SEO Consultant: role, skills and how to choose the right one

The SEO Consultant is one of the most sought-after professions in the digital world. Having a visually impactful website, well-designed from an aesthetic point of view, but not visible on search engines, is no longer enough to be noticed by the online audience.

The competition is extremely high, with online businesses and digitizing companies increasing every year. Emerging in an ocean of infinite dimensions like digital marketing becomes increasingly complicated.

In fact, it’s easier for no user to know about your business, even if it’s present online, risking sinking into obscurity.

That’s why every project needs an SEO expert: someone who thoroughly understands the mechanisms of search algorithms and suggests the best strategy to position websites as high as possible on Google and its counterparts (Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu…), ensuring visibility over time.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a fundamental piece within the large puzzle that represents your business’s marketing strategy.

It’s considered one of the most effective tools because, when done well, it guarantees:

  • Organic traffic to your website.
  • New potential customers, who had conducted the search to address a need you were able to solve.
  • Conversions, turning new users into customers or leads.

Becoming an SEO consultant requires a lot of study and analytical skills to plan a strategy capable of intercepting a good amount of interested audiences and contributing to increased sales.

Are you interested in the world of SEO consulting? In this article, I will explain:

  • What does an SEO consultant do?
  • What skills a professional consultant must have?
  • The advantages of consulting.
  • How to choose the best SEO expert?

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Who is the SEO Consultant

The SEO consultant is a professional specializing in optimizing website content and positioning for search engines.

They make themselves available to their client (the company) to implement the necessary SEO activities so that the website can be easily found on Google.

seo consultant job description

Search Engine Optimization, literally meaning SEO, is used to attract an audience on the web. Specifically, on those search engines you often use to find answers to your questions or solve a problem you don’t know the solution to.

And that’s where the importance of improving your ranking comes in, to be found as high as possible, at least on the first page of the results.

How often have you browsed past the second page on Google? I imagine not many.

That’s why the main goal of an SEO consultation is for your business to be in the top 10 of the SERP, which is the list of search engine organic results (excluding ads).

Although it’s optimal to rank even higher since the first five non-paid results constitute about one-third of all clicks; the first position has a click-through rate (ratio of clicks to impressions) over twice that of the second, followed by all the others in descending order.

To optimize resources, an SEO consultant works on these aspects:

  • Site authority
  • Relevance of the page to the keyword you want to rank for
  • Quality and quantity of information

Conducting a website SEO consultation means dealing with the content and its placement in the SERP.

The SEO expert will implement a tailored strategy to increase the site’s credibility and make various pages appear at the top of the results for as many keywords related to the company’s industry as possible.

In summary, a specialized SEO consultant should be able to:

  • Analyze buyer personas, i.e., the ideal customers of the company
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Optimize HTML code structure
  • Suggest site modifications for SEO
  • Use tools to find the right keywords to rank for
  • Create a positioning strategy
  • Create and optimize original content
  • Perform link building
  • Increase website visits

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seo specialist test

What does an expert SEO Consultant do

The SEO consultant develops the best strategy to increase rankings for company pages/articles compared to other search results. This is done by leveraging optimization techniques for search algorithms that they know.

Their goals are significant: to give visibility to the business, attract new users to the site, and increase conversion chances. Their role focuses on organic search, one of the most utilized channels in web marketing.

creating best strategies

What activities does an SEO consultant perform?

  1. Industry Analysis: studies the client’s marketing objectives, market, level, and quantity of competitors, positioning possibilities, and complexities, and then sets achievable goals.
  2. SEO audit: identifies any technical issues (criticisms and errors) of the site through in-depth SEO analysis and analytics.
  3. Query Analysis: captures the needs of the target audience, and their search intent.
  4. Keyword Research: transforms user queries into numerous focus keywords to rank for, which will become online touchpoints with the audience.
  5. Plans a content marketing strategy: based on the established keywords.
  6. Optimizes website content: applies all activities useful to rise to the top positions of the SERP.

The professional specifically work on these three areas of SEO:

  • On-site, the internal structure of the site and elements contributing to user experience.
  • On-page, elements related to optimizing individual web pages.
  • Off-site, external factors increase the site’s trust level (link building, backlinks, citations…).

