Jobs of the future in high demand: what we will be doing in 2030

What are the jobs of the future? What about the emerging professional sectors? What will be the most requested and best-paid occupations in the next ten years? What kind of skills are needed to successfully enter the new job market?

Sit back because we will answer all these questions about the most in-demand and paid professions of the future, between now and 2030.

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Jobs of the Future VS jobs of the Past

For decades the professions most in-demand on the labor market have always been the same: lawyer, accountant, journalist, worker, salesman, accountant, and engineer. It was these trades that led the employment ranking for a long time.

In recent years, however, a great change has taken place that has brought profound changes to the job market: digital transformation. This innovation has created tasks that did not exist until a few years ago and has prompted many of the already existing ones to innovate to adequately respond to the new needs of the economy and the companies of the future.

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Furthermore, we have witnessed an equally important phenomenon: the digitization of the jobs of the past. For example, journalists, publicists, or professionals, are not extinct but have evolved into one of the new digital professions.

Specifically, a journalist can primarily follow two paths. The first leads to the profession of SEO copywriter, while the second is that of the content marketing manager. The transition from offline to online is not immediate but requires knowledge of the basics of web writing, SEO, and content marketing.

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The digital transformation has also affected the world of sales and, in particular, the process of acquiring and managing customers. In the past, a salesperson spent a lot of time managing relationships with his customers, firstly because he was forced to meet them physically, with related travel costs, and then to nurture the established relationship of trust. Today, it is possible to make this process more scalable with the digital sales method, taught in our school in the dedicated course.

As you guessed, the jobs of the future will be digital ones.

Continue reading this blog post because we will reveal to you what are the changes taking place in the labor market shortly and what are the professions of the future with or without a degree most in-demand in the next ten years.

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What will be the most in-demand jobs in the future?

To understand what the jobs of the future will be, we can start with the interesting “Jobs of Future” research carried out by Hays, a marketing and sales recruitment company, based on a sample of around 700 professionals in the sector.

According to the research, between now and the next ten years, technological progress will contribute to the development of five macro-areas:

  • Social media, Influencer marketing, and eCommerce,
  • Customer experience,
  • Green Marketing,
  • Profiling & Data Analysis,
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Among the most requested and best-paid emerging professions are certainly those related to digital marketing.

In particular, Social Media Marketing and online advertising are gaining more and more weight. Social networks are no longer channels for exclusive personal use but also represent places for information and discussion, increasingly controlled by companies for promotional purposes. Among the new professions in this sector, we find content, SEM, and pay-per-click seniority specialists and social advertisers.

In the new digital jobs, there are also those linked to e-commerce, which has seen a three-digit percentage increase in recent months. The consequence of this explosion has been a surge in the demand for new professional figures necessary for the development and management of online stores. The familiarity now acquired by Internet users with digital purchases will certainly maintain the positive growth trend and will require ever greater specializations in this area.

Among the highest-paying jobs of the future are customer experience jobs. In this sector we are witnessing the impressive growth of technologies capable of creating tailor-made experiences for customers, also thanks to the applications of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, increasingly intelligent and dynamic algorithms will be developed.

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new jobs of the future

The future of work will also be characterized by the green economy with the birth of new digital professions that will work to reduce the impact of man on the life of the planet. In this sector, one of the most requested figures will be the Energy Manager, an expert on the energy needs of companies and an attentive connoisseur of renewable energies.

Furthermore, we are also witnessing the diffusion of new professional figures who pay close attention to climate change issues: green influencers.

We close the review of the five areas of digital transformation with Big Data and the increasingly massive use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which aim to bring brands and customers closer together by capturing needs and requirements.

In general, these digital evolutions have often led to a redevelopment of some existing jobs and the birth of completely new figures.

The professions most in-demand on the market in the next few years require knowledge of specific channels and tools, mastery of specific tools for creating advertising campaigns, and the ability to interact with communities and read and analyze data.

6 jobs of the Future in digital marketing

In this paragraph, you will find out which professions are most in demand in the coming years. The new jobs of the future, even without a degree, can be carried out with a subordinate employment contract or as a freelance or consultant.

