Sell crafts online: the 6 best platforms to use

Are you wondering how to sell crafts online but you don’t know where to start? You want to turn your hobby into a profitable business but you don’t know what are the best-selling handmade items on the internet. Then this article is essential if you want to start an online sale of handmade products.

Designing and making handcrafted products is a genuine hobby that can unleash all your creativity, but has the potential to become so much more. If before the options were limited to the physical store and local markets, today thanks to multiple sites on the web and a strategic use of social media, there is the possibility of selling handicraft products to a much wider audience.

The opportunities given by the web are boundless, from using online Marketplaces with millions of active users every year to social networks to get yourself known and promote your work, but it also has disadvantages. Online selling is a competitive and demanding market that requires knowledge that doesn’t depend on your skill at manual work.

That’s why learning everything there is to know about how to sell handcrafted products online is essential for starting your shop in the best possible way and not wasting the time and effort that you could invest in making your creations.

In this article I will explain everything you need to know to start selling your own handmade products online:

  • The best Market places for the online sale of handicraft products on the web;
  • As manage shipments of your handmade products.

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6 best platforms to sell handmade products online

There are various sites where you can start selling handcrafted products on the web, all with slightly different logic and rates. The main advantage is that this marketplace is navigated by millions of users with a passion for craftsmanship, in this way you can make your handmade products known to an audience that is looking for what you have to offer.

Also, the reputation of these big platforms is already solid so you won’t have the classic problem of running into customers who don’t trust a small online shop that sells its own products.

As a general rule starting a sale is free, so you might think about trying more ecommerce until you find one that works for you.

1. Etsy

The most important website on the net for those who want to buy handmade items among those available. The most popular products are jewelry, home furnishings, gift ideas but also creative do-it-yourself kits. Listing products in your online store will cost you twenty cents per listing but surely the best place to start your online craft business is Etsy.

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2. Amazon Handmade

Exclusive branch for online sale of handicrafts of the American giant with the advantage of relying on their logistics for shipments.

It boasts the largest user base among the available platforms but can be difficult the creation of product pages, as they must be very comprehensive to position themselves on the search engine Amazon. Furthermore, unlike the classic version that you can still take advantage of, the costs of creating an account are zero.

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3. eBay

Another historian-giant of the online Marketplace industry that needs no introduction and eBay. The only flaw: it is more expensive than the average to open a shop and it is not vertically developed for the online sale of handicraft products. But if you place an ad in which you are selling your handmade item, remember to do it SEO for eBay so as to guarantee the right visibility and a guaranteed profit.

4. Misshobbies

The platform was developed for handmade products such as Etsy. Through the site, Misshobbyyou can intercept the public if you think that selling your products online can be successful with the taste and preferences of the customers.

5. Personal Ecommerce

Open your own site is another excellent alternative to selling handcrafted products online, this communicates a more solid professionalism and gives maximum freedom of choice for the layout and design of your shop.

You can also position yourself on search engines with an adequate SEO strategy and redirect users from different social media to your site. The cost of opening and maintaining a media website is always higher than signing up for one of the existing platforms and this is a factor to take into strong consideration, especially at the beginning of your experience as an online seller.

6. Social media

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, are powerful means to make hand-made products known to a large catchment area thanks to the visibility offered and the possibility to create campaigns aimed at potential customers who have shown an interest in handcrafted products and who are already inclined to buy.

With the latest updates, they can also perform the function of real e-commerce with Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop.

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Advice on how to manage to ship online

Dealing with physical objects you must be prepared to manage the online sales of handicraft products that will arrive to you to avoid long shipping times and various delays.

The main advice I can give you is always to have a stocked warehouse of your objects in such a way as to always have the opportunity to satisfy customer requests and not find yourself orders for a product that you will then have to make later. Transparency in business is key so always be honest about the expectations and costs of your shipments.

Lastly, the packaging is important to provide professionalism to your business, enhance your brand and avoid damage to products during transport. If your order volume is high or if you want to lighten your workload you can rely on one of the many packaging services on the web that will handle the packing and shipping for you.

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Conclusions and Free Consultation

Selling handicrafts online can be a lucrative business for those who want to take their business online or for those looking for extra income. But being a good craftsman is not enough to emerge in a competitive market with its own rules and dynamics.

I understand that the web is still a relatively new reality and it can be frightening to approach such a vast and apparently complex world as the digital one, but exploited to the fullest it gives possibilities that have never been touched until today.

That’s why I suggest you request one Free Strategic Consulting with one of our digital experts who will help you outline a strategy to increase your e-commerce sales.

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