How to become a Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is a professional who works as a freelancer for companies, non-profit organizations, and web agencies. Keep in mind that millions of people daily consult social media to gather information about brands, products, individuals, and services.

They also interact with brands to seek information, and assistance, and provide feedback, both negative and positive. Therefore, having and managing a community translates for entrepreneurs to acquire new customers and gain image-related benefits.

Not having a professional and updated social profile leads companies or freelancers to miss out on contact with millions of users. On the other hand, having a profile and not managing it correctly or without targeted advertising results in a significant disadvantage.

Implementing a social marketing strategy that does not involve social media management often leads to economic loss and loss of credibility.

Therefore, a social media consultant specializing in digital communication has the important task of improving brand awareness for the company or freelancer looking to market a product or service.

Among his main tasks are brand awareness, customer acquisition, and increasing sales. Continuing to read this article, you will delve into:

  • Who a social media consultant is and what do they do?
  • Why their work is important for companies?
  • What variables determine the pay of this professional?
  • How to become a social media consultant?

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Who is the social media consultant

A qualified social media consultant is responsible for brand communication on the client’s social channels. However, remember that they are primarily a social enthusiast, a dynamic person predisposed to work under stress.

These characteristics are useful for both client management and the various issues encountered in managing digital channels. Any problems, page or profile blocks, do not always depend on the consultant but on the application itself.

Those entering the profession of a social media consultant must also possess cross-functional skills, as it is not enough to know only the platforms and publish content.

It is also necessary for them to have technical, graphic, and sociological skills. Like all professions in the field of social media marketing, social media consultants must constantly update themselves as online communication channels are constantly evolving.

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What a social media consultant does and why it is important for a company

Among the tasks of a social media consultant is to provide various services that can be shaped according to the specific needs of the client.

But if you’re wondering what a social media expert does in particular, I’ll tell you that their main activity is to improve the visibility and awareness of the brand.

Making the brand recognizable is important for companies as it helps humanize it to make it closer to users. Increased visibility is also useful to generate traffic and have greater chances of conversion.

This can involve, for example, a sale or the acquisition of potential customers through newsletter subscriptions. For the company’s marketing, it is important to seek the assistance of a social media marketing consultant to manage one or more activities such as:

  • Events for the launch of new products/services.
  • Opening new social channels.
  • Training internal staff for autonomous channel management.
  • Developing from scratch or implementing a social strategy.
  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns on various company channels.
  • Defining a crisis management plan.

If I have piqued your interest and you want to delve deeper into the topic, you will find more information about the profession of a social media consultant as you continue reading.

Check the online reputation of the brand

An expert social media consultant checks and monitors the online presence of the brand in discussions and articles to understand the users’ perception of the company, product, or service.

You should know that when the user was passive, everything was easier, whereas now, customers and competitors have many more opportunities to damage the brand, even with simple online comments.

social media consultant meaning

Through social media monitoring activities, the consultant identifies the audience sentiment and the type of brand awareness to determine what changes to make to the brand image.

Monitoring should be continuous and can be done through various free tools such as Google Alert or paid ones.

These tools allow, among other things, to:

  • Find keywords
  • Mentions
  • Capture conversations on social networks

Brand reputation analysis is crucial because it allows a skilled freelance social media consultant to develop the right social media strategy to adopt.

This is the first step in making a company more competitive on the web.

Design the best social marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, among the social media consultant’s activities is the development of an effective social media strategy.

This is a very important and fundamental task because, without a good plan, no goal can be achieved. However, consider that what was initially planned can be modified after the start of activities.

Changing strategy is essential when analysis reveals areas for improvement.

To ensure that a strategy is effective, the consultant must:

  1. Understand the client’s objectives.
  2. Identify which users to attract by outlining the profile of buyer personas.
  3. Analyze the social presence of competitors.
  4. Identify the trends.
  5. Choose the most suitable Social Network platforms for the goal to be achieved.
  6. Develop an editorial plan for which content to publish, when, and on which social platforms.
  7. Identify the tools to use for project development.


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Manage the community

A multitasking social media consultant also has the task of managing the online community. Once, users only communicated with brands in case of problems through a toll-free number.

Fortunately, digital channels now exist, and brands need to have a grip on managing user opinions. But why is managing a social community useful?

This is a very powerful tool, as word of mouth is everything for good or bad corporate reputation. Certainly, it is also an important tool to identify trolls and haters to block them and not respond to their provocations.

