How to achieve your goals: 5 step guide

How to achieve your goals? Achieving a goal might mean attaining a significant result, but it’s not always the case.

For instance, if we consider a goal as completing an important project, simply finishing it on time could be considered a success.

However, in sports jargon, there’s a difference between hitting and hitting the target: one must measure the outcomes to claim to have achieved a goal.

In both sports and work, having talent isn’t enough; one must analyze the journey and ensure that each step is taken optimally, to avoid realizing, perhaps only at the end, that they must admit defeat without having learned the lesson.

The journey is evaluated upon arrival, considering that results matter as much as the actions that led to their achievement. To achieve a goal in life, it’s crucial to plan activities in the medium and long term.

Having a vision for the future isn’t sufficient; what’s needed is a solid strategy. I recommend checking out the Management Scale-Up course, which will enable you to plan step-by-step actions to attain the set goals.

What does achieving a goal mean?

First and foremost, what does setting a goal mean? It means embarking on a journey with a clear focus from the start and having the ability not to lose sight of it. It’s like having a lighthouse during a storm.

Even if confidence in one’s ability to achieve the goal wavers, this beacon makes it easier to find the way back to the final target.

However, to achieve a result, it’s not enough just to have a clear goal; maintaining high motivation is also necessary. Winning boosts morale, as well as self-confidence. One feels immediately ready and able to face that challenge again and again.

On the contrary, not achieving a goal leads to a loss of motivation and confidence in one’s abilities.

how to achieve your goals in life

For example, an athlete, when reaching the finish line, knows that the bulk of the work is done and that the journey, which began with the first training sessions, has led to a result.

Did they perform well? Poorly? The stopwatch will tell. Successfully reaching the target is like crossing the finish line at the best possible time. And if that’s not the case? How to maintain focus on the objective?

True success lies not so much in achieving the final goal but rather in the ability to measure intermediate results, in being aware of the path taken, and one’s margin for improvement.

Professional athletes, in fact, don’t measure their results solely from the podium they manage to reach, but rather from the performance time and the journey that led them to, referring to the world of sports again, achieve a goal.

The evaluation must necessarily follow a criterion: objectivity. Only measurable results are important because they’re not influenced by personal judgment.

How to achieve your goals in 5 steps

No one can claim to have a foolproof recipe that will always lead to achieving the desired goal. The first significant step to attaining a desired goal is to cultivate a winning entrepreneurial mindset.

Having a mindset ready to tackle challenges to reach set objectives and, most importantly, ready to build new ones from scratch, is the key that will allow you not to navigate in uncertain waters anymore but, differently, to have a clear understanding of what to do and what not to do.

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1. Define your goals

When you want to define the goal, the first step to start off on the right foot is to understand how a goal is born and consequently define it with the highest degree of precision.

The more precise it is, the easier the phase of result measurement will be. You must, therefore, clearly define every element.

One trick could be referring to the journalistic rule of the 5Ws:

  • Who? You can apply this strategy for achieving a professional goal or you could contribute to reaching a group goal. In the latter case, however, it must be ensured that all group members respect its definition and follow the execution plan in the most coordinated and synergistic way possible.
  • What? What is the goal I want to achieve? The challenge is to try to answer this question in the most detailed way possible. Not having clear goals results in a higher probability of failure because the paths and measurements will consider more elements and be less focused.
  • When? A fundamental point of a successful strategy is defining the timing. Set a deadline, a final date by which to achieve the set goal and intermediate milestones.
  • Why? To achieve your goals, motivation is crucial. How can I say it with certainty? Try asking athletes who have trained over the years and managed to reach the Olympics.
  • Where? Not so obvious, so let me explain with a concrete example. The goal I want to achieve could be, for example, writing a good article about Fashion Week once it’s over because I’m interested in working in luxury fashion communication and I’m highly motivated to demonstrate my skills. Having your own space in an online newspaper is, however, very different from writing for a print magazine. In turn, having your own space in a magazine is different from the same space, however, in a daily newspaper and so on. This is to make you understand how important it is to define from where to start to reach that goal.


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2. Establish priorities

Having too many goals prevents you from focusing on what truly matters. Choose the goal to achieve: it’s a good practice to set no more than 2.

Dedicating 100% of your energy to them, without wasting any, will allow you to achieve them in the shortest possible time and will create a self-sustaining cycle of success.

Knowing how to manage your time effectively will enable you to achieve the goal by increasing self-esteem, and confidence, and, most importantly, motivation will be high enough to immediately start a new one.

3. Develop an action plan

The third step is to develop an action plan that will eventually achieve the target. In this phase, you need to include two components:

  • Activities to be performed;
  • Timelines.

