Web Content Manager: roles, duties, and how to become one

In this article, we will delve into the role of the Content Manager.

In this regard, Digital Coach provides a Social Media Marketing Certification or a Content Marketing and Blogging Course, allowing you to gain a 360-degree view of the web world and become a true Content Manager. Communicating content on the web has become vitally important to attract user interest.

The creation, processing, and analysis of content are entrusted to a role that has become fundamental today: the Web Content Manager.

Web Content Manager: interview with Francesca Zadra

Today, social networks are considered true digital tools with which we interact daily to create our social network and share interests, news, passions, etc.

In digital business, social media plays an important role because they spread brand awareness on the one hand and attract as many users as possible on the other.

If until a few years ago the role of the Content Manager was not considered fundamental, today it is seen as the pillar for disseminating valuable digital content.

Digital Coach decided to interview a professional in this field, Francesca Zadra, Web Content Manager of Great Content, based in Berlin.

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Web Content Manager: who is it?

francesca zadra web content managerThe Content Manager is an excellent organizer of the creativity of the team made up of authors, graphic designers, and videomakers with whom they work daily in planning the content strategy.

In general, the work of the Content Manager varies depending on the size of the organization they are in: if it is a small company, they write and create graphic content, otherwise, they may be someone who “simply” coordinates the work of writers and designers.

From a more specific perspective, the Content Manager starts scheduling posts on various channels and knows exactly which campaigns will be advertised to reach the most interesting customers for the company, i.e., those who, through this exchange of content, will be interested in the company and become customers or followers depending on the case.

alessandra the interviewerWeb Content Manager: what skills should they have?

francesca zadra web content manager

Regarding Soft Skills, a Content Manager must certainly have good organizational skills and a good amount of daily calmness, even in high-pressure situations, such as deadlines, impending publications, or when something is not going the right way.

As for more technical skills, a deeper knowledge of systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or systems in use by the client is essential.

A Content Manager should also have good HTML writing skills, which never hurt to integrate with the work of designers and writers, making the content visually appealing.


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Web Content Manager: which tools should they know how to use?

francesca zadra web content manager Certainly, there is the entire realm of Social Media, so knowing in-depth tricks to publish an article on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter is crucial.

It’s not just a simple copy-paste of the link with an added sentence; there are a series of extra activities that can be done to make the post as efficient as possible:

a good image, an appropriate description length, a link containing all the information that can be traced, for instance, on Google Analytics, to understand where the links to our page are coming from.

In particular, I recommend the SocialMediaCoso Blog, where you can find an excellent post summarizing all the network’s knowledge about optimizing how to post an article on social media.

Important tools for the Social part include Buffer or Oktopost (useful when working extensively with LinkedIn groups), which help you schedule the content you want to publish.

For example, if I publish a blog article today, it will obviously be on all social channels on the day I publish it, but also on scheduled days. Moreover, I can schedule it with different phrases to understand which posts work best.

Therefore, these tools provide not only the ability to pre-schedule the publication of posts but also to look at statistics and check which posts perform the best.

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alessandra the interviewerWeb Content Manager: how to become one?

francesca zadra web content managerI believe that the natural development of what will become a true Content Manager is the copywriter, because the Content Manager must know how to address different types of audiences first, thus having a certain familiarity and sensitivity from a communication perspective – not necessarily with the languages they coordinate.

At the same time, the Content Manager must know how to write and improvise, so having writing experience is a very important aspect.

Let’s not forget that the Content Manager also has some technical responsibilities, such as HTML, rather than using gigantic Excel tables to keep track of ongoing projects.

So, it’s not just about being able to write well, but also about being able to organize well.

Anyone who has had previous work experience where they have combined these two aspects of creativity and organization or has attended a Content Manager Course and has had some experience with the use of these tools, will have all the attributes necessary to be a great candidate to become a Web Content Manager.


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alessandra the interviewer

Web Content Manager: who does he/she interact with?

francesca zadra web content manager Web Content Manager interacts primarily with writers, the authors of the various contents we require, because we work in the company with 5 languages.

So, the creative minds behind the words are definitely in larger numbers. Simultaneously, the Content Manager works with graphic designers, depending on how in-depth their strategy is.

They can also work with videomakers, external agencies producing creative content, or even with the management team, the company owner, who always has something to say about the tone and style of branding in general.

This involves working with:

  • The person who will physically write the article we want to publish;
  • those, unless it’s the Web Content Manager themselves, providing a virtual package, so programmers and videomakers;
  • those who decide the message, because sometimes, apart from the content manager, there might be an external agency deciding the philosophy to be adopted and that needs to be respected.

Interview by Alessandra De Iulii

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