Web Marketing Manager: job description, career path, and skills

Who is the Web Marketing Manager? The web marketing manager is the one who directs all the figures in the digital sector of a company such as SEO Manager, SEM Specialist, rather than Social Media Specialist or Digital Marketing Manager.

Clearly, all these areas are very different from each other, and it is equally true that human beings are not omniscient: having vertical expertise in each area is practically impossible. For this reason, there is a professional figure who has horizontal skills and connects all the other specialists: the Web Marketing Manager. If you are fascinated by this figure and want to pursue a career in this area, Digital Coach’s Web Marketing Manager certification is the ideal choice.

But exactly what does the Web Marketing Manager do? Within the article we will highlight the characteristics and duties of this web marketing expert.

More precisely we will see:

  • What the Web marketing manager does and what this job consists of
  • What to do to become a Web Marketing Manager
  • What to study to work in Digital Marketing
  • How much does a Digital Marketing Manager earn
  • What type of company to work in
  • Which degree is best suited
  • What is the salary of the Web Marketing Manager

Web Marketing Manager: the role

The Web Marketing Manager coordinates and manages a team in order to develop a good online marketing and communication plan for the company; the Web Marketing Manager supervises most of the actions that lead from the acquisition of new customers to the sale.

To carry out this job, they must possess a very broad range of digital skills: they must know each branch of web marketing and social media marketing, even if they don’t deal with this second aspect directly, but the Digital Marketing Specialist. For this, they need to have a transversal preparation, which embraces all the areas in which the people they manage in the team operate, who instead have much more vertical and specialized skills.

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What does the Web Marketing Manager do

The identikit of the Web Marketing Manager is that of a professional who works online, mainly on search engines and everything related to them, such as websites, landing pages, and advertising campaigns.

web marketing manager task

The main task is to manage the company’s online presence through:

  • SEO and SEM activities
  • Creation of sponsored campaigns
  • Display advertising and keyword advertising activities
  • Email marketing
  • Study of traffic flows and origins

Therefore, knowing how to use tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and knowing the main CMS (Content Management System) becomes essential. These are all skills that can be acquired through specific courses.

Job description

The Web Marketing Manager is a professional who has acquired skills in every field of online marketing, by studying and practicing, up to being able to manage a team of specialists.

web marketing manager what it does

Their skills concern, on the one hand, the specific competences related to internet marketing, on the other hand, the interpersonal skills, related to the relationship with the customers and the management of human resources.

A good web manager must know the channels, tools, and processes of online marketing, but must also know how to deal with the customer and be a good guide for his team, motivating the specialists in their daily work and solving problems and possible contrasts between the players in the field.

Therefore, soft skills such as charisma, problem solving, and resilience are essential in this profession.


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How the Web Marketing Manager does the job

The work of the Web Marketing Manager can be carried out both in small and medium-sized enterprises, in large companies, in a web agency, or even as a freelance self-employed worker.

web marketing manager work

In structured companies, the WMM (acronym for Web Marketing Manager) is headed by the marketing director and this work is an integral part of an overall strategy, aimed at achieving very specific results, in a defined time frame. They will be the supervisors and responsible for the work done by other web specialists.

Instead, in small companies, the Web Marketing Manager is responsible for the complete management of the online marketing strategy.

In both scenarios, carrying out this job also includes the supervision of a team of specialists in various online fields.

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The responsibilities

Among the responsibilities of the Web Marketing Manager is to define the strategies related to:

  • The company’s Internet presence
  • Image and promotion
  • Use of online information
  • The definition of touch points via the Internet with customers

Depending on the potential of online processes, the Web Marketing Manager therefore takes care of acquiring prospects and converting them into customers, keeping alive the relationship with leads already acquired, promoting the development of online services, having a direct conversation with the users of the site and market areas of interest.

responsibilities web marketing manager

The web marketing expert explores market potential, and evaluates technological developments and competitors’ activities, with the aim of achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage for the company in which he works. Through online promotion activities, the Web Marketing Manager can increase the company’s visibility and increase the number of target users, reachable by the products or services it conveys.

