Marketer: what he does, how to become one and earnings

Who is a marketer? They are professional who works in marketing intending to make a certain product or service known to the general public.

More and more often we hear about this professional figure, new and much in demand by companies. If you are entering the world of work, you absolutely must find out what it is. In this article I will explain to you:

  • who is and what does a digital marketer do;
  • how to become marketers and what activities you will have to take care of;
  • how much does a web marketer earn;
  • because it may turn out to be interesting to focus your professional career in the digital world.

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Who is a Marketer and what does he do?

By web marketer we mean a highly specialized figure who has certified his skills with professional courses and masters thanks to which he has acquired various skills including:

  • Monitoring of market trends;
  • creation of Ads campaigns;
  • development of pricing strategies;
  • analysis of buyer personas and consequent adaptation of the campaigns launched.

In short, we are talking about an expert with excellent insight into the entire corporate marketing strategy.

Even if from a first definition it would seem a figure very similar to that of a salesman, there are substantial differences between sales and marketing managers:

  • The marketer compared to the commercial can get to the sale, but his main goal is to make the product attractive which is about to launch communicating its unique characteristics;
  • A salesperson pursues the same goal, leading the customer to purchase, but does so with “push” actions and sales techniques acquired with study and experience. For example, it is his job to contact prospects, gathered from the activities of lead generation planned by the marketer, to offer them offers or promotions.

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How to Become a good marketer in 8 Steps

I guess at this point your question is only one, but how do I acquire all these skills? Read on to find out. Anyone who works in marketing must understand and know how to use new media, that is, all those digital marketing channels and tools with which most of the promotion and online sales are done.

But not only that, but it will also be important to know how to use and understand the potential of traditional media such as TV, newspapers, radio, and billboards: taking a cue from non (no longer) conventional channels can also be an excellent strategy for distinguishing yourself from competitors.

I’ll tell you a secret, to “gain your experience” you might think of starting with a direct sales experience. It’s a tough and demanding challenge, but it’s essential to be able to understand how to sell, dealing directly with customers and end consumers to understand what they want and what they expect, it’s a valid tool for professional growth.

Ultimately, you need first-hand marketing experience, or online marketing if we want to be more specific. These are experiences related to digital professions that you could acquire by undertaking training able to give you the basics in the digital field. Let’s see together what you can do.

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Know how to use search engines

It may seem trivial, but the correct use of search engines is the basis of any digital marketer. It is one of the most carried out online activities and also the only way to be able to orient yourself among the millions and millions of pages now present on the net.

Searching marketing plays a fundamental role both in understanding who the competitors are and in guaranteeing a return in terms of visibility.

Learn email marketing

To date, unfortunately, mailboxes are targeted by spam and therefore carrying out a mass mailing campaign without targeting the database could backfire.

The email could end up abandoned in spam and therefore never opened.

marketer job description

Consider that email marketing is a great channel to keep talking about you to your target audience, but you need to focus on those who have expressed a willingness to receive your communications, know you, and are interested in your content.

Remember: email marketing serves much more to “feed” all those contacts who have already been on your website.

Experiment with online advertising

There are now many platforms that allow you to sponsor your product or service online. If you learn to make the most of them you can get to your very specific customer target who will be interested in what you propose, and will inevitably visit your site.

For a marketer, this means gaining a foothold and catalyzing the attention of the target audience.

Take advantage of social networks

Most users are active on social media, so it would be unthinkable not to include the sharing of content on the most famous platforms in the communication plan. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, allow you to increase visibility improving the online presence of the brand.

Remember that it’s not enough to open a profile and start posting some images, a good marketer studies an effective social media marketing strategy.

Learn how to use social media strategically


Create websites

The website is the first very important business card: carefully choose the name, domain, graphics, widgets, etc. It is very important to create a brand identity.

Juggling the creation of landing pages and knowing how to make changes from the backend is the plus that will make you a better web marketer.

creation of landing pages

Know SEO techniques

Once the company site has been created, it is necessary to make it visible to search engines and increase traffic. How? By betting on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a discipline aimed at optimizing web pages which, through the use of keywords, backlinks, and main content titles (H1, H2, H3…etc) that allow a site to appear among the first results of the search engine.

