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Courses for unemployed people: how to retrain

Are you searching for courses for unemployed people because you have recently completed your education but haven’t secured a job yet? Or, have changes impacted you and you are now finding it challenging to redirect your career due to difficulties in obtaining new employment?

Any age, experience, or career bracket could be affected by this state of unemployment. What is important is to know that for every circumstance there is a solution. For example, if you fall into the under-30 category, I suggest you evaluate the Course with the Internship that Digital Coach® proposes. In this way, you could complete the schooling that did not provide you with the necessary practical experience, or you could find valid help to get back into the labor market.

On the other hand, if you are over 30, you could take advantage of the opportunity to improve your training by attending updating courses for unemployed people or changing your profession radically: have you ever considered opening an e-commerce business?

In any case, whatever your motivation, enrolling in courses for unemployed individuals demonstrates that you are making the right assessments. The HR departments of companies tend to evaluate more favorably those candidates who, during their period of unemployment, have managed to create for themselves a path of professional improvement. Following a training path, especially through courses designed for unemployed people, is therefore advisable, as it allows you to remain competitive in the labor market.

In the digital sector, this becomes even more essential as it is a sector that is constantly evolving. Therefore, in order not to be excluded from selections, it is necessary to stay updated continuously. This rule applies even if you have years of experience behind you.

Free training courses for unemployed people

Unemployment is a problem everywhere, which is why the Internet offers training catalogs with a wide choice of courses for unemployed individuals.

There is also the possibility of taking free courses, such as the free online SEO course or the free internet marketing course, which are a good start to get your bearings and understand which digital profession is more up your alley.

The web therefore provides a rich list of initiatives that aim to help unemployed and unemployable people get back into the world of work. These projects attract many users who, being unemployed, prefer to use free resources. However, it is necessary to analyze what they offer for their free service and what the requirements are, such as

  • residence in the region/area of the course, because being regional you need to be resident in the region where the service is provided;
  • age limits;
  • limits on periods of unemployment, i.e. you must have been unemployed for a certain amount of time, but if you receive NASPI you cannot enroll;
  • you can only use these courses for unemployed people once.

These limitations may prove to be an obstacle and, therefore, not within everyone’s reach precisely because of the lack of some attribute, leading those concerned to find solutions that suit their situation.

Difference between unemployed and unemployable

Let’s clarify the distinctions between being “unemployed” and “unemployable”:

Unemployed: individuals who have previously worked but are currently without a job, either because they’ve left voluntarily or were let go.
Unemployable: on the other hand, it describes someone who has never held a job, often due to lacking the skills, experience, or qualifications employers seek.

While these terms may seem to refer to similar situations, the difference significantly affects eligibility for support and benefits. For example, unemployed individuals may receive a stipend such as the NASPI in some places, providing financial support while they look for new employment. However, there’s typically no equivalent financial assistance for those deemed unemployable.

In terms of benefits from an employer’s perspective:

  • Unemployed: employers might receive subsidies or reduced contributions when they hire someone unemployed, particularly if they are under a certain age, such as 34;
  • Unemployable: there may be broader incentives available to encourage the hiring of those considered unemployable, such as younger individuals who have never worked before (e.g., NEETs up to 29 years old), including potentially more significant contributions or tax benefits.

This distinction highlights the different approaches and support mechanisms in place for those seeking employment, based on their previous work history and current employment status.

Youth Guarantee

The European Plan has decided to combat youth unemployment with funding schemes for Member States. Therefore, if you are between 15 and 29 years old, you can take advantage of this initiative, called Youth Guarantee, free of charge. There are several dedicated areas: youth guarantee and training courses:

  1. Welcome
  2. Orientation
  3. Training
  4. Accompaniment to work
  5. Apprenticeships
  6. Internships
  7. Civil service
  8. Support for self-entrepreneurship
  9. Professional mobility
  10. Distance learning
  11. Employment bonus.

The advantage for companies is to receive an incentive for internships and apprenticeships or possible transformation into employment. Many young people fall into the NEET, i.e. young people neither study, work, nor participate in unemployed courses.

