In this article, we will see what digital sales are, what they consist of, and how new effective sales techniques are developed. This is a great opportunity for professionals and businesses, which you too can take advantage of.

Those involved in digital sales increasingly play a key role in the business of today’s companies. Any reality, whether B2B or B2C, must aim to have a competent sales force and above all able to evolve according to market developments.

In the video below, I present new sales techniques that are already tested and working, explaining why it is necessary to have digital sales skills to make your business run smoothly, all subjects that I deal with carefully in the Digital Sales Course.

Digital Sales: what they are

In the first definition of digital sales, we can say that we are talking about sales that materialize thanks to:

  • a mix of one-to-one actions, carried out by a commercial employee (digital seller)
  • in correlation to massive and automated operations, carried out through online tools and channels.

Any type of company can structure a sales department with high-yield potential, thanks to the right resources and tools. If you want to retrain yourself professionally, the Digital Sales Course will help you easily obtain the skills needed to do this job. If, on the other hand, you have a company, are you ready to seize all the opportunities of digital sales?

How to do Digital Sales

Before talking about how to develop new sales techniques, it is important to immediately clarify the difference between digital sales and E-commerce.

In sales that pass through eCommerce platforms, the user proceeds alone, with total autonomy and without any direct human contact.

digital sales ecommerce

This has certainly happened to you: you connect to the e-shop of your favorite store, choose the products, add them to your cart, make the payment, and wait for the products to be delivered directly to your home. In a few minutes and you will have completed the purchasing process without external interference.

How can sales be maximized by intervening even in a process that at first glance seems to work perfectly on its own? This is where online sales techniques come into play and the Master in Digital Marketing will help you acquire the necessary skills.

At this point, a question arises. So, what do digital marketers do? They manage to finalize the sale, through multiple strategies involving both the offline and online spheres. They make use of direct contact with the buyer, in conjunction with various digital actions. Let’s see specifically what they are and how to make them work best.

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Intercept users who search online

When a need or need arises in the user, usually the first thing he does is turn to search engines. Working through the study of keywords, the first fundamental step in digital sales is precisely to intercept these searches and consequently, the users who have carried them out and provide or rather propose a solution through their products/services.

Create an ad hoc landing page

Where to converge all the traffic of interested users? Creating a landing page is a great way to level the ground.

  1. Create a landing page where you explain your product in detail and present your offer: try to be attractive and use the right words, proposing a valid solution to the “problem” that the user has entered.
  2. Highlight why what you offer is unique, try to distinguish yourself from competitors, study in detail all those who offer something similar, and optimize your power.

Request data via the contact form

Inside the landing page, there will be a form through which users, by leaving their data, will automatically enter the CRM and will be contactable in the future as well as tracked.

It is important to create or update your prospect database. A piece of advice: avoid asking for too much data, you risk tiring the user who might decide to leave it alone. Focus on the essential data and think about what could be useful to you in the future, to solicit inactive leads.

Manage data through CRM

How important is it to know how to manage contacts that you have earned with so much effort? A lot, but with the right tools it can become an important activity in terms of results.

What not to forget? To “feed” these contacts.

They indeed signed up of their own free will, but why not take the opportunity to build their loyalty by offering them seductive content? CRMs such as Salesmate, Zoho CRM, and Insightlyl come to our aid in this situation, because they are software where the data of all potential customers are stored and are therefore more easily consultable.

How to sell in the digital age

The first contact with potential customers takes place automatically through an ad hoc email. However, it is also true that in digital sales the human relationship is fundamental.

how to sell digital age

When the digital seller calls on the phone, the prospect makes the first important human contact: he will try to understand the wishes, objectives, constraints, and budget limits, finally proposing a commercial visit with an expert directly at home.

The moment of the telephone chat is strategic, in fact, it captures all the sensations and emotions that have brought the interlocutor up there.

It may be absurd, but a good salesperson must know how to get in touch with the person on the phone, must listen to them, and understand their most intrinsic needs.

At the end of the call, if our potential customer has been vague or undecided in the answer, it’s time to send an email via CRM that remembers what was said on the phone and allows you to book the visit at the user’s home.

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The importance of human contact

It could happen that the user who has not decided to make the sale over the phone with the operator instead decides later to proceed independently through online booking.

