How to increase sales: 4 strategic tips on what to do

How to increase the sales of your company or business? Trust digital marketing. You must do the same if you want to win more customers, promote a product, or increase the sales of a physical or online store.

Thanks to its tools, strategies, and techniques, you have a great opportunity to boost the performance of your business. This article will guide you step by step in understanding the complex activities to promote the sales of products or services thanks to digital marketing.

You will find out what new digital tools are available today, with the revolution underway in the world of communication, to start the processes necessary to protect your company from new scenarios.

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In particular, we will see together:

  • What tools to use to increase sales;
  • Some tips to increase online sales;
  • How to increase sales on Vinted;
  • The strategies to increase turnover that you need to know (evergreens).

How to increase online sales

Online sales have their peculiarities which concern both real and online shops, businesses, and startups. Always considering that details can make a difference, those who want to sell products or services online must respect certain rules.

Here are some tips to increase sales which, if followed, will allow you to:

  • differentiate yourself from competitors;
  • present yourself with greater appeal in the eyes of potential customers;
  • be more likely to close deals and scale sales.

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Captivating and functional graphics

Take care of the graphics of your online store

In online sales, each sector has its colors, styles, and shapes. If you sell products for women, make sure that graphics, texts, and colors recall the female universe. Rounded backgrounds, with colors to match what you’re selling. Jewelry, colors to match what you’re selling. Jewelry, clothing, fashion, shoes? If you want to increase online sales, your site must be captivating, in line with the needs and trends of your target.

how to increase sales advice

Create complete and interesting product sheets

Are your product sheets detailed? Do they explain what you are selling clearly? Content is key. Imagine the customer is in your shop. What would you ask before buying? Well, write in the product sheet everything the customer would like to know.

Post beautiful pictures

Publishing beautiful, well-defined images is essential to sell better online. Therefore, the first, simple thing to do to increase sales is to check the quality of the photos published and possibly modify or update them. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor you will have to show your products in detail, from different perspectives. You can deal with it yourself, without much difficulty, thanks to a smartphone with a good camera and image stabilizer. Build yourself a small set of the best ones. Then publish them.

Attention! If the pictures are missing or bad, you don’t sell. If the images are of poor quality, your online sales will also suffer.

Purchasing path is clear and well structured

Watch out for list prices, sale prices

To make decisions quickly, our brain relies on comparison. So get used to always putting two prices in the product sheet. The “list” one is crossed out, and the discounted one is highlighted. Carefully evaluate the prices you offer.

If you want to increase online sales you need to have prices in line with the competition. Unless you are Apple, no one would be interested in buying products from your e-commerce that they would find anywhere. Always check the prices of your online competitors, trying to position yourself very close to them at the bottom or top depending on your strategy.

how to increase technical sales

Always highlight the buy button

There are e-commerce sites where the purchase button is hidden, you can’t see it or you have to scroll the page to find it. Why hide it? Highlight it so that buying is fun and easy! If it becomes an obstacle course, customers leave.

If you make life easier for the people who buy from you, they will remember and come back. People don’t have to waste too much time looking for what they want. Minimum resistance, maximum yield. Do you want to increase sales? Expect an easy, smooth path.

Make the products in the cart visible and facilitate the conclusion of the purchase

If you want to sell online, when the user puts the product in the cart, it must be visible. It seems absurd but there are still sites where the cart is not seen or it is not understood that it is there! Give importance to graphics but focus above all on functionality and user experience.

Is the Amazon site aesthetically “beautiful”? No, but it is functional and built to facilitate the user’s shopping experience.

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Pay attention to the payment methods and constraints during the purchase phase

People have different ideas about payment methods. You must therefore guarantee the possibility of paying with the most popular methods. Also, remember that inserting too many constraints during the purchase phase is just a way to alienate the customer and prevent him from concluding the transaction.

Avoid, for example, unnecessary registration or data entry obligations. Many people buy online but don’t want to register or want to know all the costs before registering.

Take care of shipments in detail

Declare the delivery times

Delivery times are important. If you have a product that you deliver in ten days declare it openly. Maybe he claims to take more days and then deliver it a few days earlier. The customer will appreciate it.

Customers who can wait will wait, and others will look for another site.

increase sales strategies

If express shipping costs you, then enter multiple shipping methods at different prices. Each client will decide according to his wallet. Amazon teaches here too!

Take care of the preparation of the boxes and parcels

Buy from competitors, trying to find out how they prepare boxes and parcels. Is useful. If they have been selling online for longer than you, they certainly have more experience. Buy, look, compare, think. Then act. To sell more, the preparation of shipments is very important and transfers the image of your company. What image of yourself and the company do you want to convey to customers? Think about it, it’s important.

If you have never bought online, before thinking about e-commerce try to buy. With a little experience, you will be able to decide more consciously if opening an online store is right for you.

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Pamper your customers

Surprise the customer

When an adult receives a package, he becomes a child again. Remember it. He is happy that he finally got what he bought. Now surprise him! A small gadget, a discount voucher for a new purchase, a personalized letter, conditions for making the return easily, and packaging that avoids inconvenience.

