Sales techniques: discover new processes to increase turnover

What are the best sales techniques to increase turnover? We will find out together in this article! They have evolved and, if you want to sell today, you can’t help but project your goals toward the next 5 years. We are in the era of online marketing and technology, therefore it is essential to explore the new digital tools available to increase sales.

I’ll tell you about how the methods of offering goods and services on the market have evolved and what strategies to focus on today. We will also see the new digital sales techniques compared to the traditional ones. Are you curious to find out how to find new customers and make them yours forever? Know that you have to offer them valuable content, be attentive to their needs, and sell with persuasion. Only in this way will you be able to be a winning seller.

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Without all this, forget about selling.

Sales techniques: what they are

A sales techniques are nothing more than a method adopted by sellers to support a process that leads to the creation or increase in turnover. The path that is outlined serves to ensure that the customer feels safe and convinced of his purchase choice. For this to be successful, you must apply it at all stages: starting from the user’s first approach to the product or service you offer, up to exploration, proposal, objection management, closing, and post-purchase.

In many cases, the technique that is chosen depends on the type of service you sell and the risk that the customer perceives concerning your offer. In addition, process management and person interaction are important. But, as we are projecting our goals for 2025, we must also consider future developments in the world of sales.

The future of sales is made up of words like lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and content marketing. A set of channels and tools that they must intertwine and go to support the action of the human being. One of these is Inbound Marketing, which involves a series of actions such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising to find new customers. learn new sales techniques and increase your turnover.

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Digital sales techniques

How many types of sales are there? In recent years the world has changed very rapidly, and with it, the way of selling has also evolved with its sales techniques.

Sales systems have evolved exactly as our society and the technology that accompanies it has evolved. To explain it to you better, I want to give you an example. Once the human being invented the bicycle started moving faster. At the time, that was the fastest way available, and it was the best solution: it was effective and efficient. Then, over the decades, the automobile and airplanes were invented.

how many types of sales are there

Today, many still travel by bicycle, but it is mainly used for pleasure or to reach a nearby destination. If instead, I had to go to the United States, I would look for a quick and comfortable means of transport like an airplane because it allows me to reach places that a bicycle cannot reach, with greater efficiency and speed.

Here, the same goes for sales techniques. Over the years, many of these have been overcome and we are now in what I call the era of digital sales, which allows us to understand how to increase e-commerce sales.

Not only has the world of traditional sales evolved by moving to online sales, but also those assisted by human beings. And if many companies have not yet adapted, they must do so because today there is a new and different interaction between man and technology. Let’s say that between the online media and the customer, the seller is a point of contact or, called with technical terms, a touch point. It’s a moment in a much more complex process, where most of the other steps are done by automated tools.

Therefore, we have on one hand the traditional method and, on the other, the new winning sales techniques deriving from the online world, which travels at the speed of light. Let’s see together what differentiates the two methods.

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Finding customers

A traditional seller has to find customers and companies where to go to sell their products and services. Once the yellow pages were used, today there is the internet, but there is still research to be done.

In the digital age, thanks to new sales and marketing techniques, potential customers are found thanks to Lead Generation: content is proposed on the web and generates “impressions” (the number of times it has been viewed), a percentage of users interact with the site by filling out a form or registering for a webinar. In this way, a list of contacts is generated that the seller will use to apply his sales and persuasion techniques.

Qualification of an interlocutor

How do you figure out which contacts are interested in your product? With the traditional sales system, you never know. Instead, in online business, some indicators pre-qualify leads (potential customers, find out more ). For example, you can see who watched a full webinar and who watched parts of it, or who watched a full video or just a few minutes. Thanks to this information, it is possible to optimize times by contacting only the users most likely to convert, applying the right sales strategy.

Customer engagement

In traditional methods, the salesperson has a fixed telephone number available and must then find the contact of the company’s reference decision-maker. While, in the case of the new marketing sales techniques, the person who filled out the contact form had to enter his mobile phone number: we, therefore, have direct contact with the interested party.

Fix an appointment

During the first telephone contact, in the case of traditional sales techniques, the diary is consulted and an attempt is made to agree on a date on which to fix the appointment. In the digital ones, on the other hand, everything is automated thanks to online booking systems: the link is sent to the potential customer who sees the availability and sets up the meeting for the day when he is most free.


In traditional cases, there is the secretary who calls the client as a reminder of the appointment and this is expensive and demanding. In digital sales, there are automated systems thanks to which reminders via email, SMS, or by calling a robot, are done automatically by the software.


In the classic sales mode, it is necessary to go in person to the possible customer. This implies being able to meet a few customers a day, for reasons related to travel times, not to mention that this also involves costs. Instead, as regards the new assisted sales techniques, thanks to the digital revolution, you can hold your meeting from the office or home, simply by activating the webcam. Zero waiting times, no trips or costs.


In the common sales mode, everything relies heavily on the relationship between the customer and the salesperson. It often happens that, regardless of the quality of the product or service, we always buy from the same salesman because of the relationship that has been established. Nowadays, you only buy what you think is the best possible choice. Therefore, sales techniques must adapt to a reality in which consumer expectations have shifted toward functionality.

Sales interview

By adopting the common way of selling, the salesperson spends the first part of the interaction with the customer gaining credit, trying to make himself authoritative in the eyes of the buyers, not because they are interested in finding the best solution to their problems.

Instead, we come to the new infallible sales techniques typical of today’s salesman: concentrating the sales interview on listening, understanding the prospect’s needs, and finding the ideal solutions. Today, an approach more like a consultant than a seller is the winner!