The internet marketing supervisor oversees the definition of the structure of the corporate websites, maintaining relations with the agencies and collaborators who create them in the operational part, taking care of both the functional and communication aspects. The Web Marketing Manager also takes care of monitoring traffic and all advertising activities on websites, evaluating the ROI (Return on Investment) of the various investments and the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

So, in summary, what are the objectives that the digital marketing manager must pursue through data-driven techniques? Analyze data to optimize communication and create personalized experiences for each customer of the company.

What tools the Web Marketing Manager use

For their activity, Web Marketing Managers make use of various tools and channels, including, for example:

  • Website
  • Mini-websites
  • Landing pages dedicated to the promotion of specific initiatives
  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Behavioral targeting

How to become a Web Marketing Manager?

What to do to become a Web Marketing Manager? We start from the assumption that a WMM must have transversal, 360° training in online marketing. As in all digital professions, a degree is not enough to become a web professional.

skills web manager

Surely, having a good theoretical foundation in economics and marketing helps, so a course of study in these fields can provide a good starting point. Even a degree in Communication Sciences (or in other humanities), or in Web Design can represent a solid foundation for the professional growth of an internet marketing manager.

In any case, those who want to make this career will need a lot of experience in the field in addition to a course for Web Marketing Manager.

You can very well train as a web marketing manager, starting your journey by gaining experience in a specific area, for example by joining an SEO manager course, and then moving to the SEM area, learning the principles of programming languages, and user experience. In short, making a transversal apprenticeship that allows you to experiment your skills in different areas and acquire the mechanisms and tools of each of them. You should, therefore, specialize in one of the areas of web marketing, having a clear understanding of the whole process.

What to study to be a Web Marketing Manager?

To undertake this profession, you could start by taking courses that include both theoretical and practical components, such as the web marketing master, or the web marketing manager certification. Then, you should start following industry events to keep up to date with the latest news, participate in webinars, follow blogs from other internet marketing professionals, and above all, you should find a way to “get your hands dirty” on real projects. It is essential to keep up with news and trends because the digital world is constantly and rapidly evolving.

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From digital marketer to Web Marketing Manager

All Web Marketing Managers have covered the role of specialist manager at the beginning of their career. To work in a managerial position, direct and operational experience is essential because a web marketing leader must have perfect knowledge of the dynamics of processes, in order to be able to define the right objectives for his team in the most appropriate times to achieve them.

The Web Marketing Specialist is the one who takes care of web marketing in a company, in an agency, or for the clients, as a freelancer. The goal is to promote and market the products or services of a business on the net. It means that they are both a good analyst, capable of analyzing the reference market, studying the competition, and defining the right target, and profound connoisseurs of the web, able to choose the most suitable digital channels for the company’s objectives.

Specifically, managerial work in web marketing consists of defining a project together with your client, depending on the budget available and the goal you want to achieve. So, for example, it is within its competence:

  • The implementation of a campaign
  • Monitoring of results to evaluate their yield
  • The analysis of the diffusion of the brand
  • The increase in conversions
  • Traffic to the corporate website

Furthermore, in addition to the more properly operational part, they coordinate the work of other web specialists involved in marketing actions. This is why transversal skills are so important to fill this role: in addition to economics and marketing principles, you must be familiar with SEO, SEM, social networks, display advertising, and analytics.

Digital Marketing Manager: salary and career

How much does a Web Marketing Manager earn? The salary of the Web Marketing Manager is one of the highest among the digital professions, but it is absolutely commensurate with the responsibilities that it covers as head of internet marketing.

Therefore, it is a well-paid job, the compensation of which naturally varies according to the skills demonstrated. The average salary of the WMM is around 48,000 euros per year (about 25 euros per hour). The fees for this position start from a minimum of 34,000 euros and go up to 68,000 euros for professionals with more previous experience.

