Social Media Specialist: who he is, what he does and salary

Social Media Specialist: just a few years ago, it would have been almost impossible to find a job ad bearing the wording.

Despite the fact that social networks were beginning to appear in the word and platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook were continuing their ascent to success to the sound of views and registered users, it was almost unthinkable for an company to believe that the management of its community required a dedicated role, an employee with a fixed contract, lunch tickets and paid holidays!

Fortunately, things have changed considerably over the past two years and the figure of the Social Media Specialist is now an established and recognised occupation by all, we could almost say indispensable, given the spread of social networks in everyone’s private and working life (so much so that we provide comprehensive training courses such as the Social Media Specialist Course and the Social Media Manager Certification Course that certifies their skills).

social media specialist salary

In this article I will describe the work of this professional and in detail show you:

  • Who is he, what does this social expert do?
  • What skills should they acquire?
  • How does one become a Social Media Specialist?
  • What is the best educational path?
  • How much does this professional make?


Social Media Specialist: who is he and what does he do?

Mainly the social media specialist, within the company or in the case of the freelancer, goes to take care of a whole series of social channels for the company not only to create a community, but also to enable the company to brand itself through social media.

This can be done mainly after a careful analysis through tools. After that he goes on to create an editorial plan with content, so much so that the social media specialist must also be able to understand what content is suitable for the company. Content can take different forms, mainly written or visual. Visual content can take on various facets such as images, gifs, videos.

Therefore, it is first necessary to analyse the network not only in terms of conversation, but also in terms of keywords to enable the company to grow online and to better communicate its mission and the products and services it intends to promote.

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Social Media Specialist: what skills must you have?

Usually, social media specialists need to be familiar with social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Of course, everyone then has a kind of specialisation. In addition to the social platforms, one needs to know a whole range of tools: analysis tools and management tools. He must also be able to interface with different web figures including web marketing manager or community manager, although in some cases social media specialist and community manager go hand in hand.

He or she also has public relations, communication and business organisation skills, because it is necessary for the social media specialist to understand the internal and external dynamics of the company in order to create and communicate a strategy through social media in the best way and in the best interest of the company.

Social Media Specialist: what kind of tools should he know how to use?

If we talk about analysis tools, there are tools for monitoring conversations and the network such as Google Alert and Social Mention, which a good Social Media Specialist cannot be unfamiliar with.

One could also monitor a product or service that the company wants to promote through the hashtags of conversations on Twitter, for example with Tweetdeck.

Then there are a whole series of tools related to social media management such as:

social tools to use

Social Media Specialist: how much do you earn?

A social media specialist within a company might earn around €1,000/1,200 net per month, this clearly depends on the size of the company, whereas if we are talking about freelancers, it depends on the size of the project, the objectives of the company, but giving a precise figure for freelancers is not an easy answer.

Social Media Specialist: from which companies do the most job offers come?

The offers for the position of Social Media Specialist come from very different companies, which are always very ambitious with medium to large objectives and therefore either hire a social media specialist or give the job to a freelancer, clearly with a benefit for the company in the medium to long term.

Social media specialist: where do you work?

Where there is wi-fi! :) He/she could work anywhere, in the sense that a social media specialist can work on the move; he/she works a lot from mobile by maintaining social profiles of companies that leave freedom in the workplace and in many cases works from home.

Social Media Specialist: how to become one?

To become a social media specialist, it is necessary to have attended social media courses, but also to have a constancy in personal training by following national and international blogs so as to stay informed about the dynamics of social media platforms. If we want to be punctilious, some of the best social media managers have a degree in communication or business administration.

Social Media Specialist: which professionals do you interact with?

Definitely with the web developer, digital pr and other corporate figures. In the case of a medium to large company: with the web marketing manager, community manager, digital pr.

The social media specialist must also be familiar with the company’s business plan, so he or she must also interact with the company’s economic-financial department, which is why I often believe that the social media specialist must also have an economic-business background to understand how much budget the company can devote to that type of activity.

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