Online travel consultant: what he does, earnings, how to become one

Do you want to work as a freelancer in the world of tourism? Then the job of an online travel consultant is what you are looking for.

In recent years, the tourism sector has experienced exponential growth, and thanks to digital developments, this profession is becoming more and more sought after and approved. If you too are passionate about travel, I will show you the characteristics of a web travel consultant and help you understand if it could be the right profession for you.

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Unlike the classic operator, the figure of the online travel consultant is independent and autonomous because he or she has more flexibility in terms of working hours and has the possibility of working remotely as a freelancer or as an external collaborator of travel agencies.

He will get in touch with the customer through web platforms and propose the best travel solutions to them.

In detail, in this article I will explain:

  • who is the online travel expert;
  • what he does and what his core competencies are;
  • how to become an online travel consultant and 4 advantageous reasons for doing so;
  • how much do you earn working as a freelancer in the world of travel?

If you are interested in this career, first of all, I suggest you take a course to become an Online Consultant that will give you the basics and the right strategy to work in this field.

Who is the professional Online Travel Consultant?

The online travel consultant acts as an intermediary between the customer and the services of hotels, inns, and B&Bs and takes care of the entire travel organization. It is certainly one of the hottest digital professions of the moment.

In an initial interview, the travel expert listens carefully to his customer’s needs. He establishes the budget and any wishes and needs of the person and, after extensive research, shows him some proposals and discusses them together, trying to satisfy his priority requests. They will then accompany you not only on the booking but also throughout the whole journey.

For any form of assistance or following any inconvenience, people will always have travel advisors as a point of reference.

To sum up, the online travel consultant is a tourism expert, a travel enthusiast, or a travel blogger who, via online platforms, organizes, advises, and helps book a customer’s trip.

Online travel consultant is one of the most profitable digital activities. Read the Free Guide to know all its features.

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What an Online Travel Consultant does and what skills

A strong passion for the world of tourism and travel is not enough, because the online travel consultant must have communication skills and show interest in the needs of the person, understand them, and try to offer the best travel packages that are convenient for both the customer and the host.

He must also empathize with the person who contacted him, and direct him to the right choice by selecting and filtering a few offers from the endless options available and visible on various online platforms.

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Schooling in tourism or languages is certainly beneficial because it gives you the foundations you will need to specialize and become an online professional in the world of tourism.

To specialize as an online travel consultant, you need to turn to specific tourism networks that will offer you the skills to enter the job market through certain training courses.

The main characteristics you must have are:

  • knowledge of the tourism sector;
  • knowledge of the foreign language;
  • passion for travel;
  • communication and strategic skills.

These skills can be defined as fundamental to taking up this job, but you will also need to have a minimum of web-related knowledge and skills to manage social channels, create a website and do strategic marketing.

Knowing how to communicate, being willing to listen, and being digitally literate thus become an important asset to differentiate oneself from different online travel consultants and offer a quality service.

4 Reasons to Become an Online Travel Consultant

There are several reasons why you should choose to embark on this path. If you want a job that you enjoy and that allows you to manage your free time, I will list 4 reasons why you should take up this career.

1. Realizing a passion for travel and tourism

If you are fascinated by the world of digital tourism, now is the time to make your passion your job.

Wondering how an online travel consultant finds new job offers? To start with, you can create your own blog to make yourself known to people and to address a specific target group. You will share in the blog and in the different social channels the experiences of other customers, making them all participate. You will showcase your travels and adventures in the best possible way, attracting people’s interest in seeking advice. This will allow you to expand your customer base.

In addition to the blog, I recommend subscribing to networks such as Evolution Travel, which allows you to connect and compare yourself with other colleagues and create your own customized travel packages just like in a real travel agency. In addition, through this platform, customers can see all the online travel consultant reviews posted on the site.

This is not only a source of profit but will help you increase your credibility and visibility.

2. Autonomous management of one’s own time

Have you always dreamed of being able to reconcile work with your private life and hobbies? Do you want to be able to organize your free time independently and have flexible working hours?

Many people want to be self-employed and if you are one of them, with the profession of online travel consultant you can manage your time and organize your working hours and appointments with clients during the day and become a freelancer in your own right.

By working online you can get in touch with potential buyers from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can you choose the projects you work on, setting the hours and giving availability according to your needs.

3. You don’t need a degree but an education

It is often thought that having a university degree is a compulsory basis for a career, but fortunately, there are jobs that can be done even without one and still offer many opportunities for earnings and growth.

You may be a graduate in a field that no longer fulfills you, that does not give you satisfaction, or that you have simply realized that the choices you made in the past do not coincide with what you like now. Many get discouraged precisely because the idea of starting a new and long course of study to change their lives frightens them and keeps them anchored to a job that no longer fulfills them.

You can become an online travel counselor without a large investment and have a not-inconsiderable advantage because a university degree is not necessary or indispensable. Through a short training course, you can get to know and learn the basics that will serve you well and help you enter the working world immediately.

4. Opportunities to emerge, grow, and specialize

One often feels demotivated due to the absence of new stimuli and goals. The job of an online travel consultant allows you to grow, learn new things, and improve every day.

How? You can choose which clientele to deal with. You can also decide to specialize in a specific geographic area and you can create your own community of people who will take you as a reference point and consequently expand your customer base like a domino. Every buyer you deal with will have completely different needs and this will allow you to deal with opposing lifestyles and needs.

The skill of a travel consultant is precisely this: knowing new destinations, having passion, being curious and always being open to the new. This great attitude will allow you to advise in detail on the most advantageous solution for the customer.

If you, too, want to give your work a twist, go digital and become a freelance online travel consultant. All you need to be a good travel organizer is a few basic ingredients: dedication, organization, and passion.

How much does an Online Travel Consultant earn?

Having reached this point, you may be wondering: how much can the online travel consultant earn?

The first thing to take into account is certainly the type of contract. There are consultants who work independently with a VAT number and others who choose to rely on a travel agency or work with various tour operators.

If you choose a freelance job, you will not have a fixed contract and consequently your salary will depend on your skills, passion, and how much work you can achieve. Your earnings and income will increase according to how good you are, thanks to the time you dedicate to the activity, your skills, your knowledge in the field, and your social relationships.

By relying on a travel agency, you will have a fixed income to which, if any, commissions on each customer will be added, which vary, of course, according to the agreements made with the latter.

Conclusions and Orientation Coaching

Starting a new business can always seem like a leap in the dark, but I am sure I have intrigued you and I hope I have clarified your ideas on the professional figure of the online travel consultant, a job that is managing to reap considerable benefits thanks to new technologies and the world of digital marketing.

I have provided you with the information you need to understand if this profession is within your reach: a job in the world of tourism, which is increasingly in demand, and which will allow you to realize your passion by working independently, flexibly, and without constraints.

If you don’t lack desire and passion, book your Free Career Counselling session now.

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