Travel Blogger: Unveiling the Essence of a Digital Nomad’s Journey

Who is the Travel Blogger? How do you become a travel blogger and turn this activity into a source of income?

These are some questions that I will try to answer in the course of this article by interviewing one of the best-known Travel Bloggers. Together with her, we will see what steps to take to start this activity. She will reveal to us what are the missteps to avoid and the strategies she has implemented to transform her passion for travel into a real job.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of how to become a successful travel blogger?

How to make money traveling

Becoming a Travel Blogger can truly be the only form of income in a woman’s life. This is confirmed by Cristina Buonerba, who with her blog Hers The Lazy Trotter, has achieved some success, realizing the dream of earning money by traveling.

We could define Cristina as a full-fledged blogging startupper. After initial evaluation errors and some failures in the use of the main digital tools, which, as she states, were not as widespread in “her time” as they are today, Cristina now has over 5,000 trusted followers on Instagram and over 2,000 Facebook, but, above all, to the first corporate affiliations.

Becoming a Travel Blogger was his dream and today it can be defined as his victory. If we consider that the path to monetization for a blog is generally quite long and requires great passion, perseverance, and patience, being self-taught and becoming someone for the corporate world is one of those satisfactions that can rarely be experienced in life.

Positioning yourself well on Google while respecting all SEO dictates is not easy at all if you don’t know the medium in depth and propose yourself with… Your being. As we know, Google can be very demanding, but also extremely meritocratic. In fact, after a deep study, one can get into his good graces and can, at some point, earn by traveling.

As Cristina tells us in her interview, there are several strategies to follow, she has chosen to use SEO to improve the positioning of her blog and make it climb the positions of search engines. It took her some time because she did everything by herself, but if you want to get to know SEO in-depth, I recommend the Digital Coach SEO Courses.

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At the birth of her blog, she happened to deliver content that, although of value to Google, didn’t make any sense. With the digital evolution, she subsequently had the opportunity to study for a long time and therefore focus on her completely involuntary shortcomings and fill them to become a successful travel blogger. She intelligently combined her stubbornness with SEO rules and structured, creative, and empathetic Visual Content.

As she declares, the initial errors cost her a long work of rectification; that’s why, like famous travel bloggers, she suggests bringing your passions online starting immediately on the right foot, studying in depth the SEO and WordPress rules (CMS used by her for the construction of The Lazy Trotter).

This won’t make the blogging road any shorter, but it will avoid doubling the effort. Naturally, the desire to always tell oneself creatively and honestly about one’s passions remains the most genuine and fundamental peculiarity for a travel blogger.

She has shown that she has the skills and ability to turn her passion into work, and do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger? Start by evaluating your affinities with SEO, which, as Cristina told us, could be the turning point for making your blog grow.

Let’s get to know Cristina Buonerba better and let her tell us about her experience.


What does it mean to be a Travel Blogger?

cristina buonerbaBeing a travel blogger means above all being the spokesperson for a message. Today we have all the necessary means to share our message everywhere, from Social Media to the Net. As Andy Warhol said, I don’t remember exactly when “we will all have our moment of fame”. I believe this to be true. In my opinion, being a blogger means applying the right tools for message transmission, business purposes, or simple storytelling purposes.

So tell a recipe, explain how it’s done, tell a journey, an emotion, support one’s thoughts, tell a book, or whatever we are passionate about. Then being able to share it and deepen through the community that a Blog can create and, why not, maybe turn it into a real job. A Real Business. A small dream company. I can tell you that the life of a digital nomad is a dynamic journey that transforms you, and opens up a world of opportunities and experiences that few other lifestyles can match.

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What exactly does a travel blogger do?

cristina buonerbaKeeping a blog alive doesn’t just mean taking a picture, processing content, and putting it online. It’s a job. It’s not my only job yet and I hope it will become so soon because it requires a lot of dedication and a lot of time.

First of all, publishing a post requires editorial planning, and keyword research to ensure that the article is positioned well for SEO purposes. You need to learn how to photograph and edit photos, as well as how to use the right captures for Social Media.

