Things to sell to make money: 8 ideas to earn online

Summer vacation time is approaching and a thousand ideas to supplement your salary and earn extra money are running through your mind. You think of giving up or doing double work in order not to empty your account. What if I told you there are so many things to sell to make money?

Think about it for a moment: in your home or garage you will surely have objects such as used school books, an item of clothing that you no longer like or old disused objects.

Once the items to be sold have been identified and boxed, the key to earning money is understanding the ways. There are several, some more traditional such as flea markets, others digital such as classifieds websites or apps.

I anticipate that it will take some time: you won’t earn thousands of euros immediately but in the activity of selling objects, online is a valid tool and an opportunity to be able to build a real business. Think of an e-commerce: starting from scratch, you would have the opportunity to open an online store selling, for example, handmade items.

By continuing to read, you will find ideas and cues to get rid of objects and get extra money without giving up. Specifically I will tell you:

  • 8 things to sell to make money on the internet
  • 6 ways how to make money online.

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8 things to sell to make money online

The question many people ask is: “What can I sell to make money right away?”. Choosing the most suitable items is not easy, just as there are many things to know to earn money online.

To start on the right foot to earn with things to sell to make money it is certainly necessary to have the right ideas, but not only.

For example, if you want to start an online business such as an ecommerce, you need to identify the tools and sales strategies that can bring you a lasting profit over time as well as the best items and that meet specific customer needs.

In this context, understanding the role of a Digital Sales Account becomes crucial. Learn more about this dynamic career and its strategies in our detailed guide on becoming a Digital Sales Account.

Instead, if you just want to get some extra money, it will be enough to identify the channels that can help you, such as intermediary sales platforms such as eBay or Etsy.

Below, you will find a list of 8 things that sell for a lot of money, with which you can earn some extra money even from home or, why not, start an online business. The tools for web marketing and your work will make the difference on the speed in obtaining money.

Sell the photos for a guaranteed income

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a freelance professional, your photos may be among the things to sell to make money . To monetize by exploiting your talent, you can sell your productions online with an omnichannel strategy or through dedicated sites.

The first mode must be supported by a project to:

  • identify the target through the analysis of the feedback received;
  • build the target audience through the vast catchment area reached with social media;
  • identify the most profitable means such as an ecommerce connected to your website or portfolio.

Selling photos online is most commonly done through third-party websites, such as Getty Images and Shutterstock, as you can earn money by licensing customers. Once you understand how photographs can be used by brands or publishers, making money online isn’t hard!

Used books among the items to sell to make money online

Used books are among the things to sell to make money, original ideas to supplement your salary. In fact, reselling books can be a great way to earn extra money by freeing up your home and putting culture back into circulation.

But how to earn money online with used books? To make some money, there are several internet and ecommerce sites for the sale of books such as and Amazon. Their use is very simple: just register by leaving an email address so as to have the possibility of publishing ads within the online store. When the sale is successful, the platform credits the money to your personal account.

A revolutionary method to sell used books online is also through the Telegram app: by typing LSDlibri in the search bar and following the instructions, you will quickly receive the evaluation for the books put up for sale. Once shipped and arrived at its destination, the platform delivers the payment via PayPal or bank transfer.


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Among the products to be sold are collectibles

If you’re wondering what to buy and resell to make money from the comfort of your home, the collectibles industry can be full of things to sell to make money. Objects including stickers, vintage items such as consoles, video games and electronics or, why not, limited edition sneakers, in the eyes of many, are priceless and can even be paid for in gold.

To earn even thousands of euros with the sale of collectibles, you can put them online on classifieds sites, for example eBay, on Facebook Marketplace or on other marketplaces. But a special place for the buying and selling of these items is certainly online auctions.

Choosing to sell or buy through internet auction sites such as Catawiki offers many advantages including the single payment system, free registration and the duration of the auctions which allow you to know when to place the best offers.