Contract proposal

In traditional sales strategies, the equally classic way of proposing the agreement is followed, by writing and sending it. In the case of the new sales technique, on the other hand, the software is used to make contract templates, the details regarding the customer in question are modified and it is ready.

Send the signature request

The dynamics of traditional sales involve sending on paper, sometimes after scanning. Thanks to the evolution of technology, in digital sales we see how it has even become possible to sign contracts with a digital signature with OTP (Time Password – i.e. a password that is valid only once) which has legal value. This type of contract is entered directly into the CRM and this facilitates the company reports that will be necessary for the company to keep specific sales data under control, thus improving its sales techniques.

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Online sales techniques strategies

In the new era, that of digital sales, the situation is different from that of traditional sales. Still today, there are companies, salespeople, and salespeople who are starting a new business: they pick up the phone and make a cold call to desperately seek attention from potential customers, without realizing that they are constantly receiving calls. In essence, they are trying to intercept someone who has perhaps the slightest need for what they sell.

In this way, the seller loses the ball in his half and fails to finalize a large part of the action, because he is asked to deal with a situation where he has too many opponents to discard.

online sales techniques strategies

Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Now, effective sales techniques are teamwork with technology, online media, and content marketing.

In the modern era, it’s how you source leads, manage them, entertain them, nurture them, and nurture them that makes you a successful salesperson. The customer must feel credibility and authority towards the seller and the method of selling that he applies. Yes, commerce has evolved a lot over time with technology, and the modern E-commerce Specialist must know and keep up with new techniques.

Let’s try to give some examples and see some basic rules to apply to sales techniques.

Leverage technology to generate leads

The first rule of modern sales techniques is that new business is not made by human beings, but by technology. By taking advantage of online tools correctly, you can generate leads or potential buyers.

You can’t think of going back over the years and acquiring customers by calling at random. Nowadays, the phone call shouldn’t be made cold, but only after a process of discovery. In most cases, the lead is well prepared when they make an appointment with you and this happens thanks to all the information they find about you on the net.

Feed your users with valuable content

Before leads are generated, there is a sequence of numerous online interactions that you, the salesperson, don’t know about. These interactions can be various, such as: reading company content on the website, viewing videos on YouTube, downloading the E-books you make available, and so on. So, online tools and technologies act before you come into play.

It is very important in this phase to ensure that the contents are unique and of value. Only write content that can enrich your user, and show yourself as available and authoritative.

In the sales techniques process, once the lead comes to you, make your call.

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Establish contact, but finalize remotely

Most sellers are convinced that to close a deal you have to be physically present, shake hands, pat each other on the back, or have a coffee together. On the one hand, this is a cultural trait, on the other, an outdated sales technique.

In 2020, most people during the lockdown learned the usefulness and efficiency of using programs like Whatsapp, Skype, and Zoom to start a conversation in real time. These tools are a great help for salespeople as they save time and money. Think of the waste of economic resources when an employee or a salesman has to travel by car, find parking, have lunch out, and all the expenses that follow.

establish contact but finalize remotely

All this can be reduced, increasing turnover and saving a lot of time.

Video communication allows you to get straight to the point, without wasting too much time chatting or unforeseen events. The buyer also benefits. People are used to winning business models like Amazon, where they can quickly pick what they want, add it to their cart, and have it delivered to them fast. Here, your process for selling should be exactly like this.

Of course, this does not detract from the fact that by starting a conversation with the user you don’t have to apply well-studied methods such as empathy and the study of your customer’s needs.

Sell with persuasion

Once the lead has been acquired, the time has come for persuasive dialogue and listening. In this step, you must ask the right questions to your interlocutor to better understand his needs.

The questions are also used to understand what his doubts, constraints, and problems are. They are a set of issues that lead the user to buy or look for a solution and you are there to find it.

Listen carefully to your interlocutor, understand him, and put yourself in his shoes to understand if he is a person who loves to be guided, or pushes right away to get what he wants. After the moment of listening, you will have to present your offer starting from the solutions to his emotional needs and benefits.

A serious mistake to avoid when improving sales techniques is procrastinating in sending the quote. Delaying this could hurt the conversion because people tend to forget about you easily. The estimate must be viewed together with your customer, at the time of the call, so that you can immediately clarify any doubts.

You always have to give them an incentive like a deadline because even assisted selling is a bit like E-commerce: it has to be done quickly.

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How to be more persuasive in selling

It often happens that even if you apply the best sales techniques, you are unable to conclude. You don’t have to get discouraged, but roll up your sleeves and adopt modern solutions such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the lead score (assigning a score to leads).

When a user doesn’t buy or hasn’t yet made an appointment, in the days following his acquisition you must be able to adopt re-marketing solutions, so you will always be present in his mind.

To make this possible, there is software that memorizes your user’s data, i.e. a CRM tool and a CRM manager that can follow him, and assigns a score to the various actions he performs.

Some of these actions can be: reading a blog article, registering for a webinar, or viewing YouTube videos, but also offline actions. The system, by assigning the scores (scores), will be able to show you based on those, the leads that are more inclined to buy. The higher the score, the more interested she is in you and what you offer.

Imagine calling back a contact after seeing and studying their journey. You will know exactly what issues he needs to address and you will win his trust. This is what will make you a successful salesperson and represents the sales techniques of the future. To delve deeper into this topic and explore the evolving role of a digital sales professional, read our comprehensive guide on becoming a Digital Sales Account.


Sales today have evolved more and more and processes are constantly changing. Digital plays a very important role in sales. This is why you cannot put digital aside if you want to increase your turnover. You must understand and adopt it within your sales techniques and enhance them with sales courses.

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