Career ideas: 12 ways to change your life doing what you love

Are you looking for new career ideas because you are a young person under 30 just out of university, or a person looking for a new professional placement? Well, you are in the right place! In this article, you will discover the best opportunities to change your professional outlook:

  • ideas for setting up your own business;
  • creating a trade;
  • inspirations for starting an online, freelance, or home-based business;
  • to start a second part-time job.

You don’t need ideas to be copied in order to invent and create your own profession, you only need to look at the landscape of online professions to realize that there are many possibilities today.

How to find career ideas

There are many young people who are constantly looking for ideas to turn their professional lives around, or for ingenious ideas for new jobs. Some because they have not yet found a direction to take, others because they have taken a direction, but have realized that it is not the right one and want to change it.

But it is not only about young people entering the world of work for the first time, this also applies to people who are professionally established, but who want to change their lives and work at 40, as well as at 50.

There are various reasons why an individual seeks business ideas to change his or her life and achieve success. There are those who are stressed and dissatisfied with their occupation, those who are unemployed and would like to retrain professionally, and those who are looking for new business ideas or for a home-based job, online work-from-home ideas, ideas for creative or part-time jobs, and so on.

Today, the new digital professions are a real opportunity to revolutionize your professional life. The career opportunities are as manifold as those for your own training. For example, our Course with Internship Program under 30 will allow you to acquire new skills to integrate with those you already possess. The result? You will be able to turn a dream into reality.

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New business ideas, where to start?

How to understand career path? This is the question that thousands of young people like you ask yourself every day once you have finished your studies. Where can you start? Certainly, especially in the beginning, you need to reflect on your skills, knowledge, and aptitudes, working on your personal branding. Questions that those looking for new job ideas should ask themselves are, for example:

  • What are my skills and weaknesses?
  • What knowledge needs to be acquired?
  • What are my passions? What do I really love to do?
  • What contribution can I make to my idea and to whom?
  • Which market niche can I address?
  • What ideas for changing my life haven’t I thought of?

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What is your idea of work?

Now, I would say that to put job ideas in order, another key question is: what kind of job to look for? The first thing you should consider when looking for job ideas is how you would like to do your job:

If you do not know exactly your optimal professional size now, you could, for example, start out working as an employee and then become a freelancer. Vice versa, you could start as a freelancer and if you do not fit in, switch to an employed profession. In either case, you might still find a professional opportunity in the same field, but with a different job classification.

It is important to choose well, but also to remember that today’s world of work is flexible, so change is always possible.

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Discover the new jobs of the future

The other thing I would like to do is to give you alternative career paths beyond traditional degrees, much more related to the operational ability to do something concrete and useful for companies. But above all, I would like to show you activities that are innovative and futuristic.

Therefore, I am not going to talk to you about professions known in the past, but rather about innovative careers shaping the future, i.e. what will be needed in the coming years.

12 Online Career Ideas: Explore Digital Opportunities

What are the most profitable activities today? Among the job ideas, I will give you an overview of some digital activities that you can do both as an employee and as a freelancer, jobs that you can also do from home, and perhaps create a second job from home online.

Basically, these are creative and innovative jobs, which can be an impetus to set up your own business, become self-employed, but also to start a new job. You can find new job ideas, whether you are under 30 years old and taking your first steps in the professional world, or whether you are already working and want a change.

Ideas for working with Social Media

The first area to look into for career ideas is social media, an emerging, interesting, and popular sector.


I would say that one of the first professions I would suggest you consider is that of the Social Media Specialist. This is the person who actually produces and manages content for:

  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn;
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram.

Can work on behalf of one or more companies. We speak of one or more companies because the profession of Social Media Specialist can be carried out in different ways:

  • If you work as an employee of a company, you will do this activity on the social channels of a company, or of a large corporation.
  • If you work in an agency, you will create content for several client companies.
  • Be a freelance Social Media Specialist for several smaller companies that are direct customers.

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Another interesting situation to consider could be that of the Digital PR Specialist, who is a professional figure specializing in public relations, i.e. media, press, and newspaper relations. Since this is a digital profession, it obviously involves online media, internet press, bloggers, and online influencers.

This specialist can decide whether to enter into this type of relationship as an employee of a company, or as a freelancer with projects commissioned by several companies.


The Social Advertising Specialist is in charge of social advertising: this is the resource that puts his or her hands on the software with which campaigns are planned, implemented, monitored, and optimized on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and all social networks.

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He is a professional with great analytical skills and a strong results orientation, which one would not say about a social media specialist who is usually a person with strong creative and interpersonal skills.

The Social Advertising Specialist is a person who knows and loves numbers, performance, and statistics and is suited to a job of precision and analysis. This profession can be carried out both in a company and in an agency, but then also as a freelancer, offering these skills to many small companies that want to have a presence on social media for advertising purposes.