Moreover, it is useful to gather opinions and feedback to bring to the client for improving products, services, support, and much more.

The community management activity of a social media consultant must also be functional in handling crises, agreeing in advance with the client on a strategic action plan to implement on time.

Ultimately, through the digital community of users, a professional in the field can manage clients, actual or potential, to:

  • Intercept them
  • Listen to them
  • Understand them
  • Narrate the brand to them
  • Identify dissatisfied customers to change their minds

Manage social channels

An experienced social media consultant knows all the social channels and their respective rules. A fundamental requirement for defining the strategy and drafting the editorial plan.

You must know that all social media platforms are consulted daily, multiple times a day by millions of users worldwide.

Knowing the most used platforms around the world, the dynamics of each social platform, the age groups of registration, and the times when users are connected and interact is, therefore, significant.

Therefore, social media experts must be able to:

  • Create new profiles
  • Schedule content publication
  • Increase engagement
  • Monitor requests and respond to comments
  • Plan events
  • Prepare advertising campaigns

Develop content

To create winning content, a creative social media consultant must know the target clients. Creating a winning content strategy involves producing quality and original content to encourage likes, shares, and reviews.

Therefore, to be a good content creator, those responsible for social media must:

  • Know the tools for photo and video editing: there are various ones, from practical tools like Canva and Trello to more professional ones like Photoshop or Indesign.
  • Be skilled in writing techniques and SEO.
  • Know how to use tools for planning and automatically publishing content.
  • Be able to create animated or static banners and covers.
  • Be capable of editing presentation videos for services, products, and/or events.


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Run online advertising campaigns

A social media consultant with experience also handles social advertising and knows the tools for managing ADS on various channels.

Therefore, they create, plan, and manage marketing campaigns based on the agreed budget with the client. A good consultant knows that once activated, sponsorships must be monitored and optimized.

In addition, they must be able to measure conversions accurately using Google Analytics with specific UTM parameters within each insertion.

To create effective campaigns, the consultant must follow some fundamental steps, such as:

  • Define goals.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Choose the most suitable social network.
  • Create relevant visuals and copy.

How much does a social media consultant earn?

How much social media consulting costs is a question that entrepreneurs often ask before turning to an industry expert.

Consider that the earnings of a social media consultant depend mainly on specialization and skills. Therefore, the more valuable you are to the client, the more you can leverage your experience in negotiations.

Consequently, if you want to know exactly how much a social media consultant earns, I can tell you that the cost can vary from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars.

Various factors contribute to the variability of the salary, such as:

  • The number of clients.
  • The type of client and target audience (national or international market).
  • The activities the consultant needs to perform for the client.

Becoming a Social Media Consultant

As reiterated in this article, a qualified social media consultant must possess various technical skills and specific soft skills.

Being passionate about social media alone is not enough to be considered a true expert in the field. So, how do you become a social media consultant? The key factor is education.

Consider that there are various training courses, such as the social media manager course, as well as educational paths that provide a comprehensive understanding of social media management.

To access them, it is essential to at least master social media. Additionally, having a good knowledge base of:

  • Search engines
  • Inbound Marketing techniques
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • SEO

It is also crucial to stay updated, experiment, and be aware of the innovations in the media and app market. In conclusion, studying is not enough.

It is necessary to practice and put yourself to the test, experience what it means to set up an advertising campaign, interpret the results’ numbers, and identify buyer personas to achieve results.

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Interview with a Social Media Consultant

Presented by Giovanni Fracasso

lucia vescovini the interviewerHello, everyone! I’m Lucia Vescovini, and I have the pleasure of interviewing Giovanni Fracasso, a social media consultant and digital manager for companies.

giovanni fracasso social media consultant Hello Lucia! I’m Giovanni Fracasso, and I’ve been involved in digital at 360 degrees for about twenty-five years.

I’ve always had a passion as an early adopter of all new technologies, combining them with the work I do now, which is fundamental as a digital manager for businesses.

Additionally, I am the COO at ICT Sviluppo, a communication agency where I coordinate and supervise the production team (inbound marketing and web design).

Social media marketing consulting: what is it about

lucia vescovini the interviewerWhat specifically does the job of a social media consultant involve? How is it expressed and what does it focus on?

giovanni fracasso social media consultant When doing social media consulting, there is a bit of a misunderstanding at its core. Often, a restaurant, a bar, or a local establishment contacts me and says, “I need to be on social media.”

