How to become an entrepreneur and succeed

Becoming an entrepreneur is the dream of many young and not-so-young people who would like to set up their own business in order to be independent and create a successful career.

The modern entrepreneurial image portrays businessmen as career-driven individuals with astronomical earnings, few hours of work per day, luxury trips, fame and notoriety. Actually behind this façade there are many factors that are unfortunately overlooked, such as training, investment of money and time and, above all, an enormous spirit of sacrifice. A businessman must have managerial skills, such as leadership, and be a pioneer of an innovative idea that they can realise with the contribution of people who believe in the same dream.

Moreover, to become an entrepreneur, one must be driven by strong motivation and possess the right mindset. While numerous situations may inspire individuals to aspire to be at the helm of an enterprise, only those who adopt the appropriate approach can successfully achieve this goal.

In this article, I will provide insights on how to become an entrepreneur and establish a profitable business. Specifically, I will cover the following aspects: 

  • the essential requirements to become an entrepreneur;
  • the steps to become an online entrepreneur in today’s digital landscape;
  • a range of digital entrepreneurship ideas.

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How to become an entrepreneur in 8 steps from scratch

What does it take to become an entrepreneur or a businesswoman? Regardless of your initial circumstances, starting a profitable business with the right mindset involves taking eight essential steps. Specifically, you need to:

What does it take to become an entrepreneur or businesswoman? Whatever your starting situation, to start a profitable business with the right mindset, there are eight steps to take. Specifically, you need to:

  1. having a strong passion: without it, it becomes difficult to overcome ambitious and challenging obstacles;
  2. transforming passion into a dream;
  3. identifying with your goals;
  4. continuously learning and updating;
  5. making long-term plans;
  6. having a vision of the future;
  7. building a strong team to achieve great results;
  8. mastering the art of selling.

Now, let’s delve into the practical implementation of each of these steps

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Find your passion

The first step to become an entrepreneur from scratch even without financial resources is to identify the field you are passionate about and be sure you can pursue it in the medium to long term. Like most successful entrepreneurs in the world, you will have a strong interest in a specific field, such as architecture, fashion or education. Once you have found your passion, dedicate your entire professional life to it, channeling all your energy and commitment.

Passion motivates you to take on your project and gives you the right emotional charge to face even the most difficult situations. If it is missing, you will never succeed in such an ambitious and demanding endeavor..

Turn passion into an entrepreneurial dream

Once you have identified your passion, the next step in becoming an entrepreneur is to transform it into a compelling dream that you aim to realise.

how to become an entrepreneur with no moneyThe dream is that visceral something that gives energy and emotion to be inspired and motivated.. It serves as that extra spark that jumpstarts your brain in the morning and empowers you to overcome obstacles.

Aspiring to start a profitable business online requires not only passion but also above-average motivation.

So, how do you turn your passion into a dream? If you already work for what you are passionate about, as a freelancer, project yourself into the future.

Dream first of becoming your own entrepreneur and then of setting up a real business, with with a team of collaborators whom you will train and who will help drive the growth of your venture.

Visualizing this dream is crucial, as it propels you to take that decisive step forward towards becoming an established entrepreneur.

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Identify yourself with your dream

To become a successful entrepreneur, it is crucial to transform your dream into an identity. But what does that mean?

Let me provide you with an example. How to become successful entrepreneurs

When choosing your university path, you are driven by the belief that the sacrifices and countless hours spent studying will ultimately lead you to become the professional you have envisioned and identified with. Whether it’s pursuing medicine to become a doctor or studying law to become a lawyer, you embrace a new identity that you aspire to embody.

It is this newfound identity, the shoes you want to step into, that fuels your motivation and drive, propelling you forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

The same principle applies if you aspire to become a businessman or businesswoman. In today’s landscape, the concept of becoming a digital entrepreneur has gained widespread popularity, particularly among young individuals who aspire to be startup founders and dream of embracing this identity.

It is essential to recognize that the digital realm holds great potential in the entrepreneurial world, and the idea of aligning oneself with this particular business figure can be highly motivating. Discover a real entrepreneur’s journey to success in the article.

Learn and constantly update

To thrive in entrepreneurship, continuous self-improvement and learning are decisive. But what should you study to become an entrepreneur? The scope of knowledge required is vast and encompasses various fields. This means you need to acquire at least the fundamentals in different areas so that you can oversee every aspect of your future business.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur

Why is this so important? Being the leader of a company demands responsibility and a diverse skill set. You will need to be proficient in accounting, marketing, human resources, sales management, and many other areas. This implies that you will have to gain knowledge in administration, sales techniques, and personnel management.

You might be tempted to believe that you cannot become an entrepreneur without a degree. However, let me assure you that having a degree is not essential. You don’t necessarily need a university education to learn about marketing, sales, or digital marketing.

Certainly, pursuing a business-related degree can provide a foundation and an understanding of macro-level principles. However, as some stories of successful young entrepreneurs suggest, to truly learn ‘how to become an entrepreneur,’ you will need to gain practical experience and apply what you have learnt in the field.

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It is not the university or the course of study you have done that will preclude you from becoming a digital entrepreneur, for example. Rather, it will be your eagerness to learn, your thirst for knowledge, and the expertise you share with the people who join you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Think long term

Becoming an entrepreneur from scratch involves considering the time horizon and adopting a long-term mindset.

