How to change your life: start with 3 simple steps

How to change your life? This is the question I have been asked most frequently in recent years, especially by our students and those who want to study at Digital Coach to become a professional in Digital Marketing.

Many started with the expectation of completely changing their lives and saw digital as the key to turning things around in their existence and freeing themselves from office hours, an arrogant boss, or an unsatisfying job.

They finally found the courage to pursue a new profession more in line with their ambitions and one that could help them earn more.

It’s not a matter of age: changing your life at 40, 50, or 60 years old might not be exactly like changing your life at 20 or 30 years old, but it’s not impossible. There must be a very strong motivational drive at the core of it all.

This drive for change was accentuated by the digital skills our students had acquired after attending the Digital Marketing Course Program at Digital Coach® or through our other courses.

As seen above, working online can be a tool for many to change their lives and start anew. However, if you want to transform your existence concretely and find happiness, you need to address the root cause.

How to change your lifestyle? First and foremost, you will need to:

  • Work on yourself;
  • Make room for your skills;
  • Correct those behaviors that hold you back from changing what you dislike about your current state.

Wondering where to start? And how to find the courage to change your life? Don’t worry because I have decided to share some practical tips with you to overcome fear, and dissatisfaction, and achieve what you have always sought for your well-being and fulfillment.

Ready to understand how to be happy? From today, life is changing, and for the better!

3 practical tips to change your life

Let me inform you, that I won’t provide you with magical recipes titled 30 days to change your life or how to change your life without money. And also, the 21 rituals to change your life don’t exist.

This article is not meant to be a quick fix. My goal is to give you insights and ideas to change your life never forgetting that the engine to revolutionize everything that makes you unhappy is you.

I have often seen dissatisfaction surrounding one’s existence, which prompts you to wonder how to leave everything and change your life, under these two conditions:

  1. For those who want to escape the city hustle and manage work independently, free from the constraints of time and place.
  2. For those who dream of the big metropolis and wish to leave the small provincial town, where they feel devoid of any prospects for growth or undervalued.

In the first case, people decide to drastically change their routine by saying no to a fixed job, the daily grind in the office, and difficult relationships with their boss.

How many times have you uttered phrases like “I’m quitting everything and moving to the Dolomites” or to the Canary Islands or even Asia, expressing your desire to change your life in another country?

While once the idea was to leave everything behind and change life, perhaps opening a nice beach bar on a fantastic tropical beach, the new dream is to become a digital nomad, working, for example, as a freelancer, moving from place to place without external constraints, with the intention of starting a new life.

how to change your life as student

The second situation is entirely opposite and concerns those living in small communities. Since Digital Coach was founded, we have received numerous requests for advice from people interested in digital technology who wanted to leave their hometowns.

They lived in places where they felt confined and undervalued for their worth. For this reason, they dreamed of changing their lives and moving to a big city: richer, livelier, and full of opportunities.

Two different realities, two opposite migration flows, highlight how, in the end, changing life means something different for each of us.

Despite moving to another city and building new relationships being significant steps, if you want to change your life, the first move I would recommend is to immerse yourself in a new work experience.

Work is the activity to which we dedicate most of our time. Spending at least 40-50 hours a week on something uninspiring for the mind and with no future prospects will lead to various negative emotions.

You don’t have to feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Seeing your energy drained by a job you don’t love will rob you of the faith, the strength to change, and to dedicate yourself to different things than what you’ve done so far.

Work is the sphere that affects our happiness the most. An individual who experiences work with anxiety will carry a series of issues that, over the years, will weigh on their entire existence, generating:

  • Low self-esteem;
  • Low energy levels;
  • Strong frustration;
  • Relational difficulties.

You need a gym where your emotions, your energy, and yourself can grow positively, and this gym is your job.

Do a job you love

In light of what’s been said, consider now the importance of transitioning from a static job that fails to bring you satisfaction, to a significantly more dynamic profession that allows you to independently plan what you want to do and manage your time autonomously.

Understand how a change like this, if implemented, can genuinely offer you new possibilities and a different existence. Many people have turned to Digital Coach because they desire to embark on a new professional journey to change their lives.

I’m not just talking about ambitious young individuals impatient to realize their dreams, but also top managers who, after years of working in companies, have decided to bring a new balance to their lives in search of work that makes them feel satisfied, free, and happy entrepreneurs.

do a job you like

To live well and be happy, having a job where you see a future and not just a present, one that fulfills you and helps you grow and improve, is essential.

Dedicating your time to a profession you love will make you experience a range of positive emotions that will improve all areas of your life:

  • You will gain more self-confidence;
  • You will feel more peaceful;
  • You will increase confidence in yourself and your future;
  • You will improve your earnings;
  • You will have more energy and passion for the things you do;
  • You will have more desire to do, grow, and create.


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Be your own boss

Leaving a job that doesn’t make us happy is, therefore, the fundamental prerequisite to successfully changing our lives.

