What to do after graduation: digital career tips and job opportunities

Choosing what to do after graduation is a crucial step for one’s future career. The years after university are truly valuable and must be used in the best possible way.

Recent graduates find themselves having various possible paths to take, such as:

  • pursuing a Ph.D.;
  • looking for a job;
  • enrolling in a 2nd level degree;
  • attending a post-graduate master’s program;
  • opting for an internship to gain experience after graduation;
  • gaining experience abroad;
  • deepening and improving English skills;
  • getting trained in new digital professions;

Feeling lost, confused, and not knowing what to do after university studies is common and entirely normal. Being blocked by fears, and mental barriers, and shutting oneself off is an almost automatic reaction when one doesn’t have clear ideas for themselves and their future.

“I don’t know what job to do” is a phrase I often hear from numerous young people, and maybe you’ve said it too. This article will help you make a decision, reflect on, and target the sectors that offer the best solutions for your career.

For those under 30 who have decided what to do after graduation, we offer the opportunity to enroll in an Internship Program, combining theory with practice through an internship in the best companies in Web Marketing, Social Media, and E-commerce areas.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid After Graduation

“The past cannot be changed, but the future is in your hands” – (Mary Pickford)

What often scares us is what we don’t know. As an ex-student, you might be afraid of entering the workforce because you don’t know it, you’ve heard negative things about it, or you may not consider yourself up to the challenge.

In reality, these are just voices in your mind that create distorted worlds. You can find stimulating and motivating jobs where you can work with satisfaction, without feeling exploited or cornered.

ideas on what to do after graduation

One very useful thing to learn how to make decisions is to increase the level of awareness.

To do this, you need to get in touch with the deeper areas of yourself through meditation. Learning to meditate is an excellent way to connect with the depth of the brain, which is the truest part of ourselves and the one that holds the answers.

Carve out moments of silence and isolation, asking yourself the right questions to find the best answers, enhancing the feeling of courage, providing confidence, clarity of intent, and a more positive vision of the future because we have clear objectives to achieve and the path to follow.

If you are reflecting on how to understand what to do after graduation, keep your enthusiasm and expectations high, even though over time you will realize that reality doesn’t present itself as you imagined.

Feeling paralyzed is normal, but it’s essential to shake yourself up, not waste time, and adapt to the necessary requirements! The sooner you accept the situation in front of you, the less precious time you will waste searching for the ideal job.

Remaining active, flexible, and open-minded will help you face this challenging choice and maintain the enthusiasm necessary to find the best solution for your needs.

Before thinking about what to do, it’s essential to be clear on what you should avoid!

There are common choices and decisions that many believe they have to make, but they bring no benefits. On the contrary, they will only waste time and energy unnecessarily.

In particular, the advice I want to give you is to avoid:

  • creating a Curriculum and spamming it everywhere: recruiters are full of CVs, all more or less the same. Don’t push in the job search; instead, try to attract it to you! Become attractive by making yourself known and highlighting what you can do using digital channels. The personal branding and professional success course will teach you how to stand out from the crowd and have more opportunities to find your ideal job.
  • insisting on looking for a job in a losing sector. Open your mind and be flexible! Don’t fixate! Look for opportunities in rapidly expanding sectors, where the job market and the interest of companies are very high!
  • accepting and settling for any job just to work. Don’t sell yourself short! Think differently! Discover the alternatives of new digital professions.

Post-graduation experiences should follow the demand and needs of companies. Look to the future and those sectors with a growing trend that will most likely continue to attract entrepreneurs’ interest in the coming years.

The internet and technology are revolutionizing the way people live, including work in general. For this reason, delving into the opportunities offered by alternative jobs related to the online world will undoubtedly be a smart choice to consider.

I hope now the answer to your question “what to do after graduation” is simpler after reading this article, and you have found some interesting points to explore further.

Break free from traditional patterns, leverage technological advancements, and find your path in new online professions!

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What to do after graduation

Deciding what to do after graduation is undoubtedly a decision that can change a person’s perspective on life, the direction to take, and the people with whom to share their journey.

