How to make 3000 a month: 3 jobs to make it happen

Would you like to know how to make 3000 a month? Good, because today I am going to tell you about the 3 jobs to make it happen. 

I will explain how to make $ 3,000 or more per month, concretely, thanks to:

  • 3 professions that take place online;
  • capacities that you can develop as much at 20 as at 50;
  • a success-oriented mindset.

Over the years I have observed how many of the people who come to Digital Coach, the school I run, are often dissatisfied with their financial situation. A dissatisfaction that does not depends so much on not having a job, but on having an occupation with constant remuneration. These are mostly professionals working in companies, where the possibility of improving the basic salary is almost nothing. No commissions, benefits, bonuses, or rewards. As a result, these people are often demotivated and frustrated, especially if they really want to do.

Another typical situation is that of young people under 30, young people with degrees and subsequent specializations who are unable to enter the world of work. And when they do make it, they are placed in a temporary role: an internship, a project job, or a fixed-term job. As a result, they fail to have the economic stability that would allow them to become independent from their families.

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Specifically, I will answer questions such as:

  • How can I make $3000 a month ?
  • What jobs pay $ 3,000 a month?
  • How to earn $3000/month before the age of 30?
  • How to make 3,000 dollars a month from home

How to earn $3,000 a month

Earning 3,000 dollars a month may simply seem an unattainable goal, but nothing could be more wrong, now I will give you two solutions by which you can change your circumstances and earn more money, even $3000 per month before the age of 30.

If you would also like to have a complete overview of the businesses through which you can achieve attractive turnovers today, discover the 8 activities for self-employment online.

Retraining in digital

To aspire to a salary of at least $3,000 per month, the first thing you can do is retrain.

Ever since companies started going online, the need for web-dedicated figures has grown a lot. New professions have sprung up that, in addition to breaking a stagnation in the world of work, have necessitated increasingly targeted training.

Retraining in the business environment means, therefore, specializing in one of the 20-25 new-generation digital professions. To do this, you can turn to Digital Coach, the leader in training new online experts.

how to make 3000 a month without a job

Anyone can re-employ themselves professionally by acquiring digital skills. It can be done regardless of age, location, and professional background. The fear of not succeeding, typical of those who are no longer so young, is just a prejudice that lies more in the head than in reality.

Let’s be clear, though: if you really want to reach a salary of $ 3,000 a month, you will have to put a lot of effort into learning as much knowledge as possible in the beginning.

Start an online business

Increasingly, people who are economically dissatisfied with their jobs want to make radical changes in their professional life. And, frequently, the turning point is to become freelance.

If this is your case, if you feel a strong need to create a customized job for yourself, then you must try. To get your business off to a good start, you will need to update your skills and focus on innovation. For example, you should not underestimate the advantages of online, both in terms of visibility and the scope within which to develop your business.

The job opportunities offered by the web are many and growing. They are the logical consequence of a massive and constant connection to the net, to inform oneself, shop, train, and network with others. Therefore, the possibilities of creating successful businesses, with earnings starting at $3,000 per month, are real.

Working as a freelancer does not necessarily mean becoming an entrepreneur. Even a small business allows for job rewards and an attractive income. The advantages of pursuing a freelance career are manifold:

  • you can do it at any age;
  • you are operational when you want and from where you want;
  • does not require a large initial investment.


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Work to earn up to $3,000 a month

The professions that today allow you to earn $ 3000per month or even more, are the online ones. The roles of consultant and digital product salesman in particular are very promising.

The Internet is the best context in which to develop a profession that will allow you to achieve significant turnover. Fundamental, however, is to understand which areas to focus on and which strategies to adopt. So, if you already have an idea of the work you would like to do, I suggest you take the Master’s program in Digital Marketing. So you can arm yourself with all the tools and knowledge you need to effectively build and grow your online business.

On the other hand, if you have not yet decided where to go, but are firmly thinking “I want to earn 3,000 dollars a month”, then I suggest you consider 3 jobs with a great perspective for growth, now and in the future. I am talking about Digital Sales, Online Consultants, and Infoproduct Sellers.

Switch to Digital Sales

To earn $ 3,000 per month online you can become a new generation of salesman.

You will surely have realized how rapidly trade and sales are moving online. However, not everything can and will be sold in self-service. There are, in fact, situations where this is not strategically possible, such as in the case of very expensive services or products. It is, therefore, in these cases that a professional with expertise in consultative selling comes into play. A salesperson with the aim to “accompany” the potential customer during his or her purchasing journey, alternating between online and offline initiatives. For a detailed exploration of this career path, read our article on the essentials of becoming a successful Digital Sales Account.

What does the freelance digital seller do specifically? He works for several companies, teaming up with technology and online media to support them in the sales process. To do this, he is preceded and followed in his actions of contact and interaction with possible customers, by corporate communication activities. Strategies that he plans himself and that aim to influence and guide the user’s decision-making process.

make $3000 a month online

The professional, therefore, can interact with the buyer person after intercepting them on the search engine and bringing them to the company site. Alternatively, it can be done after attending a webinar, downloading free resources, or watching YouTube videos.