Money making hobbies: earn money with your creations

One idea to supplement your salary with things to sell to make money is to make money with your creations. In fact, handmade objects can also be an opportunity to open an ecommerce and create a real online business starting from scratch. Therefore, getting money with creativity while working from home can take place in different ways. First of all is word of mouth among friends, family and colleagues but not least are the markets for hobbyists.

To be able to make money from home on the internet, you can open a blog and use social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The first two, in addition to allowing you to show your creations through photos, also allow you to sell them through the marketplace. Pinterest, on the other hand, offers immediate visibility to your work and allows you to save images, videos and ideas from which to draw inspiration on the board.

There are also several platforms for handmade. Think of Etsy and Shpock which offer the possibility to create your own online store where you can upload photos and video tutorials. To create a business with your creativity keep in mind some tips:

  • get good photos of your works and prepare a description;
  • calculate the price well;
  • sell by putting a valid digital strategy into practice, starting from a business plan and planning actions.

Selling disused items is an evergreen way to make money

If you’re out of ideas and need to make some extra money quickly, just go around the house, collect old and disused items and put them up for sale.

If you’re wondering what things to sell to make money, consider items like old smartphones, small and large appliances, furniture , or kitchen accessories.

disused objects among the things to sell to make money

Also remember that a potential buyer to turn to to get some extra money is the electronics enthusiast who is always looking for computer components or cutting-edge software. Ironically, then, even an unwelcome gift can be an opportunity to earn some money.

Disused objects such as a room or apartment, especially in certain circumstances, can also be a source of income in the long term through the practice of renting or renting. In this regard, a valid ally is Airbnb, a site that favors contact between the owner and the tenant and allows you to manage payments with a click even at great distances.

How can you make money with the sale of items? In addition to traditional flea markets, there are several eBay-like websites on which to place ads. A trend of the moment are apps like Vinted or Wallapop which in a few steps allow you to sell products by taking a photo and inserting the amount of money you indicated.

Want to know more things to sell to make money fast? Continue reading the article to find out.

Raise extra money with used clothes

On a day dedicated to shopping, it’s easy to think of getting rid of old-fashioned clothes and accessories accumulated in the closet. So used clothing is one of the things to sell to make money.

Consider that grown-up children’s clothes, sportswear, one bag too many, a pair of shoes or just a top can turn into an opportunity to earn some extra cash. Furthermore, various accessories such as a motorcycle helmet or jewelry are items which, if in good condition, guarantee an easy income.

Very interesting about second-hand is the buying and selling of famous brand items: if valued well, they can be an opportunity to earn large sums of money. Furthermore, the big brands are increasingly attracting young people eager to follow the trends of the moment without spending too much money. So if you’re running out of ideas to supplement your salary, this can be a valid alternative.

Earning from home with your skills

For freelancers or for you who have gained considerable experience during your professional career, an idea to raise money is to earn with your skills. Among the things to sell to make money are your skills, a way to build an online business even from the comfort of home.

But how to make money quickly? It depends: you can do hourly jobs that can last a few months such as teaching English online or earning commission by selling your articles, tutoring students online and with transcriptions. Any activity you go to make an extra income is insured even without a VAT number.

The online makes available platforms that allow the meeting between supply and demand to earn with one’s work . I point out here Fiverr, a marketplace of freelance services for companies dedicated to those who do SEO copywriting , writers of press releases and to all web writers in general. As a freelancer, the advantages of signing up to these platforms are many, including the possibility of building a solid customer base, especially if you are starting out, and a secure income.

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An idea to make money: Online trading

Have you ever thought that among the things to sell to make money on the internet there are also intangible assets ? Think of financial securities: through online trading these are bought and sold via computer with the aim of earning on the difference in price between the purchase and the sale; all by opening an account on software such as trading platforms.

This online activity allows you to invest in the stock market at low cost but the risks are many, such as the loss of large sums of money. The trader, in fact, from the comfort of his home can earn millions of money just as he can lose.

