How to make money online – 13 tips for success

How to make money online? We have all typed this query at least once in our lives and come across gurus promising to make us earn money quickly on the internet without any effort and in no time. Countless winning strategies and methods that make you rich and live off passive income: it’s hard to believe that a perfect stranger would share the secret of their success with everyone, don’t you think?

The internet is filled with videos, advertisements, blogs, and ads that guarantee users the ability to make money without working. Whether you want to understand how to earn money working online or learn how to supplement your income with the internet, you still need to do something. While you can find numerous opportunities on the internet, you must be cautious not to be scammed. Recognize reliable sources of information that provide an actual and realistic overview of online earning prospects instead of making empty promises.

If you want to know my advice, I will explain the following by continuing to read:

  • How to make money online seriously;
  • What are the best ideas to earn money quickly online without taking risks;
  • How to earn extra money from home.

To get started, I recommend you take our specialised courses in online marketing; they will introduce you to the digital world and inspire you with winning business ideas for working on the internet and becoming independent.

Let me reiterate: be wary of those who promise easy earnings, but believe in those who want to educate and provide you with the technical and strategic tools necessary to operate within a growing online business. Elevating the quality of professionals and services that the internet can offer through the work of increasingly competent individuals is a gift that we would all benefit from, and that is my mission.

How to make money online seriously: 13 winning ideas

Whether you want to make the web the primary market for your work or find a way to earn some extra money online and supplement your income, the suggested path is to identify a new entrepreneurial idea that suits your needs, reflects your goals, possibilities, and expectations.

In this article, I won’t talk about false promises like how to make money online without doing anything, but I will provide an overview of solutions from which you can choose based on your skills or predispositions. The web is ruthless in terms of competition: to succeed, you need to excel at what you do.

Talking about how to earn money online is valuable only when done competently and seriously. Therefore, the point is not to promise significant and easy earnings without working, but to suggest feasible solutions that align with your abilities and aspirations.

You’d be surprised to know that there are numerous ways to earn money online for real, and there are many job opportunities available on various portals. One of them is Digital Jobs, the first portal specialized in Digital Marketing, where I’m sure you will find the right profession for you.

It’s possible to start your own online business in various sectors, but any business, to be successful and profitable, requires one essential thing: Tough Work, which means hard work, so that you become the best at what you do.

With this determination, making money online is possible, you just need to:

  • Have a clear objective;
  • Apply the best online business strategies;
  • Always strive to do what you love best: that’s the true secret of success.

Now, I want to present to you 13 excellent ideas to make money working online today.

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1. Learn Internet Sales Techniques

One of the skills to make money online that you need to acquire is the sales procedures on the web, which are different from those in the offline market.

Selling, whether it’s physical products or services that you can provide, starts with your relationships and market analysis. The internet is a rapidly evolving world that is not yet saturated, so there are many fields to choose from. Choosing one over another depends on both the potential that the sectors seem to offer and the quantity and quality of relationships you have built over the years.

Developing specific sales skills for the web can bring you good online earnings. Digital sales are innovative techniques that will enable you to reach new potential customers, build trust by strengthening the relationship with them, and generate profits.

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2. Create and Sell Info-Products and Educational Content Online

The first step is to evaluate the skills or knowledge that you could monetize. Which of your past experiences can be used to start your online business?

how to earn money onlineIf you don’t have any work experience, don’t worry: I will give you tips on how to make money online starting from $0.

Creating and selling info-products may seem challenging at first, and you might be wondering which of your skills could be relevant to others.

Well, skills don’t always come from work experience. For example, if you enjoy traveling but have never worked in that field, but you have visited many places around the world, this expertise could be an important starting point for launching an online business in the tourism sector.

You could write practical travel guides, accompanied by photos and anecdotes. Many people are eager for this type of information.

Alternatively, if you are fluent in a foreign language, teaching it could allow you to earn extra income online. Conduct live streaming video lessons and sell this service online.

Remote teaching is very useful for earning money online for real and showcasing your skills. In recent years, online language courses, music lessons, tutoring, professional training courses, and even sports courses taught by personal trainers have become increasingly popular.