Requirements of an SEO Specialist

What skills should an SEO consultant have? The world of Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving, so an SEO expert must be a professional always updated on changes made to Google and other search algorithms.

Experience and skills accumulated in previous years are not enough; a specialist in content optimization must always keep up with the changes. Otherwise, the effects of SEO consulting will be null.

To become a successful SEO consultant, you must:

  • Have a deep understanding of how search engines work, especially Google.
  • Be able to conduct a thorough analysis of the website.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of SEO techniques.
  • Be able to use tools to improve resource positioning.
  • Be able to analyze keywords, content, and project campaigns.
  • Have excellent writing skills.
  • Know techniques to increase site authority.
  • Be able to improve indexing and page positioning on SERPs.
  • Learn to develop an appropriate SEO strategy for the client.


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Freelance SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency

Freelance SEO consultants or SEO agencies? What’s the difference? The first is a professional who independently improves the organic ranking of clients’ websites.

In the second case, it’s a team of specialists working cohesively to handle multiple digital projects simultaneously. In both cases, the work done and services offered are the same.

Although the end result remains the same, both have their pros and cons. A freelance SEO consultant costs less and can provide more personalized attention to the project.

However, they may need more time to complete the work compared to an SEO agency, where the workload is distributed among various employees.

seo agency

Another aspect to consider with a web agency is the presence of a team with diverse skills, each focusing on specific aspects of Search Engine Optimization among the many I listed earlier.

It’s challenging to find an individual professional who excels in all these activities. In essence, is it better to hire a freelance SEO consultant or an SEO agency?

It depends; the choice varies based on different factors including:

  • Budget
  • Goals to achieve
  • Type of web marketing consulting needed

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Advantages of SEO Consulting

Competition on the web is increasingly fierce, and having an SEO consultant capable of stabilizing web pages in the top positions of the SERP is crucial for a business’s online success.

A user visits Google almost every day, which is why the search engine is one of the primary places to gain visibility.

But how do you achieve it if the content isn’t high up in the long list of results, and the user doesn’t know the site’s name? And above all, what’s the point of spending money on creating and maintaining a website if no one visits it?

That’s why, if hiring a specialist in-house isn’t feasible, it’s essential to rely on a professional SEO consultant. Thinking of becoming an SEO consultant?

Here are the advantages you can offer your clients in the medium to long term:

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Reach new users.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Appear in geolocated searches.
  • Enhance online reputation and trust level.
  • Outperform the competition.
  • Develop a consistent and long-lasting company marketing strategy.

How to become an SEO Consultant

If you have found what I have said so far interesting and are thinking that this profession might be right for you, you will definitely want to understand where to start to become a successful SEO consultant.

You will have to invest a lot of energy and time, never stop studying, and practice in the field.

But, just like organic results usually show in the medium to long term, you also need to be persistent: all these efforts will transform you into an attractive profile in the digital market.


The essential qualities to be a successful SEO consultant include:

  • Passion for SEO
  • Attitude for constant updating
  • Analytical and strategic skills
  • Writing skills
  • Result-oriented mindset
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Certified digital skills

If you want to become a pro SEO consultant, carefully follow these steps:

  • Study optimization techniques, you can start getting interested by reading articles, books, or watching in-depth videos on the subject.
  • Attend one of the SEO Courses to obtain a certification.
  • Practice using major SEO tools (Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Seozoom…).
  • Define your personal goals, breaking them down into short, medium, and long-term periods.
  • Establish your target audience and identify the needs of your potential clients, it could be a starting point to develop your strategic skills.
  • Create your marketing strategy to reach your audience.
  • Build your website and optimize the content, you could start from here to train yourself.
  • Define your professional image as an SEO consultant, you will have to dedicate a lot to personal branding if you want to be found online.
  • Build your portfolio and ask for references from your clients, it’s the best way to attract new potential buyers.
  • Consult an accountant to define your tax position.
  • Create a comfortable workspace, preferably from home to reduce costs.

