5 most profitable online businesses ideas

Identifying the most profitable online businesses or offline activities is a process that requires both an analysis of the market and an introspective assessment of one’s aptitudes and possibilities.

Making a list of which activities make a lot of money cannot give a single answer, good for everyone. When is a statistic enough to be successful in life? To respond appropriately it is necessary to know the context from which we start, the objectives to be achieved, and the starting time that we can consider.

Here’s a summary of the concepts covered in the video:

  • Because it is necessary to immediately choose between online or offline;
  • What are the benefits of working online;
  • How to find the right match between your expectations and growing businesses;
  • How to combine the main activity with a supporting one.

What the trend seems to give as certain, if you ask yourself which sector is worth investing in, is digital. The business ideas with the greatest prospects today reside here. Yes, because the digital transformation underway sees the web, not only as an area relegated to marketing and communication but as a new true workplace.

As you read on, you will get the best profitable online businesses to guess for you, based on your strengths and expectations.

What are the 5 most profitable online businesses to open today?

If you ask search engines what are the most profitable online businesses today, you will be faced with endless lists of industries or professions that have successfully emerged in the past years. In many cases no distinction will be made between online and offline activities; they will never be specifically right for you, because they are only market analyses.

In my opinion, this is the least effective approach, and besides, those results expire.

If, for example, the rental of electric vehicles could have been a business to open in 2021, perhaps today that market is saturated and to penetrate it, we will have to think of an innovative business idea.

five most profitable online businesses

Just as, if I tell you that the Social Media Manager is among the profitable activities of 2022, by the time you read this article, it will probably be too late to start this profession, especially if social networks aren’t your thing.

Investing in profitable assets cannot be a generic process, but rather an analytical one. The key aspects are the deep knowledge of the starting point (you, your passions), the objectives, and the time you have available, as happens in all projects.

My advice is to find a lucrative business to open to make money that is right for you. Stop, however, for a moment to think: you are not only your skills, but the synergy between them, your attitudes, and your dreams. As I always say, passion is the best engine for success. Certainly, now that digital technologies are so advanced, it is the ideal time to start your own business online.

If you find the way to express yourself best and that will make you happy, that’s it. For this reason, before each live course, I submit my students to a self-assessment, so that they can orient themselves most correctly and functionally towards their success. For example, try to reflect on these points:

  • Why are you trying to identify a sector in which to invest to generate income;
  • What type of skills are you and how expendable are they in the digital world;
  • Thinking of opening e-commerce makes you more afraid or enthusiastic;
  • Do you want to do personal branding and learn how to sell yourself or do you have a business idea where you can involve other people;
  • Do you find yourself in the figure of the freelancer or are you looking for an online job with a fixed salary;
  • Where would you like to live in the next few years;
  • What goal do you have in terms of lifestyle;
  • How much time do you have to start a profitable new business ;
  • Do you prefer to go to the office or work from home;
  • Where do you imagine yourself in 5 years?

With this, I want to tell you that the question to ask is not so much how to earn money, but how you can start a profitable online business as a digital freelance, opening a VAT number, or as an online entrepreneur. Starting your own business on the web is easier and faster than offline, but still requires a solid strategy.

Another piece of advice I want to give you is to structure the business model on two complementary fronts and with different priorities: identify a core activity and a secondary one, similar but not superimposable to the first, chosen to optimize time and energy. By making synergy, you will be able to stabilize your income faster and better cope with the ups and downs of the market, addressing a broad target.

Certainly, you will have to plan a differentiated marketing strategy, in support of both. Below I report some of the most requested aptitude profiles from the world of work, combined with the most profitable online businesses to open which, from experience, I can say are winning combinations.

1. Are you a team worker? Be a Digital Coach

The labor market is receiving strong signals from the digital sector which, as we know, is changing rapidly. Until a few years ago, working on the Internet was unthinkable for most professions. Today, however, the web is increasingly a place where you can work from home online and create high-income businesses.

There is talk of Digital Workplace (DWP), of smart working, but this accelerated corporate digitization, for large companies, may be easier to deal with if for small companies the transformation sometimes represents a setback. Digital is not just about communication, but also about the automation of production processes and a new way of working. Real virtual workspaces in which to share and discuss with colleagues, as in the case of Facebook Workplace.

successful small online businesses

This is where new business opportunities are created and little professions known now rise to the fore. This is the case of Digital Coaches, increasingly in demand as online consultants. Among the main features to carry out this job, we find:

  • listening skills;
  • High relational skills;
  • Teamwork;
  • problem-solving;
  • Outstanding skills in Digital Marketing;
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of Project Management;
  • Aptitude for teaching.

Compatible with the impact of digital transformation, which affects the entire industrial sector, being a coach is a very profitable activity to do online, but it requires an intense training course and continuous updates.

Complete your skills, and become a Certified Digital Coach!


Given that the success of this emerging profession is based on authority, valuable complementary activities can be those of an educational nature such as:

  • Delivery of webinars focused on trend topics of interest to companies (privileged target);
  • Participation in conferences as a keynote speaker:
  • Start a blog on digital marketing;
  • Online sale of info products.
  • These are all possible profitable activities that, at the same time, bring oxygen to the professionalism of a digital consultant.