“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.” (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

It represents a great opportunity for change: to open up a new direction, step up a level, and feel better. Living an extraordinary life means seeing life as a path of growth. Being able to choose and make conscious decisions is one of the most important things for personal development.

Being capable and aware individuals, therefore, becomes fundamental in making better choices for one’s career. To begin with, let’s explore the options to choose from after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

In your quest for direction and understanding of how to move forward after graduation, try to:

  • Orient yourself: look to the future and gather information on rapidly growing sectors. Discover the highest-paying online jobs and the career opportunities you can obtain;
  • Decide what to study: choose a specific study plan that meets your needs and professional goals;
  • Choose who to listen to: don’t solely rely on the system to get the information you need for your future career. Decide and choose who to listen to! Select specialized schools that provide all the knowledge needed to become a sought-after professional in the market;
  • Combine study and fieldwork: put your studies into practice immediately. Try to combine fieldwork and practical experiences with your theoretical knowledge. This way, your entry into the job market will be much faster and more profitable;
  • Anticipate future trends: invest time and energy in refining skills that will be strategically relevant but are still scarce among professionals. This will make you a valuable asset in the eyes of companies, with great potential for career growth and financial satisfaction.

If you desire to change gears and achieve significant goals in life, you must have courage, and make different and innovative choices. The past cannot be changed. Focus on the present to build your successful future!


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What to do after getting a Bachelor’s Degree: Master’s or Specialized Degree?

How should you approach the decision of what to do after completing your undergraduate degree?

If you listen to relatives, you should immediately look for a Master’s program to complete your full 5-year university journey. I can almost hear them saying, “Where do you think you’ll get with just a Bachelor’s degree?”

In fact, they are not entirely wrong; often, short degrees provide you with a still too general overview that lacks real specialization in a field, let alone practical experience to test what you can or cannot do.

The other option could be to look for a post-graduate course that does not require any specific specialization. Recruiters find themselves having to review many resumes, in most cases, they all look the same.

However, they know perfectly well what companies are looking for and what roles they are willing to open positions for, and this is where digital comes into play.

master or specialist degree

More and more companies, even traditional ones, are turning to digital and are in search of professionals capable of taking care of the Digital Area, E-commerce, Web, and Social.

What does all this mean? The most sought-after skills that will catch the attention of recruiters when reviewing CVs today are mainly related to new digital fields. Here’s a brief list of the main requested competencies:

  • Creating advertising campaigns through the Google Ads platform;
  • Creating DEMs with the goal of lead generation;
  • Data analysis skills using the Google Analytics platform;
  • Excellent knowledge of major Social Networks and their online advertising tools (especially Facebook and Instagram);
  • Ability to work in a team on a fully digital project;
  • Using various graphic software to produce content on Social Media;
  • Web writing skills;
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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What to do after the Master’s degree

If you have continued your studies, another 2 years have passed, but the problem remains the same. What to do after the Master’s degree?

Whether you are an architect or an engineer, or you have completed a Master’s degree in design at other universities, the situation becomes even more complicated, as we are talking about Master’s graduates who may be irritated by the idea of undertaking a post-graduate master’s course due to the longer duration.

But shouldn’t the Master’s degree be a more specialized path? If you think this, perhaps you made the wrong evaluations when you asked yourself which university to choose to find a job right away.

post graduate masters degree

Unfortunately, there is no university that, thanks to obtaining a degree, will easily open the doors to the professional market for you because companies are looking for graduates with internship experience.

In other words, they need personnel that can add value from day one. In fact, they are looking for:

  • Personnel who are as independent as possible and can quickly adapt to the dynamics of the company, possessing a complete set of skills for the assigned role;
  • Professionals who have complemented their university studies with specialized courses that help them integrate with the needs of the company and the job market;

So, in concrete terms, what can you do to enter the job market?

All students should research and seek professional training courses that prepare them for the professions and future skills required. An example? A practical and complete Online Marketing Course for all those beginners who want to approach the internet world.

It is undeniable that technological development has irreversibly influenced work. In recent years, more and more industries are seeking professionals with specific digital skills to keep up with the changes and innovations of the modern era.

