Highest paid online jobs: what they are and how much they earn

What are the highest paid online jobs I could choose from when I grow up? If you are a forward-thinking student, you are surely asking yourself this question.

In fact, young people find themselves having to think about their training path in the light of what their job will subsequently become. They need to deal not only with their own personal attitudes but also with future opportunities and job prospects.

This speech is valid for any sector and even more for those who want to make a career in the digital world where the best-paid online jobs are establishing themselves.

To begin with, you will need to invest in your education, for example, by getting a Digital Marketing Certification. Leverage your passions, and your interests, get trained, practice in the field, and certify your skills.

The need to want to do a well-paid job does not only concern young people but also who already have a job and realize that that profession will never pay them much, that it will be impossible to make a rapid path of personal and career growth adequately accompanied by economic satisfaction.

In whichever of the two situations you find yourself in, this resource will be useful for you to have suggestions and clear indications of which are the highest paid online jobs that could be a great opportunity if you have the desire to change or improve your economic condition.

Top 10 highest paid online jobs

So what are the 10 highest paid online jobs?

These are the professions:

  • within digital and technological fields
  • highly strategic for corporate businesses
  • equipped with managerial and/or specialist skills and competencies
  • essential for tackling the challenges that the paradigm shift requires us.

We are talking about digital jobs because there are the greatest opportunities for the next few years on the Net, and the highest paid online jobs are always those with the highest rate of innovation and strategic importance.

In fact, it is there for all to see how the labor market has undergone a revolution over the years due to the diffusion of the Internet and new technologies. On the one hand, there are consumers:

  • always connected and interconnected with each other;
  • with an aptitude towards technological tools;
  • a network of contacts;
  • a level of influence over one’s peers;
  • a specific social and relational identity.

On the other hand, new ways of working are emerging where collaboration, sharing, and synchronicity are relevant factors together with mobility, allowing you to carry out work at any time and wherever you are.

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E-commerce Manager

If we talk about a company with a complex online shop with hundreds and thousands of items, the E-commerce Manager should be their figure who earns the most generous salary because it deals with both site marketing and e-commerce in the strict sense at the same time.

What does an E-commerce Manager do specifically?

 It is a complete and articulated role that:

  • develop strategies and operational plans to bring traffic and conversions to the site;
  • simultaneously manages sales, marketing, product, service, and logistics aspects;
  • interprets and analyzes market trends;
  • works on the satisfaction and loyalty of the customer base.

Supervising and coordinating all phases of the online sales process, an E-commerce manager can receive a monthly salary with a range of 2,500 and 6,000/7,000 USD net, depending on seniority and the company for which he works.

Digital Marketing Manager

This role is one of the highest paid online jobs.

research about highest paid online jobs

The Digital Marketing Manager who works in multinational companies could receive an improved salary, not by virtue of the importance of the role but in light of the size of the company in which he works. Or he could also have responsibility for the online shop under him precisely on the basis of the company organization chart.

He personally contributes to 360° digital strategies, including web marketing, social media management, and possibly electronic commerce.

It is a profession of responsibility because:

  • supervises,
  • directs,
  • coordinates resources (Web Designer, Copywriter, Web Developer, SEO/SEM Specialist, Media Planner, Media Buyer, Community manager, Digital PR, etc.),
  • makes decisions on the online presence tout court on all traffic channels and on all sales channels.

In light of the complexity and length of training required (it takes an average of 8/10 years to train digital marketers), it is normal for this career to be part of the highest paid online jobs.

He can receive a salary from 2,500/3,000 USD up to 6,000/7.00 USD per month, therefore a good salary if we are always talking about net figures.

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Social Media Manager

Be wary of those who declare themselves on LinkedIn as Social Media Managers just because they manage a page or a profile. In this case, most have low monthly income or are similar to a specialist. A true Social Media Manager operates in large, structured companies with complex ecosystems.

In detail, speaking of work:

  • defines objectives and plans strategies;
  • takes care of content and editorial plans for the various social networks on which the company is present;
  • manage and optimize advertising on platforms;
  • develop brand awareness;
  • monitors reputation on the Net;
  • deals with digital PR;
  • coordinates a team of resources.

Therefore, it is configured as a profitable and one of the highest paid online jobs with a salary ranging between approximately 2,000 and 4,000 USD, also depending on the budget it manages.

Web Marketing Manager

He is the one who manages the online presence of the brand or company but does not deal with the social part. The main objectives of his work are:

  • define the marketing plan;
  • promote a company’s products and services on the Internet;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • increase sales.

Precisely because of its close correlation with Sales, it is among the highest paid online jobs and receives around 2,000 and 4,000 USD per month depending on the contexts in which it operates (SMEs, startups, multinationals, or agencies).

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Cyber Security Manager

The Cyber Security Manager is one of the highest paid online jobs and sought-after in every sector, given the growing importance of the topic of data and network security.

cybersecurity manager role

His professional perimeter is broad but limited:

  • analyzes the IT systems in use;
  • works on plans to prevent cyber attacks;
  • monitors the functioning and effectiveness of anti-malware systems;
  • identifies and neutralizes potential threats;
  • supervises data backup.

The Cyber Security Manager makes the company protected and less vulnerable to cyber attacks by responding to a crucial need in this historical moment. As such, it is one of the most profitable digital jobs in its own right.