To give a practical example, when new content is published, it is analyzed by the Google crawlers which inspect keywords and paragraph titles and makes its content appear in the SERP every time a user searches for the topic.

If you intend to deepen your knowledge in this area, I suggest you attend the SEO specialist course, a training course with a strong practical-operational slant that will allow you to improve your online visibility, thus helping you to be found by your potential customers.

Focus on content

If the content you propose is not valid and captivating, you will not be rewarded by the Google algorithm and competitors will dominate the SERP. All this means a negative return for brand visibility. The content strategy is the basis of any communication plan because it contributes to brand awareness and customer loyalty who will be led to remember your brand if you can “impress” them.

Analyze the results

If you decide to become a marketer, you must know how to read the numbers. Tools like Google Analytics should be your daily bread: if you don’t know how you are performing, it is unthinkable to understand how to proceed.

Analyze the results constantly, it allows you to correct the shot and check that you are always in line with the pre-set objectives.

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Digital marketing skills

What are the more effective marketing strategies to lead your company to success? How to be a good digital marketer?

Natural talent is not essential to become a marketing specialist or marketing manager. Innate skills are certainly important but they can be compensated by a strong passion and motivation and also by adequate training.

So how to become a marketer? Knowunderstand human behavior is certainly a good start and with this, I intend to devote myself to the study of human behavior in the consumer sphere:

  • How do people think when they are about to make a purchase?
  • What goes on in their mind?
  • How can their questions be answered?

Absurdly, we could say that the figure of the marketer is similar to that of the psychologist: don’t be scared, I’m not saying that you have to undertake psychology studies at university and study who knows how many and which books. It’s all a matter of reflection and observation of your target audience.

However, don’t miss the desire to experiment: those who work in the marketing field know this, know your interlocutors, understand how they behave, know how to interact with them, and testing multiple strategies is the key to achieving the set goals.

Let’s see, in detail, what are the essential skills to have if you want to aim for this career.

Know how to play as a team

Here I use a football comparison to give the best idea of the concept to be expressed: the ultimate goal of a successful marketer is to “score a goal“, i.e. sell.

The digital marketer achieves this goal by participating in the action, creating a real team mission, and coordinating the entire team, in this case, made up of figures such as a content creator, social media manager, SEO specialist, and Google Ads consultant.

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Seize the company’s core business

When you embark on a career as a web marketer, you must first focus on studying the company’s core business. Only after understanding the company’s core business will you have the basis to start drafting the right communication and sales strategy. Having one 360 ° view of what you are working on is fundamental.

Act as an intermediary with final consumers

Fundamental for the digital professional to know the target perfectly to whom he is addressing, understand their habits, and questions, and know how to satisfy requests. This is the only way you can make your strategy work.

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Keep up to date and adapt to change

You will agree with me that if you work in marketing, you work in one of the fastest-evolving fields ever. Continuing education is required to keep you up-to-date as much as possible on:

  • market trends;
  • tools;
  • effective techniques.

How much does a digital marketer earn?

As I said at the beginning of this article, marketers are increasingly in demand by companies.

The reason is easy to understand: everything he can maximize sales is useful and sought after.

It is no coincidence that the salary that the web marketer can aspire to ranges from a minimum of 55,000 to 80,000 $ gross per year. In short, we are talking about interesting figures.

Conclusions and free advice

Why the role of a marketer can change your career? The answer is simple and in some respects, it will even seem absurd: in this way, you will stop having to look for work forever. Any company wants and seeks a collaborator who knows how to help in the sale.

Let me explain, a valid marketer has the ability, in any case, to be able to sell anything, including one of his products or services that he may have invented the day before.

The digital marketer can decide to work for a company or as a freelance: in both cases, it will certainly be an exciting and challenging job.

At this point, after doing a thorough overview of this role, it’s up to you to decide if it’s time to try and jump into something new and intriguing for your career.

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