Video Marketing Specialist: definition, role, and salary

Today, we delve into the role of a Video Marketing Specialist, an essential figure in video content production, and a key player in Content Marketing. For this occasion, we had the opportunity to interview the professional Pierluigi De Donno, producer, filmmaker, and Content and Video Marketing Specialist at Sonne Film.

Who is a Video Marketing Specialist and what do they do?

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digital coach interviewA Video Marketing Specialist primarily deals with Content marketing, specifically in the production, management, and optimization of multimedia content, mainly video. A company should have a figure like the Video Marketing Specialist within its organization.

Why this differentiation from Content Marketing? Mainly because it has become the communication. Any company, whether small or large, cannot do without producing videos. They cannot limit themselves to producing corporate videos to improve their brand positioning.

It takes a person who, alongside the marketing manager, sales director, or CEO, dedicates themselves to producing videos to achieve different results. These results can be numerous: ranging from Brand Positioning to Lead Generation, or directly to the sale of products, especially if the company is involved in e-commerce or various sales. In today’s communication, video is crucial, and communication cannot be done without the production of a series of videos.

A specialized figure is necessary to handle video production and video management, who is fluent in the language and the different platforms for uploading these videos and knows all the tools available to integrate platforms and videos to achieve various goals.

interview video marketing specialist

What value can a Video Marketing Specialist add to a company?

digital coach interviewWell, somewhat, as I mentioned earlier. Let me provide a concrete example: A small-sized company with a turnover of $300,000 to $20-30,000,000 may need a Video Marketing Specialist because they cannot effectively carry out Lead generation.

They need to expand their customer base, and industry fairs alone are not sufficient. There’s a whole world online offering a massive stage, but they cannot leverage it. They cannot leverage it because they struggle to reach their customers.

For instance, if this company primarily caters to consumers (B2C), the primary medium is Facebook. This is because all people, all consumers, are there. Facebook has strongly emphasized videos.

If you don’t produce videos on Facebook, you won’t get the same results, or you’ll need more resources and time. This translates to an increased budget. Videos are the most utilized on Facebook, bringing the highest ROI, getting the most views, and, above all, getting the most clicks.

So, a small-sized company looking to generate leads starts producing videos optimized for Facebook, with a maximum duration of 2 minutes (but 2 minutes is already a lot), optimized to collect leads, i.e., to generate contacts. If the company is adept, these leads can be converted into customers.

Often, it’s said that ROI in Content marketing, particularly in video production, is not controllable. That is, you cannot control the results these investments bring.

This is not true because there are now tools available to monitor these videos and results. Of course, there is a need for someone who knows how to do it, not all marketing professionals are adept at utilizing video content effectively. They may not be proficient in the language of video production, which means they might struggle to create high-quality videos.

Additionally, they may lack a deep understanding of the platforms because they haven’t produced many videos and, as a result, may not fully comprehend what it means to upload a video to YouTube. Or, they may be able to upload a video to YouTube, but they don’t possess a thorough understanding of the platform and how to leverage it through videos.

Therefore, someone well-versed in video content and these platforms can optimize them to their fullest potential. They can achieve desired results and create reports to showcase the returns on investment they can deliver.

interview video marketing specialist

What skills does a Video Marketing Specialist require for this role?

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In my opinion, they must be very familiar with the platforms which can be YouTube, but also Facebook, the video world, though. They must know platforms like Vimeo because it is not certain that using YouTube or Facebook to upload videos is necessary.

This is because Vimeo allows the use of more tools and instruments that align with business objectives. It needs to be evaluated according to the company’s project, based on the results you want to achieve. So, certainly, you need to know these platforms.

You need to be familiar with the entire world of tools and instruments that orbit around these platforms, which can be plugins or tools to add for customizing the video on YouTube, or for posting the video on Facebook. Billions of tools or online software allow you to add things that allow you to use them. I believe that it is a plus if the Video Marketing Specialist comes from the world of Video makers, filmmakers because let’s not forget that video is a language.


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Video production is still a language, so the tools for making videos, even if not used physically, are entrusted to third parties. Knowing the language, Storytelling: how to tell something, how to arouse curiosity, how to reach the consumer or the end customer.