Interview with a Web Marketing Manager

Through a real testimony, we try to understand, more specifically and in terms of operations, what the Web Marketing Manager does. Andrea Saletti, Head of SEO/Web and Social Media Marketing of the Web Agency Pronesis, as well as speaker at the Web Marketing Festival, the largest web event in Europe, held in Rimini in the month of June, will illustrate this professional figure to us of each year.

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alessandra web marketing manager

What is the profile of the Web Marketing Manager?

Andrea Saletti Web Marketing ManagerFrom any Web Marketing Manager job description, it is understood that this professional must know the entire marketing department of a Web agency and must have a fairly broad background of knowledge in the various digital sectors. He is the person responsible for everything related to the success or failure of marketing campaigns: from an e-commerce project to a corporate website.

alessandra web marketing manager

What skills should they possess?

Andrea Saletti Web Marketing ManagerSurely they must have a great knowledge, as I said before, of all those aspects related to the professionals with whom they interact. In particular:

  • knowledge of Web Design, to understand how far the Web Designer can go;
  • SEO knowledge, regarding positioning on search engines, therefore also on the potential of organic positioning. Knowing what to ask the specialist is important for anyone who does this job;
  • must know the world of advertising: there are many aspects from this point of view, ranging from knowledge of tools such as Google Ads, up to working on the search engine, on direct remarketing campaigns and on social networks. The remarketing program is a new situation that involves more evolved knowledge;
  • knowledge of User Experience, regarding the user’s movement on a website, in order to lead him in the easiest way towards a pre-established action that was set when studying the site interface.

alessandra web marketing manager

What tool should they be able to use?

Andrea Saletti Web Marketing ManagerThere are so many tools to list, but I’ll tell you the ones that I think are the most important. For the SEO part, the software and tools that are most used at the moment are:

  • SEMRush, for competitor analysis;
  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords), very useful for advertising;
  • Majestic SEO, for backlink analysis;
  • some tool that allows you to do an analysis of the SERPs very quickly, because we need reports.

As far as the User Experience is concerned, I would like to point out a tool, it’s called Hotjar, it is able to analyze what concerns all the user’s behavior within the site, including videos of mouse movements, very useful for being able to understand if there are any usability problems. Which gives a rather precise idea of what needs to be done to solve them.

Finally, as regards the Social part, I could certainly recommend Hootsuite, to manage multiple social networks at the same time. It is usually the easiest tool to use and saves you time. Also on the analysis of competitors, there are really many, they allow you to keep the actions of others under control, and above all what they say about us on the web, to intervene at the right time.

alessandra web marketing manager

Which professionals do they interact with?

Andrea Saletti Web Marketing ManagerFirst of all, they must interface with the commercial department. It seems obvious, but it is necessary because of course, they must know the product mechanisms, the timing, in order to develop an estimate that will be in line with the work that will be done. Then, of course, they need to interact with the development part, with computer programmers, i.e. with people who work directly on the code, on the part of the site that you can’t see; therefore, they take care of everything that is the “foundation of the house”, but which is very important in the final phase.

The web marketing manager must also work with those who manage all the advertising, to find the right set-up so that when the user clicks on a banner or writes on the search engine, lands on the page of the website. Therefore the web marketing manager also interacts with the Web Design part, because the graphic area must be managed in the most useful way for conversion, rather than for the beauty of the website which could be an end in itself.

alessandra web marketing manager

What experiences do they need to have?

Andrea Saletti Web Marketing ManagerThe roads are really many. Surely there must be a passion for web marketing at the base. I can tell you about my personal experience: I’m very curious, so I started as a Web designer many years ago. From Web Design I became passionate about SEO, and then I became interested in SEM; and now I’m very passionate about User Experience.

Therefore, mine is an evolving figure that has allowed me to get to know all the fields a little. I can interface quite well with all the figures. But I’m talking about a personal experience, so it stands to reason that knowing how to communicate is the absolute foundation of everything.

Thanks to Andrea’s contribution, we understood that if we want to become real Web Marketing Manager, we must be determined and have a great passion for the digital world. It is necessary to obtain skills in all fields of Web Marketing, in order to interact with people specialized in the various roles.

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