At this point a sales technician goes to visit him at home, preparing an ad hoc project and an estimate.

After the in-person visit, the salesperson returns to the office and enters the potential customer’s data into the CRM, then sends the promised quote. Unfortunately, in most cases, we see quotes sent on deaf ears, or after sending, no action follows. Now, by taking advantage of digital tools, valuable data can be collected to be used for subsequent digital sales actions, even in cases of silence on the part of the customer.

The link between the website and CRM

Choosing to connect the website to a CRM allows you to have all the information necessary to track the behavior of potential customers and prepare a digital strategy, for example: understand how many estimates have been sent, how many responses have arrived, etc.

How to make the most of the data that the CRM provides us? Here is a practical example:

  • Measure lead scoring

Let’s look at a customer who has visited your website 10 times in the last period, stopping in particular on a page that explains the advantages of your product or service. The user automatically takes sides as a potential buyer, and how can we encourage him to buy?

  • Recontact the customer

A phone call from a digital salesperson could be essential to unblock the situation. This is a typical example where human contact makes the difference. When you say “just one right word at the right time”.

  • Take advantage of the promos

To eliminate any doubts that hinder the sale, a smart action could be to create a personalized promo right on the product sought by the prospect. Receiving an email announcing the offer would create even greater desire in the recipient, and in most cases, that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back: the purchase takes place.

What advantages can digital selling offer?

Using Digital Sales in the sales process gives you the possibility to:

  • Fulfilling customer wishes Today, the vast majority of B2B customers want to be able to make a digital purchase supported by a “human”. After doing his research on the internet, he wishes he could talk to someone knowledgeable about the product. The trick is knowing when to intervene in the customer journey.
  • Get to know your prospect by analyzing Digital Sales data – all the traces left while browsing offer you useful suggestions to fully understand your customer’s tastes, habits, and desires.
  • Building long-term relationships with customers – the more you know your customers, the more you can satisfy their wishes.

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Digital Sales Professionals

You will have understood that when we talk about sales techniques and the professional figure in digital sales we mean the evolution of the old-fashioned salesman, who is now able to achieve the sales objective with the help of digital tools.

I want to be honest, I admit that in the world of work, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the role of the salesperson.

If we then talk about digital commercials, the confusion doubles, and in most cases, other professionals such as digital marketers (who do a completely different job) are brought into play.

What does a Digital Seller do?

Today, companies that aim to increase turnover through sales must strengthen the sales team through figures with two “souls”: on the one hand sales experts and on the other digitally competent, this explains the difference between salesmen and marketers.

These new figures will have the task of supporting sales, through online techniques and tools.

These are tasks that are quite distinct from those that deal with digital marketing; in the latter case, the goal is to make the brand known to as many users as possible, using online tools, to increase brand awareness.

However, the synergy of the two teams remains successful in engaging new customers online and grabbing all those business opportunities that would otherwise be lost.

How to Become a digital seller

Becoming a digital sales specialist today is a smart choice because such figures are strategic for the company’s business.

sales benefits

What you can do right away is learn how to use technology, and digital tools and take advantage of all this to your advantage, because those who know how to make a sale through digital will distinguish themselves from the classic sales figures and will have many more points to their advantage. winning the interviews, becoming a real salesman of the future.

The idea of ??being able to make a change in one’s career is stimulating, getting more and more information and getting involved is the turning point to always have new professional opportunities. The aspect that we have repeatedly repeated in this article is precisely that of technology: the advent of digital has irreparably changed the cards on the table and to be attractive and to make one’s strategy work, one must acquire transversal skills.

Why is it necessary to have digital sales skills?

We know well and we all agree that sales are the basis of the success of any entrepreneurial or management activity, which is why if you are looking for a path towards which to direct your career, becoming digital sales could be exciting and profitable.

If you’re already in the sales industry, you have a great opportunity to become a digital sales specialist, which is the evolution of the old-fashioned salesperson. Instead, if you are an entrepreneur with your own company, setting up a digital sales system would make you win over your competitors and make a difference in the market.

The career of these figures is very rapid and on the rise. Even starting from a junior position and proving your worth, in a short time you can grow and aspire to the position of digital sales manager.

All you have to do is get involved and accept the challenge.