Whatever the idea or topic you feel prepared for, you need to effectively build the info-product or service and then decide how to deliver it through which channels.

Addressing such diverse and broad topics here would be limiting, so I suggest a course designed specifically for this purpose. You will be guided through practical and operational training to acquire the necessary skills to earn money online by selling info-products.

3. Learn to Sell on Amazon

I imagine that you have purchased something on Amazon, and surely you know how extensive their distribution system is. Well, they are not only strong in logistics but also in the variety of products they offer and their advertising. If you’re thinking about what to sell to make money online, here you will definitely find successful ideas to invest in.

Amazon is the exemplary case of a rapidly growing online business. It was in 1994 when Jeff Bezos started building that online bookstore, with virtual shelves but real books that arrived in people’s homes, from his garage. It’s remarkable how little time has passed since ’94, considering that he became the richest man in the world.

Now, either garages in the United States have something magical (even the legendary company in Cupertino originated in a garage) or it’s true that the digital business gives many people the opportunity to succeed. It all comes down to understanding how to do it.

So, if you have products that you would like to sell, you can earn money online with Amazon. It is possible to become an Amazon partner by choosing among the selling plans offered by the American giant. You can earn money online by selling products and choose how to manage logistics, returns, customer support, and advertising while benefiting from its 300 million active customers.

I think it’s a very interesting idea, but it requires further exploration! I suggest you take a course on selling on Amazon, which is specific and focused on the available options based on your product category, plans, and expectations.

4. Make Money from Scratch with an E-commerce

I’m talking about passion, a necessary condition to excel and start a profitable business. Now I want to add another concept: competence.

To create a successful online business, reaching a potentially much larger audience compared to the local offline market, you also need to consider increased competition, so you have to be really good at what you do.

If you already have a store and increasing profits by selling online is your goal, opening an online shop is the right path for you. Alternatively, if you don’t have an existing offline business but have interesting products, then you’ve figured out how to make money by selling online.

An e-commerce store using the dropshipping model can be your starting point as it allows you to sell without the financial burden of inventory and logistics.

With dropshipping, creating an e-commerce store and making money online starting from scratch is truly possible. I can now recommend this course, through which you can start an online store and learn everything you need to know! This includes creating a good product page, developing the correct dropshipping and drop selling procedures, and earning money by working from home or wherever you want, without the need to be in an office, store, or warehouse.

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5. Monetize with a Blog

If you love writing and want to make money online, you might consider monetizing by creating your own blog or website that focuses on a specific niche. Once you’ve identified the most suitable genre for you, taking into account your skills and passions, I encourage you to start writing articles and make your blog public.

Among the most interesting and trending topics that can generate extra online income, I can suggest these sectors:

  • Fashion;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Cooking;
  • Music;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Web 3 and new technologies.

Follow your skills and passions and start offering your content online. If you also have good knowledge of SEO, you will be able to quickly reach many users and generate your first earnings.

There are various ways to make money online with a blog:

  • Brand collaborations;
  • Selling info-products and services;
  • Online consulting services;
  • Affiliate marketing.

Certainly, it’s not an easy way to make quick money. Behind the success of bloggers, there are skills, commitment, and knowledge.

You will also need to work on your Personal Branding to make yourself noticeable and become a trending blogger!

6. Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

When I mentioned monetizing through blogs and websites, I briefly touched on a topic that I would like to delve into here: affiliate marketing.

Would you like to learn more about the world of affiliate marketing? Let me explain briefly what it’s about. Affiliate marketing is a marketing activity that involves selling advertising space on blogs and websites.

This is a way to make money online without doing anything, meaning that the main goal is to write content and gain visibility and followers. The rest happens automatically. Let me explain further: if you have a website or blog with good traffic, it can become a space to allocate third-party advertising that is relevant to your niche.

Brands can reward you with a commission for purchases made through referral links on your site, such as banners or advertisements.

This way, over the years, you can build a real online income and become a successful digital entrepreneur in just a few months!