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Another situation is that of the social media manager. This job can be done in a large company, or as an outsourcer, i.e. as an external specialist who manages employees within the company. This is the figure who coordinates and directs all the jobs that have been described so far.

To perform this task, it is not only important to have experience in the field, but what is important is a strategic view of the different social channels. This competence can be acquired through the course in Social Media Manager.

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Career in the area of Web Marketing

The second of the areas to draw business ideas from, I would say, is web marketing. What do we have here?


The so-called former webmaster has now become a CMS Specialist, a content management specialist. He or she is the one who does not build websites from scratch but is able to use useful software to make websites easier and faster. This profession is often undertaken outside companies, as a freelancer, but in some cases some of these figures find themselves placed directly within a company.


The other interesting specialist is the SEO Specialist, a professional who specializes in helping companies position themselves on search engines, organically, without investing in advertising. This professional takes care of the information architecture of a website, writes, organizes, and optimizes content to position pages on search engines, studying the search intent of users, using various tools.

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Then we have the SEM specialist, a figure very similar to the SEO specialist, who tries to make the company stand out on the search engines, using an advertising platform on which you invest some budget, thanks to which you manage to appear in the first results.

So, his purpose is also to give visibility to businesses like the SEO specialist, but he does it in a slightly different way. This is also a job that you can do either in a large company or in an agency, but it is also perfectly fine to do it freelance because there are many small companies that need this specialist and cannot afford to have him in-house.

For this reason, I recommend you take a look at our SEO-SEM Certification: thanks to this training you will be able to respond effectively to the needs of your future clients or bring added value to the company that decides to hire you.


Finally, I would say that among these professions we can also consider an inbound specialist, i.e. the one who most brings together the skills illustrated so far, in order to generate leads, sales, and new customers for a company, through an integrated strategy using different digital tools and channels.

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Ecommerce Business Career Ideas

Finally, the area I would draw on for new career ideas is E-commerce. I bet you, like everyone else by now, buy more and more things online or often see boxes of things your colleagues order on the internet arriving at the office.

E-commerce is definitely interesting and will grow more and more in the coming years, so professionals working in this sector will be increasingly sought after. Which ones are the most interesting for you?


He is a bit of a generalist within a small e-commerce business, in which he has to do several things: deal with search engines, online advertising, content sheet creation, and much more.

So we are talking about the generalist within e-commerce, who usually works in small companies that have e-commerce.

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To this, however, we can add other specialists: the first among them is the Web Analytics Specialist. Why do I place it a bit more in the world of E-commerce?

This figure is actually also useful in other areas of digital marketing, but elsewhere it is difficult to find a person dedicated to doing just that, whereas, in e-commerce, where the results numbers count for so much on a daily basis, there might be more justification for this figure, especially if the e-commerce is more medium-sized.

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Then what else do we have of interest among the new successful careers? For example, the User Experience Specialist evaluates the user experience of the website so that it is as effective as possible for the results to be achieved, which for e-commerce is obviously sales and turnover.

So he analyses page layouts, colors, graphics, and design and modifies them to be able to improve the E-commerce’s ability to produce sales.


Oops… I forgot one! Actually, I didn’t forget, it’s that we put this specialist all over the place, on the web, on social and even in e-commerce.

Who is the Web Content Editor? He is the one who produces content that could be: 1) on a website’s blog and therefore articles and textual topics; 2) on social pages for posts and be literal or visual through videos.

When working in e-commerce, this expert creates, edits, and enhances product sheets with technical content, descriptions, photos, and images.

As always, I would say that if you feel like delving into these topics too, there is a great webinar you can register for below, or find out how to choose a course on the new digital professions as an employee or self-employed person.

Career Ideas from home

How to earn money from home? The transformation of the market has given rise to new professional figures: new jobs characterized by creativity, quality, and innovation. More and more young people – but also the not-so-young – are now looking for entrepreneurial ideas to launch themselves into self-employment or are looking for ideas to change jobs.

If you think that a traditional job is not for you, if you don’t see yourself within four office walls for eight hours a day, every day, you could consider a series of activities that allow you to manage your time as you prefer.

You could also consider working from home or, for example, working online while traveling. Nowadays, work is as “liquid” as society, to use an expression of sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, and it is increasingly common for people to try to invent a trade or create gainful employment for themselves.

In fact, seriously considering self-employment ideas could be a good viaticum if you do not feel in line with existing job offers. If something does not exist, you can create your own opportunity to earn money and change your professional life.


Among the new self-employed career is the Web Copywriter. To become one, one must have innate writing skills and excellent language knowledge. The copywriter is a person who continuously studies, reads, invents, and writes. He engages in writing texts for a campaign and communication.

He realizes effective communication around the brand to be promoted and can work either independently or as an employee. You might also have the idea of working in the tourism sector and becoming a travel blogger who writes while traveling the world.