Tips on choosing the best SEO Consultant

Turning to a specialized SEO consultant is the best solution for a company looking to increase its website visibility and climb positions in organic search results.

This way, the chances of expanding the customer base and sales will significantly surpass those of the competition.

However, this digital profession is gaining more ground, and the number of individuals and agencies offering SEO consultancy services is growing in response to the demand.

Consequently, choosing the best SEO consultant is not always straightforward.

For a company, it becomes essential to ensure, through targeted questions, that the professional is well-versed in these topics:

  • Adherence to Google’s guidelines and other search engines.
  • SEO copywriting techniques.
  • Link building and other “external” activities to enhance the website’s authority.
  • Planning SEO campaigns.
  • Utilizing SEO tools for results measurement.



Here is an interview with 5 SEO experts answering the most common questions in their field.

Alessia Martalò: SEO Specialist

seo interviewer

What is the first step to becoming an SEO Specialist?

interviewing alessia martaloI believe the fundamental first step is to study extensively. Personally, I educated myself through the books of Giorgio Taverniti, SEO Power, Marco Maltraversi, SEO & SEM, and Advanced Guide to Web Marketing.

I regularly attend classroom seminars, webinars, and refresher courses. Staying updated in this profession is crucial. Algorithms change, tools change.

The mobile revolution from last year has changed the game. Websites, to achieve good rankings, must necessarily be optimized for mobile.

seo interviewer

What are the 3 most important factors for improving rankings?

interviewing alessia martaloThe three most important ranking factors, not necessarily in this order, are links, content, and RankBrain. This means that content is incredibly important.

A good SEO consultant must be able to write engaging content, useful for users before search engines. Such content should be shareable, such as infographics, guides, manuals, and ebooks that can go viral.

Then there are links: there’s no beating around the bush – links are the essence of the web. Internal links are also very important, the site structure, or what we call interlinking.

The structure must be solid, and tags and categories must be used appropriately. The most important pages of the site that need more visibility should be linked to the homepage, preferably in the main menu.

Secondary links can be placed in the footer, and then there are inbound links from external sites. An effective SEO service must build high-quality backlinks.

It should aim to acquire genuinely useful links that drive traffic to our site. To achieve this, Digital PR is increasingly used, which also aims to create a network and, why not, partnerships to be developed later.

The third-ranking factor should be RankBrain. It seems to only affect a small part of the query, especially long-tail queries. It is an algorithm that intervenes to interpret the user’s search strings in the most accurate way.

seo interviewer

Does SEO directly involve Google’s algorithm?

interviewing alessia martaloUndoubtedly, Google is the most widely used search engine, and rightly so. Everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later.

However, the focus should not only be on ranking but rather on conversions, whether they are visits (increasing brand awareness or traffic to website pages), acquiring contacts through forms (lead generation), or purchases (where the e-commerce SEO consultant must create the right product categories and provide them with descriptions consistent with Search Intent).

Inevitably, part of the SEO Specialist’s work will deal with Google’s algorithms. Another slightly more creative part will focus on the user experience through, for example, creating and optimizing effective landing pages to suggest a specific action to our users.

seo interviewer

How much does SEO consulting cost?

interviewing alessia martaloI believe that some consultants offer prices that are really too low and out of the market. The client’s goal, of course, is to contain expenses, only to realize later that the purchased SEO service has not yielded results or, in the worst case, has led to penalties.

I think in this field, one should focus on quality rather than quantity. Also, considering that investments in website development are significant, it’s not always easy, precisely because the competition is fierce in some cases.

Services that are too inexpensive are often of poor quality. Black Hat SEO, which involves techniques that risk penalties, may deliver short-term results but later lead to inevitable penalties.

seo interviewer

Is it worthwhile to work for free at the beginning of your career?

interviewing alessia martaloActually, I believe one should never work for free. However, becoming an expert in SEO requires commitment and sacrifice.

In the beginning, I think it’s better to work on your own project. A website, a portal useful for experiments, learning, and putting into practice what you have learned. SEO is essentially practical.

So, I believe a year of this kind of apprenticeship can really lead to good results.