Simple things that will make the buyer happy.

to increase sales ways

A few days after receiving the package, ask customers how they felt about the delivery. With this simple feedback, you will be able to know the professionalism of your supplier. They might seem like small details. But they are the ones that will allow you, in the future, to increase the sale of your products.

Monitor his satisfaction

Do you have a system for receiving customer feedback? No? Then set up your system (send an email a few days after delivery) or use platforms such as, for example, Feedaty or Ekomi. They call it social commerce.

An automatic email is sent to the customer after the purchase asking what he thinks of the purchase made. Sites like Booking, Amazon, and Zalando do it regularly. It serves to show other customers its reliability (eBay was the first to invent the reliability of the seller through public comments). To you to constantly monitor and improve sales.

Remember that the sale is over when the customer repurchases

The sale only ends when a customer who bought once buys again. If people don’t buy back, there’s a reason. You have to find out.

Remember that a customer who buys back lowers costs. Yes, because every customer has a cost. In time and money, you have supported, for example, to create e-commerce. Or to promote it. If a customer buys back from you, that cost goes down.

To lower costs, increase margins and increase online turnover, you can also rely on customer ” loyalty “. Through loyalty cards or points collections, you can facilitate repurchases on your e-commerce, laying the foundations for a constant increase in sales.

Best strategies to sell more online

In sales, some principles and some rules have been repeated the same for many years. Whether the sales conception is the classic one we were used to in the past or whether it is digital sales techniques, a revolution that began a few years ago and is currently underway, some tips must be followed in any case if you intend to grow constantly your business. Here they are.

Get new customers but don’t forget the old ones

Acquiring new customers is one of the fundamental processes for a company that intends to increase sales. In particular:

  • Try to guarantee yourself many small continuous incomes that allow you to proceed steadily;
  • Use direct response marketing campaigns: ask the potential customer to take a specific, measurable action (for example: “Contact us/call for more information”). In this way you will be able to measure the results, knowing immediately how much you have spent on marketing and what you have achieved. You’ll also have the ability to see which action worked best and which didn’t. Deciding what to improve and enhance;
  • Use all the tools that the web makes available to you;
  • Verify that the website is technically sound and that it delivers results. Years ago this customer acquisition channel was underrated. Today, however, many companies have recognized its importance, developing increasingly advanced and targeted strategies.
  • Create strategic alliances or collaborations with possible business partners, which constantly bring new customers, generating mutual benefit.

Looking for new customers does not mean neglecting those already acquired. Your customers are an important foundation because they know, trust, and appreciate your product/service. Therefore they have a greater propensity to buy again. They must be considered and “pampered” to keep attention focused on you, your products, or your services.

Value and sell your uniqueness

If you are perceived as different, and of greater value, selling becomes easier, and customers’ sensitivity to price decreases. It is, therefore, crucial to have a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that differentiates you from the rest of the market. This will allow you to lay the foundations to guarantee an increase in turnover in the future.

The best way to present your products or services is to make it clear, preferably within a hypothetical context, how the customer can save time and money by using them. You must highlight the concrete merits of your product or service, not using the price as the only sales lever or comparison with the competition.

increase in turnover in the future

Better to say “My service can reduce all operational costs by 10%” rather than “I sell my services for 10% less than competitors

You will see, the difference will be total. You will gain trust and profits.

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Increase perceived value

Psychology suggests that people are willing to spend more to avoid pain than to buy pleasure. Well, precisely for this reason, when it comes to purchases, negative reasons are more convincing than positive ones.

So don’t direct customers’ attention to the monetary benefits of the purchase but to what they will lose by not buying your product or service.

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If you are convinced that the secret to increasing sales is lowering the price of the product or service, know that often the best results in terms of sales are obtained by increasing it! Provided, however, that you have not already adopted comparative strategies.

Indeed, many studies based on purchasing behavior have shown that customers tend to think that lower-priced products or services are of lower quality than more expensive ones, even if they are identical products or services. It’s not a question of deceiving the consumer by overestimating the price, but simply of applying a pricing policy and calibrating the positioning of your product most correctly, intercepting the customer willing to buy that product with those specific characteristics at that price.

Find customers for your client

It’s a strategy that many small businesses or startups should use consistently to improve their bottom line.

Don’t pester the customer with offers to grow the business, that’s not a good idea. Instead, use leads and relationships to help your customers grow their business.

improve bottom line

If you accomplish this goal, that client will be yours for life. People don’t forget who helped them succeed. Even if you won’t have a direct benefit in terms of purchase, you will enjoy the effects of word of mouth and customer loyalty.

Don’t say “Do you know anyone who might be interested in my service? Let’s meet to talk about it.”, rather say “I know a company that might be interested in using your product, we can arrange a meeting”.

Use your weaknesses and strengths to your advantage

What is perceived as a weakness can be used to appear as a valid strength.

Are you a small business competing against a large corporation? You will be “innovative” while the competitor will be “old”. At the same time, you can reverse this description if you are the big company: you will be “reliable”, and the competitor “at high risk”.