This is a plus that, in my opinion, is essential to have a figure that has 360° control over the video world and can achieve results, often relying on external agencies. I’ll digress for a moment: very often companies, both small and medium-sized, rely on communication agencies called web agencies or traditional agencies for a whole range of communications.

In my opinion, it’s a mistake to entrust these agencies with video-related communication. It’s much better to have a person like a Video Marketing Specialist inside the company, which incredibly reduces costs.

I come from an experience of 5 years in a company. We started in 2012 producing 15 videos, and by 2017, we were producing around sixty videos. These videos were then customized each time based on the needs, presentation, marketing, or sales. Significant numbers in terms of videos.

This allowed the company to reduce costs significantly. Often, companies rely on communication agencies or web agencies, asking them to produce videos that are included in packages.

In the budget of packages that also include other things. This is a huge mistake because the web agency and the traditional agency do not have a person who deals with video, but they access these services by calling a production agency or a filmmaker to produce these things.

This does not optimize either in terms of costs or in terms of results because there will never be a linear system between the company, the agency, and this filmmaker or this production house. It’s better to separate if necessary the traditional communication agencies like web agencies and call or interface directly with a filmmaker or a production house to create a video project tailored to the company.

If the video project were followed by a Video Marketing Specialist, it would be the icing on the cake because it would allow for concrete results. I’m convinced that by choosing this option, companies will move away from web agencies and communication agencies because it brings better results than anything else.

interview video marketing specialist

What tools and software a Video Marketing Specialist should know?

digital coach interviewCertainly, a Video Marketing Specialist should be proficient in video editing tools, which I believe are essential fo mastering the language of video. They should also be well-versed in the world of social media, including Facebook Insights, as well as platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. If we’re considering tools as the features and functions provided by these platforms, they should indeed be familiar with all the tools offered by these platforms.

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For instance, using Vimeo as an example, they should know how to use tools that allow for adding text, customization, adding logos, and even inserting links (such as email) to create lead generation. These are fundamental tools. Additionally, there are newer platforms like Vidello, which compete with YouTube and Vimeo, offering even more customization options.

However, when it comes to video production, the primary skill and tool they should possess is storytelling. They should be capable of telling a compelling story, which means they can effectively sell the video and, in turn, the company. 


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interview video marketing specialistHow do you become a Video Marketing Specialist?

digital coach interviewIn my opinion, the most important thing is to create videos. Today, it’s very simple: you can do it with your mobile phone and achieve good results with just a few tools.

Even with a basic camera and video editing software such as Premiere or Pinnacle, to name a few free options. Or Final Cut, which are relatively straightforward programs. You can start by telling your own story, a story about yourself.

Perhaps because you want to promote yourself before promoting the company you have in mind, the company you work for, or the company that will hire you, as you have become a brand by now.

The first thing I would do is create videos to tell the story of a product or other people’s stories. You need to produce videos to be able to tell stories, to master the language. By creating these videos, I would get closer to the world of platforms, because if you create a video and don’t make it visible, it’s as if you haven’t done it at all. Because once I’ve produced a video, I ask myself: how do I make it visible?

It occurs to me to put it on Facebook or YouTube nowadays because I want to share it with others. When I share this video, I understand if I did a good job because if the video is well done, it immediately piques interest, and there will be results like lots of views, many comments (both negative and positive), or many requests.

For example: “Wow, I liked your video, why don’t you make one like that for me?” Sharing with people means learning to use storytelling and the tools that allow you to produce the video and learning to understand the platforms and the people on the web who are our future clients, whether for us or the companies, we will work for.

interview video marketing specialistHow much does a Video Marketing Specialist earn?

digital coach interviewWell, in my opinion, a Video Marketing Specialist typically earns between 1500 to 2000 euros net per month.

However, some variables can wildly differ between a Video Marketing Specialist and someone who is a freelancer: you can earn well or go through tougher times. But earnings are always relative to the quality of your work and the results you bring.

If you don’t deliver results, no one will call you, whether as a freelancer or to work for a company. Your salary is entirely linked to your skills. Video marketing is widely used by those who turn themselves into a brand, and those who engage in personal marketing. Video allows you to put your face into what you do, in your professional image, which, as you know, reassures the customer.

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