2. Result-oriented? Works in Digital Sales

If you want to start from scratch and start the most profitable online businesses, this can be the right industry. You don’t need a large capital to invest or a degree, but, of course, it’s not a job for everyone.

The web has long played a fundamental role in the dissemination of information and for marketing, but then the service was provided offline, the sale took place in the brick&mortar shop: there was talk of physical, as a perfect integration between physical retail and online browsing.

Which online business is best and profitable?

In many cases this still happens, however, it can be said that the purchasing process, understood as the set of touchpoints for approaching potential customers towards the final choice, takes place more and more frequently online, given that, through the different devices, users they are “always on”, always connected.

The online purchasing trends for products and services show a positive trend. In this context, the digital seller is a crucial profession, given that it is a consultant capable of retaining customers and making up for the lack of face-to-face relational exchange, thanks to specific sales techniques. But what characteristics must a perfect digital salesman have

  • Persuasive skills and empathy;
  • Determination and perseverance;
  • Public speaking;
  • Focus on the desired result;
  • Deep knowledge of digital marketing (sales funnel, lead generation, lead nurturing);
  • Commercial and administrative skills.

Digital sales are a great way to earn money online while working remotely, wherever you want to live. The digital seller’s income is built through the provision of commissions as a percentage of sales by the client company, but it takes time before a significant turnover can be achieved.

Learn all about new sales techniques, and become a digital seller!


For this reason, you could combine the highly profitable online activity that I have just proposed with a franchise contract: using an already structured system, it will be easier to start earning. Similar aptitudes are needed, but slightly different skills.

3. Charismatic? Become an Influencer

If you are particularly knowledgeable in an industry and have many followers on your social channels, consider becoming an influencer, one of the new emerging activities of the future. Being able to influence the opinion of a large audience and its purchasing decisions can transform your passion for social media into one of the most profitable online businesses. You must possess remarkable soft skills, many of which are natural predispositions.

  • Leadership;
  • Ability to involve others;
  • Authority in your industry;
  • Consistency;
  • Sensitivity to future trends (trend forecasting).

If you see yourself in these characteristics, the most is done. You just have to consolidate the necessary skills and learn some tricks of the trade.

The thing you will have to do is address your communication, typically towards potential end customers, to companies: if they notice you and see the possibility of exploiting your notoriety to advertise the products they sell, you will become the protagonist, as an online freelancer, of their marketing strategies.

All you have to do is review the samples you will receive on the channel in which you have a lot of following: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, they are the ones that are the most popular.

type of business for online

If you have some free time and know a limited sector well, you can think of opening a blog, where you can post interesting information for your market niche.

A blog that has quality traffic has many chances of becoming one of your most profitable online businesses over time. Famous influencers operate mainly in these areas:

  • Make-up, beauty;
  • Fashion;
  • Trips;
  • luxury lifestyle;
  • Sports and wellness;
  • Environmental sustainability.

Wanting to give you more advice, you could ride the wave of your fame and plan scalable businesses to grow over time. You can write complete guides on using the products in question, logbooks, or downloadable ebooks. Among influencers, there are many success stories, some even born by chance.

It takes courage and a lot of determination, the competition is very high. You could also evaluate the option of working as a micro-influencer, if you don’t have a dizzying amount of followers but still have a high engagement rate: the prospects are interesting, given that the budgets allocated to marketing for companies are increasing.

It is one of the most profitable online businesses at the moment.

startup most profitable businesses

An obstacle to starting this profession can be the change, albeit slight, of your image concerning the audience: your followers may not appreciate it and stop following you. Diversify the market by opening up to different channels: produce podcasts, for example.

As a secondary activity, in support of the first one, you could think of starting a startup. The influencer marketing sectors are the most dynamic on the market and I am sure that working as an influencer, it will be easy for you to come across new entrepreneurial ideas and get to know the people involved (your followers, colleagues): you will be able to sense what is missing in the world.

Conceiving an innovative idea to launch a startup can give you access to important funding, and is, in itself, a scalable business, like that of the influencer, so you can grow both according to the timelines you establish.

The principle on which successful start-ups are based is the blue ocean strategy: invent something that doesn’t exist yet, give substance to a need expressed by your audience and offer them an answer.

Once you have a scalable business like this, you can leverage your awareness to communicate its launch and initiatives and grow it as the most profitable online business.

Find new profitable ideas to create a startup! Download the free guide, and get inspired!

ebook new business ideas

4. Are you proactive? Open an e-commerce

  • Can you identify opportunities before others?
  • Are you looking for creative solutions when faced with a problem?
  • Are you persevering?
  • Do you take action to change contexts that don’t satisfy you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have the aptitude to start an online store. You don’t necessarily need to have products to sell: the secret of e-commerce success lies in sales strategies. Do you know who got rich off the Coca-Cola brand? Do you think it was the Atlanta pharmacist who came up with the recipe?

e-commerce as a profitable idea

On the contrary, it was the entrepreneur AG Candler who smelled the deal and transformed the drink, initially sold as a takeaway for a few cents a glass, into one of the most profitable online businesses in the world. It was the commercial strategy, the key to success. Today, compared to the past when starting a store and a commercial network required the investment of large capital, digital gives many options to open e-commerce and start selling. You can:

  • Building your brand and selling on Amazon;
  • Open an online store, manage inventory and shipments with the help of e-commerce plugins;
  • Create e-commerce from scratch in Dropshipping;

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing businesses, as you well know, but, I must warn you: it is also the business with one of the highest failure rates in the digital age. Opening e-commerce requires compliance with specific regulations, tax obligations, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, and much more.

