Sites to sell online: discover the best 7 platforms

The 7 best sites to sell online

There are many sites to sell online as a private individual or as a company and it is not immediate to understand which platforms to use to maximize your sales. At first glance you might think that all the known sites are valid but a lot depends on the type of product you want to place on the market.

There are sites to sell online services, used, new or handmade items and often each platform specializes in a specific sector. So there are many factors that you need to take into consideration when you decide to switch to selling on websites.

If you are reading this article you have probably already understood that there are many advantages to being able to take advantage of a global marketplace. Thanks to the advent of the internet, today it is possible to reach buyers all over the world, expanding the market flow and being able to offer products which, if displayed in a physical store, would be niche or unsaleable.

In this article I will advise you which are the best sites to sell online, analyzing the ones most used by both buyers and especially sellers, for the different market targets depending on the products offered. If you want to train in this sector, I recommend the dropshipping e-commerce course , it will help you step by step to take your first steps in this innovative world, completely different from traditional physical stores.

1. Amazon

Among all the sites to sell online, the giant Amazon is undoubtedly the best known and most used. This brand is synonymous with professionalism and valuable products. Millions of people use this site for their internet purchases and it is undoubtedly the best known and used to date. If you need to place large quantities of products and be exposed to a large audience, Amazon compared to other competitor sites is ideal, thanks to a global reach that includes 13 marketplaces on the three continents of Europe, Asia and America with 175 centers logistics capable of reaching 185 countries (source:

In order to become a seller on Amazon, you need to apply for a professional sales account and you have to pay a monthly fee of €39 to which is added a fee for each product sold. In case you don’t have large quantities of products or things to sell to make money , there is also the possibility for individual sellers to pay a fixed fee of €0.99 per item sold and thus save on the monthly fee.

The great advantage of using Amazon as an online sales platform compared to other sites is that, being known, appreciated and used daily all over the world, the public places a lot of trust in it. By doing so you will break down the first obstacle that everyone has when it comes to selling products on the internet.

It is clear that, even if Amazon is the best known of the e-commerce sites, and is used globally, despite its size, it is not the only sales site on the internet and does not cover all market segments perfectly. Depending on what you want to offer, I will show you below other sites to sell online that are different from each other.

2. eBay

It is one of the first sites to sell used products online, as well as new products, and it is also one of the best known and most used. The items that can be purchased on eBay are countless and varied, making this platform a giant in the e-commerce sector.

The customer network that eBay offers is huge with almost 200 million active buyers and you can also find niche items that would be unobtainable on many other platforms. In order to enter an item on eBay you will have to pay a fee for each category in which you want to enter your product, as well as a percentage fee on the final value and shipping. The price of these taxes changes, in addition to the methods listed above, also for the type of product.

Whether you want to sell on the internet as a private individual or as a company, eBay is among the most valid e-commerce sites and like Amazon has a great reputation as one of the best sites to sell online, therefore it limits the obstacle of buyer distrust in buying items online. eBay is very large and has many advantages but also the disadvantage of putting you in competition with many other sellers and thousands of products. My advice therefore is to understand well among the various existing sites which platform is the best for the type of product you want to place on e-commerce sites.



The number one site in Italy for selling online is undoubtedly Born in 2007, this site already has over 11 million users every month and is constantly expanding. Compared to other sites, the great strength of this intuitive and effective platform is that it allows you to sell products online locally and for free, segmenting your target market well. In this vast “Made in Italy” marketplace you can find everything: cars, motorcycles and objects of all kinds, real estate and job offers. It is constantly expanding with many new features among the available categories and is among the best sites to sell online services. Unlike Amazon and eBay, allows you to publish ads for free and immediately, positioning themselves among the top ten online brands in Italy.

It is certainly among the best sites to sell online as a private individual, as a company. If you want to understand where to sell free products, I suggest you deepen the discussion because, as with the other two platforms I mentioned before, too does not specialize in any particular area.

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4. Shopify

Compared to the sites to sell online listed so far, Shopify is completely different. In fact, this platform allows you to create your company website from scratch to directly sell your products on the internet. Shopify is well known and trusted by its users and, in addition to being intuitive, it is one of the best platforms to start your online store with lots of customization options for your e-commerce.

In order to join the 1.7 million businesses using Shopify ( ) you need to pay a base fee of $29 per month. This fee includes website, blog, social media e-commerce channels and great customer service plus various tools that can lead to great benefits for your business.

So if you want to open your online store, Shopify simplifies your work a lot allowing you not to waste too much time creating a site from scratch but giving you a ready and valid format that you will only have to assemble in order to have a personalized page that reflects your personality of your store and the type of products you sell.


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5. Facebook Marketplaces

If you are wondering how to sell on the internet for free, you will find your answer here. For some years Facebook has included in its network the opportunity to buy and sell items online thanks to Facebook Marketplace. The latter exploits to its advantage the fact of having a very high number of previously registered users and consequently a large audience.

The advantage of using Facebook Marketplace is that if you are not a real seller, but you want to make some extra money, this platform is definitely the simplest and most direct way to do it since in all likelihood you will already have a profile on this social network.

Since the birth of this section, Facebook offers the possibility of inserting ads for free. You will only have to follow certain simple guidelines, given by the site itself which will also indicate where to place the advertisements for sale. Facebook Marketplace was initially born for the sale between private individuals, exploiting the localization factor that allows nearby people to come into contact with each other and to trade their own products, both new and used.

The potential of this platform for as one of the sites to sell online is great and it is increasingly opening up to companies with actions that facilitate the presence and direct sale by e-commerce traders. If, on the other hand, you are not an occasional seller and rather want to launch yourself into the world of e-commerce, continue reading the next chapter could be the right one for you.

6. Etsy

Here is a different site than the big Amazon and eBay. Focusing on the niche market, Etsy is one of the most popular sites to sell online that allows you to showcase your handmade products , art, antiques and collectibles. Etsy’s strength lies in the simplicity of managing the costs of selling attributed to the website. To sell your items online, this platform retains commissions only for each finalized sale. It is 5% of the shipping cost plus 5% of the transaction value, in addition to the collection management fee equal to 4% of the total transaction plus €0.30. Thanks to the low costs imposed by the platform, the enviable ease of use and the reputation earned to date, Etsy is one of the best sites to sell online in the niche market.

7. Vinted

Vinted is currently among the sites to sell online for free clothing that is having the most success. In this marketplace it is possible to sell used clothes on the internet, freeing up the wardrobe and earning money from your used clothes. Obviously, accessories are also contemplated, so if you are looking for sites to sell bags online, I suggest you go through Vinted anyway because in the field of fashion, as I have already told you, this marketplace has few rivals and many users surf every day in search of a wardrobe change.

This very intuitive platform acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer, ensuring the security of online payments. The advantage of Vinted is the ease of use and the free sale of clothes, in fact the shipping cost is paid by the buyer and publishing an ad is completely free, so the seller will get the entire proceeds. Furthermore, Vinted boasts great flexibility for shipping methods, giving the user a wide choice including hand delivery.

Conclusions and Strategic Coaching

As indicated in this article, there are many sites to sell online and each platform has its own characteristic features, which make it possible to provide an optimal service according to the needs of its users, both as buyers and sellers on the web. I hope this reading has shed some light on any doubts about e-commerce platforms. If you are interested in learning more and working in the world of Internet sales on your own, ask for more information about our e-commerce specialist courses.




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