  • Digital-Web Analyst,
  • Digital Strategist,
  • Web Content Strategist – SEM and PPC Specialist,
  • Digital Content Manager – SEO Specialist,
  • Digital CRM Manager,
  • E-commerce Manager.

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Digital Analyst

The web data analyst is perhaps the most technical figure among the online marketing professions and is one of the most in-demand professions of the future. Very often, he is only considered for his analytical skills, as his primary activity is to measure the performance of the various communication channels of a company, but in reality, his work goes far beyond:

  • analyzes the data provided by various platforms such as Google Analytics, Search Console, or Facebook Insights;
  • studies the metrics and through these can identify the adherence of reality to the KPIs identified by crossing the data;
  • provides valuable reports that will be the basis for optimizations and future technical and editorial choices.

Without this resource capable of providing realistic numerical feedback, any digital marketing activity would be in vain. Due to this essentiality, the web analyst will still be one of the jobs of the future for many years, as “Jobs of the future” also states.

Best jobs for the future without a degree

Digital Strategist

Among the highest-paid jobs of the future, there is certainly the digital evolution of the old consultant or marketing manager, who takes the name of Digital Marketing Specialist or Digital Strategist. Those who fill this role have many responsibilities as they manage every area of communication defining its business objectives, which makes it one of the most sought-after and best-paid professions shortly.

Furthermore, the digital strategist has the purpose of analyzing sales trends and developing the correct commercial strategies by reaching as many customers as possible, for this reason, he must have in-depth skills in every area of ??the subject, among the main ones:

  • identify KPIs and evaluate ROI;
  • design and monitor promotional and commercial campaigns;
  • design content, video, and copywriting activities;
  • manage social communities;
  • apply SEO techniques on search engines
  • create ADV campaigns on Google (SEM) and various social networks;
  • manage email campaigns (e.g. DEM and newsletter);
  • know how to read and interpret web traffic data on Google Analytics.

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SEM and PPC Specialist

The digital revolution has also brought about enormous changes in the way of advertising. The channels, the tools, and above all the public change, are decidedly more aware and informed than some time ago. One of the advantages of online advertising is being able to show yourself to potential customers just when they are looking for the product or service provided.

One of the jobs of the future will certainly be the specialist in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This new professional figure plans and manages advertising campaigns on the web. Whether the ads concern the search network or the display network, the professional will have to interface with dedicated tools such as Google Ads and Google Analytics.

The PPC Specialist specializes in social channels. The strength of these activities is that both guarantee very rapid results. Among its duties, there is also the conversion of visits into actions, such as filling in subscription forms for newsletters and purchases.

Given the immediate ROI, these professional figures are among the most requested in the future.

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SEO Specialist

He is probably one of the most complete digital professionals because he requires both technical skills, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and advanced skills in blog content creation.

best jobs for the future

According to Hays’ research, it is among the top four jobs of the future. This professional takes care of the indexing and positioning of a website’s content on search engines. He aims to have them positioned higher than those of his competitors and in any case among the top ten results of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to guarantee them greater visibility. As its main purposes, we can list:

  • taking care of the most relevant technical aspects of the site, including the map, loading speed, and User Experience;
  • the study of the SERP and the competition on the first pages;
  • the identification of KPIs to monitor results (bounce rate, pages per session, the ratio between new and old users, time spent on the site,);
  • the management of the link-building activity;
  • the creation of an editorial plan that takes into account the focus keywords;
  • the wise use of tools and tools that allow constant monitoring of SEO activity including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO Zoom, and many others.

It is a relatively recent professional figure, but necessary for every online business and for this reason, it guarantees a secure working future in the coming years.

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Digital CRM Manager

It’s among the most in-demand digital jobs, but it’s one of the least-known professions to the layman. The main task of these professionals of the future is the management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), i.e. the system of relations with potential customers, the so-called prospects, and existing ones.

In particular, the objective of this work of the future is to increase the customer lifetime value of customers and enhance the relationship with customers to increase their average receipt. Here are the other activities that the professions in this sector carry out:

  • data analysis;
  • segmentation of the customer base;
  • liaising with IT and marketing departments;
  • creation of campaigns with a conversion goal.

