How to sell music online: where and how to do it in just 5 steps

How to sell music online discussed a great way to get started making money with your passion, through streaming services, online shops, and the possibility of creating your own e-commerce site.

Of course, you are wondering how and where to do it. In this article, in fact, I want to explain exactly this to you and help you understand what you need to know about the connection between the world of the web and music. Knowing this is very important, especially in this period, because due to the pandemic, many independent musicians have found themselves in a bad situation without having the possibility to give concerts anymore.

Many have already started ad invest online without wasting the opportunity to find an alternative way to sell their music online.

how to sell music online for free

You will certainly have to take two things into account: the first is that nothing should be taken superficially, every little thing can be fundamental for the achievement of your goals.

The second is time, given that it will be difficult to have good results in the short term; this is because you have to take into account that you will have to make yourself known and sponsored also through social networks like Facebook or Instagram. In fact, if your project consists of creating an eCommerce from scratch, and managing and promoting it independently, I suggest you follow a dropshipping e-Commerce course to acquire all the skills necessary for the realization of your music distribution business.

If you have landed on this article you will surely be a beginner and a little disoriented. The digital music market is very large, therefore I advise you to continue reading where you will find:

  • tips on where to sell music online
  • why use streaming services and online stores
  • best practices for design e-commerce.

Where to sell music online

The question of how to make money with music online and where to distribute it is of great importance and must be addressed before figuring out how to do it. This choice is complicated and will always be more so given that the digital music market is expanding day by day.

In fact, many indie musicians are struggling to find the right path simply because streaming platforms and online stores are increasingly pretentious about the requirements for promoting and uploading music. This problem is partly solved by digital music distributors.

This kind of online music distribution offers services that allow you to upload and sell your music even to the most important platforms such as Spotify. The best services are offered by TuneCore, Soundrop, and Distrokid. Finally, if you are ambitious enough, you can even create your own website, which I will explain shortly. Surely my advice is to adopt a strategy that uses both options for a more satisfactory result.

So answering the question where can I sell my music and promote my songs? The answer is that there are 3 ways:

  1. upload your music to streaming platforms;
  2. sell music on digital stores;
  3. create your own e-commerce.

Obviously, in addition, to uploading your own music on these services, you must also commit to sponsoring with different methods.

Streaming platforms

To start selling in the digital music market, using streaming platforms is certainly a good start. These tools offer services that can first of all make you known in the musical field, especially to independent musicians, then there is the possibility of earning.

For example, if you upload your music to Spotify, in my opinion, one of the best platforms, you can monetize songs, beats, and albums and then receive compensation based on ratings. The only flaw of these services is that using only streaming you won’t get big payouts considering that the earning system is quite low. So it could be used as a method of promoting one’s music online.

The best platforms that offer services to sell songs and beats online are:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube
  • Deezer
  • Amazon Music

Digital shops

In addition to using music streaming services, there is the possibility of selling one’s music directly to users via online stores. This option is very good because first of all there are millions of users using these digital stores and then it also affects a different target of people who still want to own the music by downloading the download.

To upload the music some stores already do it by nature, also having digital distribution services such as TuneCore. It is also useful for those who are producers and want to sell their beats, in fact, it is enough to contact these distributors to ensure that they are published on different platforms. ReallyBandcamphas the option of a space for your own customizable site where you can sell music to users.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus on a large online store, I suggest you try Amazon. In this regard, I suggest you take a look at the Selling on Amazon course, which will give you the right tips and skills to start your sales.

The best digital stores are:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Google Play Music
  • Bandcamp
  • Beatport
  • Tunecore.

Selling music online with your website in 5 steps

If you are a music lover or a musician with an audience of your own, you can think about creating a custom website to sell music online. This musical project is both an ambitious method but at the same time, if done well and with the right strategy, it can bring great satisfaction.

You can customize it as you wish, for example, the look and feel, the price, the promotions, the offers, and everything depending on the needs of users and the market.

The nice thing is that these sites give you the opportunity to have 360° options on the merchandising you coveted, i.e. promote songs, albums, beats, unreleased songs, earn by selling music and musical products, create a brand, and more.

choose products to sell online

Finally, the factor that can be decisive and that you will be able to recognize is the type of fans or buyers that you will have, what they desire, and therefore also how to motivate them to act. Creating e-commerce will seem difficult, but with a good strategy, it can become easier than expected. The steps are:

  1. choose products to sell online;
  2. study the competitors and the target;
  3. use the right platform;
  4. locate a domain name;
  5. marketing by driving traffic.

In each of these steps, one can come across potential risks that could undermine the potential of the business. To approach the management of these risks in the correct way, it is advisable to have a risk management process that can be useful immediately to mitigate the impact that risks can have on the organization

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1. Choose the products to sell online

It is very important to choose what type of products to sell online before anything else. This is because the music industry is very competitive and for this, it is necessary to carry out a market analysis to understand which products are sold more and which are less.

A valid solution for the choice of musical products could be to have both the physical copy, i.e. CDs and vinyl, and the digital format to satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible. So before continuing, focus on this point.

2. Study the competitors and the target

If you want to understand where and how to sell a piece of music but you don’t even know which customers you will offer your goods to, I advise you not to start at all. It will seem trivial to analyze online competition, but in reality, it helps you figure out what your niche might be, and how your competitors work and therefore develop your website trying to distinguish yourself from other companies, to be more likely to sell in the music market.

In fact, by always putting the customer at the center of your strategy and using various methods to improve user experience you will have more chances to develop.

3. Use the right platform

How to sell music online with your e-commerce? Is critical to choose the right platform, especially when you aim to sell to a small niche.

In fact, this choice will have to be based mainly on the sufficiency of the function that the software can provide. The most relevant functions are:

  • graphic area: adapting them according to your business and target;
  • back-end (product pages, payment area, etc.);
  • responsive website.

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4. Find a domain name

The choice of the domain can have many solutions. If you are an artist you can choose the option of your brand name. If you’re opening an online store, you’ll need to choose a name based on what you’ll be selling on your website. Therefore it must be coherent and concise to make it easier to remember and also focus on creativity.

Remember that choosing the domain name is essential because it will weigh a lot, especially at the beginning when you will introduce yourself to the web audience.

5. Market by driving traffic

Once you’ve spent some time on the basic steps of how to go about selling music online with an e-commerce business, you’ll need to figure out how to promote your website. It is essential to do it right away, given that today in the digital world it is unthinkable not to have one digital marketing strategy to bring traffic to your site.

There are many effective methods and techniques, some expensive and some not. In fact, to start out spending practically nothing, you could invest in advertising on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, creating valuable content for potential customers, or keeping customers over time thanks to content marketing.

There is also the option to create a blog where publish articles related to your products to let customers know better what you sell online and therefore increase the probability of a purchase.

Beyond the appearance of the content, the use of email marketing allows you to consolidate customers with promotions and discounts, create newsletters for specific groups of users to encourage purchases, or simply with the aim of reactivating the customer’s attention by bringing them to the site, a practice widely used by large-scale retailers.

If you are interested and want to learn more about the services you could use for your business in the music sector, I suggest you take a look at the email Marketing course.

Having said that, you will certainly need to have a budget to spend, as well as a good strategy, even if using social networks well could also be enough.

Conclusions and Strategic Consulting

We have come to an end, I hope I have clarified your ideas on how to sell music online and which services to use. How you should take advantage of the online world to be able to make your passion a real job, but above all, the reason why in this dark period for independent musicians, the door has opened for millions of potential customers.

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