If you have to say “We don’t have any customers yet, we hope you give us a chance”, think of it rather as “By becoming an early adopter, a pioneer in the field, you will surpass the competition”.

So are you ready to increase sales fruitfully, win new customers, increase online sales, and overcome any difficulty by exploiting the potential of digital as a truly innovative entrepreneur?

Tools to increase revenue

There are many digital marketing tools to increase sales and grow your business. Let’s see some of them.

Search engines and social networks

The first thing you can do to increase your business’ sales and find new customers is to consider the different channels through which you can bring new potential customers to your website.

Search Marketing is divided into two main areas which, possibly, must be integrated to obtain results:

  • the first is that through which, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you can bring organic, natural traffic to the site, earned thanks to the continuous production of content that Google rewards with natural positioning ;
  • the second alternative available to you, if you want shorter-term results, is to use sponsored activities, such as Google Ads (SEM, Search Engine Marketing). You will quickly be present on search engines, but you will have to consider an advertising investment in exchange for this presence.

The game to acquire new customers and increase sales is also played between the various social networks. You will have to choose the ones that best suit your audience, create a nice company page and, above all, produce an editorial plan thanks to which you can create and share interesting content for your target audience. Also in this case, to further expand the reach of the content, you can then add paid advertising activities.

Now Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social networks offer advertising tools thanks to which you can share the contents you have previously produced with new audiences.

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Email Marketing and Digital PR

Another useful tool to increase sales, maintain relationships, and be referenced is Email Marketing. Not the one was done using lists that are rented for spamming operations that do not bring results, but rather targeted activities through which to ensure that part of your website traffic remains linked to your business. Thanks to the content offered through the newsletter.

You will also be able to create quality lists, maintaining an ongoing relationship with those who are part of it.

How to make yourself known, stimulating the sales of products or services, through digital public relations? Ensuring that online interlocutors who have a certain influence on the public or who have a certain relevance for people talk about you, your products or services, and the initiatives you undertake, because they consider them interesting. In this way, they will bring quality traffic from their site to yours.

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Affiliate Marketing and Display Advertising

Make agreements with bloggers, influencers, and online publishers who develop good traffic to get them to drive part of this traffic to your website.

When this traffic gives rise to new customers who buy online, the software can trace the entire journey. Thanks to the tracking you will recognize a commission to the interlocutor who brought you traffic. This is a great way to increase your online sales.

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Use online banners. The closest form of advertising to signage is found in the offline world. The very important difference is that in the online world, you can be much more precise in identifying the people to whom you want to show the advertisement and in which to invest the available budget. Much more likely to make you attractive to new customers and increase your sales.

In particular, you will show banners and invest a budget only to communicate with visitors who arrive on your site demonstrating a clear interest in your business (this practice is called remarketing ).

Tips on how to increase sales on Vinted

If you’re wondering how you can increase sales on Vinted, the hottest flea market of the moment, now I’m going to give you some tips to clear your wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear or to get rid of items that unnecessarily occupy your home.

Since it was born in 2008, the Lithuanian startup has grown progressively in Europe to become a well-known and widely used application in Italy as well.

More and more people are trying to earn money through this platform but when the competition gets tougher it’s no longer enough to simply upload photos and descriptions. Instead, we need to adopt strategies and have useful precautions to emerge, differentiating ourselves. Let’s see some of them.

  • Avoid the flash, use natural light;
  • Show the object from different perspectives;
  • The title of the announcement must define the object in an essential but complete way: type of object, condition, color, dimensions, brand;
  • Take photos of the clothes you intend to sell when they are hanging on a hanger or when a person is wearing them;
  • Always point out any defects;
  • Add the methods of use to the description (for example, if it is clothing, indicate in which situations they could be worn);
  • In the description, enter hashtags or tags that will facilitate user searches;
  • The hashtags must be inserted at the end of the description in order not to interrupt the user’s reading of the characteristics;
  • The profile must be well done, and complete. It must convey trust. You must offer different payment methods and different shipping methods;
  • To give greater visibility to the ads, you can share them on other social networks, for example through Instagram stories;
  • Try to be an active user. By regularly uploading products your profile will be more visible than the others;
  • Offer discounts to repeat buyers or those interested in multiple items.

Conclusions and free strategic advice

As you could see by reading the article, selling integrates perfectly with digital marketing. Those who sell, physically, online, or in both ways, can no longer ignore the use of tools and strategies made available digitally and by the constant evolution of communication in the “advertising” field.

Whether it is the simple promotion of products then sold in a shop or the creation of more complex campaigns to launch a new service or to increase the turnover of an online shop, e-commerce, not exploiting the potential and opportunities given by digital marketing it is equivalent to deliberately deciding not to want to grow, improve, give oneself new opportunities.

If you intend to grow a business or enterprise steadily, not just in terms of increasing sales, find the time to devote to learning tools, techniques, and strategies that are safe investments in your future.

Make a safe investment in your future!



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