Of course, being present on social media is useful for everyone, and any business can benefit from it. The real issue with social media presence is: how do I go on social media and with what kind of content?

My experience has led me to think that it is very easy to go on social media, paradoxically, if you are a small local business. If, for example, you are a bakery, a pizzeria, or a clothing store, you have a local audience to promote your content to.

Moreover, you can promote them with ten, or twenty dollars in your area and get some visibility. If you give consequences day after day and consistently to this type of work, over time you build affection, a habit.

So, when someone from your area wants to, for example, eat pizza, they might think of you because of the type of photos you have posted or because you brightened their Sunday afternoon with a photo.

There are many ways to do local-level marketing, which is much more difficult in my opinion for larger corporate entities. Usually, companies are medium-sized, so there is not always a marketing manager, and you usually talk to sales.

They are more interested in revenue. That’s the job of the consultant. It is very difficult to say that the social media consultant comes in for an hour a month and tells you what to do.

To better understand: I know the vocabulary, I know the language, but the client has to construct the sentences and syntactic structure.

This is the role of the consultant: they are the vocabulary and grammar rules, but they cannot replace the strategy that the company has in mind. They can only interpret it in the best way.

Otherwise, it would be something else; it would be a marketing consultant, which is another thing.

The marketing strategy of a social media consultant

lucia vescovini the interviewer

What is a marketing strategy, and where do you start concerning clients?

giovanni fracasso social media consultantMarketing is a very broad term for me. In essence, marketing includes a sales aspect, product placement, and decisions about product pricing and naming. I always tell my clients that I deal with communication.

The marketing strategy, whom to sell to, at what price, what materials to use for products, and how many hours to dedicate to services, is decided by the client.

As a consultant, I try to interpret the manner and will of the requesting company based on how they have defined their buyer personas. So, I try to use language to put the pieces together and bring them to social media.

However, often the problem is not the strategy because every company has a clear idea of whom to sell to, what, and at what price. More than anything, the issue is that social media requires content.

When you, as a consultant, can convey this concept to a client company, you also need a manager inside who listens to you, to speed up the processes leading to increased revenue.

To develop a winning marketing strategy for social media, one must consider other aspects not related to production, such as:

  • Customer Acquisition.
  • How to track and follow potential customers.
  • Segmentation and profiling of the target audience.

Therefore, it always starts with the needs of users to create extraordinary content. By doing so and keeping in mind the phase of the funnel potential buyers are in, products are described and created accompanied by appropriate content.

When a company comes to me and asks where to start, I tell them to start with CRM and content. Then, together, we decide on which social platforms to publish them. Only in the second phase of the project can we talk about SEO and social advertising.

Social is communication, not strategic marketing. But before that, there is the product definition part.

So, those who do communication for social media and not marketing ensure that the customer can align their needs with digital, and then understand how to proceed. Never reverse the process: go to a company to sell social.

The true social media consultant goes to a company to understand how digital channels can meet customer needs.


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Web agency or social media consultant?

lucia vescovini the interviewerThe last question concerns web agencies. Specifically, I ask: what is the difference between contacting a web agency and choosing to contact a social media consultant?

giovanni fracasso social media consultantWell, there are two approaches: when the agency faces the company, it must have credibility, not just from its know-how.

However, with an agency, those seeking consultancy must interact with multiple people. Consequently, agencies tend to be more fleeting than freelance consultants.

Instead, when a company deals with a freelance social media consultant, they can stay for many years.

Once they start trusting you, it’s easy to get involved in company dynamics and embark on a continuous work path.

Conclusion and free consultation

In conclusion, I hope to have clarified the importance of the role of the social media consultant.

In this article, I talked about these professionals, focusing on their role and how they can make a difference in corporate contexts but also for small freelance entrepreneurs.

I listed and briefly described their activities and how they must always be in agreement with the client to achieve the goals.

Certainly, the level of training makes a difference in their compensation: the more qualified and experienced in social management, the higher the remuneration.

I want to leave you with a piece of advice: to make a change in your career, requalify yourself, or start your own business, it is necessary to stay constantly updated.

Invest in your education and acquire all the necessary skills that can make a difference in your professional career. Finally, consider doing internships to confirm your skills and complete your training cycle effectively.

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