Fear of losing job: 3 ways to overcome it

Does fear of losing job become a constant worry for you? Don’t despair; what you’re feeling is entirely human.

Many businesses, especially in this complex period, are struggling, forced to battle a crisis with no end in sight. So, having fear is perfectly normal, but not all troubles come to harm.

I’ve seen many people with the same fear, and I can assure you they managed to overcome it. How? They found the strength to make choices they had been postponing for years, due to reasons including:

  • Work-related anxiety;
  • Fear of making mistakes;
  • Ergophobia;
  • Depression from the wrong job.

All of this kept them in their comfort zone, convinced that the balance of a quiet life would be enough. But this stability could prove rather precarious, especially if the sector you work in is already in decline.

If you want to enter a field that’s constantly growing, you need to move online. Sure, it won’t be an immediate change; it will require commitment and good training.

You can achieve this by enrolling in one of our courses, such as the Digital Marketing Course Program, to acquire the necessary skills to carve out a new space for yourself in the job market.

The article you’re about to read delves into the following topics covered in the video you just watched:

  • Managing the fear of losing a job;
  • Professional requalification after being laid off;
  • Useful knowledge to re-enter the workforce.

Reasons why people might be afraid of losing a job

The fear of losing one’s job can stem from various factors, and while these reasons differ from person to person, there are common concerns shared by many individuals experiencing this fear.

  1. Financial Concerns: fear arises from the possibility of losing income used to cover essential expenses like housing, bills, and groceries. Anxiety frequently results in anticipating the worst-case scenario, underscoring the significance of concentrating on current actions to secure a better future.
  2. Stress of Transition: anxiety is heightened when contemplating the shift to a new job or work environment. Knowing your current colleagues and the workplace can breed anxiety when it comes to managing new responsibilities and forming new relationships. overcoming this fear means welcoming potential opportunities and being receptive to fresh new experiences.
  3. Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome: many experience imposter syndrome, questioning their abilities and attributing achievements to luck. Looking back on past accomplishments, academic achievements, positive relationships, and the positive impact on others can bolster one’s qualifications and abilities, helping to counter self-doubt.

How to overcome the fear of losing job in 3 steps

Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to win an insane amount in the lottery or receive a huge inheritance, you need to work. Unfortunately, this necessity is a source of daily anxieties and worries for many.

Asking oneself “How do I know if I’m doing the right job?” is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more people ask Google what the symptoms of burnout are or why they’re afraid to go to work.

Indeed, all professions can lead to genuine mental disorders. Burnout syndrome and ergophobia, the fear of work, are certainly among the worst.

However, the real problem at the moment is the fear of becoming unemployed. If this anxiety haunts you, before throwing in the towel and despairing, take a deep breath and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Try to understand if you’re at risk of being laid off;
  2. Learn to think positively;
  3. Discover how to increase self-esteem.


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1. Find out if it makes sense to be afraid

In recent years, the fear of losing one’s job has started to affect a large number of employees. Traditional offline activities no longer yield the profits they once did.

Many companies are closing down, and unemployment shows no signs of decreasing. Fortunately, there are still growing sectors, especially in terms of sustainability and new technologies.

So, if you are engaged in significant activities in these fields, you have little to worry about. However, if you are one of the many people employed in struggling companies, anxiety might be justified.

But this doesn’t mean you will be laid off soon, so try to avoid panicking and dedicate time to increasing your value. This means you should arm yourself with strength and courage to transform worry into a commitment to get out of your impasse.

You’ll need to start studying to reposition yourself professionally, choosing a field with a strong demand for highly qualified individuals.

2. Fight negative emotions

What else can you do if you fear losing your job? To overcome the fear of losing your job, you need to stop associating negative emotions with it.

First and foremost, this means addressing the fear of failure in maintaining your position, and then also working on other aspects such as:

  • Having to go to the office;
  • Having to get up and work on things you detest;
  • Fear of making mistakes at work.

Feeling anxiety, fear, or even panic about what you do is neither healthy nor functional. Your profession should give you energy, positive feelings, and motivation. This is what will make the rest of your life better.

overcome fear of losing job

It’s normal to be unhappy when work causes anxiety, especially considering it’s an activity that occupies a large part of your days. So, what do you do when your job is too stressful?