Laura Venturini: Freelance SEO Consultant

work with seo laura venturiniHello, everyone! I’m Laura Venturini and, as I also say on my website, unfortunately, I’m not the famous one, neither the volleyball player nor the beautiful Brazilian model, so you have to “settle” for me!

I’ve been working with SEO for a few years now. I worked in different agencies and then started my own business. Those who follow my work a bit know that I’m a bit shy. I don’t usually give interviews, but I gladly make an exception for Digital Coach!

giuliano fiore as interviewer

Tips for starting a career as a Freelance SEO Consultant?

work with seo laura venturiniWell, I always recommend studying the guidelines provided by Google. In fact, Google provides the basic tools to understand the dynamics, so that’s an excellent starting point.

Then, in my opinion, SEO activities require one thing: lots and lots of experiments. This is because you need to experiment and have a basic knowledge of major CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

You also need to know some code. So, start from there and then experiment a lot! Try to rank keywords, more or less complex, but also simply by starting from a passion.

For example, that’s what I did. I always tell this story. I’m actually a philologist, but everything started because of my love for animals.

I managed a website that coordinated a network of volunteers. I thought, “OK! This is all very nice!”, “How cute are the stories of the labrador puppy!”.

So, in my opinion, curiosity drives one to become an SEO expert. Also, throughout the profession, it’s necessary to stay updated constantly! Motivation and passion are absolutely important because it can be quite exhausting; you spend many hours on the computer and a lot of time with clients.

Understanding their needs requires patience. Contrary to what one might think, it’s an enjoyable job. However, if you aren’t motivated by a strong passion, interest, and curiosity for the dynamics that drive search engines, it can become a challenging job, especially in certain sectors and professional fields.

Things have changed significantly in recent years. In the past, you could be a technician, but today, without cross-disciplinary skills, achieving a satisfying goal is very challenging.

Simply being first with a single keyword or a series of keywords without a well-oriented marketing strategy is futile. It’s not a race to be the first; it’s potentially a race to sell more.

SEO consultancy must offer a comprehensive service. “It’s not merely about securing a favorable position but it’s also about enabling you to market your service or product effectively.”

giuliano fiore as interviewer

What influences Google’s ranking?

work with seo laura venturiniIt might sound trivial, but anyone working with SEO knows that content must be exhaustive and in-depth.

In summary, while in the past, moderately good content or content that didn’t delve deeply into the topic could rank decently, it’s different today. Google rewards in-depth and high-quality content.

This means that the length of the content is also important. Generally, high-quality content ranges around 1500/2000 words.

  • Quality ContentIf I create quality content, people will share it. This results in acquiring more links, even diverse ones from many sites, benefiting my content. Moreover, using many words also increases my chances of ranking for long-tail keywords, not just single search terms but a combination of keywords.
  • URLOther relevant factors include short URLs. They typically position you better than long ones, and lately, I’ve noticed that content with at least one image ranks better than content without images. For overall views and shares, longer content gains more inbound links.
  • Title TagsAlthough many colleagues may disagree, the title tag is still a ranking factor. It helps Google because it’s one of the first pieces of information read by the bot, but it also helps the user understand what we’re talking about. Yes, we talk a lot about semantic search today, but from a purely experiential standpoint, the title tag still has its purpose.
  • Other SEO Ranking FactorsLast but not least, backlinks are strategically important. Of course, we’re talking about quality links, not mass acquisition links. A low bounce rate is a direct consequence of quality content.

Lastly, a common issue I often encounter on websites and e-commerce platforms is the page loading speed.

We’ve known since 2010 that this has become an important ranking factor, but beyond that, users are more likely to abandon a page when it loads slowly.

giuliano fiore as interviewer

Can you define yourself as a Google SEO Consultant?

work with seo laura venturiniI’ll tell you, I had never thought about it in those terms, otherwise I would have already tried to position myself as a Google consultant!

Let’s say that in general, if you look at other countries, SEO is not limited to Google, because Yandex is used in Russia and Baidu in China. That’s why you can’t just be a Google consultant.

