Business digitization: how to improve your business online

Digitization of companies: a now necessary challenge!

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Dear entrepreneur, whether you like it or not, the time has come to think about it. Now we are talking about the digitization of SMEs. The Internet has become a resource that allows you to increase your turnover. There’s no use hoping to find the perfect consultant who will advance your interests the way you want them to because they’re hard to find and expert digital consultants cost a lot.

So what to do? Do you have the right reasons to digitize the company?

As an entrepreneur, you initiate the digital change of your company and give life to new business models, capable of taking it to a higher level. Consult the program of the Business Innovation course and find out how to start the digitization of business processes.

Watch this video and start to get an idea of? why it’s so essential that your entrepreneur figure should grow digitally.

Well, in the course of this article, I will go into more detail, follow me and you will understand:

  • how to start the digitization process;
  • which courses to follow to innovate organizational processes;
  • the importance of digitization to increase turnover.

What is meant by business digitization?

The digitization of businesses and, therefore, digitizing one’s own business means being able to provide entrepreneurs with a digital responsibility that allows them to understand:

  • how to sell online by making the most of the company’s internal resources;
  • Learn to use digital tools and services to save time and effort
  • obtain more concrete results.

To start the digitalization project of companies applied to your reality, you need to ask yourself these fundamental questions: do I know who are the emerging professional figures in the digital world? Do I know which digital skills I should have as an entrepreneur and which ones my employees have?

The answer to these questions is certainly very confusing and vague, which is why an excellent starting point could be reading the article on the jobs of the future. This content, having young graduates as its target audience, compares past and future jobs in a very simple and linear way to have an excellent starting point in understanding the role to be changed and assigned to your employees, in a logic of turning towards digital.

You as an entrepreneur cannot think of outlining new roles and new strategies if you don’t know digital. The entrepreneur’s contribution to the digitization of the company is essential, for this you must take a decisive step firsthand, also rethinking your training path, adding digital skills to your CV, or perhaps thinking about the future creation of a digital StartUp.

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How to digitize SMEs

In the video, I talked about business models.

What did I mean? Unlike many people who identify digital as an area characterized solely by practical-operational skills, for companies, it is a strategic asset that requires a thinking head capable of designing the logic that serves to move all the card’s technical and operational features that are made available by the new digital technologies.

That said, who else can be the strategic mind of the company if not its owner?

Yes, because the advantage of digital transformation, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, is to be able to ride the wave of the future before everyone else does, thus leading to an increase in sales and profits, using a model strategy designed ad hoc for your business.

So here everything returns to the starting point: there is no external consultant who can identify with your company’s reality to such an extent as to be able to create a perfect business model in line with your objectives.

Only you entrepreneur know your reference market, the competition, the problems you may encounter, the shortcomings you will have to make up for, and the goals you want to achieve, and therefore, only you know how to start the transformation of your business.

Furthermore, only you as an entrepreneur know what the risks are for your company, how to manage them, and how to get out of moments of crisis with the right Risk Management process.

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Courses and training for corporate digitization

Corporate innovation starts from the entrepreneur who is in charge of it, this is now clear. Several courses for entrepreneurs could solve most of your problems.

But, with everything an entrepreneur has to think about, will he ever be able to carve out the time to train?

The answer is very simple: absolutely yes.

The time for qualified training can be obtained during continuous study and market analysis work.

For entrepreneurs, specialized training revolves around the accurate analysis of digital tools, which, if used, can lead to:

  • reaching a greater number of potential customers;
  • maintenance and loyalty of existing customers;
  • increase in sales.

In short, the time dedicated to studying, planning, and developing new ideas to remain active in the market coincides! Furthermore, in Digital Coach some training courses include an online internship and continuous coaching support to be followed in the first phase of the digital transformation.

Digitize business processes

In summary, therefore, in the process of digitizing companies, on the one hand, we have our entrepreneur, who integrates his traditional work of analysis, market study, and implementation of his business with projects and strategies from a digital perspective, becoming the real Digital Strategy Manager of his company.

On the other hand, we have employees, who individually or in teams, deal with a specific business process. Business processes were not invented by digital, but the latter can settle within these mechanisms and make sure that everything improves in the company, becoming more profitable.

digitization pmi

Among the digitization processes we can list:

  • automate all company management;
  • create new sharing and therefore sales channels;
  • management of production cycles: collect, process and synchronize all data on the handling and distribution of goods.

To do this, however, collaborators must be trained on a more technical/operational level to acquire those practical skills in digital marketing useful for handling the various digital channels and tools, for example, Google services for businesses, such as Google Ads, or Google My Business but also more vertical systems such as Email Marketing platforms, Facebook ADS, the creation of your website and why not also the introduction of broadband, more efficient software and hardware in terms of quality and speed into your business.

Now the situation is the following: you, as an entrepreneur, have acquired strategic digital skills, therefore, you are very clear about what goals you want to achieve and how to structure the rise of your business online. Your further effort will be to select the most suitable person from among the internal resources to follow a training course to qualify in digital and acquire the practical skills to carry out what has been strategically thought out and organized. This is where the real enterprise digitization project, applied to your own company, was completed.

However, this is the perfect scenario that may not even come true in all business realities.

Why then, should the digitization process of SMEs be outsourced, when you can train the staff you have internally?

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Why digitization is important

All the incentives and projects that are starting with the ultimate goal of encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises in their digitization, must be taken as a “ball to jump”. But we must not fall back into the error of ” software super depreciation ” or that rush to purchase and implement online services without having any resources capable of using them. Let us not forget our starting point and what we have said to each other up to this moment.

Trivially, what is the point of adhering to an e-commerce loan promoted by a tender intended for the implementation of e-commerce in Italy, without the company having studied a strategy to implement once the e-commerce is open? Without having thought about which products or services to put in the online store? Why, with what objectives, and how to promote them?

One piece of advice I feel like giving is to invest the money received from the digitization tender and focus on your training, in strategic terms and that of your employees in technical terms, to start digitizing your company internally.

The problem of the impossibility of finding internal figures capable of revolutionizing themselves digitally remains, therefore, how to do it? Or, if the digital transformation works and bears “its fruits” in a short time and one’s internal strengths are no longer enough?

In this case, a solution may be to insert trainees, novices, or consultants in a support function. But unlike before, the digitization process was carried out in both situations, a fundamental step: that is, a training intervention.

The message that external figures must be avoided must not be conveyed, but it must be made clear that it makes sense to resort to them only if you are aware of what you are looking for and what you want to find and above all: “What do we want to ask them!”


To conclude therefore, only you, who is the entrepreneur of your company, can transmit the right strength to others, whether they are internal or external collaborators, and encourage them to achieve the right objectives.

For this reason, you need to take action now: you need to take over the life of your small or medium-sized business and start the transformation process.

An entrepreneur is the heart and mind of their business. That is, it is all that is needed to take the steps toward digitization.

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