Online Digital marketing Courses with Certificate

Discover the power of online marketing with our comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an established professional, our digital marketing training courses cover all aspects of the subject (Web, Social Media, eCommerce).

They are designed to train and specialize:

  • University students eager to blend practical skills with theoretical knowledge in digital marketing.
  • Marketing veterans or professionals transitioning from traditional advertising.
  • Independent freelancers and consultants seeking to broaden their expertise.
  • Entrepreneurs, both men and women, steering small businesses or startups.
  • Job seekers aiming to enhance their skill set for better employment opportunities in the digital realm.

With Digital Coach®, flexibility is at your fingertips. Each course is available on-demand, allowing you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you best. Don’t miss out! Explore our course offerings below and learn how you can earn a coveted certificate in digital marketing.

Online digital marketing courses with Specialist Certification

digital marketing specialist course

Digital Marketing Specialist Course

Duration: 283 HOURS.


Web Analytics Specialist Course

Duration: 102 HOURS.


SEO-SEM Specialist Course

Duration: 150 HOURS.

web content editor certification

Web Content Editor Course

Duration: 140 HOURS.


Web Marketing Specialist Course

Duration: 147 HOURS.


Social Media Specialist Course

Duration: 126 HOURS.


E-commerce Specialist Course

Duration: 164 HOURS.


SEO Specialist Course

Duration: 108 HOURS.

 Digital Marketing Courses with Manager Certification

Corso con certificazione in E-Commerce Manager

E-commerce Manager Course

Duration: 276 HOURS.


Social Media Manager Course

Duration: 238 HOURS.

Corso con certificazione in Seo Manager

SEO Manager Course

Duration: 262 HOURS.


Web Content Manager Course

Duration: 196 HOURS.


Web Marketing Manager Course

Duration: 259 HOURS.

Digital Marketing Master Course

Scopri il Master in Marketing Digitale

Master Digital Marketing

Duration: 171 HOURS.

Master Internship Program

Master Internship Program

Duration: 227 HOURS.

Scopri il master in marketing sul web

Master Web Marketing

Duration: 70 HOURS.

Learning Objectives of Online Courses

business woman

Are you looking for a career in marketing and communication companies but you see that most job offers require web, social and digital skills that you have not been trained in?

business man

The company and the sectors you have worked in for many years have entered a crisis and are in a decline, while you have noticed how web, social and mobile have extraordinary growth prospects.

certificate icon
You are a graduated but after years of studies you realise that university provided you with training in areas with no job offer. You have to realize that you need digital marketing online training and acquire the most demanded skills for young people.
man icon
You are a small business owner or self-employed person who needs to increase sales and reduce costs. The right way could be to exploit the potential of digital marketing.
online freelance icon
You would like to become a ninja marketer or an established marketing and communication consultant and have you see that these worlds are increasingly shifting to web and social.
woman icon

You dream of opening your own online business and working where and when you want, having no bosses and earning much more than now.

All these situations have the same starting point, the need to:

digital marketing courses objectives

Earn a Certification in Digital Marketing from a Leading Online Training Provider.

student icon digital

Upon completing our online digital marketing course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of:

  • The array of business tools currently available through the web, social media, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Strategies to boost sales and enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.
  • Ways to cut costs and introduce innovative online services.
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Enhance your professional skill set with specialized digital marketing training. This training empowers you to harness the full potential of digital tools for both your company and your career.

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Join an academy and become part of a community of Web and Social Media Marketing specialists. Here, you can engage in meaningful discussions, collaborate on projects, share experiences, and explore new opportunities.

If your goal is to become a digital marketing professional, ask for more information on how you can achieve this.

digital marketing online training courses

Digital Marketing Courses Program

Digital marketing courses can be taken in the on-demand mode.

A training path composed of 2 complementary areas that you can also decide to attend individually, a total of 31 specialised modules on which you will be trained.

The opportunity for those who want to be a winner in their professional future and enter the world of Digital Business passes through an equally winning choice.

Available both in a live version, as an online distance learning course, and on demand through video recordings of the lessons.

How to take Digital Marketing Courses


You can follow our Course ONLINE LIVE from the comfort of your home, wherever you are, or attend them on demand with the ON DEMAND formula.

You can also choose a mixed solution, i.e. attend lessons on demand and participate in practical-operational exercises live online.

Via our E-Learning platform, you can remotely follow the lecture live online, ask questions, complete tests, view slides and receive training materials.

dedicated e learning platform


We offer the possibility, within 1 year of enrolment, to make up in the FAD formula in subsequent editions the modules that for whatever reason you were unable to attend.


Certification of skills: a certificate listing the technical-operational skills acquired, the notions studied, and the tools and software used. Certificate of Proficiency and Attendance: a second certificate in which we certify the actual attendance and the grade obtained in the final exam to which students are subjected at the end of the course.


You can choose to enrol in the entire Digital & Social pathway or just one of the two. 


Each module is taught by a different professional specialising in the discipline, who has worked on dozens/hundreds of web marketing, digital or social projects.

We are proud to say that ours are not university lecturers or teachers or trainers by profession, but rather Digital Coaches, i.e. highly specialised professionals with primary roles in important web agencies, or founders of their own agency/company, and who work daily on corporate projects in the Digital and Social fields.

Our Digital Coaches have been carefully selected by us and accustomed to training according to our methodologies and approaches characterised by concreteness, pragmatism, and the practical usefulness of what is taught.

In fact, we ask them to transfer practical, operational notions, many examples and real case histories that they have worked on, and we ask them to have a business-oriented approach in which they recount the reality of the hundreds of companies for which they have developed projects.

Work Experience Web and Social Media Marketing

We offer the opportunity, for those who have completed the lessons of the digital marketing courses for web marketing and social media marketing, to carry out a period of operational practice working on real projects within a team coordinated and supervised by 3 of our teacher-professionals.

This opportunity is also for those who have attended the ONLINE distance learning lessons. The aim is to gain practice and at the same time be able to include web and social media work experience in your CV.

digital marketing courses with wex


  • Lessons supported by practical tests + homework with video corrections
  • Strategies and best practices immediately applicable in the company.
  • Questions and interaction with lecturers in dedicated groups.


  • Practical-Operational approach with a strong focus on business turnover
  • Use of tools and software such as Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, etc.
  • