Web Content Writer: what he does, skills and how much he earns

Who is a Web Content Writer? What does he/she do? What are his or her main characteristics? How does he/she work and, above all, how much does he/she earn? These are just a few examples of questions that people are asking today about this recent professional figure.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let us try to describe a Web Content Writer clearly and comprehensively.

Web Content Writing: writing content in the digital age

The Web Content Writer is a professional who is required to write clear, effective, and at the same time compelling website content. Such content can be articles, service/product descriptions, promotional slogans, online advertising, e-mail newsletters, e-mail marketing campaigns, and texts for blogs and podcasts.

Without good quality, well-researched, organized, and interesting content, many sites are ineffective and fail to engage visitors and retain them. As a result, they lose their search engine rankings and are doomed to die. The work and experience of a professional web writer, therefore, serve not only to keep a site “healthy”, but also to ensure its effectiveness in achieving its goals and search engine rankings.

The Web Content Writer must therefore be able to accurately write interesting and functional web content tailored to the target audience, using grammar and phrasing correctly to convey the desired message or call to action, and inserting keywords that attract and retain users on a website, with the aim of turning them into customers.

The skills of the Web Content Writer are not only required in the phase of building a site but also in the phase of adding new content. This content, in fact, must be created from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective to increase online visibility.

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The word from a professional Web Content Writer

Let us now turn to a concrete example, which will help us to outline the work of the Web Content Writer in the age of digital marketing. In a video interview, we asked Claudio Poggi, a professional in the field for several years, to answer some questions about his work.

Among other things, Claudio explained in detail who a Web Content Writer is, what he does, and what skills he must have. In the following paragraphs, you will find all the questions and answers from the video interview.

pisano giulio wex digital coach

To begin with, first, tell us briefly something about yourself

claudio poggi web content writerMy name is Claudio Poggi, I am 35 years old and I define myself as a freelance journalist, with a degree in Communication and Society. Already towards the end of my university studies, I started the activity that I still do today, Web Content Writer: currently my main activity.

Apart from the work I do, about myself, I can say that I am a great sports fan (football in particular) and video games (which are somehow related to my work today). I got married recently (in October), I have a dog, a jack russell, also a great passion of mine.

pisano giulio wex digital coach

Who is typically a Web Content Writer?

claudio poggi web content writerA Web Content Writer is a figure who mainly deals with the production of digital written content, i.e. for the web. Very often, this figure is superimposed on that of the Web Content Editor, who edits and manages the aforementioned content.

A Web Content Writer typically works for companies, brands, information portals, or perhaps even just produces text content for their own site and business.

The texts that the Web Content Writer writes for a website must necessarily be able to inform, interest, and entertain the Internet users who will use them. Content writing is always accompanied by a rigorous SEO activity, aimed at increasing the number of people on that site. The aim is to rank as high as possible in the organic search results on Google (SERPs).

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What skills do you think a Web Content Writer should have?

claudio poggi web content writerCertainly, a good Web Content Writer must have excellent skills in the language in which he or she writes. Today there are useful tools, such as Google Translate, but they do not offer the same fluency of content as those who master a foreign language.

Another fundamental skill of the Web Content Writer is knowing how to optimize the content on the search engine (SEO), since any type of content, even the best possible, loses effectiveness if it is not optimized for organic search.

In this case, the main consequence for the website would, in fact, be a drop in the number of visitors and thus its value in Google indexing. Finally, it is necessary to keep informed and updated on the most effective writing techniques for the web and the constant evolution of SEO.

The latter occurs in response to algorithm changes by Google, whereby the rules for indexing content and thus enhancing the value of a given website change over time.  In this sector, everything is subject to rapid obsolescence, so what is valid today will almost certainly not be valid tomorrow!

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What training did you follow to become a Web Content Writer?

claudio poggi web content writerAs I mentioned at the beginning, I have a degree in “Communication and Society”. In general, however, I have always loved good writing (since primary school!). Not surprisingly, my childhood dream was to become a sports journalist, a job that combined two of my great passions.

I believe I express myself better in written form than in oral form, which has led me to specialize more and more in writing textual content. Then, almost by chance, I started working actively as a Web Content Writer, while I was still finishing my thesis.

I then started to train “in the field”, also studying self-taught, at a time when there were still not many people doing this job. Nowadays, a figure dealing with content for the web is in great demand, so there is also more competition in the field.

This is not to say that you can’t succeed, but you certainly need to invest more in training, skills, and, in general, elements that set you apart from everyone else.

pisano giulio wex digital coach

What kind of company do you work in and what activities do you mainly perform?

claudio poggi web content writerLet’s say I work for several clients, many of which are based abroad. I mainly deal with content related to the world of gaming, with reference to gambling and video games.

I recently became the Web Content Writer for Team QLASH. These are guys who have turned their passion for video games into a real profession.

They often participate in tournaments and various events, both online and live, for which they need web content produced in various forms: for example, texts written from an SEO perspective for the site, video content for streaming channels such as YouTube, posts on various social networks, etc., etc.

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How much does a Web Content Writer earn on average?

claudio poggi web content writerThe monthly earnings of a Web Content Writer depend on many factors. Certainly at the beginning, it may be necessary to do a bit of “apprenticeship”, which is useful both to make oneself known and to gain practical experience in the field.

I personally worked for free or for low pay in the beginning. I was eager to put myself out there to build a name, a reputation, and a portfolio of work.

I believe that in the beginning, it is normal and also right to be content, using a spirit of sacrifice and adaptability: the important thing is to gain experience and make yourself known on the web and in real life.

Obviously, once one has familiarized oneself with the job and the typical activities of a Web Content Writer, more requests from customers start coming in and the salary also increases significantly.

Moreover, being better known in the industry already leads to increased earnings, as is only right. Certainly, being in the profession in large numbers does not prevent you from earning good money. On the contrary!

The same applies to other jobs: commitment, patience, and dedication are needed in the beginning. Following this path, good results and satisfaction are not slow in coming, especially if you have a strong passion for your job.

Finally, the Web Content Writer is a job that offers gratification not only in economic terms: with a little organization, you can also find plenty of free time to devote to other activities.

Personally, I would not exchange my job for any other in the world. I had a gradual path, but I am happy with the end result. I believe that anyone who really believes in it can do it!

pisano giulio wex digital coach

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Web Content Writer?

claudio poggi web content writerThe first piece of advice I would give to those who want to pursue a career as a Web Content Writer is to specialize. I happen to see many willing youngsters who perhaps boast perfect knowledge of the most disparate topics.

This way of presenting oneself is not only not credible for obvious reasons, but it is also considered a disadvantage rather than an advantage. In fact, a potential client is interested in someone who really has the qualifications to deal with what is required.

In general, it is preferable to be specialized in one field and to know it almost perfectly, rather than to deal with many things at once in a superficial way. So, we always start with what we love most in a given field and aim to deal with it as best we can.

Afterward, nobody will forbid us to extend our knowledge to other fields of application, as long as the field remains relevant. Writing well for the Web may seem at first glance to be within everyone’s reach. In reality, this is not the case at all, and anyone approaching this profession should be aware of this.

The Web Content Writer is a fine path to take, but one must be truly passionate if one’s intention is to succeed or, at the very least, to emerge.

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