Now you might be wondering, “What steps should I take if changing my life means leaving the big city, from monotonous routines, and schedules dictated by others?”

If you want to escape this scenario because you find office life boring, the world of online self-employment is probably the right choice for you.

work on your own

For instance, at Digital Coach, we have helped many of our students, who often started with zero digital skills and had no capital to invest, successfully start their own businesses.

There are several options for those who want to be self-employed:

Pursue a career in digital

On the other hand, someone who has spent most of their years in a quiet place constantly seeks new stimuli.

Think of a young boy who has always lived in a provincial town and dreams of the big city for more opportunities to fulfill himself both personally and professionally.

In this case, a smart choice if you want to improve your quality of life could be to engage in digital professions, as the digital marketing sector is constantly growing and offers significant career and earning prospects.


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How to change your lifestyle: the first steps

If I think about it, I, too, at a certain point, felt the need to rearrange some aspects of my life that were not going well.

I’ve always been someone who knows what he wants, but if I look back, there was a very specific moment in my life when I felt this strong desire to change my life, and it was during the period when I started my first two companies between 2001 and 2002.

In 2010, at the height of success, when everything was theoretically fine, I experienced a moment of strong crisis: what I was doing no longer excited me, I was no longer having fun. I felt like I had reached the peak, from which you only have the possibility to fall.

Hence I need to scale a completely new mountain, set new goals for myself, and face new challenges. How to reset your life?

desire to change your life

I started to immerse myself in the digital market, following my need for change. My story is proof of how the desire to change life can arise in any situation.

It can emerge and make its way into us both at the peak of our success and in our moment of maximum frustration. What matters, in essence, is that there is strong emotionality around this need.

But how can one change oneself? It’s by starting from a certain emotional state that you will be able to find the strength to change your life immediately.

This way, you’ll avoid procrastinating your pursuit of happiness out of fear of failure or the fear that changing is too complicated.

Step out of your comfort zone

To transform your life, you must commit to stepping out of your comfort zone, which is a mental state that prevents you from changing those habits you know are limiting to your personal development but that, nonetheless, you continue to have because they are now part of your daily life.

These are attitudes, and rituals, that shape your days and are recognized by yourself as comforting due to their familiarity.

It’s not wrong to have a safe space where you can move without anxiety and fear; the problem arises when this “place” becomes the reassuring refuge of our limits.

If you focus on the two aspects I’ll talk about shortly, you’ll discover how to change your life and step out of your comfort zone. Reinvent your life… It’s easier than you think.

Start with your way of thinking

The first aspect you need to focus on, regardless of whether you want to change your life, is your way of thinking. You need a different mindset from before, before deciding where to go to start a new life.

How to change your way of thinking to live better?

If you don’t work on your mindset, you can change your job, or live in a new city, but wherever you go, you’ll continue to carry the same outlook on things and have the perception that you haven’t changed much in your life.

This is because what matters is not so much the reality outside of things but the perception we have of it. The mind acts as a filter between us and the interpretation of the reality around us. Any radical change must be accompanied by a different mentality.

You cannot effectively transform the reality of things if you do not first change the idea you have of yourself, of others, and of what you believe you can achieve.

change your way of thinking

What this means is that if you have spent your days in an office behind a desk but have chosen to leave the steady job to work on your own, you need to develop a different mindset that firmly makes you believe you have all the necessary skills to live this new experience serenely, confident in your abilities.

Expressions like “I want to change my life but I can’t” must be abolished: for example, if you have always worked in traditional marketing and decide to pursue a different profession, you must be the first to believe that you can change jobs, as well as your earning potential.

Most of the time, the desire to change one’s life stems from personal discomfort, whether you want to change your life to overcome a state of depression or a deep sense of dissatisfaction that leads you to rock bottom.

But, and here’s the good news, it’s precisely at this moment that something within us awakens. So, how do you know when it’s time to change?

I have met many people who, once they reached their limit, became aware of their situation and started their ascent this way. Never forget that after the worst of times, the best could follow.

That’s why you should never give up, but to climb your mountain and reach the top, you also have to change your mindset.

There is no place that can change your story if the first change does not come from you, from your mind. So the most important factor in changing your lifestyle is looking within yourself.

These are all types of work where you are not tied to a physical location, or to an office, and you can start without significant investments.

Starting your own business could be the most suitable decision for you if you want to escape the chaos of the big city and change your lifestyle.

Conclusion and free coaching to help you change your life

Always keep in mind that, regardless of the starting situation, only if you transform your way of thinking, adopt the right mindset, and don’t let yourself be consumed by a job that doesn’t make you feel good, you will be able to break out of your stagnant condition and choose to change your life for the better.

It’s not a monumental task, you can definitely do it: it’s just a matter of finding the strength to initiate real change.

And if you always want to change the dimension of your online presence, at this moment, it’s a powerful vehicle whether you want to escape the big city or if you want to start living there.

Happiness comes when you decide to change. Let yourself be guided by an experienced Coach and give a boost to your life!




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