Webmaster: who he is, what he does, and how much he earns

A webmaster generally indicates the person who designs, builds, or manages a website and takes care of its positioning, studying the online market. This figure, which was born with the World Wide Web, takes on multiple tasks in relation to the corporate target and the available budget. Today, for the section Professions, I interviewed Manuela Budelli, who today tells us how from customer service, she became Webmaster.

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Who or what is a Webmaster, and what does he do?

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professional webmaster manuela budelliThe Webmaster, as we understand it today, is a very different figure from the one who operated in the 90s/2000s. The Webmaster, as we understand it today, is a very different figure from the one who operated in the 90s/2000s. In the digital social era, the Webmaster is a complex figure who is responsible for creating business and transforming the opportunities that the internet offers into profits for the company.

During my career, I have been able to see new technologies being born and others disappearing, allowing us webmasters to make possible projects that were unthinkable just a few months ago.

The objective of a webmaster is to identify the best brands in the sector, organize the presentation of the products, calculate a targeted and competitive price, and organize promotional campaigns, especially for new products. We also need to know how to better manage SEM campaigns with the integration of Analytics reports and the implementation of Google Tag Managers.

interviewer divina recchia of dc

What skills should a Webmaster possess?

professional webmaster manuela budelliIf I list them today, I’ll certainly tell you less than there will be tomorrow. Seriously, speaking of my experience in Peugeot, a multinational company with a brand to protect, knowledge of all the tools and CMSs that the parent company makes available is certainly essential. This knowledge must be nurtured day after day; it is continuous and constant training, which too often collides with obsolete management systems that are difficult to integrate with the new web applications and often leads to the emergence of problems that complicate our work.

To our rescue, however, we have all the tools that Google makes available, specifically Google Search Central, which is essential for improving the performance of our site.

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Can you tell us a bit about the Webmaster’s job?

professional webmaster manuela budelliThe work of the Webmaster is not so easily described; in fact, it often varies from company to company. Surely the element that all Webmasters have in common is facing different challenges in multiple sectors: sales, marketing, and external relations. A Webmaster must be able to understand the needs of colleagues, collect the information and then publish it for the final customer.

The important thing is that this information is usable and functional and leads to achieving the final objective: an economic return for our customers. Each call-to-action used for the end user on our portal is a step towards achieving our goal, but be careful, copying and pasting texts from online press releases with the purpose of attracting attention to our site are of little value.

For example, you need to use Google Webmaster Tool to understand which content can be more useful for the customer and make them stand out on the page. More and more often, the Webmaster also becomes a web analyst; in fact, they must analyze all customer traffic data, know how to evaluate performance and quality and carry out the backward path to identify the communication gaps that have not led the user to reach the final goal, whether this is to buy a product, leave a comment or “like” a link.

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What tools should he be able to use?

professional webmaster manuela budelliAs I told you before, the tools and CMS of companies must be used in the best possible way, but these vary from company to company, even if they are more or less always the same.

If I have to speak in general, the Google webmaster tool is indispensable for my work, which helps me improve communication with customers with the aim of getting more and more leads and for many other activities, and Google Analytics, which allows you to track a trend of the improvements made by evaluating what actions to take in terms of marketing and communication.

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What other professionals do you interact with?

professional webmaster manuela budelliTo obtain an excellent result, it is important to relate well with all company departments, depending on what the objective is.

Let me explain: if you need to launch a new product or create promotional campaigns that bring customers, I’ll have to interface with the marketing department to study advertising, slogans, and images aimed at enticing the user to purchase.

If you need to make the site more usable for a user who has already purchased, I will contact the after-sales service to understand where to intervene and make the user experience on the site more pleasant and easier.

If new dealers and new information on them are to be entered, I will contact the customer department. Especially in the latter period, as a Webmaster, I’m working a lot with the customer office because it becomes increasingly important to create a path that takes the end user to the nearest dealer, always browsing the Peugeot site or landing on agency sites created to support dealers in this new digital challenge.

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What is the average salary of a Webmaster?

professional webmaster manuela budelliHow much a webmaster earns has no real answer since there are many factors that contribute to the definition of a Webmaster’s salary.

He is certainly a recently born figure who has excellent growth prospects, which will allow him to reach higher salaries than those received today, which are around 1500/2000 USD per month.

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Which companies are getting the most job offers for this position?

professional webmaster manuela budelliI believe that today, the figure of the Webmaster is essential in managing an online business. The companies that decide to invest in this branch of commerce in an intelligent and conscious way are looking for figures such as webmasters, SEO specialists, developers, and the larger companies, also e-commerce project managers.

I would therefore tell you that today job offers could come from any type of company, from family-run ones to multinationals as in my case. You can start with a SEO course.

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