Positioning yourself in these sectors means having great opportunities to find employment that can guarantee personal and economic satisfaction. A strategic choice for your future career.

Below, you can see what to do after graduation and how your studies can be adapted to find a profitable outlet in the new digital professions, which are increasingly in demand and offer great career possibilities.

What to do after a degree in Law

You’ve finally obtained your law degree, but becoming a lawyer, judge, or public prosecutor is a very long and winding path. You need to pass the state exam, wait a year to know the result, and in the meantime, look for an internship to put into practice what you’ve learned during many years of study. It’s practically starting almost from scratch.

While waiting to fully pursue your legal career, a future lawyer, for example, could turn to the digital world to make the most of all the opportunities offered by the web. Indeed, many lawyers create a personal website with a blog to discuss legal issues and publish new laws and regulations.

graduating from law school

Of course, to do this, it is necessary to learn to use a simple and effective Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create your website without even knowing programming languages.

WordPress is the answer! You can take the WordPress and Website Creation course and become self-reliant in building your professional website and customize it as you wish. Moreover, having mastery of LinkedIn would undoubtedly be an important quality to strengthen your Personal Branding and make yourself known in your professional environment for the skills you possess.

What to do after graduating in Pharmacy

There are numerous job opportunities for a graduate in Pharmacy after completing their studies. Being a pharmacist is just one of several possibilities.

In fact, pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking highly qualified professionals in the field. The roles to be filled are many: research in laboratories, technical management, quality control of the company’s processes involved in drug production, and business marketing.

The ability to use digital channels to promote one’s own company, thereby increasing customers and sales, is highly appreciated in this sector as well. Figures like Digital Marketing Managers are in high demand and well-paid.

The competitive advantage and leverage that the internet provides are the reasons why businesses pay increasing attention and interest to professionals capable of leveraging digital channels to generate, retain, and expand their customer base, thereby increasing company revenues and profits.


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What to do after graduating in Communication Sciences

One of the most sought-after degrees is undoubtedly Communication Sciences. Unfortunately, however, even this course does not truly prepare you for the profession.

The recent graduate should be able to work in the advertising sector, public relations, event management and organization, and corporate image management and promotion. Normally, this field should prepare you to handle various aspects related to marketing management, but the reality is quite different!

The post-graduate life after completing a degree in Communication Sciences is characterized by a very high unemployment rate; purely theoretical university studies do not familiarize you with designing strategies and trying concretely to manage the tasks that await you.

life after graduation

However, the truly serious issue is that a sector like communication, which should be constantly evolving and keeping pace with changes in the job market, is instead the first one that seems not to react to the advance of the digital revolution.

It still talks about “Advertising Technician,” “Corporate Management and Communication,” and “Marketing Management.” So, when faced with the question of what to do with my life after graduation, the answer is to renew yourself and explore the digital world!

After completing this course of study, all the doors of Digital Marketing are open. This is because the digital realm offers numerous tools and channels that facilitate and enhance traditional jobs related to this degree.

Do you want some examples? Here are the job offers and career opportunities that those who decide to study and practice in the digital field could pursue:

  • The traditional role of an Advertising Technician, in the digital world, could become a PPC Specialist, an SEM Specialist, or, why not, specialize vertically in managing a Social Media platform like Facebook, personally taking care of creatives, post copywriting, and Facebook ADS.
  • Digital has transformed the field of public relations. More and more companies are looking for Digital PR specialists who enhance a company’s online reputation and brand awareness, and seek industry influencers, establishing collaborations with them to increase the company’s visibility, improve its perceived value, and attract potential customers.
  • Another career path could be that of a Corporate Communication Manager. Becoming a Social Media Manager means being the person within a company who manages major social networks, organizing content through an editorial plan with the aim of promoting the company’s brand, sharing news and events, and driving traffic to the company’s blog or website.


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What to do after graduating in Economics

What kind of job can you pursue after graduating in Economics?

Whether you have completed a bachelor’s degree in economics or a master’s degree, the digital world offers highly coveted positions. I’m referring to the role of Web Analytics Specialist.

