Selling digital info products: How to do it in 5 steps

What does it mean selling digital info products and what are info-products? 

Earning online in the digital world is one of the major goals that many professionals tend to pursue. If you have this intention, I recommend that you start with digital products, particularly with info-products. In this regard I recommend you read the tutorial how to start selling online.

If you still do not know what digital info-products are and would like to know more, then read on. In this article I will explain:

  • Meaning of info-product and what are the advantages of selling digital product;
  • How to create digital products;
  • How to earn money with info- product;
  • Which digital products to sell.

Finally, I will give you tips on how to become an entrepreneur in the digital info-product sector.

  • Best-selling info-products;
  • 5 Steps to Sell Info-products.

What is digital Info-product

Info-product, or digital product, is a type of product sold on the Internet that contains knowledgeable information intended for learning.The nature of info-product means that they have no storage, logistics or managemental costs and can be shipped in a nano-second with a simple click!

Majority of the people still appreciate good E-Commerce Course and do well to sell and earn money with info-products satisfactorily and gain financial independence thanks to them.Then,

No wonder, that selling digital products is one of the best ways to earn money online and also among the most popular activities for those wishing to set up their own business.

Various types of digital info-products

A Digital Product information consist of an:

  • E-book;
  • Audio file;
  • Video;
  • Any other type of multimedia file, which contains a course, or a manual on a specific subject.

During my training sessions most of the time I come across situations where in order to train, I have to move around a lot. Sometimes I want to give up on the job, because I can not be in two different places at the same time. After I transformed this business of mine from offline to online, I was able to deal with many more clients without having to stress about traveling all the time.

An example of a digital info-product, which I have created, is a course on how to start an e-commerce business course, with recorded video lessons that are available and usable anywhere, as long as internet connection is available.

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Best selling digital info products

These are best-selling digital products:

  • Course Video, these are course videos which you make by recording them from scratch, or live performances and make available to everyone.
  • If your passion is writing, you can create and sell ebooks. This form of digital paper allows you to have much more autonomy in publishing, you do not have to refer to any publishing house, and thus earn much money.
  • Another reality is memberships, in Italy are known as subscriptions. These are portals that offer tutorials or recurring content on a given topic. This option is used a lot by yoga teachers, personal trainers, and those who cover topics on gardening.
  • Among the most successful info-products are audio files. This practice is becoming very much popular with the use of podcasts, if you are a camera shy person, this can be a great solution!

The basic idea is still the same: untether your physical presence and build content of interest that meets the needs of those who need them.

How to create a digital Information product

In order to sell product info, of course, you first have to create it. The most important thing is to identify your target audience and topics. To do this you can ask questions such as:

  • What topics am I particularly knowledgeable about?
  • Who might be interested in the kind of information I want to sell?

 Then proceed with market analysis to see if the topics you want to cover have potential.

Once you have identified the topic and the niche of customers to whom your content may be of interest, the next step is to choose the format. To choose the right format, I advise you to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and try to understand how you yourself would prefer to enjoy this content. With these choices made, take action! Record an audio, video or simply start writing.

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5 Steps selling digital Info-products

At this point you may be wondering: how does selling an info-product work? Its characteristic of being digital makes it suitable for many businesses. Many passions we have can be translated into an ebook, video courses or podcasts that we can sell to others. Before venturing into this choice, you must have a long-term plan. A goal that you keep building day by day, to reach the final goal, because only then others will follow you.

Here, are 5-steps guide to sell info-product effectively:

  1. Analyze the market find your niche. Building a niche on infoproducts will allow you to intercept more customers.
  2. Identify the problem the need and necessity of your potential customer.
  3. Create an info-product in the format that is most suitable for your target audience.
  4. Create your own site or channel where you can publish your infoproducts.
  5. Expand, build your online presence.Then, if over time you do not reach your goal, even if you correct the actions you have planned, do not beat yourself up. You have gained practical experience that can always come in handy in the future!

Tools for Promoting Infoproducts

The advantage of a digital info-product is that it does not take up physical space. For example, for physical products, you have to invest in warehouse space, shelves and staff to manage them, whereas with a digital product, you can use storage systems.

The best known tools are Google Drive and Dropbox, which can initially be used in their free version. Then, when you start creating more contents, you will have to evaluate which storage system is right for you.

How do you promote yourself and what do you need? Actually, from a certain point of view, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram can be enough for the initial period.

YouTube, for example, already offers you a free account, linked to your Gmail. at no cost and quickly, you are up and running! You have to create a minimal online presence on all social channels. This is a way to start: actually in the medium term to do things seriously and be competitive, you have to plan your actions.

selling digital info products strategies

The first thing you will need to make is a nice website, by now there are plenty of solutions to make a website yourself, at no cost and not requiring much time to set up.

At Digital Coach we teach how to use WordPress and within a day or two, our students are able to lay the foundations of their own website.

For example, you can make a website to sell information by creating even just a landing page, using templates that allow you to graphically create a page that attracts your potential customers.

Secondly, you can start advertising on various social channels, because it is through advertising that you can reach 50, 100, 500 people. I personally have reached millions of people by now, intensifying my online presence!

To create a scalable business selling infoproducts you must have a website.
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Advantages of selling Info-products online

If you decide to become an info-product entrepreneur, you should know that there are numerous advantages to selling them online:

  • In the field of video courses, you can create a piece of content once and then sell it many times. No problems with moving from one place to another, with the risk of having to give up a job because you cannot be present in both places where you are required.
  • You do not have to fight with couriers for deliveries, because an info-product can be downloaded, viewed online or sent by email.
  • The costs to get started are practically non-existent. You have at your disposal many online publishing tools such as YouTube, and other digital storage tools such as Google Drive, which are free.
  • The fact that info-products allow you to live wherever you want, because you are not physically tied to a place. You don’t have to go to a physical place to work. All you need is a good internet connection and a PC.
  • If you decide to take a break from this business, you can do so, because the content you have already created is replicable and only needs to be updated when necessary.
  • Profits in this field are very high, because you have few costs, you work mostly alone and the business risk is quite low. However, put aside the idea of getting rich immediately by selling info-products! Always remember that the actions you take, and a good strategy, are the things that can make you successful in any of your projects as an entrepreneur.

Conclusions and free advice

Here you are at the end of this article. If, after what I’ve told you, you find selling info-products an interesting way to start earning money online, I’m delighted. But remember: before you start thinking about what digital products you could sell or make, try to find out more information.

For instance, you might be interested in finding out whether you should sell infoproducts with or without a VAT number or whether you can see others’ and how.

About digital products or for any other information,
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