Therefore, consider the psychological aspect in this activity: it is certainly not for everyone, as it requires coolness in dealing with market trends and adopting the right strategies in time. Online investments are not an easy way to earn but if done seriously it can help you make a lot of money even quickly.

By continuing to read the article, you will find out how to sell things on the internet to make money or start a successful online business from home.

6 ways how to make money online by selling things

As already mentioned, the web offers various opportunities to sell and earn with minimal effort, it is important to know the right strategy for selling online. There are several websites and services that allow you to make money also in relation to the time you dedicate to it. Pay attention, in fact, that there are many online sites that promise to monetize quickly with things to sell to make money without setting up a digital business.

To immediately raise some extra money without falling for scams, you can sell items in several ways, including:

  • Amazon;
  • classifieds sites;
  • dedicated apps;
  • as a freelancer.

If, on the other hand, you want to make serious money online by starting your own business, you can do it:

  • opening an ecommerce;
  • creating and managing a blog.

If you’re wondering how to make money overnight , though, this isn’t the activity for you. Although it allows you to get a real salary, you need to invest a lot of time and various resources.


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Selling items on Amazon

The US giant is a valid tool for selling your things to make money quickly too. Whether you have an established ecommerce business, an idea for a new product or a simple passion for selling, Amazon is the one for you.

how to make money online with things to sell to make money

The most famous ecommerce site in the world offers the possibility of creating your own virtual store , and not only that, through which you can sell your things and make money while also earning large sums of money.

But how does the sale of items online on Amazon work? You can either use your customer account or create an Amazon seller account by entering your company email . Before you start adding products, keep the following in mind:

  • choose the sales plan according to which Amazon earns on commissions;
  • as a sales partner, evaluate your strategy if you are a simple reseller or a manufacturer of branded items;
  • listen to your audience. Amazon allows you to make money both in B2B and in B2C, so it is good to evaluate the right offers to maximize your earnings;
  • To start earning money even quickly, learn from great salespeople and their sales programs.

Amazon also allows you to earn money selling items to make money through affiliate marketing . The affiliate program is intended for anyone who creates content for blogs or social media. Through the creation of links, affiliates direct their followers to products with their reviews, earning with each purchase or new subscription to the program.

Earn on ad sites

One method to be able to make easy money by getting rid of disused things is to place ads on specific websites by creating a digital showcase. These, in fact, free or with modest commissions on the sale of an item, allow you to earn on any item by deciding the price yourself.

Among the best known for being able to sell used items are Etsy and eBay. Creating the ad and starting to earn is very simple:

  • register your account and enter a valid payment method, for example PayPal;
  • received the ok from the platform, click on Insert advertisement;
  • fill out the form to be able to sell your things to make money by selecting the category and type of announcement and item for sale;
  • upload the photo of the object, making sure it is well done;
  • fill in the fields for the name, surname and email address.

After accepting the terms of use and an evaluation of the ad by the site, the profit on the sale is guaranteed!

The apps among the ideas to earn

If you are wondering what can be invented to make money? I hope to give you a good idea. In fact, one way to earn extra money can be by creating apps for smartphones. Also consider that in the AppStore and on the internet there are many applications that offer the opportunity to make easy money but it’s up to you to identify the one that allows you to obtain an effective income.

In this article, I have already shown you some solutions for making money online with apps such as those for selling items or clothing and earning extra money. To these you could add other applications such as those for:

  • online surveys;
  • earn money by performing various activities, such as researching the presence of certain services in your neighborhood or in a shop;
  • make money on games;
  • get extra cash by walking.

As I anticipated, if you have the skills to sell, you can do your job developing new phone applications with the ability to monetize and create a real online business. If your goal is to create a successful app, you need to have passion and intuition to offer users a service that others don’t have and do it in a unique way.

There are several ways to generate profit with this software:

  • create a paid app and earn a percentage of people’s purchase;
  • develop a free application with advertising supplemented by interstitial ads;
  • propose a freemium service, convincing users to pay extra money to continue using it;
  • make money with an application to integrate with your main business, such as an eCommerce app.