The possibility to earn money from this activity is appealing to many people, but only the best sites actually manage to generate substantial income from affiliations, those that receive a significant number of visits or clicks. Even if it won’t provide a steady income, it will certainly help you earn extra money and provide some breathing room to work seriously on the content of your website.

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7. Start a YouTube Channel

Opening your own YouTube channel won’t allow you to make money today. Managing a YouTube channel requires dedication and a lot of effort.

It’s difficult to precisely determine how much YouTube pays because there are many variables to consider. However, I can tell you for sure that you can diversify your income and earn extra money online through:

  • Advertisements: including in-stream and outstream ads, discovery ads, and bumper
  • Product sales: YouTube Shopping allows you to promote the sale of your own products or those of other companies;
  • Affiliate marketing: By creating affiliations with brands and promoting their products in your videos, you can earn extra money through referral links that consumers use to purchase the recommended products.

Once you surpass 1,000 subscribers, you can earn more with your videos and content by taking advantage of YouTube’s Partner Program, which offers more monetization opportunities.

8. Make money with TikTok

You might be wondering how to make money on TikTok now. This new social platform is becoming increasingly popular today, with promising prospects for the future. So, it’s worth getting to know it better, exploring the techniques, and having some fun. Understanding how much money you can make on TikTok can be very interesting!

On this social platform, creators can publish short videos accompanied by trendy and popular music, often achieving viral results.

But before we talk about easy money, you need to work on engaging your audience. Once you have more than 1000 followers, you can start earning some money with TikTok content. However, it’s important to note that with a thousand views, you can earn around $40, so even in this case, to earn more, you’ll need to establish collaborations with companies through affiliate marketing and advertising.

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9. Earn as an Influencer on Instagram and OnlyFans

There are other social platforms that can help you earn additional money online.

Instagram has been the realm of photos and Influencers for years, who engage, attract, and influence their audience through posts, reels, live streams, and stories.

To explain how much they pay you on Instagram, you should know that using this social platform, it’s possible to earn a lot of money, but to be considered by companies, you need to have at least 1000 followers.

Can you earn 500 euros per day with Instagram? Let’s say that beyond 10,000 followers, you could start earning between 100 and 500 euros by publishing at least one post. But remember, this doesn’t mean making money without doing anything! Being an Influencer is a digital profession that requires commitment, skills, and time.

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Another similar social network used by various influencers is OnlyFans. This social network was born in London and offers entertainment services to its users.

But what can you sell on OnlyFans? I can quickly answer that:

  • Photos;
  • Videos;
  • Exclusive content.

But beware, most of these contents, especially the more exclusive ones, are visible only to users who have subscribed!

If you’re an influencer and you’re wondering, trying to understand what you can do with OnlyFans, the answer is definitely to publish photos and content, choosing whether to make them public or available for a fee only to your community.

It’s a social platform known as the realm of explicit content, a feature that partly contributed to its success. However, since 2021, a new policy has been implemented that prohibits and limits this type of theme.

How much money can you make with OnlyFans? According to publicly available data on the internet, I can tell you that with just 50 subscribers, you can earn around $180 to $400 per month for your influential creator skills, which is a great way to earn more online.

10. Create Apps to Earn Money

Are you an expert developer and programmer considering earning money by reselling apps or plugins?

You’re on the right track because the demand for skilled developers is extensive and growing, especially since people have become increasingly dependent on their smartphones or tablets.

Apps are often used to solve daily challenges, so I suggest starting your programming journey by addressing the issues users would like to solve. If you have excellent skills, you can earn money online with an app.

If you don’t have programming skills but want to know which apps can make you money, I can list a few:

  • BeMyEye: This app offers missions to complete in certain stores, such as taking photos of shelves or talking to salespeople. Once the mission is completed, you’ll receive your reward.
  • Jobby: An application that allows you to earn money by taking on a second job. It enables you to perform small sporadic tasks like delivery, flyer distribution, and providing information.
  • Vinted: An app designed to give new life to old clothes or items you no longer use, allowing you to earn money by emptying your home wardrobe.
  • WeWard: It’s the app that provides an opportunity to earn money online quickly. However, the amount depends on you because the earnings vary based on how much you walk. For every 3,000 steps, you earn 1 ward, and with 100 wards, you can pocket 0.50 cents. So activate it and start walking!
  • SmanApp: It comes from the idea of an innovative startup that offers rewards to drivers. Download the app and activate it while you drive, but keep in mind that you can accumulate points and receive rewards only by driving safely.