What is going on? Which, since technically it’s about opening a website, many people improvise online entrepreneurs without caring about any penalties they may face. Even the choice of the formula, between traditional e-store and dropshipping e-commerce, must be carefully evaluated, considering the whole set of external factors.

Therefore, making money with e-commerce can be counted among the most profitable online activities, in addition to the aptitude and passion for commerce, it is necessary to identify the most suitable formula for your business idea, among those listed above.

How to open a successful e-commerce for your business model? Book a personalized session now!


If, on the other hand, you already have clear ideas on what the formula is for selling your products online, and you came across this article looking for advice on how to make your e-commerce a more the most profitable online business, I suggest you sign up for the new program of live online practical exercises, where you can learn the tricks of the trade, refine your sales strategy, get an update on e-commerce regulations and give your business a boost.

5. Motivated and tenacious? Earn with Affiliates

Affiliation is still not a widespread business, because we are led to think that it is the exclusive prerogative of large companies and that it cannot be considered for those who have a blog or small e-commerce. Fortunately, this is not the case, on the contrary, it is among the activities that function today, it has no start-up costs and in the long run, it can give rise to an important income.

Therefore, if you have a website, affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money, especially if you are familiar with digital marketing techniques, from inbound to SEO (which will still be good for your site, regardless) that allow you to be found on social networks and search engines. This business takes time, but it can become one of your most profitable online businesses if:

  • You will have the perseverance to wait for relevant earnings;
  • You will give priority to the coherence between the contents and the banners to offer to your readers;
  • You will always be motivated to ensure the high quality of your site.

If you know how to bring quality traffic to your site, i.e. users who are interested in the topic you are dealing with, thanks to the subscription to affiliate networks or programs, you can transform your blog into the most profitable online businesses. You won’t have to do anything more than host advertising banners of companies and products in line with the topics on your pages.

Let me give you an example: if you have a travel blog and you like to share your experiences with the community, hosting banners or text links to online booking sites means helping readers with an additional service, and every time they conclude transactions by leaving from your site, you will earn the relative percentage. The best affiliate programs offer different payout systems for commissions, even if they have minimum requirements to join.

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative online businesses that allow top bloggers to earn big while working from anywhere in the world. Thanks to this sort of sponsorship which in itself does not require any additional effort, even starting from scratch, it is certainly a good idea to start a business remotely from home.

It is a business that goes very well with other high-profit activities that I have proposed to you, such as:

  • Influencers in your industry;
  • Online coach or teacher;
  • E-commerce;
  • Startuppers.

Why are the most profitable online businesses?

Online businesses offer greater flexibility and time optimization, allowing entrepreneurs to work from anywhere in the world and on their own schedule. To learn more about how to effectively manage your time and achieve greater success in your online business, check out our page on white collar franchise opportunities.

Offline activities today have more disadvantages than advantages when compared to the web. The best business ideas materialize online, and the reasons are:

  • Lower start-up costs (many procedures are simplified);
  • Zero structural costs (you do not pay rent or bills);
  • Time optimization (you can work where and when you want);
  • Potential higher sales volumes (online businesses are not local);
  • Greater reconciliation of professional life with private life (factor connected to the loss of remote work).

The significant reduction in time and costs brings the online entrepreneur a greater profit against similar revenues, and being able to address a potentially larger audience, the revenues are also conceivable higher. Instead of the costs to start offline activities, working on the internet certainly requires specific web marketing for digital entrepreneurs, but here it is a question of investing in the growth of one’s professional skills: the value is very different.

most profitable online businesses you can start tomorrow

Among the advantages of online work, the impact on the planet must also be considered: virtual ones are entrepreneurial activities of the future also because they tend to be more sustainable, reducing car journeys and the production of paper documents, and given that we are in the continent that has decided to accept the challenge of the Green Deal, is not a factor to be overlooked. Everything will move online.


Conclusions and contacts

In this article, I have tried to move away from the mere list of the most profitable online businesses, as I mentioned at the beginning, but to offer you some ways to approach working with the internet remotely. Wondering which business to open today and finding a list as an answer, I don’t think is enough. We need personalized advice, or the ability to identify with one scenario rather than another.

Training in digital marketing, however you decide to do it, is still a long-term investment: specialize in what will bring you greater satisfaction with less effort, and choose among the profitable digital activities the one that best suits the lifestyle you want for you.

You can earn by opening websites, blogs, or e-commerce, doing digital freelance, online coaching, and selling info products or services. You can work alone or join a team, be a digital nomad, or open a web agency. In any case, the web is the sector to focus on.

Build your income online! Ask us how!




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