Setting up a company is not an easy thing to do and if you think like an employee with a six-month work plan you are making a big mistake. As an entrepreneur, you must embrace the notion that a successful business requires a five-year plan. Initially, the company may be small and unstable, but as you enter the second year, progress will start to unfold, leading you towards eventual success.

Once you embrace this idea, you become the pivotal factor, evaluating your achievements based not on a yearly basis, but rather on long-term parameters.

Project yourself into the future

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you have to avoid ‘looking’ to the past in order to emerge.

Consider the sales industry as an example: if you choose to invest your time and resources in starting a business in this field, opting for an e-commerce venture rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar store would be the wiser choice. This is because the future of sales lies in the online realm.

Therefore, envision yourself moving forward and confidently take your initial strides towards the future, leaving behind any uncertainties of the past.

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Create your team

Recognizing that to become a good entrepreneur, you cannot do everything on your own is important.

ideas to become an entrepreneur

How do you create a big business? When you start freelancing and realise that your days are already full but you aspire to generate more revenue, expand, and establish an office with a team of employees, that’s when you realise it’s time to assemble a team.

Here’s a valuable tip: if you have no money to become an entrepreneur, begin small, on your own.

Then, gradually involve people in your project, based on what you can afford and without overextending. As you start earning, reinvest the profits to increase your capacity for investment.

One way to build your team is by starting with freelancers who collaborate with you on projects or commissions, allowing you to generate income.

In this way, you can create a team that doesn’t incur significant costs and align them closely with your business project and its outcomes.

Learn Digital Sales and Marketing

This brings you to the final point of this brief guide on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

It’s important to understand that in today’s landscape, a company with excellent products or services that lacks effective online promotion is unlikely to thrive. That’s why it’s important to acquire knowledge in Digital Sales techniques and overall digital marketing. These disciplines enable you to scale your business and reach the right audience.

Digital sales and marketing are not innate talents, but skills that require understanding of techniques, technology, and human behavior. Additionally, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with software and tools relevant to these fields. It is entirely achievable; it all starts with your dreams. If you truly desire to accomplish something, have faith that you can achieve it.

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Entrepreneurs without a degree: is that possible?

Being a successful entrepreneur goes beyond excelling in your chosen field.

Soft skills for successful entrepreneurs

It involves taking on various key roles, such as project manager, negotiator, speaker, and customer assistant. As an entrepreneur, you must embody a multifaceted and adaptable persona, acting as a nurturing ‘parent’ who goes the extra mile to foster the growth and strength of your business.

To be an entrepreneur, you do not need to have any specific qualifications, but taking some courses at a good entrepreneurship school might ease your way. However, in addition to all the technical skills to be acquired, you will especially need some soft skills, which are crucial for a successful business.

  • Self-confidence: this is a fundamental requirement for entrepreneurs, as it empowers them to navigate the challenges and risks inherent in the journey to success;
  • Tenacity and passion: they are equally decisive, as they allow entrepreneurs to persevere in the face of setbacks and adversity. A determined entrepreneur is driven by their dream and belief in the value they are creating, rather than a mere thirst for monetary gain;
  • Flexibility: it is crucial for entrepreneurs, as it enables them to adapt to challenges and find effective solutions;
  • Boldness and resourcefulness: these are equally important qualities. An entrepreneur should not fear taking risks and, in the face of potential failures, should see crisis situations as opportunities. This may involve breaking rules and implementing unconventional solutions that others may overlook.

To become an entrepreneur you need to build on your strengths and determination. Ignore those who doubt your potential for success and try to impose negative influence. Stay committed to your goals and refuse to entertain negative thoughts. By doing so, you will pave your way towards the path of success.

Ideas for becoming a digital entrepreneur

Today, the online realm presents abundant opportunities for individuals to become an entrepreneur. The internet offers a platform for self-employment ideas to flourish. However, it is important to consider your current stage in life, whether you are a student or have acquired experience and skills in fields such as web design or SEO, whether in a corporate environment or as a freelancer.

In my view, impresarios can be categorised into two groups:

  1. over 40, who excel at selling products or services when interacting directly with potential customers;
  2. under 35, who demonstrate exceptional skills in online sales but may not be as proficient in face-to-face interactions.

If the idea of becoming a cutting-edge businessman appeals to you and you are eager to get involved, I can offer some recommendations for what I believe are the best digital entrepreneurship ideas. These include:

  • Become a Home based Franchisee for an established brand;
  • Opening an E-commerce or Dropshipping business;
  • Selling on Amazon;
  • Becoming an Online Consultant;
  • Becoming an Influencer;
  • Earning through affiliate marketing;
  • Opening a Web Agency/Social Media Agency;
  • Becoming an expert in Digital Sales;
  • Selling informational products (Infoproducts).

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Conclusions and free advice

The journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur is filled with challenges that require unwavering focus and determination to achieve your goals. Once your project has come to fruition and your business is operational, you need to use all the resources at your disposal to innovate and grow again. Digital marketing strategies can be a great help for business promotion and communication. However, much will depend on you, your ability to evolve and transmit your motivation to the team

What, then, is the best way to establish yourself as an entrepreneur? Here are some simple tips to follow:

  • passion is everything: it drives you to acquire skills you don’t have today;
  • reflect on your aptitudes and motivations and start preparing your business plan in the medium to long term;
  • build a strategy, set your goals and prepare all the action plans you will need to achieve them;
  • choose your team, the group of resources that will help you at every stage of execution.

To become an entrepreneur, whether for yourself or a large company, you cannot rely on improvisation alone. Contact an expert and define with them the right moves to open a successful business




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