Make money online as a freelancer

Pursuing a freelance career offers the opportunity to find work from the comfort of home, allowing you to literally turn time into money and earn thousands of euros a month. Being a freelancer is a lifestyle choice and if you’re good at selling your skills, clients won’t be missing.

But how to make money from scratch? To start earning online from your home computer, you need to build a solid customer base. Having a website or blog and a profile on the main social media such as LinkedIn or YouTube on which to publish posts relevant to your business and video tutorials can be an activity for spreading your personal brand and also starting to earn significant amounts of money. If you are starting from scratch or if you are already an established professional in your sector with the desire to supplement your salary, this may be the right strategy for you.

Furthermore, proceeding step by step based on your experience offers the possibility of entering the world of freelance work. If you’re just starting out, set short-term goals, for example, earning 100 euros a day by writing articles or offering your consultancy will lead you to aim higher and get more work. So starting with a question like “how to start earning 500 euros a day?” it can be a stimulus to find more and more customers and increase your online business.

Open an eCommerce

If you want to bring your business or passion to the internet and monetize with things to sell to make money from the comfort of your home, opening an online store is what you need. In fact, consider that ecommerce is becoming one of the most profitable activities to get money especially in recent years. For this reason, it is right to identify the platform that best suits your business and that will make you a successful online seller.

Remember that selling online does not require specific skills but certainly a knowledge of SEO to improve product visibility and the application of a digital strategy will allow you to make money faster, also earning large sums of money.

How to sell online and make money with items through eCommerce? There are several ways such as:

  • the WordPress Woo Commerce plugin;
  • the social media marketplaces Facebook and Instagram or others.

The first solution is intended for more experienced people and allows you to use the CMS to create an eCommerce platform to use as a source of income. Once you have purchased the hosting service, all you need to do is register your domain and your virtual store details, including the payment method and shipping services you can offer your customers. You can also integrate other services such as those for email marketing. Once you have uploaded your items to sell, you can manage the online store via WordPress even from the sofa at home.

The marketplaces of Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, are an easy way to have a guaranteed income with things to sell to make money. To give life to a free business idea, social networks have integrated a digital market that can also be managed by an app that allows you to create a showcase. Once you have created your account and being careful to follow the configuration steps of the platforms, you can start selling your branded items even from your smartphone.


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Earn money from home blogging

Among the methods of making money, earning with a blog is certainly a good idea but it is not easy. Keep in mind that earning from home doesn’t mean monetizing effortlessly, it takes hard work to turn money-making items like your skillset into a profitable business. A blog offers two ways to earn: direct and indirect.

In the first method are to be considered:

  • the insertion of advertising or through special services such as Google AdSense or by selling advertising space on the site, earning money every month. Remember that to facilitate visits and, therefore, clicks on advertising banners, it is essential that your blog presents captivating and interesting contents;
  • offer of articles or services through affiliate programs such as Amazon;
  • sponsored posts from third-party companies or commissioned reviews;
  • selling info products, sell training courses or eBooks, so people will pay to know, for example, the secret to your success.

The indirect method, on the other hand, allows your blog to be used as a business card and portfolio when looking for a job. If the contents are well done, it is easy to get noticed by companies in the sector eager to invest in your skills.

Conclusions and Free Consultation

Whether your intent is to find things to sell to make money, ways to make money with an online business or simply have ideas to get extra money, in this article I have shown you how. The web offers various solutions and opportunities to monetize by selling:

  • vintage items, photos, used books and collectables;
  • disused clothing;
  • your own creations and hobbies;
  • your skills.

To get some money I do not recommend online trading. Instead, a great opportunity to earn money by selling things to make money is definitely eCommerce. Whether it’s an app or on a computer, the online store is the fastest way to monetize from the comfort of home, just as you can do your work from the sofa even with a blog or as a freelancer.

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