Digital Marketing Agency: 6 reasons to trust professionals

The use of the term digital marketing agency identifies all those companies born to meet the growing demand for digital services.

In recent years, the digital market around the world has experienced constant growth, driven by the need for entrepreneurs to invest in effective marketing campaigns and strategies.

There are many digital agencies that continue to emerge to meet these demands. They often need to be organized and structured to offer the right services to their clients.

By continuing to read, I will explain:

  • What is a digital marketing agency and what services do they offer;
  • Who works in digital agencies;
  • The importance of management control strategy;
  • What characteristics a digital marketing agency must have to stand out and be chosen;
  • Why you should rely on a digital marketing agency.

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What is and how does a digital marketing agency work

A digital agency is a company with deep knowledge of web tools and digital media strategies. It is skilled in applying abilities and expertise to enhance and promote the digitization of still offline businesses.

An example could be creating websites with corresponding programming, involving not only the collaboration of developers and web designers but also that of every profession necessary to structure digital plans.

digital marketing agency websites

The core business of a digital agency is Digital Marketing, which enables the online promotion of all products and services through websites and digital channels.

To better understand what a digital marketing agency is, we can divide various agencies based on their target:

  • Web Agency: primarily focuses on building websites, using the necessary tools to structure a winning web marketing strategy;
  • Social media marketing agency: mainly dedicated to creating social campaigns on platforms most popular among users like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok;
  • Digital communication agency: takes care of creativity and online advertising campaigns;
  • SEO digital agency: optimizes websites and blogs to reach top positions on SERPs;
  • E-commerce agency: assists businesses in developing e-commerce websites and plans designed to increase online sales.

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What does a digital agency do

Unlike web agencies, which focus on website development, a digital marketing agency allows you to create a broader digital communication plan by first defining a good digital strategy and then strengthening your brand identity in the online world.

Earlier, I explained the division of digital marketing agencies by sector. Here’s a summary of how digital agencies work and the services they provide:

  • Design and development of websites, including domain purchase, hosting, and page creation. Digital marketing agencies often offer comprehensive packages, including updates. They also promote the websites they create for their clients;
  • Creation of Digital Marketing strategies: to offer buyers services available in the digital world, effectively promoting the brand;
  • Creation of strategic content that ensures excellent results in terms of both traffic and user engagement, up to lead generation;
  • Development of retention activities to increase and retain customers;
  • Planning email and mobile marketing programs, to ensure direct results for the clientele;
  • Organization and publication of content on social channels and selected tools for users, through the scheduling of editorial plans.

Many digital agencies offer full availability for creating apps and more complex and elaborate projects. The digital world, being diverse and constantly changing, leads companies more and more towards seeking useful support for their business.


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Why trust a digital agency: 6 advantages

Have you understood the different forms of web marketing agencies and are considering how the services offered by a digital agency can help improve your business?

Before delving into the details, it’s essential for you, as an entrepreneur, to understand that it’s not always easy to comprehend and define when your project is profitable or incurring losses, making it uncertain if your business will end with a positive balance.

To achieve success, it’s necessary for you to follow a monitoring and management program, allowing you to constantly track your company’s performance and effectively manage clients, revenue, and cash flow.

Success isn’t solely determined by momentary gains but is primarily dictated by the skill and foresight of the entrepreneur in managing every variable and challenge encountered in their sector.

The market for digital agencies is becoming increasingly competitive. More and more entrepreneurs seek digital agencies’ support for their businesses, and rightly so, given the many advantages of a digital agency.

1. Personalization of digital service

Among the first benefits of relying on a digital marketing agency is the customization of the service. Digital marketing plans play a significant role for businesses, making it essential to first understand the results you aim to achieve.

The creation of a tailored strategic plan for the client is the initial true service of a digital marketing agency, leading to the establishment of its own brand awareness and consequently, a much stronger foundation for future projects.

2. Timing of a digital marketing agency

In today’s world, nearly all businesses invest in Digital Marketing. Not doing so means falling behind! When aiming to position your website on search engines, it’s crucial to consider the timing that would yield good results.

digital agency timing

Competition is high, making it fundamental for the Digital Marketing agency to be swift and timely in responding and delivering requested services.

