benefit do your followers gain? Why should someone follow you? Ask yourself these questions and analyze what service you can offer to your community.
  • Strengths. Now that you have chosen your niche, precisely define what sets you apart from other experts in the field. Are you the most charming, creative, and competent?
  • Choose the right platforms. Your strategy is ready; now, choose the channels most suitable for your project. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are among the most popular platforms for influencers.

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How much does a micro influencer earn?

The economic earnings in the case of collaboration with a company are not comparable to those of major influencers due to their smaller reach.

To talk about the earnings of a micro-influencer, we can refer to the “cost per post,” which is the amount of money the user receives for posting a single post.

This cost depends on the number of followers, the industry they are in, and the engagement rate. There are numerous tools available online that offer an estimate of potential earnings for each user based on statistics.

One tool that provides good estimates is the Instagram Money Calculator. Using this tool, we have estimated some earning ranges based on the number of followers for a single post on Instagram:

  • 3,000 followers, between $25 and $42.
  • 10,000 followers, between $64 and $108.
  • 50,000 followers, between $152 and $261.
  • 100,000 followers, between $242 and $415.

Micro influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that relies on the involvement of influencers, who promote a company’s products or services generally in exchange for financial compensation.

If you need more information, you can read our article on influencer marketing. In the case of micro influencer marketing, we have seen that the individuals we involve in our campaigns are smaller but not less effective.

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How they can help your company

The transparency, trust, and authority that this category of influencers enjoys within their communities are invaluable for companies with economic interests in these individuals’ sectors.

In fact, one of the strengths of micro influencers is their communities, groups of people united by interest in a specific sector. If the average follower of an influencer matches the buyer persona of a company, we have the perfect match.

If we add to the formula the high engagement rate enjoyed by this category of influencers, we get a successful campaign.

Compared to macro influencers, they have a significantly lower cost, so with the same budget, you can involve more micro influencers instead of relying on a single macro influencer or celebrity.

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How to find and choose a micro influencer?

It’s clear that micro influencers bring significant results and are cost-effective, but there are also downsides to micro influencers marketing.

One of the problems is undoubtedly organization. Communicating and agreeing with a single macro influencer is easier and faster than coordinating and interacting with 10 (or more) smaller influencers.

The second problem is that finding a micro influencer is not a simple task.

  • The most direct method is to monitor and sift through Instagram feeds. Depending on your company’s area of interest, you need to identify the hashtags related to that specific field. Checking posts with these hashtags should make it easy to track down profiles that enjoy popularity and trust.
  • Check posts where your company is tagged. Many influencers tag the brands whose products they use spontaneously.
  • A faster way to find influencers, albeit by spending some money, is to use one of the numerous platforms that facilitate contact between Brands and Influencers, such as Tribe. This platform is very effective when it comes to finding macro influencers and micro influencers in the most popular sectors.

Choosing the right influencer for you

Once you’ve found micro influencers operating in your sector of interest, you need to choose the ones that are most suitable to represent your brand.

There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating the quality of a profile. Storytelling abilities and creativity are subjective qualities to assess, while the engagement rate and any follow and unfollow practices can be measured using tools like Ninjalitics or Influencer Fee.

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The best influencers are those who are already familiar with and appreciate the qualities of your products. These users can become true ambassadors for your company and actively promote your products within their community.

Building such a relationship has many advantages as it maintains the micro influencers credibility with their followers and is also cost-effective since part of the compensation generally includes the free provision of the company’s products.


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