How to make 5000 a month: Choosing the Right Job for You

Do you also want to know how to make 5000 a month? It’s not as easy but not as impossible as you think and, as you read on in this article, you will find out how and what your real options are.

One super important thing is to know how to learn to be wary of those completely illusory job offers of the type “I work $10000 per month” or “I offer $5000 per month“. We have already mentioned it: it is not impossible to find employment to earn $5000 monthly.

But what job earns you so much?

The question of what profession to do is very common nowadays. There is ample availability of training courses to be able to obtain any occupation that suits our taste. The digital world offers a wide choice.

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What are the $5000 per month jobs?

In spite of the historical period characterized by a deep crisis in the employment market, as opposed to all those who have a job to earn and afford just a few extra monthly treats, among the things to do after graduation there is no shortage of well-paid professions, such as $ 5,000 a month jobs.

Let’s talk about the “old-fashioned” professions, which up to 10-15 years ago were sympathetically referred to as “Uncle Scrooge”, as being able to get a job with a similar income automatically triggered the label “rich”. Let’s talk about the 5 overpaid jobs:

  • $6500 per month for a surgeon performing operations privately or a head physician of any hospital department;
  • an aviation pilot can reach $7000;
  • $5000 to $20,000 for a dentist who has a private practice and has managed to become well-known in his environment;
  • A magistrate’s monthly salary is around $10,000;
  • about $15,000 instead of a notary.

Then there are other professions that fall into the category of jobs that nobody does (or hardly anyone does) and yet appear in the advertisements “job vacancies from $5000 monthly“:

  • air traffic controller: in order to be able to do this job, it is necessary to pass the selections of ENAV, a company that deals with airport services, and to provide the right training to be worthy of this job;
  • commercial pilot: only after obtaining a flight license, which is obtained after assiduous attendance at the specialized school. It is more about being a pilot for private individuals;
  • funeral services: taking care of the various steps in the process of a funeral.

How to make 5000 a month?

We have just analyzed the classic jobs where you can earn $ 5,000 per month. Now let’s move on to a more in-depth analysis of what our reality is, which has changed going hand in hand with the explosive development of technology, and let’s see how to earn $5000 per month.

In the past, in order to be able to do a certain job to the best of one’s ability, it was necessary to embark on a path that did not always turn out to be a stroll on one’s laurels. It started as early as the choice of high school, which in a certain sense, was already supposed to prepare one for what one would later have, by choosing a specific university course. Then there was university, specialization, a master’s degree, then an apprenticeship, and who knows whether one would end up working.

Now, although a lot of commitment, dedication, and determination are still required, it is possible to get the right training for various jobs. Considering some specific types of digital jobs, it is not always necessary to have a university degree: it is also possible to obtain a postgraduate master’s degree and start one of the $3,000 – 5,000 per month digital jobs.

The more time passes, the more common it becomes to become familiar with digital and all that goes with it. There is no denying how our lives have now changed thanks to the web. The following table summarizes this concept very clearly:

Choosing which make-up to buyyou would go to the shop and ask advice from the shop assistantyou consult the profile of a beauty influencer
Deciding what to cook for an original lunchleafing through a recipe bookyou consult a cooking blog
Buying an object and not knowing its functionsread the instructionsyou consult a youtube tutorial

Let’s take a look together at the current highest-paid professions that give a slight hint of what will characterize our future.

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the high paying online jobs

1. Be an influencer

Classic advertising on TV or in the form of billboards seems to be out of fashion by now. Much more impactful for companies is to turn to the figure of the influencer, an emerging and well-known profession capable of exerting a “certain influence” on its followers (hence the label influencer).

Its degree of influence includes:

  • entice to share,
  • interact,
  • buy the product.

This is the reason for the interest of companies in them. The reason for its popularity can be of different origins nowadays: participating in television programs and thus gaining notoriety. Or, and this is the specific case we will discuss, those who are experts and enthusiasts on certain topics and therefore over-informed, so much so that they earn the trust, esteem, and credibility of many people, called in technical language, followers.

An influencer is one of the $5000 per month jobs, starting from a solid base of at least 500,000 followers.


Earning the credibility of followers

One of the features of these $ 5000 per month jobs that guarantee success is being able to obtain engagement from one’s followers. Engagement that is also technically referred to as “engagement”. Obviously, in order to gain engagement, you need a certain credibility, which often comes naturally when you show that you are a “true connoisseur” of the topic or product you are sponsoring or selling.

