TikTok Consultant: what it does, skills and how to become one

In this article, I will talk about TikTok Consultant, a fundamental figure in developing a digital marketing strategy for your online business. TikTok is the most downloaded application worldwide and is being used every day by about 800 million users.

Also known in China by the name Douyin, the application has its niche generally distributed among users aged between 14 and 24 (the Zeta Generation), which contributes substantially to its great popularity. This is because it is halfway between a social network and a social media that allows you to create and share short entertainment videos that can go viral.

It is a great marketing tool that does not go unnoticed by companies that start requesting the services of TikTok Consultant for their business.

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TikTok is also a known platform to create brand awareness campaigns, promote products and services, and manage influencer marketing campaigns.

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A TikTok Consultant is a professional who possesses deep knowledge of the TikTok platform and its algorithm. This allows him to define a growth strategy and manage and optimize the accounts entrusted to him.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Federico Rognoni, a young TikTok Consultant and an expert in the App and all its features, who, by observing and studying the enormous success of the platform in China, has managed to capture its potential in the Italian market, thereby foreseeing the current need for Italian companies to use TikTok within their communication strategy.


Who is a TikTok consultant and what does he do?

Jianpiero Morales

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantA TikTok Consultant is a professional figure who deals with providing methods and strategies for companies or individuals who want to ride along the success of TikTok and use it for their business.

In my case, my work is mainly divided into 3 activities: influencer marketing, strategic consulting, and advertising management.

I deal with creating and managing influencer marketing campaigns every day, and I have collaborations with several Italian agencies that provide support to different influencers working on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram.

Together with my clients, I study what can be the best strategies to achieve the desired objectives and, based on the budget available, which are the most suitable marketing campaigns for the growth of a potential business.

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Jianpiero Morales

What skills does a TikTok Consultant have?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantObviously, a thorough knowledge of the platform and all its features is essential. As well as in this work it is important that the TikTok Consultant is continuously updated on the news that frequently invest the digital sector and its platforms.

Surely a good dose of creativity is important since most customers who turn to this professional do not yet have a clear idea of what to do on TikTok. Creativity is used to formulate content marketing strategies in order to create engaging and at the same time competitive content.

I am not aware of courses or university courses entirely dedicated to this subject, but this does not mean that you cannot train independently. In fact, it is possible to take advantage of several videos on platforms such as Youtube that explain how to use the App even for professional use.

Jianpiero Morales

What tools do you use in your work?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantI do not use any special tool in my work as they are just the same with what all professionals use for their work, and this also applies to being a TikTok Consultant.

I can say that I mainly use email, with which I manage contacts with companies and most of the new customers who come from Linkedin and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. It is very useful to have immediate and efficient communication with customers.

I feel good with WeTransfer, which is an online file transfer service for large sizes including high quality videos, which are essential for those who work on TikTok and want to bring content of a certain level. In addition, to have a general overview of data such as analytics, I recommend the use of tools such as Tikanalitics that allows you to have a complete analysis of profiles through relevant data such as the number of followers and likes.

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Jianpiero Morales

How do I become a TikTok Consultant?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantYou become TikTok Consultant through different paths and mine has seen the succession of various phases. At first, I decided to open a personal profile to learn more about the platform by carrying out numerous tests with the published content and the marketing campaigns applied.

After that, I started to see the first results realizing that what I was doing really worked. The techniques and strategies used have borne fruit and, today, I can already count more than 200 thousand followers. I want to clarify that I have never used bots since their use can also lead to the closure of the account.

A tip that I can give to anyone who wants to embark on a path to become a TikTok Consultant, is to document everything you want to experience through social networks by creating valid content in order to attract the attention and curiosity of those who maybe tomorrow could become a potential customer.

The best way to learn and experiment is undoubtedly to get your hands dirty and immediately put into practice what you learn, perhaps proposing to take care of and manage a friend’s profile for free in order to gain as much experience as possible and train your creativity.

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Jianpiero Morales

Who contacts this professional?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantI was initially contacted by large companies that used TikTok as an additional tool to their marketing strategy.

After the success that the App has had in the world, many have sensed the great potential of the platform for their business and from that moment even Italian SMEs and freelancers have begun to request the services and skills of TikTok Consultant.

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Jianpiero Morales

How much does a TikTok Consultant earn?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantAs in all jobs, even the earnings of a professional like a TikTok Consultant varies depending on how much he/she works and the contacts he/she has managed to establish over time.

Being a freelancer, I opened the VAT number, and my earnings depend on the percentage that I agree in advance with the agency that entrusts me with the task. The amount of work also depends on the seasonality where generally the last few months of the year are always the most demanding for those companies that find themselves managing different marketing campaigns, unlike the summer months which are the quietest.

That said, generally I have a gain of 10-20% on the entire campaign so I can say that the salary of a TikTok Consultant can vary from 1000 to 10 thousand euros per month.

Jianpiero Morales

Any advice for those who want to pursue this profession?

Federico Rognoni TikTok ConsultantAs I said before, the most important thing is to get your hands dirty and experiment. I started studying the marketing campaigns of the brands I saw on TikTok and proposing them as case studies on Linkedin, this gave me the opportunity to make myself known and show my skills in advertising. I suggest you do the same.



A TikTok Consultant is a fundamental professional who, thanks to their deep knowledge of the platform and the algorithms that regulate it, turns out to be rather indispensable not only for those who need to make themselves known but also for those who want to start monetizing on the platform.

The world is changing, and it also changes with the advent of TikTok that has brought a wind of freshness and innovation to the Western market that is always ready to adapt to new trends – trends that are turning into real opportunities that companies have no intention of missing.

A rapidly growing phenomenon that, for those who do business, is essential to adopt as a marketing strategy and get the most out of all its tools, also thanks to the assistance of a TikTok Consultant. With TikTok Ads, for example, you can: set advertisements based on your business goals; With the inclusion of the “Buy Now” button in the videos, it is possible to buy products directly from the platform (option available only in select countries).

Today, TikTok is present in 150 countries and is translated into 75 languages. It is a powerful tool used especially by young people. Its ecosystem is rapidly and constantly evolving – a world that particularly appreciates the creation of creative and entertaining videos that can be adapted and thought for different communication strategies within a company. It is an opportunity not to be missed. Start marketing with companies now and become a TikTok Consultant!

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