A profession that has developed in 2016 is that of the Interior Relooker. An idea of creative work that is still little known, opens the door to anyone with good taste in interior design and proportions and a good knowledge of the web. This figure offers advice via the Internet or telephone to anyone who needs to remodel and refresh their homes, offices, or premises.

The creative idea came from 9 young people who had just graduated in architecture. They wanted to present themselves on the job market through an innovative methodology, positioning themselves in a niche with little traffic and competition.

Precisely because it is not a well-known profession, adequate publicity is needed, perhaps by exploiting social networks. If you intend to start such an activity, you can open your own Facebook page, build your own website, or even a personal blog where you can present your knowledge and skills and make yourself better known to your potential customers.

idea of creative career

Tips for self-employment career


Another interesting career idea for anyone who needs to retrain or change occupation is to become a Wedding Planner. That of a wedding planner is an established job, but still little known. Imported from the States, it is an occupation that is anything but simple.

The wedding planner takes care of all the romantic and creative aspects of the wedding: photography, make-up, wedding rings and dresses, floral decorations, and finally the banquet. The qualities of a good wedding planner are organization skills, good taste, and sobriety.

Then, you can post your successes on social networks. Don’t stop at Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest could do the trick and help you reach other future brides and grooms.

Part-time job ideas

There are many people who are looking for a part-time job in order to have free time to devote to their passions, or to their family, or many young people are looking for a job that they can do in parallel with their university studies. And again, many people who already have a main profession evaluate part-time job offers to supplement their income.

Among these, domestic work activities, such as assembly or packaging work from home, are very much in vogue. In addition, there are many opportunities to work in fashion, wellness, and tourism. You could look for new business ideas, an online job from home, or find a way to work online while traveling.


Among the most fashionable part-time job inspirations at the moment is the figure of the Personal Shopper. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in job applications for this profession. The personal shopper assists customers in buying gifts, clothing, furniture, and more. A professional shopper can earn from $150/200 for a three to four-hour consultation with the customer, up to $150 per hour for the most established personal shoppers.

Among the new ideas for working, why not mention the home cook? This figure arose from the need of customers to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded restaurants or to organize a lunch or dinner for a special occasion.

how to choose a career

The chef is contacted and a quote is drawn up according to the customer’s needs. He is responsible for shopping, cooking, serving the dishes, and cleaning up the kitchen.

The start-up costs of this business are very low, quite different from those needed to run a restaurant, and the fees are very attractive: they range between $400 and $600 per service.


Another useful idea for a part-time job is that of a pet sitter. More and more people are unable to coordinate their lives and commitments with those of their pets. This is where the pet sitter comes in, a profession that can also be done on a part-time basis.

This job is ideal for people who love caring for animals and develops a lot through word of mouth from satisfied pet owners. A pet sitter must not only have a love and passion for animals but also a sense of responsibility and proven experience in dealing with animals.


If you are a sporty person, a personal trainer is also a good part-time job and can be done by people of any age, men and women who want to stay in shape and be looked after one or two hours a day by a training professional.

A personal trainer must establish an empathetic relationship with clients and have an in-depth knowledge of the fitness world. He or she may also collaborate with several gyms or follow people with special needs on a dedicated basis. Professionalism and competence complete the profile of a good personal trainer.

But how to make yourself known? Have you thought about creating a blog? Today, giving voice to your business through a blog also proves to be an effective tool for personal branding.

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How to invent self-employment

Having an idea for a new business is great, but then actually starting it is definitely an important step because it means putting yourself out there, confronting the market, your competitors, and above all your target customers.

If you want to take this path, you could, for example, create your own start-up, or you could come up with ideas for opening a shop, or an online business. So many young people are rediscovering and renewing “old” professions, such as farming and animal husbandry.

create your own startup

What if the real innovation was to “renew” the professions of the past? Maybe even digitizing businesses! There are numerous calls for non-repayable funding made available by the European community to finance new female or young entrepreneurial activities.

Among the professions rediscovered in recent years are, for example:

  • Beekeeping;
  • heliculture;
  • organic farming.

Beekeeping, which is definitely among the new profitable jobs, consists of keeping bees and is a type of activity that does not require a large basic investment. All you need to get started is a plot of land and some hives. This trade can be done as a second job, or as a part-time activity.

Heliculture is the breeding of snails, which are increasingly in demand in the food and cosmetics markets. There are many companies that harvest “snail slime” for herbal applications or for the creation of organic, cruelty-free creams. Again, the initial investment is not so exorbitant and this enterprise can be carried out by working about 20 hours a week.

Have you ever thought of working in the countryside? Organic farming is another segment of the jobs of yesteryear to be rediscovered. A lot of young people are taking up farming again to produce organic food that they can sell on the Internet by creating e-commerce.

The budget for starting out is not very high, it depends a lot on the size of the land you intend to cultivate and the type of equipment you are going to buy.

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