The reason to integrate them with digital marketing

Nowadays, in the age of digitization, computer skills are essential to be attractive in the eyes of companies because almost all of them use IT tools to run their business.

Most of us today have basic computer skills, but are they enough? And what are the mid-level it skills to be acquired that would be worth investing time and money in?

Knowing what to do with technology and IT is now a necessity for work, no longer a distinguishing feature as in the past. What can make your competitive advantage over others stand out from the crowd is digital marketing skills. More and more companies are looking for professionals specialized in the different areas of digital marketing to develop their businesses. Your goal, therefore, should be to acquire digital marketing skills and integrate them into IT, presenting this as effectively as possible within your CV.

By attending the Digital Marketing Course, you will acquire the IT skills most in demand in today’s professional market, useful for innovating and keeping up with the times. On this page, you will learn:

  • which computer skills are most in demand,
  • how to establish your level of digital knowledge,
  • how to indicate your skill level on your CV.

Popular IT skills

The most in-demand general skills include:

  • E-mail and Internet use (these skills are generally taken for granted).
  • Knowledge of the main desktop operating systems: Windows, MacOS, and their applications, i.e., Microsoft’s Office package and its Apple counterpart. These packages include programs for writing texts (Word and Pages), preparing presentations (PowerPoint and Keynote), and spreadsheets (Excel and Numbers). Knowledge of Linux or Unix operating systems may also be required in some more technological contexts.
  • Knowledge of the main mobile operating systems: Android and iOS.
  • Knowledge of programs to manage relational databases: e.g., Microsoft Access. The latter can be defined as an intermediate-level competence and is certainly highly valued.

Moving into the field of more niche IT skills, we have:

  • Photo retouching and computer graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign;
  • Design: Autocad, Sketchup, Archicad;
  • 3D modelling: Cinema4D,
  • Video editing: Avid Media Composer, Final Cut;
  • Relational Database Design: My SQL;
  • Website development and creation: XHTML5 & CSS3, Apache, MySql, Object Oriented PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, etc.;
  • Knowledge of advanced CMSs: WordPress, Drupal;
  • Programming languages: Java, C, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, Ruby.

Finally, with regard to advanced IT skills:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Big Data Analysis;
  • IoT or Internet of Things;
  • Virtual Reality;
  • Cybersecurity.

IT skills are a key part of the digital professions, which are more in-demand by companies today. The opportunities offered in the digital sphere are manifold, as are the areas in which one can specialize digitally.

How to assess one’s IT skills

In order to define one’s e-skills or digital skills as objectively as possible, one can resort either to a self-assessment based on reference criteria or, even better, to one or more certifications. Let us, therefore, see how to carry out a self-assessment of one’s skills and how to certify them.

Self-assessment of digital skills

You can find various tests and quizzes to self-assess your basic and advanced computer skills online. Not all of them offer a certification that you can include in your CV to give more value to what you write; in any case, it can be useful to take a test of your basic computer skills to get an idea of your skill level and how you can improve.

A useful tool for self-assessment of one’s basic computer skills is the classification provided by the EU’s Europass website (to view it click here).

In addition to testing your computer skills to work in digital marketing, you have to prove what you can do in this specific area, test your digital skills to validate them and include them in your CV. This can also bring you two advantages:

  • you can enrich your CV and increase the value and credibility of your reported digital skills
  • you can understand your strengths in digital marketing and also in which areas you need to improve.

Otherwise, to lend more authority and credibility to one’s skills, the advice is to take a certification. But which of the many digital professions should you specialize in?

Take the test and find out in a few minutes which digital profession is right for you.

test "digital profession"

Certification of computer skills

Among those mainly known are:

  • ICDL
  • VMware
  • Microsoft Office Specialist.

IT Skills and Digital Marketing: the value for Companies

With digitization, companies are changing, and your skills need to evolve accordingly if you want to keep up; even those with advanced computer skills and IT professionals need to acquire new knowledge and soft and digital skills.

Digital Marketing is certainly one of the most exciting fields of specialization with the greatest professional opportunities, so it is worth investing your efforts to acquire interesting IT knowledge in this area.