11. Become a Digital Freelancer

What does a digital freelancer do and how can they make money online? They are independent workers, usually with a VAT number, who work as online consultants for clients or remotely.

how to make money for beginnersIt takes a certain determination and courage to start this business, but if you are consistent and not afraid of hard work, you can achieve great satisfaction.

You need to start with your passions and then identify among them those that refer to growing markets. However, targeting the sector to start an online business is not the only important variable to consider. It is also essential to apply a suitable and profitable business model, a way to translate your activity into revenue.

As a digital freelancer, you need to identify your unique competitive advantages, which make you the solution potential clients are looking for: there, you have to be the best.


Digital professions are diverse, and it is preferable to choose a specific segment of the market where you can excel rather than selling yourself as a jack-of-all-trades without excelling in anything.

Therefore, the idea to earn money online starts with market research:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • How can you differentiate yourself from them?
  • How can you promote yourself on social networks?

You can consider white-collar franchising that offer a proven business model, training and support, and a brand name that is already recognized by potential clients. Learn more about white-collar franchise opportunities.

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12. Sell Your Photos on Dedicated Stock Platforms

Do you have a photography hobby? It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or not: if you have really beautiful photos in your archive, try selling them right away because media content is in high demand by companies at the moment.

how to make money with photosAdvertising has changed, the power of images in marketing is increasing more and more. Moreover, with the proliferation of social networks and published posts, unique images are valuable resources. Finally, thanks to stricter regulations to protect ownership and the spread of increasingly sophisticated tracking software, infringement is almost impossible. Therefore, the photographic material you possess is protected and highly sought after.

Okay, but how do you make money online by selling photos? Well, it’s quite simple. If they are high-quality, original photos, and you have a large number of images, consider that for each purchase, the photographer receives compensation of up to 50%, which can increase if the photo is sold exclusively! Perhaps the income from a single photo is low, but if you have a decent volume, the profit is guaranteed. At the end of the month, you could have a small income without much effort.

There are many reliable platforms you can turn to, and I can suggest some:

  • Alamy;
  • Shutterstock;
  • Getty Images;
  • iStock Photo.

So, how much can you earn on the web with photographs? You can increase your income with some extra euros or make photography your primary source of income—it depends on you! Certainly, it is one of the jobs that are suitable for earning money online safely.

13. Engage in Online Trading

Trading involves the negotiation of stocks, securities, bonds, currencies, or investment funds in order to obtain a capital gain due to price fluctuations. Online trading differs from traditional trading in that the holding period of financial instruments is very short-term.

Online trading has gained ground in recent years because it is possible to earn real money online, and many internet users today have online bank accounts, which facilitates financial transactions on the web. However, be careful because although it may seem accessible to everyone, it requires significant experience—losing everything takes just one click.

While it’s true that a trader can make a high income online, they can also lose a lot of money. If you enjoy this business, if you have always liked monitoring stock quotes and the market, then transitioning to online trading is right for you.

Do you know an experienced trader? I encourage you to seek their advice as they will be able to recommend the best, authorized, and reliable trading platform to start with. Some platforms offer free demo accounts to practice without risking real money, so you can start making money online by investing when you are sufficiently prepared.

4 Tips to Make Money Online from Home for Free

So far, in these lines, I have shown you opportunities to earn money online by suggesting digital jobs that can bring you online income, but they all require some time. If you are wondering how to make money quickly, in a simple way while dedicating only a few hours a day or even per month, then I recommend a different approach.

There are many ideas on how to earn money online quickly, but always consider that even risk has its price and that nobody does anything for nothing, so the correct equation is that if you give a little, you also get little in return.