You must understand that if you provide results quickly when planning strategies for clients, you’ll undoubtedly earn their satisfaction, thus gaining the opportunity to further promote the activities offered by your Digital Marketing Agency.

3. Credibility of the digital marketing agency

When the client decides to rely on a digital agency, it is necessary to offer criteria of credibility and transparency. The ability to keep one’s promises allows for continued collaboration and the structuring of continuous digital marketing plans.

A serious digital agency will explain the various phases of the project clearly. Transparency lies in making it clear right away that some results are not achieved in a few days or a week, but over a longer period to be defined. This creates the right expectations without illusions.

4. Ability to keep everything under control

One of the major problems faced by digital marketing agencies, firstly, is the limited number of collaborators and the little time that can be dedicated to clients.

This risks offering services that are never consistent and of quality because they vary according to the reliability and financial capability of different users.

But how can you measure skills and their performance? Certainly in hours, by properly setting up the administration of project-related expenses, including the hours dedicated by digital professionals to provide the service requested by your client.

This initial difficulty is often accompanied by a small digital communication agency, as well as a company offering other services, does not have control over business management.

control over company management

It becomes difficult to independently determine during the year whether the month or quarter has been profitable or a loss and the areas that are incurring higher costs.

Many small digital businesses often face this problem because they rely on an external accountant who manages the accounting and only balances at the end of the year, if not later.

Finding out the result of the game long after it’s played is never a good thing. An established agency should know the results constantly throughout the year, avoiding knowing them only at the end.

Possessing management control becomes essential in achieving the goals that serve the business of your company.

To set it up best, you can record these data in simple files:

  • Monthly turnover;
  • Project costs;
  • Fixed costs and variable costs;
  • Project-specific costs.

This way, you will be able to determine whether this month is in positive or negative EBIT, which means Earnings Before Taxes, Dividends, and Interest, i.e., whether the digital marketing business has a contribution margin.

5. Cash flow monitoring

As a digital entrepreneur, another important aspect you need to pay attention to in your digital marketing agency is liquidity.

There are fixed costs that need to be paid every month:

  • Entrepreneur’s compensation;
  • Employee salaries and freelance collaborators;
  • Utilities;
  • Suppliers.

However, these costs need to be managed well, considering the revenue provided by digital marketing services. Often, revenues cannot ensure consistent and proper coverage.

The risk of improper cash flow management can limit the necessary investments in the company because you do not have control over the coverage you will have.

To grow or start a digital agency, you need to plan and control cash flow to be able to invest, thus improving your services and standing out in the market.

The file used in cash flow management involves bi-monthly or quarterly planning, where the period’s income and expenses are recorded. This can easily allow you to monitor and have control over coverage and spending availability.

6. Organization of customer payments

At this point, you will have a clearer understanding of what services a digital marketing agency offers.

But, besides that, it must be clear that an excellent digital agency, to function well, must have a constant turnover. To avoid delays in customer payments, payment methods must be agreed upon in advance.

A good strategy to increase revenue in the short term could be to offer discounts for early or faster payments.

To fully protect the digital marketing agency, you must monitor the solvency of clients and structure contracts and rules to defend the company in case of issues.

Working in a digital agency: roles and professions

To understand how a successful digital agency operates, it is necessary to learn more about the “digital agency organizational structure,” i.e., the organizational structure of a digital agency.

One piece of advice I can give you right now is that to run the best marketing agency online, you must remember the value of your raw material: skills!

You need to focus on competent and talented professional figures, trying to attract them to your business, for example, using Inbound recruiting activities.

There are several digital professional figures who, thanks to their excellent knowledge of digital marketing strategies, collaborate closely in the realization of various projects and the consequent achievement of great results.

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Let’s see together who works in a digital agency.

1. Web Developer

The prince of professional figures in Digital Agencies, the webmaster lays the foundation of the house the client wants to build. The developer mainly oversees the creation of websites that will be published.

They work primarily with HTML, PHP, Javascript, and others. Using these, they prepare templates, or scripts, used for the website’s framework.