In very specific sectors, it might make sense to also be positioned with other search engines, such as Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. This is because there is a certain type of user base that might be interesting.

Of course, we’re talking about micro-niches, rare cases, but maybe calling oneself a “Google consultant” is a bit risky.

SEO consulting always starts with data provided by Google Analytics, the tools provided by Google Ads to analyze the search volume of a specific keyword as well as the suggestions that Google itself gives us regarding user searches.

In short, in some way, we are a bit influenced, but we are not exclusively Google consultants.

giuliano fiore as interviewer

Can you explain the cost of SEO consulting?

work with seo laura venturiniThe price of SEO consulting, in my opinion, is determined by many factors: the expertise of the consultant you choose, because there are established individuals, people with more or less experience, and often in our field, it is very likely to encounter more or less reputable companies. So the advice I can give you is to have tangible data.

The tangible data doesn’t necessarily have to be first on Google. By using simple tools like Google Analytics, you can assess the quality of the work.

Nonetheless, this is a complex task that involves numerous steps. So, those who offer this kind of consultancy should ensure the client understands the value of what they do.

giuliano fiore as interviewer

Should a Junior Consultant offer their consultancy for free?

work with seo laura venturiniAbsolutely not. I believe that to become a professional, it’s necessary to experiment. To conduct experiments, you don’t need clients: you can start with a blog related to your passion.

It makes sense to offer good SEO services at a fair price. Perhaps if you’re just starting out, you can manage your own website to gain experience and offer consultancy at a reasonable price without underselling it.

giuliano fiore as interviewer

Do you have any advice for those who want to pursue this career?

work with seo laura venturiniI invite everyone who wants to pursue this profession to approach it with curiosity and humility.

It’s worth seeing it in this light because it’s a very interesting market that offers many insights and also the possibility of having an excellent, well-paying job if you do it well. However, it requires effort and dedication.

I especially speak to those who are just starting out. Also, always evaluate clients carefully; don’t accept just any client.

Instead, know how to choose because choosing is important: you work better when you choose the right clients. Not all clients are necessarily the right ones for us. Sounds like a cliche? No, because it can really make a difference!

Raffaele Conte: Web Consultant Digital Marketing

michela trada as interviewer

How to become an expert Web Consultant in SEO?

raffaele conte as seo expertIn my opinion, two fundamental concepts need to be addressed: education and updates. Regarding the first aspect, there are many online courses, especially for SEO Specialists and Social Media Strategists.

It is crucial to pay attention to their structure and the expertise of the instructors. Additionally, it’s beneficial to combine SEO lessons with basic training in web marketing and programming.

Afterward, one must move on to the practical phase, getting hands-on experience. A good practice is to start managing and monitoring projects on your own, even with just three domains, to understand the difference between theory and practice.

Lastly, continuous updates are absolutely essential in this field.

michela trada as interviewer

What factors determine good Google rankings?

raffaele conte as seo expertThe choice of CMS and content is crucial for rankings. In the case of CMS, whether proprietary or open source like WordPress and Joomla, it makes a significant difference.

Monitoring proprietary CMS requires extra attention because not all of them are designed and optimized for SEO. Content, on the other hand, is the soul of a website.

Many copywriters still focus on the length of texts and articles. In reality, the number of characters is irrelevant compared to the quality of the content. Quality is what enables effective website indexing.

michela trada as interviewer

Would you consider yourself a Google Consultant?

raffaele conte as seo expertMany professionals choose to collaborate with Google every day. I would never present myself as a Google Consultant because I simply wouldn’t want to be labeled as a Google employee. Google is just a partner.

michela trada as interviewer

How much does SEO cost?

raffaele conte as seo expertThe SEO Specialist consultant must always stay updated and be highly skilled; in most cases, entrepreneurs turn to web agencies and choose the cheapest quote that includes SEO services.

However, cheaper does not mean better quality; in fact, it often doesn’t. Many times, entrepreneurs don’t even know precisely what they want, and it’s up to the agency to explain if a particular positioning makes sense or not.