E-commerce Manager

The E-commerce Manager is among the most requested jobs of the future after Covid because more and more often even offline retail channels choose to land on the web to increase their market share.

This professional figure also requires heterogeneous skills in traditional and digital marketing, as well as the management of all processes related to online purchases.

Jobs that will change in the future

In particular, it deals with:

  • define sales strategies on the E-commerce site;
  • take care of the catalogs of the products or services offered, paying particular attention to their descriptions;
  • define the pricing;
  • implement payment methods ensuring their security;
  • monitor the sales trend;
  • identify the various touch points of the customer journey;
  • analyze analytics to identify any corrections to be made in the marketing strategy.

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Most in-demand IT professions

Among the sectors on the rise, as a result of digital transformation, there are those relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals.

This revolution involves both private companies and Public Administration and involves a radical change in the mindset of business management. It is reflected in the managerial ability to incorporate the changes and opportunities deriving from the introduction of hi-tech solutions such as big data, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, and robotics, to name a few of the technologies applicable.

most in demand it profession

Human resources, machinery, infrastructure, and tools must be connected to the network to constantly synchronize and optimize production through the data analysis of all digitized components. The new jobs of the future will therefore have to do with market analysis, information security, and control of personal data, all digitized and automated.

The digital professionals of the future will be characterized by a high degree of specialization, essential to support the digital transition process.

Furthermore, it is necessary to reflect on gender differences in these occupational fields that are still not covered by the female gender to date. This awareness has led numerous institutions in the Community, national, and university fields to undertake adequate measures to be able to reduce the gap and thus expand the number of jobs for future women.

Big Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Anyone using digital devices connected to the Internet produces data. This flood of information is collected, analyzed, and, for some years now, also valued from an economic point of view. With the increasing development of “intelligent” tools (Internet of Things, IoT) such data will become increasingly numerous and more complex. For this reason, in the coming years we will see the birth and development of new digital professionals who will have the task of:

  • collect data (sources can be internal databases, management software, CRM, social and web analytics);
  • organize and clean them up to discard duplicates and irrelevant data;
  • correct any distortions deriving from incorrect detection and conservation methods;
  • analyze clean data and observe trends and evolutions;
  • create reports on which future business strategies will be based.

These are complex roles that require scientific and mathematical training and will certainly be among the most requested jobs in the next ten years by companies.

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Cyber Security Expert

So much and so precious data must be protected from unauthorized access, unauthorized duplication, and, obviously, theft. The expert in this field will not only have to manage the security of the network where such personal and corporate data are stored, but also manage access, user authentication, server, and website security.

Best jobs for the future without a degree

This role requires a deep knowledge of security systems and specialization courses are usually required, in addition to a degree in the scientific field, but time and money will certainly be well spent, as the cyber security expert is one of the most requested jobs and get paid for the future.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

In the list of jobs of the future, it is impossible not to mention the DPO, i.e. the company personnel responsible for the protection of personal data. It is a figure introduced by the General Regulation for the Protection of personal data n. 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR). He has a predominantly legal profile and must have in-depth knowledge of the sector’s administrative rules and practices, managing to deal with all issues relating to risks and data security, so that national standards are respected.

This profession is completely new, as its mandatory introduction in public and private companies took place starting from May 25, 2018, and with well-defined skills, it will certainly be a highly demanded and well-paid job in the coming years.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

The CDO is one of the professional figures that has come to the fore with the digital transformation. It will certainly be one of the most requested new digital jobs shortly because it has the task of defining the strategy to implement and optimize all the organizational processes of the company, in terms of technology, culture, and mentality of internal staff. He has a very delicate task and his skills are very complex: from marketing to the study and analysis of big data, up to company management.

App Developer

Finally, we close with one of the most requested digital jobs: the developer of apps for IOs and Android platforms. The Mobile App Developer has very advanced skills in the management of codes and programming languages, but must also know visual content, copywriting, User Experience, or interface with other experts in these fields.

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