To revisit the example given earlier about fashion week. Hypothetically, if you wanted to attend the runway shows in person but don’t have press credentials, what can you do? You must ask yourself: how can I achieve the set goals?

At this point, you can start building your personal strategy to reach the predefined purpose. Setting all the intermediate stages will give you a clearer picture of the challenges you need to overcome to reach the finish line.

No goal exists without a time component. Do you want to achieve a short-term or medium-to-long-term goal? Within what timeframe do you want to achieve it?

Set a deadline: reaching the goal without losing focus on the objective will already indicate the success or failure of the path you are taking. Once the final deadline is defined, you will be able to plan the intermediate steps.

You must, therefore, always following the example of fashion week, understand that if you want to personally attend the final evening’s runway shows, you must ask yourself: by when do I need to request press credentials?

So, to put it more clearly, you must ask yourself: within what timeframe can I achieve my goal?

4. Create your winning routine

Our day is naturally composed of habits. We wake up in a certain way, have breakfast, brush our teeth, or vice versa, and so on until night when we go back to sleep.

In the end, all our actions follow a precise pattern, even against our will. But this can be seen as a huge advantage that can truly lead you to the achievement of your goal.

Even starting from scratch, you can create a routine to reach your objective. To begin, the first small steps you need to take should be simple things that can gradually become more challenging.

Remember: starting immediately with routines that are too difficult to follow is counterproductive because if you fail, you lose confidence in yourself, and thus, your focus on the goal wavers.

Another major priority you need to work on while creating your winning routine is to boost your self-esteem daily.

A key element you must learn to cultivate every day is, therefore, personal branding, the art of becoming aware of your abilities and knowing how to convey them to the job market.

To better understand, in this case, you have to visualize yourself as a product to be sold. Therefore, if you want to achieve your set goals, you must be able to always showcase your strengths.

Another rule you must not forget is to reward yourself every time you manage to achieve each small step on your path to reach your goal. Rewarding yourself will give you the opportunity to associate a feeling of well-being that will help bring future projects to life.

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5. Analyze the achieved milestones

Did you do everything right? Did you clearly define the goal and the intermediate activities, and did you do it within the right timeframe? Only the result will tell you. The evaluation criteria must be objective.

Continuing with the example I gave you earlier, writing the article is a first step, but the achievement of the final goal will be the actual publication in the chosen journalistic outlet decided during the goal definition phase.

Analyzing the various milestones you have achieved or not achieved will provide you with a clearer overview of the right or wrong things done along the way.

analyze the goals achieved

Having objective data to work with allows you to consolidate all the actions you have noticed to be successful and, conversely, to eliminate all those that did not yield good results.

As I mentioned before, many times we create higher expectations than what is actually achieved. Don’t worry, it’s normal, and the solution is quite simple too.

One must be detached: not getting too excited when achieving the goal, but also not getting more discouraged than necessary when it’s not achieved.

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How to achieve a goal: an interview with Luca Papa

Attaining Success: how much does it affect our motivation?

A lot. For all of us, there’s a rule: we like what we are good at, and what we get results in. Our motivation is tied to our ability to achieve the intended purpose.

In fact, when we achieve good results, we tend to like what we have dedicated ourselves to more, and furthermore, we are much more motivated to pursue it.

What mistakes are made and how to avoid them?

Impatience and not considering a long-term timeframe. We all tend to want to achieve goals quickly and don’t look at our performance in the right medium to long-term perspective.

What usually happens is that we are in a hurry to achieve the goal in the shortest time possible, but if we don’t succeed within the expected time, we get demotivated and start feeling dissatisfied with ourselves.

The resulting demotivation leads us to dislike what we dedicated ourselves to, and as a natural consequence, we tend more and more to give up on our purpose.

How to improve your professional life results?

By adopting a precise strategy. First of all, we need to define them, because we can’t achieve results without having a predefined goal.

Once clarity is gained on the results we want to achieve, we need to define an execution plan, meaning, start acquiring new necessary and fundamental habits to achieve a professional goal and then incorporate them into our lifestyle.

At this point, the last step remains: take action.

Through action, we must have the intelligence to grasp new elements that allow us to continuously adjust our course and modify future actions. Finally, to achieve the desired results, just repeat this routine.

Conclusion and strategic counseling

If you’ve come this far, you’ve surely understood how important having a goal is and that, to accomplish it, planning and consistency are key elements.

Understanding how to achieve your goals is, in fact, one of the fundamental pillars if you want to create any successful strategy.

But if you ever have doubts, don’t worry because you can come back here and review the steps to achieve a goal to refresh your memory and regain that focus you might be losing.

Meanwhile, given your willingness to build new life goals, if you want to start delving into the world of Digital Marketing and want to have a few extra cards up your sleeve, request a free strategic consultation right away.

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