Sometimes you are very knowledgeable and experienced in areas that are part of your passions, for example, fashion and beauty so fashion influencers, beauty influencers, and so on.

What to do to increase the number of followers

Why are followers so important? They are considered the mirror of credibility and user engagement. Companies, more and more often, rely on influencer marketing to get the right sponsorship. It is essential in their eyes to expose the product in question to as many people as possible. The more people you expose yourself the more likely you are to convert (and thus sell).

According to this reasoning, the huge amount of followers becomes indispensable. This often leads to the need to buy followers, a technique that has now become well known, in order to receive proposals for collaboration.

Of course, there is not only this method. There is also a natural way to grow the number of one’s “followers” and that is by creating quality content that meets the needs of users. Proving that can count on you in the different pre and post-purchase phases.

2. Working as a blogger

As commonly as erroneously, the word Blog makes one think of a hobby, a pastime, or a way to tell stories and share experiences. Instead, it can turn out to be, with patience and dedication, one of the jobs to earn $ 5000 a month. How? Let’s find out together.

A fundamental characteristic of a successful blog is to be rich in quality content that satisfies the users’ requests, questions, and doubts. To be able to do this, it is indispensable, first of all, to be able to understand what their needs are. Once these basic details have been established, we choose a specific topic. How to Become a beauty blogger is an example of how to create a themed blog.

The blog must deal with specific topics that differentiate you. Topics that others have not / want to deal with. This is a foolproof technique for beating the competition and the key to your earnings from $5000!

Patience and dedication will play a key role in this work: you will not “reap the rewards” instantly.

You have to make yourself known, gain credibility and make users realize that it is worth constantly coming back to your blog and reading you. You need to be constant in publishing content and with time (sometimes we are talking years) you will transform from a profession where you earn $2000 a month, to a $4000 a month job and then end up being a $5000 a month job and maybe go further.

Indicatively, around 30,000 unique visitors (or more) per month will be needed to get there.

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Sources of income for a blog

As just mentioned, to be able to see $5000 earnings with a blog takes time. Let’s look together at some ways to earn money with a blog:

  • Affiliation: Once you have managed to bring a lot of traffic to your blog, the world of affiliate marketing has and offers the most positive aspects as far as earnings are concerned. First of all, by posting a simple link on your blog, it will be quick and easy to earn commissions. In addition, you do not have to worry about all the steps of the customer service process (from pre to post-sale), but simply make sure you bring traffic to your blog.
  • Sales: Another strategy to bring income to your blog is to have a sales section. This obviously depends on the type of blog you have. In some cases, you can sell:
  1. services, e.g. online travel advice in the case of a travel blogger;
  2. make-up articles for beauty bloggers (in case there is a specific collaboration with some brand);
  3. products of her own production: for example, a wool processing enthusiast (being able to process wool) writes a blog on the world of wool and its processing and includes a section where she sells her handmade products.

3. Become a Youtuber

Among the jobs that can earn you $5000 per month is working as a YouTuber. Technically, you don’t earn money by posting your videos on YouTube, but here are the possible sources of income for this category:

  • number of subscribers (around 25,000/30,000), you could charge subscription fees for your channel;
  • inscriptions exceed 10,000, you can start selling budgets with your own logo;
  • Youtube Premium option, upgrade to not receive advertisements while viewing a video;
  • members participating in Superchat, during which they pay to see their messages at the top of the list;
  • advertisements, a small percentage can be earned if the user does not skip ads before/during the viewing of a video.

How to earn money from advertising on YouTube?

Assuming that with YouTube it is much more difficult to reach a monthly income of $5,000, the way that would allow you to reach that figure is advertising through adverts. You will need to have an Adsense account and sign up for the partnership program with YouTube.

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Only once you have signed up, you can proceed with placing advertisements within your videos. Obviously, Youtube will be entitled to a commission, and this is how you start to see earnings.

There is a habit of skipping all ads, which is why it is very difficult for a Youtuber to earn stratospheric sums but can easily reach the monthly $5000.

So, let’s get to work:

  • produce a video,
  • publish it,
  • start Youtube for the insertion of advertisements,
  • your content will be analyzed (so that it meets the parameters of the rules, copywriting, and originality of the content),
  • official placement of advertisements.

And let the earnings begin!!! A prerequisite for being able to see modest earnings from your adverts is the number of views: reaching one million views earns you $5000 and up.


So, where do you start to earn $5,000 a month? The world of digital is vast, so to avoid wasting time unnecessarily you can get a professional to help you understand which digital professions are right for you. You can request a completely free consultation.

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