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Be valuable by knowing digital marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses many areas:

These are all professional areas where the possession of particular computer skills can be useful but is, however, secondary to the skills that are acquired in a specific Digital Marketing training course. An example would be the digital strategy course, a training course designed for those who want to innovate their business model and keep up with the times.

To increase your chances of recruitment, you need to be perceived by companies as an investment and an asset, not just a cost. The more training you have in marketing, the less money and time you will make companies spend on training you in the skills that are crucial to them nowadays.

You have to be that added value that companies are looking for, and to become that, the best way is to train yourself to acquire new IT skills in digital marketing.

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Here’s how to indicate your computer skills in your CV

You also need to know how to highlight your computer and digital marketing skills in your CV to increase your chances of being hired. The best way may vary depending on the position you intend to apply for.

Among your computer skills, for example, you can indicate your level of competence with regard to the following:

  • operating systems;
  • programming languages and computer programs;
  • application packages such as office knowledge: word processor, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint;
  • use of the database;
  • website creation;
  • processing of sounds, images, and videos.

But you need to emphasize your ability to functionally integrate computer skills and competencies with digital marketing skills. One aspect that you need to take care of in your CV is evidence and experience that shows what you can do in the digital field.

computer skills curriculum

Include additional information in the CV

After entering any experience, education, computer, and digital skills, you can add additional information to your CV of various kinds. Many people enter information describing aspects of their personality, such as hobbies or particular passions.

Use this space to provide more information and demonstrate what you can do in IT and digital marketing. If you are creating your CV in digital format in order to disseminate it online, for example, with platforms such as DoYouBuzz, you can include links to projects you have worked on and upload image, video, and audio files to enrich it with content.

In order to do this, however, you need to provide yourself with opportunities to put your IT and other skills into practice and projects to work on. Create these kinds of opportunities for yourself to hone your computer and digital skills, for instance, by creating and managing the site for someone you know who owns a business.

Also, create a blog in which you talk about your passions or hobbies and include this link to additional information in your CV so that you can talk about more personal aspects while showing your skills.

Also, remember to take care of your LinkedIn profile, as it is the professional social networking site par excellence!

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What IT skills are needed in digital marketing?

Are there specific computer skills that are absolutely necessary to work in digital marketing? In fact, no, because with proper training in Digital Marketing, you can learn to use all the necessary tools without having computer programming knowledge or web designer skills.

Most of the tools and software used by digital marketers are designed to be used by anyone, even those without advanced computer skills: they are intuitive and easy to use. Let’s take a few examples:

  • By learning to use a CMS (Content Management System), you can create a website without using any knowledge of programming languages (HTML, PHP, JAVA, etc.).
  • Google Analytics is Google’s platform that allows you to analyze in detail the behavior of users on your site, and no computer knowledge is needed to use it.
  • Google Ads is another Google platform that allows you to create and banner to promote a business and advertise online, all without writing a line of code.

So, don’t worry about the fact that you only have basic computer skills: you can expand them with a training course in digital marketing, where you can acquire new skills and learn how to use all the main tools for working in digital marketing.

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Computer Skills and Digital Marketing: Digital Coach® Masters

If you have come this far, you are fascinated by the world of digital marketing. You may be wondering how to acquire digital marketing skills to complement your IT skills.

The Digital Coach® Masters are designed to meet your needs. Simply choose the training pathway that suits you:

The training courses provide you with the opportunity to learn how to use the fundamental techniques and tools to achieve excellent results in the world of Digital Marketing. All lecturers in the various modules are digital marketing professionals specialized in different areas.

During your chosen Master’s program, you will be able to carry out a real-life internship working on various projects, collaborating in a team coordinated and supervised by our professional lecturers.

At the conclusion of the Master’s Course, the following are awarded:

  • Certification of skills, listing the technical-operational skills acquired and the tools and software used;
  • The certificate of profit and attendance, certifying actual attendance and the grade obtained in the final examination.

To find out more about starting courses, attendance arrangements, and more,