In 2016, the funding received ran out, but in 2017 Europe allocated new resources to continue with this project, which currently runs until 2020. It therefore becomes important to start researching how to move forward, even if Europe no longer provides funding.

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Training for the over 40s and 50s

Support in returning to employment isn’t exclusive to the younger demographic. Quite frequently, individuals lose their jobs and find themselves without the necessary modern training and knowledge to come back into the job market. This challenge is particularly pronounced for those aged over 40 and 50, who may struggle to adapt to the rapid changes of today’s professional environment.

As technology and the use of various IT tools evolve at a breakneck pace, maintaining competitiveness in the job market demands an enhancement and refreshment of one’s professional abilities. This often involves venturing into new and growing fields, such as digital professions, for which we offer training courses dedicated to the unemployed.


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If you really want to do something you will find a way… If you don’t really want to you will find an excuse.
(Jim Rohn)

Courses for unemployed people and Digital Marketing

With the development of social media and e-commerce, the digital sector is also expanding, creating a real job market that is developing new sectors and increasingly requires qualified, specialized, and constantly updated personnel.

Training in the digital market… You may never have thought about it before, but if you can be open-minded enough and see your unemployment as an opportunity, you can look at jobs you would not even have imagined. A new era has begun, that of the 4th industrial revolution with Industry 4.0 as its protagonist, where digital technologies will develop in certain areas:

  • data utilisation, i.e. computing power and connectivity
  • analytics, to extract value from the work done in data collection
  • interaction between man and machine, such as augmented reality
    transition from digital to real, such as the 3D printer.

A European Union study claims that in the next few years, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. New jobs will therefore be created to replace traditional ones. However, to prevent this technological revolution from claiming victims and leaving behind an endless trail of unemployed people, it is necessary to anticipate and follow training courses for unemployed individuals to acquire and improve the digital skills that are becoming increasingly important.

One of the enormous advantages of this digital world is the breaking down of space and time barriers, which, by facilitating communication, would considerably solve the unemployment rate, which is undoubtedly higher in certain areas of Italy such as the south.

Everything can take place via PC or smartphone: from the first interview to training, to meetings, to the exchange of information, creating a practical link without having to face too many logistical difficulties for those who, for example, live in areas that are less well served than large cities, or simply to better manage a business from a distance.


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Catalog of marketing courses for unemployed individuals

Digital Coach fits perfectly into this “New Era” thanks to courses for unemployed people. It can offer adequate preparation for your job requirements, breaking down those space-time barriers. The attendance system is based on the online and on-demand mode thus ensuring that you can train anywhere from any country and place.

During the lessons, you will be able to study directly in practice and to:

  • use the software in their free version;
  • create your social profiles;
  • generate accounts for operational tools;
  • realize some online advertising campaigns;
  • blog writing;
  • build your website in WordPress;
  • manage an e-commerce shop.

The training plan consists of 29 modules divided into 3 areas (WEB area, Social, e-commerce) as indicated below:


Digital Strategy online & offline integration

Seo Base: positioning on search engines

Sem Base & Display Advertising

E-mail Marketing

Web Analytics Basis

Mobile Marketing

E-commerce Strategies & Management

Website Creation & WordPress

Affiliate Marketing

Location Based Marketing



E-Commerce Software & Magento

Seo Advanced

Sem Advanced: programmatic & real time bidding

Web Analytics Advanced

User Experience

E-Commerce Regulation



Facebook Advertising

Facebook Community Marketing

Youtube & Online Video Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Digital Storytelling

WordPress for blogging & Seo Copywriting

Digital PR

Web Reputation & Social Media Monitoring

Personal Branding & Professional Success

Instagram & Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing & Blogging

Twitter & New Social Media

There are different study plans. Some of our training courses include an internship, which gives you a great advantage when entering the job market. Other plans include between one and four real practice placements, which we call Work Experience (WEX). It is called real practice because, at the end of these months, you will have done real work that you can put on your CV or start filling your portfolio to show in case you want to freelance.


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