For example, a small restaurant in Varese may not need to improve its SEO ranking, which might be necessary for a restaurant.

michela trada as interviewerIs SEO easy?

raffaele conte as seo expertAbsolutely not, as discussed earlier. Once a company contacted me for SEO consultancy. This company had decided to redo its website, which, despite being outdated, had managed to rank well over the years.

They used to receive at least three quote requests daily. An employee volunteered to redesign the website but completely ignored SEO optimization, skipping a crucial step like the 301 redirect. The result?

The company virtually disappeared, losing almost all its clients within just two months, leading to staff layoffs. Working with SEO is a serious matter, and without proper expertise, it can cause significant damage.

That’s why gaining experience with personal projects is essential before even considering small projects.

Valentino Mea: SEO Consulting and Google Ads

claudia berti as interviewer

What’s the best path to becoming an SEO expert?

valentino mea as seo professionalIn my experience, the best way to become an SEO professional essentially involves four steps:

  1. Information – Gathering information involves reading official sources, such as Google’s documentation. It also includes following video courses, reading SEO-specific books, and exploring blogs dedicated to SEO.
  2. Experimentation – Once you understand the basics and objectives of SEO activities, you need to move on to practical experimentation. Start by working on a real SEO project, preferably by purchasing your own domain. Then, assess the challenges and undertake activities typical of an SEO consultant. Finally, conduct tests to evaluate your acquired skills.
  3. Professional Training – To quickly and thoroughly acquire knowledge and foundational skills for providing professional SEO consultancy, it’s highly recommended to pursue professional training. However, this is not mandatory if you consistently engage in self-learning and experimentation.
  4. Practice – This step involves applying SEO Specialist activities practically by implementing your own business projects or by offering consultancy services to others. The challenge lies in transitioning from individual test experiments to implementing SEO strategies directly benefiting clients.

claudia berti as interviewer

What are the ranking factors?

valentino mea as seo professional The factors that currently tend to most influence the positioning of online content are:


  • User experience (engaging the user)
  • Content quality
  • Popularity of the hosting resource (authority)

Based on direct sources from Google, it has been reiterated from various quarters that the quality of content and the links leading to such resources are fundamental elements.

Consider, for example, some questions posed by Google to external evaluators to determine the quality of content in a context related to the Panda algorithm. They specifically referred to the “advisability” of the content to meet the user’s request.

Therefore, there is a direct proportionality between content quality and the effectiveness of quality raters. Subjectivity in evaluating the quality of content could have significant weight.

For this reason, Google has tried to standardize criteria, including the presence of links as indicators of content that effectively addresses a query posted online. Linking to the resource strengthens the authority of the cited source.

claudia berti as interviewer

How do you define the SEO Specialist Consultant?

valentino mea as seo professional I don’t think it’s correct to define an SEO Specialist as a Google consultant. This is simply because the SEO Specialist works for websites, blogs, e-commerce of their clients, or for their own site.

They must be able to achieve good rankings in other search engines, not just Google. Other skills are also necessary, such as the user experience of the site and the responsive design of content on different devices. These are not exclusively tied to Google.

claudia berti as interviewer

How much does optimizing a website cost?

valentino mea as seo professional I believe there are no absolutely expensive or cheap SEO consultations. It would be more accurate to talk about SEO activities that result in positive or negative ROI (Return on Investment) for companies.

Many companies are unable to evaluate their partner in the prospecting phase. This is the part of the sales process that involves “communicating” with potential clients. It precedes follow-up communication, lead generation, and the actual sales phase.

Often, companies choose the SEO manager with the same approach they apply to a commercial product, rather than a professional service. Companies rarely manage to evaluate, unless properly guided, the profitability of an SEO consultation.

This evaluation occurs not in a negative sense, meaning when there are significant losses in website traffic. This happens, for example, due to penalties for unprofessionally qualified WEB management practices.

claudia berti as interviewer

Are free consultations the right path to start?

valentino mea as seo professionalI don’t think offering free consultations is the correct approach to entering this profession. As beginners, you can propose a free trial to a potential client, specifying the value and inexperience of the service offered.

