Work 4 days a week: opportunities of the digital world

Would you like to work 4 days a week? How would you feel if I told you that you could build your career while enjoying a well-deserved long weekend? I’ll give you a heads up, digital professions are the jobs of the moment, and they will allow you to achieve all of this.

It’s a sector that seems to be recession-proof, increasingly open to challenges and innovations. Working in the digital field could be your opportunity to reach ambitious professional goals without sacrificing your personal life.

But what does a short workweek entail? You’ve probably heard of contracts that involve distributing 40 hours a week over 4 days or reducing it to 32 hours. In other words, it’s an often underestimated reality that is good for your health, work, and the environment.

For example, in recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the phenomenon of “Great Resignation.” Specifically, it’s an event where many employees have chosen to leave their jobs in favor of a more flexible life.

By reading this article, you will discover that thanks to digital technology, you can achieve an optimal “work-life balance” without having to give up your personal life.

Despite the increasing talk about the need to reduce working days, too often, people still wonder where working 4 days a week is already a reality. Many countries have chosen to make this new professional reality a reality, such as Belgium, Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, Scotland, and the United Arab Emirates.

However, many companies are still resistant to this change. But don’t worry, thanks to the content I will present to you, you will realize that there is a very simple answer to the question, “Where to work 4 days a week?” By continuing to read, you will discover all the career opportunities you can have if you choose a job in the digital field. Specifically, with this article, I will help you understand:

  • how to work 4 days a week
  • what are the advantages of a short workweek
  • how a digital job can guarantee you a professional future

Follow me on this journey to discover a work experience filled with opportunities, dynamism, and professional growth. If this is your goal, I recommend not missing out on a Digital Marketing Course to learn all the skills and turn your skills into the path to success!

How to work 4 days a week?

Today more than ever, many young people, students, and workers are wondering how they can work 4 days a week. An increasingly relevant topic, especially for junior roles, is finding a new balance between work and personal commitments.

flexible working with 4 day work week

You might be wondering how it works, what the advantages are, and which industry sectors already offer this opportunity. You will discover that having a flexible work position can be easier than you might think.

The digital transformation has profoundly changed the world of work, forcing companies to align their tools and dynamics with an increasingly digital and ever-changing world. Not only that, the health emergency has opened the doors to new horizons, showing that there are new ways to work just as productively and efficiently.

To find a job that allows you to work 4 days a week, I recommend specializing in digital professions, such as SEO Specialist, SEM Specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Copywriter, or many others. Alternatively, consider smart working or working online for yourself to experience a very advantageous professional experience.


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Work in smart working

Also known as “Agile Work,” smart working is an organizational model for working 4 days a week. It emerged during the health emergency and has become the primary way to align a company’s structure and dynamics with external events.

4 day work week experience

It is evident that smart working not only allows companies to save on infrastructure costs but also to strengthen brand awareness and the company’s reputation. Thanks to this tool, employees can work remotely and create new relational modes. In other words, you can connect with colleagues in a different, but no less effective way.

On the other hand, we often hear about employees who are constantly online and feel obligated to be available 24/7. However, if a company decides to reduce workers’ workdays by focusing on “how” rather than “how much,” they can maximize the benefits of a shorter workweek.

Choose to work online for yourself

A choice I recommend you consider is working online for yourself. Why? It’s an innovative way to work 4 days a week! If you think about it, the constant presence of digital technology has shifted the field of work from physical to virtual.

Most jobs today can be done with just a PC, a smartphone, and an internet connection. It’s a career opportunity that allows you to earn from home, with total flexibility, turning your interests and passions into your work and source of income.

This change has made it possible to carry out online work that, until recently, was thought to be possible only in an office. Not only that, nowadays, finding an online job is much easier, also because many companies are looking for specific, qualified, and prepared individuals to adapt to the ongoing digital revolution.

For example, if you are passionate about a particular field, you can become an influencer, taking your services online and managing your time independently. Or, you can promote your business as a social media manager, independently managing the channels of small businesses, shops, and activities in your city. It’s an opportunity not to be underestimated, as it allows you to easily work 4 days a week, conducting your activities directly online.

Consider the digital sector

Whether you are a young student or a more experienced professional, I advise you to consider the opportunities in the digital sector. It’s a successful market where you can work 4 days a week and pursue a dynamic and creative profession without ever getting bored.

More and more companies are choosing to invest in digital training, so shortly, jobs cannot be done without these types of skills. Despite this, today, 44% of Europeans between the ages of 16 and 74 do not even possess basic digital skills.

This is a significant signal that shows there is space for you in this sector, and you can achieve many results. Thanks to this article and Digital-Coach tools, you can test your skills, open doors to your professional future, and make yourself competitive in the market. The 4-day workweek will guide you to great achievements. Don’t wait and challenge yourself!

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Why choose to work 4 days a week?

Working longer hours doesn’t always mean being more productive, which is why I recommend not underestimating the opportunity to work 4 days a week. You’ll realize that it’s an opportunity that can bring you numerous advantages not only in terms of productivity and efficiency but also in terms of psychological and physical well-being.

