PPC Specialist: understanding the job, tasks, and salary

The PPC Specialist is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring, and optimizing paid advertising campaigns on search engines, dedicated platforms on social media, or programmatic buying.

PPC activities are highly performance-oriented and are also connected to the field of Affiliate Marketing.

In this interview with Matteo Varani, a PPC Specialist and Affiliate Marketing Manager based in Tallinn, Estonia, we get to know more about this digitally skilled profession in demand across Europe.

What does a PPC Specialist do?

Starting from the acronym PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, could you tell us more about this role?

juary santini the interviewer

ppc specialist interview with matteo varani

The PPC specialist is the one who plans and manages pay-per-click advertising campaigns or, as they are otherwise called, CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns.

The specialist plans the campaign and monitors it through a series of tools deemed suitable for planning, development, and monitoring of the campaign.

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What are your core competencies and strategic skills?

ppc specialist interview with matteo varani

First of all, I believe that knowledge of online marketing and digital marketing is, of course, essential. Also, knowledge of both SEO and other areas of online marketing.

More than purely technical knowledge, which can always be honed and developed, I think more personal or human skills are fundamental, if I may call them that.

So being a person who has consistency, precision, and also the ability to act quickly. Yes, you need a technical background, and a “technical-scientific” preparation, but the more personal aspect is also crucial, as well as the ability to handle a routine job because it’s a job that requires a certain routine.

So if you’re looking for something extremely imaginative, perhaps it’s not the most suitable job.

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Training a PPC Specialist

You talked about your humanities education, but for this profession, according to your experience, what kind of graduates do companies typically seek?ppc specialist interview with matteo varani

To become a wanna-be PPC Specialist, the university degree, based on my experience here in Estonia and also in Germany, is not very relevant.

In the sense that you enter a company, an agency, or an affiliate network at a basic level, let’s say as a “beginner,” and then the development of skills and knowledge happens gradually.

For most colleagues I have had, the academic background was not considered decisive in the selection of candidates. Of course, a graduate in marketing with knowledge of digital marketing has an advantage in immediate integration. However, there is a whole set of skills that are honed day by day over time.


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Has the work of a PPC Specialist expanded with social media?

Until some time ago, when people talked about a PPC specialist, they mainly thought of someone capable of giving visibility to a website or campaign on Google through SEM activities. Is it still the same today, or has the field of work for a PPC Specialist expanded, for example, with social networks?ppc specialist interview with matteo varani

Certainly, other platforms, such as social media, are increasingly in demand. I remember, a few years ago, where I worked, we managed PPC (CPC) campaigns, and social media was seen as a big question mark, a bit of a black hole where everything and the opposite of everything happened.

So many advertisers were against promoting their products through social media campaigns. However, I think in the last 5 years, maybe even a little less, social media and the entire world of mobile have prevailed in online marketing.

The focus is increasingly on users who use social media and connect more and more via mobile, rather than from a desktop PC.

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A PPC Specialist also deals with affiliate marketing, right?

ppc specialist interview with matteo varaniExactly, that’s what I mostly deal with. Yes, because there is a need for CPC campaigns by advertisers. The advertiser turns to affiliate marketing to request the promotion of their product through various methods.

Traditionally, what works best is CPA (cost per action), which has various variations. In the mobile world, CPI (cost per install) is popular, but certainly, CPC is the most impactful and widely used method for the product.

Typically, medium-sized companies that want to promote a new product choose PPC through affiliate networks because they need brand exposure.

Whereas those with an established brand might be more reluctant to invest heavily in CPC or PPC campaigns and prefer to negotiate for CPA campaigns.


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How much can a PPC Specialist earn, generally?

ppc specialist interview with matteo varaniPPC Specialist, it depends on the country, but I think they can certainly earn more than $2,000 net per month, $2500 or even $3000. It also depends on the size of the companies.


juary santini the interviewer

Advice for those who want to pursue this career?

ppc specialist interview with matteo varaniDefinitely give it a try. Don’t get discouraged, try because there are plenty of opportunities in Europe. Countries like Spain and Germany are full of agencies looking for such professionals.

Always be willing to update yourself, so stay informed through specialized blogs about PPC trends and everything related to affiliate marketing and, more generally, online marketing.

See PPC as a central point around which there is a corollary of fundamental themes to develop your specialist profile.

Would you like to become a PPC Expert?




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