However, offering a free SEO service and leaving the compensation to the client’s discretion based on results is not a sound strategy. In the end, it may lead to providing subpar services (since we are not motivated to work for free), which are worth what they cost.

Moreover, there’s a risk of making mistakes that can harm websites and cause more damage than gains.

The essential steps to becoming a freelance SEO Specialist or an SEO consultant within a web agency, in my opinion, remain those described earlier.

What will make the consultant more credible are the successful case studies, essentially the portfolio presented to their clients. This should include practical experiences gained during experimentation on their own website or blog and during training.

In particular, an individual professional’s positioning in Google’s SERPs, concerning digital professions, could be a selection factor for companies seeking a true SEO expert.

The top performers will undoubtedly stand out. The SEO discipline is no longer just a technical or copywriting matter.

It’s a complex field where vertical expertise from other specialists often converges. Therefore, the individual SEO consultant, in some cases, may need to collaborate with colleagues who interpret certain crucial factors.

For example, intricacies related to user experience, production, and editing of visual content, or the peculiarities of the mobile world.

Fabrizio Caruso: SEO Instructor – SEO Tutor

monica foti the interviewer

What skills does an expert SEO need?

fabrizio caruso as seo expertHaving programming skills, especially in front-end development, is essential, along with linguistic abilities, and then applying them in daily practice.

SEO is an empirical discipline, based on continuous testing, experimentation, and analysis of results. It’s a continuous process of refinement, and without the guidance of an expert SEO consultant, the journey becomes much longer and more challenging.

Unless one has innate talent. If you are a Mozart of SEO, opportunities to prove your worth will abound! No market is as open as the web! In any case, never stop studying and updating yourself.

Fundamental is the preparation that can guarantee a comprehensive training program, such as the one offered in the online SEO Course.

Training remains the element that can make the difference between a skilled and capable SEO consultant and a mediocre seller of illusions.

monica foti the interviewer

What influences SEO?

fabrizio caruso as seo expertFirst and foremost, content. The list of factors is notoriously long and partly not so secret anymore. What makes the difference, the factor with the most added value, is and remains, in my opinion, the content.

All evaluations and considerations about semantic elements must take priority in defining an SEO positioning strategy. Optimization is now to be considered a given. It’s not even possible to neglect it or do it poorly.

However, precisely because everyone practices it, it constitutes a sort of condition and is therefore incapable of bringing significant position gains. It’s better to focus on content and texts. Aim for quality, completeness, and authority. Once gained, it’s very difficult to lose them!

monica foti the interviewer

Are SEO Consultants the same as Google Consultants?

fabrizio caruso as seo expertNo, not at all. We can safely say that Google is our main shareholder. At least in our market, it’s a sort of monopolist.

Exceptions are Russia and China, but these are distant, closed markets, at least for us SEO consultants.

I don’t think we should worry too much about Google’s fate either. SEO will survive Google because it’s directly connected to the problem of managing large amounts of content, and these are destined to grow exponentially.

But as long as the search engine landscape remains this way, it’s Mountain View that we must look at as our Mecca.

monica foti the interviewer

How to recognize an SEO Expert?

fabrizio caruso as seo expertI think about the costs of many SEO agencies. These agencies, rightly having to bear the costs of prestigious offices and a lot of staff, as well as taxation, must inevitably reflect these costs in their quotes to survive.

But if high costs are accompanied by quality, it’s not a big deal. The real problem is that, unfortunately, there are many, too many, incompetent SEO experts in our field.

Since there is no official training channel or professional registry, anyone can claim the title of SEO consultant, perhaps discrediting those who do their job with passion and professionalism.

monica foti the interviewer

How to do Freelance SEO?

fabrizio caruso as seo expertI believe that it’s essential to gain experience at the beginning. However, I don’t agree with the idea that on-field experience should be gained by working for free.

Of course, one cannot expect to earn as much as an established professional because realistically, the results that can be achieved will be limited by inexperience.

But, to quote the Gospel, “the laborer is worthy of his wages,” and the belief in one’s own value should prevent underselling oneself. It’s better to work on personal projects instead.

One might not earn anything, but they will be investing and fully capitalizing on their own efforts and time!

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