Today there are several tools online to edit photos and to find the right one you have to try and try. In essence, you need to learn a lot of tools at a more than in-depth level. I didn’t even know what these means were when I started. Even trivially the use of WordPress– the CMS that I, like the majority of Bloggers in the world, have used for my Blog – is a real journey. I think it took me a month to fully understand its potential and how to use it correctly.

But this is what I love most about this job; the challenge and growth continue. A constant learning of new tools to put into practice. In the digital age, we are all constantly evolving. When a simple algorithm changes, one must be ready to take up the new gauntlet.


What do you need to know to become a blogger?

cristina buonerbaAs I said, a Travel Blogger doesn’t deal only with her followers, but also with SEO and Google. As for my strategy, at the moment I’m focused on SEO. Social Media always represents the part that leaves me the most freedom of expression, the most creative part of me, so to speak. However, if you notice we all spend a few seconds in front of a photo, even when we find it wonderful. Instead, what is important is Google.

If an article is well positioned, it generates the possibility of reaching a much wider audience than in the Social sector, where I meet those who today I now define as my “friends”. It is in the Google basin that you can find new followers and new friends. I think SEO for a blog is the most important factor. This is what led me to my recent corporate affiliations, which I would like to grow and improve more and more for monetizing the quality of my Travel Blog.


How to Become a Blogger or Influencer?

cristina buonerbaThe way I see it, there are various ways a Blogger can choose to work through her business. In the beginning, it can certainly be used as a business card, proposing to companies or other entities of interest by saying here is my blog, this is what I can do. From here use this platform as a spokesperson for a message. This message can become a Business message; sharing a product from a small company that fits well with the topic I cover or advertising a destination.

The uses and purposes of this exceptional medium can be truly endless. Companies today are increasingly looking for the collaboration of Influencers or Bloggers in Marketing activities; the daily bond that a Blogger establishes with his followers is precisely what attracts companies too.

We Travel Bloggers are used to sharing everything with our followers. I also happen to ask my followers for opinions on my dress code. The relationship between bloggers and followers is special. My parents trust me, and I trust them. Although it may seem strange, we are true friends, even if in a digital version. You can create very close bonds, of true sharing. This is the substantial difference. On a travel site, you can find all the information about a given destination, while on a travel blog, you can live the experience. As if you were talking to a friend.


How much does a Blogger earn?

cristina buonerbaPotentially, as we well know, any amount. I am convinced that with the use of tools brought to excellence, valid content, a very strong passion, and great dedication it can be the work of life, even if it does not reach the top level of which we have endless evidence around us today. Travel blogging and beyond, is constantly growing due to the trust that followers place in us.

A review can come across as aseptic because the subject is distant. When I declare as a Lazy Trotter that I have eaten well in a place, I always receive a counter-response from my followers: they go to that place on time, without seeing their expectations disregarded. It is a new form of trust.


Open a blog: what are the courses to follow?

cristina buonerbaI am self-taught. Today there are dedicated Courses that allow direct access to the necessary means, and therefore significantly reduce learning times and strategic use of the digital tools available, but in my day this was not the case. I am part of another generation; when I was at the University there was no Digital Marketing. There was barely any internet!

I had to do everything by myself, net of the basics of good creative writing that one obviously must possess, I had to start studying Social Media, the functioning of Google, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, but also a series of other tools that can be found online, everyone will then choose the one that suits them best.

Above all, I had to learn to enter the communicative mechanism of being a Blogger even before Travel Blogger. When I set up my blog I was traveling in Guatemala. I wanted to share my experience with my friends and I did. I think I can say that for the first 8 months of my blog, I produced content that had no meaning for Google; in the prospect of wanting to turn it into a job, I wasted a lot of time.

Always updating, it’s my fixed point!

The moment you decide to open a travel blog to become one of the most followed travel bloggers, I suggest you get ready and immediately start on the right foot. You need to know right away what you have to do and how you want to do it. Know the proper application of Social Media and SEO, otherwise, you will spend a substantial amount of time fixing certain damage.

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