User Experience Designer: role, essential skills, and earnings

Today, we’re talking about the User Experience Designer, a digital professional who focuses on improving the user browsing experience to bring them closer to the offered product.

Their mission is to satisfy and even surpass the users’ needs, encouraging them to take the actions the company desires.

To do this, they first analyze the behavior, culture, attitudes, and location of the target audience, choosing the best channels to use and tools to measure results.

Then comes the more complex phase of the User Experience Expert’s activity, which is creating a tailor-made graphical interface for their users.

In this interview, we will delve into the role and qualities this professional figure must possess with the help of Matteo Martin, User Experience Designer at Sketchin. In particular, we will discover:

  • who they are and what they do
  • what skills are necessary for this profession
  • the tools and instruments they use
  • the academic and professional path to becoming a User Experience Designer
  • average earnings for this professional figure.


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Who is the User Experience Designer, and what do they do?

user experience designer interview by maristella

matteo martin user experience expertThe User Experience Designer can be defined as the one who participates in defining the User Experience, understood as the experience a user has in relation to purchasing a product or service.

To do this, they create concepts and guidelines that they later translate into meaningful interfaces and interactions for the end user.

user experience designer interview by maristella

What are their skills?

matteo martin user experience expertThe skills of a User Experience Designer depend a lot on the specific activity they perform. Typically, they require basic knowledge of usability and interaction design, disciplines that deal with understanding how humans interact with a digital product both cognitively and in terms of interaction.

Other useful skills in this job include those related to graphic design to create mockups or web frames. As for soft skills, having good communication skills is a plus since this expert often interacts with users, organizing numerous workshops.

user experience designer interview by maristella

What tools does a UX Designer use?

matteo martin user experience expertThe Experience Design professional uses design and graphic tools such as Sketch and the Adobe Suite, Illustrator, and Photoshop. When it comes to prototyping, i.e., creating a prototype concept, they rely on specific programs like Axure.

Another very useful software is Keynote for presenting the concept or product being developed.

user experience designer interview by maristella

With which other professional figures does the UX Professional interact?

matteo martin user experience expertThis professional figure interacts with project stakeholders and members of the design team, such as the UX Manager, to discuss solutions, find new ones, or improve existing ones.

In the case of digital products, the User Experience expert also collaborates with the development team to understand feasibility constraints and collaborate on the development of the final product.


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user experience designer interview by maristella

How to become a User Experience Designer?

matteo martin user experience expertThe role of the User Experience Designer is relatively new, so more senior figures have very diverse backgrounds. Nevertheless, many of them have knowledge in the field of graphic design.

A degree is not necessary as there are specialized training courses available that allow you to develop these skills, such as the Digital Coach Programs.

user experience designer interview by maristella

What is the salary of a UX Designer?

matteo martin user experience expertThe compensation of the User Experience expert varies and largely depends on seniority and acquired skills.

This profession can earn a salary ranging from $25,000 for a junior role to $50,000 in annual gross income for a more senior position.


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Therefore, we can conclude that the User Experience Designer plays a key role within companies, as it is thanks to their careful research and analysis that consumer behavior and needs can be understood.

Based on this, it is possible to design a tailored user experience that can engage and captivate them, providing unforgettable emotions that will inevitably lead them to return to that website.



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