Webinar “Do SEO with AI for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

More Clients by Doing SEO with AI

Free Webinar for the Visionary Entrepreneur (or SEO)

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you finding it a challenge to obtain more clients compared to your competitors? Unsure which professional or agency to turn to?

It’s time for a change. Discover the synergy of SEO and artificial intelligence in our free, content-rich webinar, specifically designed for small businesses like yours.

No more juggling costly agencies and internal teams. Our AI-driven solutions are here to simplify your life. With a basic understanding of digital marketing and our AI tools, you can effortlessly manage SEO, produce optimized content of such quality that it will put you ahead and above your competitors in your industry.

Join us to learn how you can achieve what once required a team of experts, at a fraction of the cost and time. This is the future of marketing in general and SEO in particular – efficient, integrated, and accessible to you.

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Let’s work together to take your business to new heights.

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What We'll Discuss Together (Spoiler Alert)


  • Research Topics and Keywords: Together, we’ll delve into what your target audience is searching for, using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to identify high-potential keywords tailored to your niche.

  • Automated SEO Blog Content Creation: Harnessing the power of AI tools, we’ll generate search engine optimized blog posts. With just 2 hours of your time per month, you’ll be able to produce 10 optimized SEO blog posts. This is a significant performance boost considering that in 2 hours, you wouldn’t even produce ½ a blog post.

  • Content Optimization: As we create content, AI will be our assistant, offering real-time suggestions, ensuring that every word and structure amplifies your SEO position. With AI guidance, we’ll refine the structure, readability, and SEO components of your content, ensuring it stands out in search engine results.

  • Advanced Keyword Analysis: Together, we’ll employ AI tools that guide us in integrating terms and topics into your content, ensuring its depth and relevance.

  • Metadata Optimization: Keeping your unique brand voice in mind, we’ll perfect the title tag, meta description, and URL, ensuring each element resonates with your primary keyword and the essence of your brand.

  • Internal and External Links: We’ll weave relevant articles from your blog, guiding your readers on a journey through your expertise. Additionally, we’ll strategize together to acquire high-quality backlinks to increase your domain’s authority.

  • Voice Search Optimization: As we venture into the territory of voice search, AI will be crucial in shaping your content to fit the conversational nuances of voice queries.

    This webinar is not just an introduction to AI and SEO; it’s a practical guide to transforming your content strategy and boosting your online presence. Join us and step into the future of digital marketing.

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