We are talking about people: collaborators or employees, people who work for you or together with you to grow your business.

Talking about Inbound Recruiting answer these simple questions:

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When you need to add or replace an internal resource, do you have difficulties finding the right people?

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How much time, energy and resources do you spend finding candidates who ultimately turn out to be unsuitable for the job?

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Do you use external recruitment agencies or do you deal with your HR manager directly?

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How many times have agencies not brought the desired results but instead have significantly affected costs?

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Can you afford to have vacancies for, at least, 2 or 3 months?

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Did you find out only after you were hired that the person did not fit in with your team and did not actually possess the practical skills they had indicated in their CV?

inbound marketing manager

What is recruiting activity today? At a time like this, when all it takes to apply is a click on a computer keyboard or a mobile phone screen, it takes nothing to be inundated with a huge amount of applications, most of them offline and without the required qualifications.

Such situations lead to high loss of man-hours to manage all the selection and recruitment phases, energy and resources spent in a sub-optimal, useless way.

With Digital Coach, we have studied the solution to this problem, not only of recruitment in terms of quantity and quality, but also of effectiveness, efficiency and reduced energy investment.


Since I founded Digital Coach in 2010, we have innovated my company’s online marketing by using inbound marketing to attract business opportunities, customers and companies to our services.

We have been applying the same basic strategy to recruiting for some years now:

  • knowing how to do marketing towards candidates rather than customers
  • knowing how to sell your company to potential customers who must want to come in.

No more stolen hours of business growth spent by you or your staff reading the hundreds, thousands of CVs that arrive in response to your advertisements.

With our innovative method of inbound recruiting you will have:

• our experience gained in the field

• real results

• an advantage in terms of optimised time, energy and resources

capable, motivated candidates, perfectly in line with the required tasks and values of your company.



I am aware that only you, the entrepreneur, and your team know what characteristics and skills each new resource that will become part of your team must possess.

We therefore offer you not only the Inbound Recruiting consultancy service, but also offer you to learn our method, which you can replicate in the future, customising and optimising all the tools you need to implement the activity directly with your internal resources.

The method works thanks to 10 points to be followed step by step:


Recruitment funnel

Let’s start with marketing funnels:At Digital Coach we have more than 10 years of experience in this online business with highly profitable results. We have designed thousands of marketing funnels for our more than 2000 client companies and thousands of projects.

Using this logic, we will build a recruiting funnel customised to your company and the positions sought.

To Attract, to convert

To the funnel we apply a talent acquisition strategy at the heart of which is a process to attract, convert, interest and then bring in the right, most qualified people in line with your company’s values and goals.



Persuasive copy

One of the first things we work on and pay attention to is copywriting.

With our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we work on content and messages: we use highly persuasive, effective, direct-response online copywriting, i.e. aimed at getting a result.

Effective landing pages

The methodology of job hunting has changed: writing a job advertisement in the traditional, classical way is, as you know, no longer effective.

Our winning move is to write a real sales page, a landing page in fact, which must be absolutely well done, with all components studied down to the last detail: not only content, copy, persuasiveness and messages, but also images and videos.

Everything must be aimed at giving a good first impression of your company to potential future candidates.



Advertising campaigns

At this point, we need to bring traffic to the landing page created, traffic from future candidates.

To make the ad known as much as possible and thus bring candidates to the funnel, we use advertising, which must not be generalist, an end in itself. It must encompass several channels, including social channels such as Linkedin and Facebook, and use specially implemented videos.

With our method you will also learn how to optimise your advertising by getting the right return traffic and attraction that will bring targeted candidates to your ad’s landing page.


We implement a whole series of automations with the aim of speeding up but at the same time giving attention and value to the candidate’s gesture.

In fact, when a resource sends the application, thanks to the automation tools implemented above, he or she will immediately receive a thank-you e-mail back. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from most and leave a positive memory of your company.

Automation is done not only for email marketing, sms marketing, whatsapp marketing, but also for integration into the company CRM.

We also set up an SMS reminder service for candidates to remind them of the date and time of group or individual selection.



Nurturing contents

Before even meeting the candidates, we go ‘nurturing‘ them: as in online marketing, i.e. we send content, make materials available through which they can begin to learn more about your company, its strengths, its uniqueness so that they are increasingly attracted to your opportunity.

Thanks to the lead nurturing, with specifically created content marketing, candidates who decide to continue in the process will be more motivated and on target, thus enabling a better selection process.

Group selections

Again with a view to saving time, resources and energy, the first interview will be a group one: this also allows you to assess the dynamics that could be created by inserting a new resource into your already structured context.



Motivational and competence tests

After the group interview, the shortlisted candidates are assessed individually but not yet through an individual interview.

Previously prepared tests are automatically administered: these are tests to assess specific motivation and also tests to assess the necessary skills that the person must possess in order to enter the next stage.

It is only at this point that you as an entrepreneur and your recruiter can finalise the selection of candidates individually with a shortlist of highly motivated and genuinely competent target persons.

The advantages you will obtain thanks to our inbound recruiting process

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Faster time for the entire selection process

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Less time/personnel dedicated to selection

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Best quality of final candidates (skimmed from the funnel)

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Automation of the entire selection and recruitment process

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Lower costs

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One tent as much workload as previously employed

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Very well-informed and motivated candidates to join your organisation

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Replicability of the selection and recruitment process.


(they ask us to train their staff, they ask us for junior and senior profiles and information on our students, they participate in our Career Days to interview our students, they organise events in cooperation with us…)

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