Nevertheless, as you continue reading, you will find some simple and relatively safe ideas on how to make money online from home or from anywhere, by dedicating little time to this activity.

1. Participate in Online Prize Contests

How to earn money online without investing time or money? Well, participating in these contests is something you can do, unless you need to increase your income every month and you require a guaranteed source of income.

Many people enjoy the feeling of playing and even dreaming of winning, and, of course, it happens to someone! Winning money online or prizes is really fun, but it is not a real job, it is more like a hobby.

You can find many initiatives of this kind on different social networks. Usually, these initiatives are seasonal and related to holidays, but there are also specialized websites that offer loyalty programs throughout the year.

How to participate in a prize contest? You register, provide your information (sometimes they ask you to leave a comment), and that’s it: you have a (remote) chance to win while they have definitely acquired a lead, which is a valuable resource from an online marketing perspective.

If you are wondering how to win money online, keep in mind that they usually do not give out cash prizes but rather trips, products, discounts, or vouchers. Often, contests are free to enter, while in some cases, they are linked to a purchase or subscription you have made. In other words, while winning online prizes is very tempting, I cannot guarantee that it is completely free.

2. Earn Money Online with Surveys

If you want to understand how to earn a few euros per month, paid surveys are a solution. It only takes a few minutes a day, and little by little, you can accumulate something.

how to make money without moneySome surveys can be fun, in the form of quizzes or games, and they are certainly a valid example of how to earn money online if you’re looking to make just a few extra euros. To be listed among the ways to make money online, you need to answer a lot of surveys. However, nobody gives anything for free: you’re selling your opinion.

In fact, by answering the survey, you’re providing valuable information to companies for their market research. The interesting thing, for those involved in digital marketing like me, is to see the questions being asked: to understand the trends, how companies are moving, and maybe even identify products that are about to be launched in the market.

I recommend being careful and reading reviews before registering for paid surveys because not all panels are reliable. Some panels, after you’ve answered the questions, make your account disappear, and you have no way of accessing your compensation anymore. Are they really doing this for a few euros? Try it to believe it… or rather, do your research before taking any risks!

3. How to earn money online without investment

If you’ve wondered how to earn without investing and you’re curious about the world of cryptocurrencies, my advice is to try Young Platform.

I’m describing an cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to earn passive income without necessarily depositing money, just by opening an account.

You can make money quickly with this platform in the following ways:

  • Walking: By downloading this app, you can earn Tokens based on the distance you walk.
  • Learning: The platform offers financial lessons that allow you to earn by answering their quizzes.
  • Making predictions: I’m referring to predictions about price movements that can earn you money if you guess correctly.

If you feel confident enough to invest online by buying and selling cryptocurrencies as a blockchain enthusiast, you can do so easily here. There are many ways to work with the blockchain, and opportunities are constantly growing in the web3 world.

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4. Make Money Online by Playing Games

Does it sound like a dream to earn money by playing games? Well, it’s not. This is another potential opportunity that I want to show you, which can help you make some extra cash.

If you’re passionate about gaming, then this could become a profession for you. Many influencers in the gaming industry manage to earn money by playing games. But how?

  • Recording videos of their gameplay and posting them on YouTube
  • Streaming their gameplay on Twitch
  • Starting a gaming blog
  • Writing game guides
  • Participating in championships and tournaments for experts
  • Testing video games for game development companies

Some of these points were touched upon in previous chapters when I talked about earning money online through serious work. The difference I want to highlight here is that in this scenario, you can earn money in the gaming industry while having fun!

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So, earning money online is definitely possible, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here talking to you about it. It may require more or less substantial initial investments, but if managed correctly, it can generate significant profits.

Take my experience, my professional journey as an example: since 2004, I’ve been doing business online, and over the years, I have invested a significant amount of money in my online activities. Guess what? I have no intention of stopping. The earnings I have obtained have rewarded all my efforts and initial expenses.

If online business were not truly profitable, I wouldn’t continue doing it. My advice to you, if you enjoy the online world, is not to miss the opportunity to discover which digital profession is suitable for your skills. Remember, loving your work is the necessary step to do it well.

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