Today, offering competitive salaries to employees is no longer enough to meet their demands. It’s essential to put professionals in the best possible conditions to work with passion and enthusiasm while achieving their goals. At the same time, it’s important to allow them to enjoy a more peaceful life without sacrificing family and friends.

pros of shorter work week

To understand the importance and the pros and cons of a 4-day workweek, I invite you to consider these questions. How stressed do you feel because of work? How much time do you dedicate to your personal life? Are you satisfied? What is the environmental impact of your work?

In the following paragraphs, you will see some of the benefits for professionals who have managed to achieve the goal of working 4 days out of 7. You’ll discover that it’s an opportunity to make room for yourself, and your free time, making training the guide to a future career characterized by even more satisfaction.

Reduce stress by working 4 days

If you’re wondering why work 4 days a week, the answer is straightforward: it helps improve well-being. By reducing workdays, you’ll soon realize how much free time you have available to dedicate to your passions, hobbies, friends, and family.

This solution results in a clear reduction in stress: your body and mind can relax, release endorphins, and eliminate toxins. Consequently, you can achieve psychological and physical well-being that allows you to increase your performance and be more efficient.

But that’s not all; a proper balance between your professional and personal life is essential to face workdays with more enthusiasm, motivation, and passion, achieving results more easily and quickly without the need to be a workaholic.

Save time with the shorter workweek

Planning your work commitments with the idea of working 4 days a week doesn’t mean working less but working smarter. It may sound surprising, but having a schedule spread over fewer workdays allows you to save time to dedicate to your passions and interests.

You’ll realize that you can benefit from autonomous and flexible time management, saving hours of commuting, and avoiding traffic and stress.

You can divide your commitments, meetings, and appointments with greater ease, always keeping in mind that your workweek will be shorter.

Whether you have your own online business or you are an employee, you will be able to face all your commitments with more energy and motivation, improving your performance and productivity.

Boost your self-esteem with work

The relationship between self-esteem and performance is closely intertwined, especially in determining your professional results and personal satisfaction. Thanks to the choice of a profession that allows you to work 4 days a week, you can find the right balance between work-related stress and personal satisfaction. A satisfied employee corresponds to lower chances of burnout and better performance for the company.

The short workweek helps reduce the likelihood, as we’ve seen, of the “Great Resignation” phenomenon. But how can we motivate employees to stay in the company? By promoting the option of a 4-day work week, we enhance an immediate solution to prevent job dissatisfaction from setting in.

Work 4 days a week: an eco-sustainable solution

One of the key themes for companies today is sustainability and environmental awareness. Here, remote work becomes an eco-sustainable professional opportunity capable of reducing our environmental impact.

Working 4 days a week corresponds to fewer means of transportation used, less fuel consumed, and lower CO2 emissions in the air.

Moreover, thanks to the week with fewer workdays, the company could reduce the energy consumption of its buildings, achieving an evident economic and environmental advantage. If you think about it, with a calculator in hand, you can realize that working 4 days, considering all the weeks and months in a year can make a difference!

Complete your training

Having more free time allows professionals to complete their professional training. If you want to discover how to work 4 days a week, then know that you’ll have to commit to staying constantly prepared and up-to-date. You’ll need to apply all your knowledge to offer the best service to your clients, highlighting all your qualities.

Don’t forget that especially for those in the digital sector, innovation and change require remaining constantly qualified in new technologies, demands, and opportunities. If you want to keep up with the digital world and progress professionally, Digital Coach offers a wide range of training options on new digital professions.

The short work week: an opportunity for your professional future

Since you’ve reached the end of the article, you’ve realized that working 4 days a week is a beneficial opportunity, but at the same time, it’s a goal that requires commitment and dedication. Professional success isn’t immediate, and you’ll need to invest time, education, and passion to have a brilliant career.

As I’ve explained in the preceding paragraphs, working 4 days out of 7 is not only possible but already a reality in some sectors and work environments! Whether you are a freelancer or an employee, the web and the digital world offer you tools and possibilities to realize this opportunity.

Despite this, the debate about the pros and cons of working 4 days a week is still ongoing, with many critical aspects to consider. Mainly organizational issues and those related to an innovative mindset not accepted and understood by everyone. However, innovation seems to have no slowdown, and the direction we are moving towards appears to be that of reducing employees’ workdays.


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Tips for working 4 days a week

If you’ve reached the end of the content, it means you’re determined and genuinely interested in this new way to work 4 days a week. I advise you to always maintain determination and curiosity, which are the drivers of success.

I hope I’ve provided you with some interesting and useful information and suggestions so that you can make a difference in your life. If your dream, goal, or desire is a professional future characterized by satisfaction and flexibility, working fewer days a week is the right choice for you!

In conclusion, I suggest you rely on Digital Coach and take advantage of the free one-to-one orientation service: if you’re unclear about your ideas or want to delve into all the topics I’ve presented, it’s an opportunity to discover new horizons and become an established professional.

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