The size of the company and the degree of technological development affect the remuneration, which stands at between 30,000 and 60,000 USD a year.

SEO Specialist

The SEO Specialist (Search Engine Optimization) deals with the organic positioning of each page of the site on search engines.

duties of seo specialists

The SEO Specialist sees among their own work:

  • analyze the pages of a site and optimize them so that they reach the highest possible position within the SERP of search engines;
  • act on the site to increase the visibility of the pages and ensure growing traffic.

The technical and operational aspects can support a creative part of SEO copywriting (writing of articles and pages), which could, however, be delegated to another specialist.

Pay per Click or SEM Specialist

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the term used to refer to paid advertising on the Internet. It is a specialist in planning and optimizing the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

It operates mainly on Google Ads panels following the SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Its goal is to increase the number of clicks on the ad to convert or obtain qualified leads.

These jobs take place within a web agency with the following tasks:

  • manage customer accounts;
  • create and schedule campaigns;
  • supervise existing campaigns and make recommendations on optimization;
  • write captivating copy for ads;
  • analyze trends and make data-driven decisions;
  • produce detailed analyzes and reports.

For strategic and strong technical components, an SEM Specialist receives up to 2,000 USD per month, which makes it one of the highest paid online jobs.

Web Analytics Specialist

The Web Analytics Specialist puts data analysis at the center of his focus in order to transform them into action. After analyzing the site’s data, he manages to make the metrics simple and intelligible to management, helping him to make decisions based on the numbers.

A good part of his time is spent on:

  • in analyzing and solving business problems, such as a drop in the conversion rate or an increase in the bounce rate on some pages
  • in studying the conversion funnel and navigation flows;
  • testing different solutions.

His natural inclination toward numbers but, above all, towards analysis makes a Web Analytics Specialist one of the highest paid online jobs on the market.

WordPress Specialist

The large diffusion of the WordPress CMS means that the WordPress Specialist is both within well-paid jobs on the web and in great demand.

wp specialist responsibilities

What does this expert do for work? Basically, install the theme and plugins that the customer needs to create the company site.

Therefore, he takes care of creating pages and articles working on the backend. He can take care of the creation of new graphic themes, plugins, and other solutions for WordPress himself, like a developer with good knowledge of the Php (Hypertext Preprocessor) language, i.e., the language with which this CMS is created.

He generally works in agencies commissioned by companies or professionals who have a site or blog and want to make improvements or switch to WordPress. Halfway between the technical developer and creative designer sides, these specialists have an interesting profile with ample potential in the market and are definitely well paid.

Programmer or Developer

The centrality of the creation of sites, apps, and platforms can also be seen in the growing demand for web developers or computer programmers. Speaking instead of the issue of remuneration, developers, and programmers are among the highest paid professionals in the digital IT sector.

This expert creates, designs, and manages websites and applications. At the base, there is specific knowledge of programming languages, network, and server configuration protocols, combined with an aesthetic and functional sensitivity that makes the browsing experience pleasant.

At the nomenclature level, there is a difference between a programmer and a developer. The former mainly deals with writing and testing the lines of code, while the latter acts on software development, but in reality, the specialist knows how to operate in both areas.

Highest paid freelance businesses

Always remaining in the perimeter of the highest paid online jobs, another alternative is to open a simple VAT number, even on a flat-rate basis, and start your own business doing the same jobs that I described to you before, thus becoming self-employed!

profitable freelance businesses

In this situation, you offer your professionalism as a freelance not only to a company but to multiple companies or digital agencies that work on behalf of a large number of clients at the same time.

It’s about securing a job and professional support, temporary or continuous, to companies that want to outsource some of the digital marketing activities, such as the social media manager, the SEO Specialist, or the consultant in the digital advertising area who do not want or cannot hire internally but who are among the most sought-after jobs.

A good freelancer has analytical skills, an aptitude for coaching and consultancy, and communication and interpersonal skills to interface with different sectors and companies. He carries out work on projects or has the autonomous management of an area.

Speaking of hourly remuneration, well-paid freelancers can go from 50 USD an hour to 200 based on the service’s seniority and level of specialization.

Conclusions and orientation to the best-paid jobs

Why are some online jobs more profitable than others? How to get paid better?

 To understand it, you have to think logically and strategically.

Primarily, the more the jobs contribute to generating turnover, the higher the salary will be, and you will be paid, or, in any case, the willingness to pay well will increase. This is why roles related to the sale or creation of new products that bring in additional turnover are always included among the best paid ones.

The more the jobs are strategic and relevant to the core business, the higher the economic consideration will be. On the contrary, if the role is operational, routine, and not very specialized, the paycheck will be in the average of the lowest-paid clerical jobs.

The second reflection concerns the hierarchy: the more senior you are in a company, the more handsomely you will be paid. The professional managing responsibilities and resources will always have a higher salary than employees or staff.

The company’s size and family, national or international nature also plays a role in determining the salary. Large companies with a strong digital vocation offer higher salaries than SMEs or employers. In this case, an executive will earn even more than a small business owner.

The last element to take into account is seniority. The salary increases with the years of experience and works behind them; rather than mechanical seniority, the jobs become increasingly better paid by acquiring solid and extensive skills from years of experience in the field.

However, fear not; digital career paths are much faster than in the traditional industry and immediately offer important economic rewards.


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