Often, they provide technical consultancy to help improve the functionalities of a web page, or any digital project the digital marketing agency is currently handling and managing.

The developer’s workspace includes software houses, companies that create apps, and websites, and work with software, dealing with more complex digital projects.

The developer collaborating with the digital agency actively participates in various phases of creating web pages and specific company projects.

2. Graphic Designer

Expert in web digital agency graphics and web page layouts. A user who opens a website for the first time is captivated, at first sight, by its aesthetics and color choices.

The graphic designer in a web agency must find the right combination of these factors to attract and engage the audience.

They also have the task of creating interfaces for apps and templates for E-commerce, as well as buttons and icons, aiming for their respective placements to lead to the desired outcomes.

digital creative agencies

So, the graphic designer is the professional who aims to ensure a certain aesthetic aspect of the project.

In order to do this, they must possess great and astonishing creativity, so as to personalize each project to bring effective results in terms of communicating the message the brand wants to convey.

A balanced mix of artistic flair typical of digital creative agencies and specific technical skills in the digital world.

3. Content Editor

With this term, we refer to the professional figure in the digital marketing agency skilled in creating online content that reflects the quality and objectives of the clientele.

Every minute of their workday, they unleash their expertise, applying it to texts aimed at being appreciated by users.

Why is this a required characteristic for text editors in digital companies? Because they know exactly what the consumer wants to read!

Am I talking about a magician? No, but about someone capable of interpreting data related to user searches and preferences. Once they grasp the message, they put it down in black and white, tailored to the reader’s needs and the brand identity the company wants to convey.


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4. SEO Specialist

Ensuring the visibility of website content is the task entrusted to the SEO Specialist professional in the digital marketing agency. This expert, with their IT and writing skills, chooses the right techniques to adopt for specific business projects.

The acronym SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” which means optimizing for search engines.

SEO experts at digital advertising agencies know well that Google rewards high-quality content, texts that meet consumer needs, and, above all, show consistency with what is promised in the title.

Using keywords and maintaining consistency throughout the text ensures that the content is picked up by search engines, allowing it to rank among the top results in SERPs, generating more traffic.

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5. SEA Specialist

The professional in advertising digital agencies who are well-versed in sponsorship techniques is the SEA Specialist, an expert in Google ads, Facebook ads, and various online advertising platforms.

Among their responsibilities are producing written or visual ads, employing specific and targeted strategies, and monitoring and optimizing the cost of campaign management.

Conversions are in their hands: thanks to the convincing work of the marketing campaign they design, users and potential clients, interacting with the site, become actual customers.

Like SEO, SEA is part of the set of web marketing activities carried out to increase visibility. This larger set is better known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and aims to integrate various digital marketing strategies.

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6. Social Media Manager

In the digital agency, this individual manages various social media platforms, creates advertising campaigns, and monitors their performance. They decide whether to change marketing strategies or persist with the current ones.

They also have the skills to develop an editorial plan and schedule the publication of different types of content that complement the integrated strategy.

However, the primary role of the SMM in digital agencies is to generate visibility and drive traffic to the website. The aspect of community building through various channels is crucial, aiming to establish a good web reputation.

This involves diligently managing the profiles of the brands they are working for.

How much does a digital marketing agency cost?

The real answer to this question is: it depends! The cost of services from a digital agency can vary based on many factors. As you understood earlier, digital marketing agencies consist of many specialists, each with completely different tasks.

Many of them offer standard packages where you can have the support of all available experts, as well as packages, which are, of course, more economical, where you work with only some of the available professionals.

The choice, naturally, is up to the client who decides to hire a digital marketing agency based on the support they currently need.

Variables to achieve a good digital marketing strategy are numerous, including location, required services, and the timeline within which the support is needed.

Conclusion and free strategic coaching

At this point, you’ve had the chance to delve into how digital agencies work, what services they offer, and the digital professionals who make up their teams.

As a good entrepreneur, you need to differentiate yourself from other companies offering the same services. To do this, you need a strong and solid structure and a business strategy that can lead you to success.

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