This professional must possess excellent economic and statistical knowledge to analyze and interpret web data, which is crucial for companies to make informed decisions, understand, and optimize the performance of all active digital tools.

after graduating in economics

Web Analytics specialists are also responsible for outlining business strategies to improve project effectiveness. In the future job market, these “data experts” will be increasingly sought after. However, they will not only need to read data but also propose solutions to resolve blocks or issues in business, fostering growth and business success.

For those who have studied business economics, interesting job opportunities related to the role of a Digital Project Manager. It is their responsibility to manage a project, administer its resources, and coordinate activities to achieve company objectives.

What to do after graduating in Tourism Sciences

The course of studies in Tourism Sciences has allowed you to acquire skills favorable to the growth of tourism, both in terms of cultural promotion and its economic aspects.

Therefore, the professional prospects are varied, for example:

  • Public institutions;
  • Hotel facilities;
  • Congress Assistant;
  • Advertising agencies;

Despite the various fields, finding employment immediately won’t be easy due to high competition and limited availability.

So, what to do after graduating in tourism sciences?

As mentioned earlier, these types of jobs often involve communication and promotion. So, why not specialize in the digital realm, particularly in Digital PR, setting yourself apart from other graduates?

By choosing Digital-Coach school, you can enroll in the study program and obtain the Digital PR Specialist Certification. You’ll learn to maintain a strong brand reputation for the company you work for, becoming an expert in managing web and social media relationships.

Eliminate all doubts, and invest a few seconds to find out which digital profession suits you best!

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What to do after a master’s degree in Psychology

You’ve completed your studies in psychology, but now find yourself in the usual post-graduation crisis?

According to a graduate employment survey by Almalaurea, the employment rate for new psychology graduates is around 45% one year after graduation, increasing to 79% after five years.

One of the most common occupations is that of a professional educator, someone who works with individuals in vulnerable situations. This includes people with disabilities, minors and families, drug addicts, and prisoners, who require support for their psychological and physical well-being.

On the other hand, graduates who are not registered in the professional association can explore careers in research, professional coaching, and human resources management.

In the field of education, as well as in performing the role of a psychologist, various digital competencies can come to your aid. In fact, you could open a blog where you write articles about psychology and offer your services, create a Facebook or Instagram page to stay in touch with potential clients, or even create and promote your YouTube channel.

As you can see, there are many opportunities; it’s up to you to conduct research and decide which path to take.

Professional Courses After Graduation

At this point, let’s take a concrete look at what to do after graduation. If you are seeking to specialize in the digital world, Digital Coach is the right marketing school for you. Below, I will show you the different training paths, each of which includes a final exam and a certificate recognized by companies.

Additionally, unlike other schools, Digital Coach offers the opportunity to participate in Work Experience, which is a real internship where students are divided into teams based on the digital sector they are interested in and, under the supervision of a coach, must achieve assigned goals.

Now, let’s take a look at the useful courses after graduation:

  • Internship Program: This course can be attended in person, online, or on-demand and provides comprehensive training in web, social, and E-Commerce areas. Upon completing the course, you will obtain certification in Digital Marketing and become a Web Marketing Manager, a role capable of successfully administering and managing marketing campaigns;
  • Social Media Manager Course: This course is suitable for all social media enthusiasts and allows you to learn how to manage corporate social networks, initiate communications, and promote products and services;
  • E-Commerce Course: If you want to pursue a career in online stores, with this course, you can become an E-Commerce Specialist and learn how to attract customers and sell products and services through various available tools such as email marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO, SEM, and others;
  • Master Start-Up Program: This course is ideal for all individuals with an entrepreneurial inclination. In addition to training you in all the main Digital Marketing tools, it provides 32 hours of coaching to assist you in designing your start-up.
  • I have listed some of the most comprehensive courses, but among the training offers, you can find other certifications and short courses, which are very useful if you want to specialize in a particular topic.

Choose to do the right thing, and expand your professional education after graduation! Contact us for information on courses and upcoming departures




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