Make changes! Start searching for a new professional activity that:

  • You enjoy;
  • You are passionate about;
  • Aligns with your skills and passions;
  • Allows you to express yourself and give your best.

In short, the least stressful job you can aspire to should inspire you to learn and grow, even when you are off working hours.

3. Learn to believe in yourself

The third problem is that you don’t trust yourself enough. If you did, most likely you wouldn’t find yourself consumed by anxiety because you’re afraid of losing your job.

A self-confident person keeps such fears at a distance, plays their game, and does everything to win it. If you have low self-esteem and don’t believe in your skills and abilities, you won’t be able to counteract the fear of losing your job.

Fortunately, nowadays, whether you want to pursue self-employment or traditional employment, you are no longer alone in your training and placement journey but can rely on specialized individuals.

These experts will ease your professional fears by helping you build a “training schedule” based on your skills and strengths. This way, you can acquire the essential valuable skills to make yourself indispensable to companies and clients.

When you see the excellent results you have achieved, the fear of being fired will vanish, and your self-esteem will grow.

What actions to consider after losing your job

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: what to do when faced with the fear of losing your job? And most importantly, how to act in the event of a layoff? There are two options:

  • Pursue a digital profession;
  • Become a freelancer.

I want to delve into these two points with you.

Formats for working in digital

Why might becoming a web marketing expert be helpful in overcoming the fear of job loss?

New digital professions are jobs that are recession-proof, often referred to as “future professions” precisely because of the continuous growth in demand, which, in contrast, has an undersupply struggling to keep up.

Here are some of the digital jobs that companies currently have a strong need for:

  • Content Specialist
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Coach
  • Advertising Expert
  • E-commerce Manager

And not only that, even the most traditional jobs today require increasingly advanced digital skills and preferably, ones that can be performed remotely with agility.

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Be your own boss

The second way to overcome the fear of losing your job is through online self-employment.

There are numerous professions you can pursue independently, perhaps from the comfort of your home, with a very minimal initial investment.

Before diving into this field, I recommend figuring out which self-employment opportunity suits you best. Typically, at Digital Coach, we conduct an analysis of the individual to understand what might drive them in one direction or another.

We then provide tools for both practical and operational aspects, offering the necessary skills to work in the digital realm, as well as entrepreneurial skills, including managerial and organizational competencies.

Therefore, the world of self-employment opens up a range of new solutions compared to the past. Each of them is not inherently better than the others; you need to find what fits you best.

Among the various possibilities, we have:

There are truly many alternatives. Most of the options we teach are low-risk and require a small budget.


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What you need are the right skills. You definitely need to educate yourself to understand how to enter this market and start earning.

It’s essential to understand that whether you’re an employee or self-employed, you have the power to choose. So, seize the opportunity and transform a problem, a worry, or an anxiety, into a huge opportunity.

Why digital skills help you avoid job loss

How can computer literacy help you overcome the fear of losing your job

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of this problem, especially because work has gradually become more virtual, no longer primarily tied to a physical location where you go every morning.

The digitization of work has highlighted how the need to have employees prepared to manage projects and tasks remotely is crucial for the economic recovery of businesses.

digital skills helps avoid job loss

Digital jobs, in fact, have shown a strong ability to adapt to the current condition and effectively face it from the start.

What steps should you take if you’re on the verge of losing your job?

Neglecting the development of your own digital skills or not considering the path of digital professions could be, at present, a serious mistake for those who do not want to be laid off.

Conclusion and free coaching

I hope that, by explaining how to prepare for the worst, this article has reduced your fear of losing your job. However, if you were to become unemployed, remember that when you hit rock bottom, you can only find the determination to start in a new direction.

Furthermore, you will also have more time to train, learn new things, and reflect on what you really want and have always wanted.  My invitation is to avoid handling these moments alone; get assistance by requesting a free consultation with one of our experts.

Finally, try to be optimistic! The opportunity you have now is given by the awareness that you have no choice but to change radically. 

The current condition is filled with anxiety and fear, but it can only push you to take that leap forward that you haven’t been able to make all these years.

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