Digital salesman can really be one of the jobs where you earn $ 3,000 a month. To do this best you need to understand the interlocutor, find the ideal solutions for him, and offer him what he needs in order to make a decision. There are many ways to prepare the target user for direct contact – which can take place via chat, telephone, or video call – and just as many ways to continue the dialogue by exploiting automation. E-mail marketing automation, i.e. the automatic forwarding of e-mails, or re-marketing, i.e. reaching potential customers through personalized advertisements, can help.

If you are thinking about how to earn $3000 per month, web sales could be for you. You could first work for a company, as an employee, and once you are familiar with the role, decide to set up your own business. You could then ask to be paid a percentage of sales, and you could achieve a salary of very interesting and, above all, commensurate with your merits.

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the high paying online jobs

Sell Infoproducts

The second business idea is to have an income of $ 3,000 per month, which suits you if you are an expert or passionate about something. In this way, you have the opportunity to turn what you like, about which you naturally inform and update yourself, into the core of your new occupation.

Let’s say you are well-versed in dog training, an expert in cameras, or an expert in innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies. What could you do? You could start a business made up of info products, translating your knowledge into digital information products. With info products, you can monetize 3 or 4 thousand dollars/month thanks to your know-how.

To start a profession based on selling digitized resources, you must first understand what your potential customers might need in terms of knowledge. Next, you have to choose the best formats in which to host your content. Once this is done, you can start to realize the different digitized resources: an e-book, a mini-guide, a video course, an explanatory pdf, or audio files.

sell infoproducts to earn 3000 dollars/month

Create the digital products, and assign a cost to them; for example, you can sell the e-book for $30-50 and the mini-course for 200. To achieve a monthly income of at least $3000 you will have to ensure constant sales of content, which you can achieve by learning how to do online marketing.

The costs incurred by this occupation are almost zero, whether you produce one or a thousand copies of the resources. One of the great advantages of info products is that they do not occupy physical space, such as warehouses and shelves. You can safely store them in a data storage system, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Become an Online Consultant

A third job to earn $ 3,000 per month is to become a Digital Consultant or Digital Freelancer.

Who is this specialist? He is someone who is trained in digital disciplines, becoming an expert in online marketing and offering consultancy services to some of the 4-5 million small businesses in your country that need to go online.

The rule is simple: the more you know, the more you make. So if you want to aim for $ 3,000 per month, you have to increase your level of knowledge and, above all, keep it up to date. To become a Digital Consultant, therefore, you must first study all the disciplines of digital and then specialize. To verticalize into something is important.

become online consultant to earn up to $3,000 a month

In fact, when you enter this world, you will realize that it is extremely powerful and requires knowledge of a lot of information. The only way to do well as a consultant is, therefore, to specialize in a specific field.

If you want to understand in which area you will become competent, you have to follow your aptitudes and strengths. For example, if you are creative, you can take care of social networking; if you are number-oriented, you can focus on search engine advertising. By doing something in line with your characteristics, you can work in the service of companies while having fun.

All you need to do is find ten or so customers, ask them for a salary of $ 300 per month, and you will soon be earning $ 3,000 per month. In this way, you will be able to secure a basic income that will allow you to live well and you can then start to scale up.

Mindset for a $3,000 monthly salary

In order to be able to work in digital freelancing and bill $ 3000 per month, it is essential to have a success-oriented mindset, the right mindset.

Many Italians are afraid of change, even disappointed and frustrated with their job situation. Changing jobs requires motivation, determination, sacrifice and the ability to get involved. It entails the willingness to go beyond ingrained cultural thinking, which sees work as an employee and in an “average” salary, the best a person can aspire to in order to live peacefully and quietly. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way, let’s be clear. But if you are here, you want something more; specifically, you want to understand how to make $3000 a month.

change your mindset to earn $3,000 per month

Self-employment offers the real possibility of achieving profit and satisfaction with minimal investment. However, it involves risks, which fall entirely on you. The secret to resisting? Allow your mind to indulge in the desire for revenge. To do this, you must learn to accept challenges with courage and determination, build self-confidence and adapt to changes in the labor market. You must also be curious, ready to learn, and open to the new possibilities technology offers. Thus by doing so, you will really turn your professional and personal life around.

Someone who earns $3,000 dollars a month is not someone with exceptional personal skills or a favorable social position. It is someone like you, who believes in his abilities, is committed, and goal-oriented.

If you are wondering, therefore, where to start in order to earn $3000 per month, my advice is to look for a school like ours, which is capable of:

  • orient yourself among the different digital professions;
  • enable you to acquire the knowledge and tools you need to do your job;
  • support you in setting up your freelance business;
  • support you in improving your mindset.

You can start by requesting a free consultation with one of our coaches to outline the right strategy to get started.

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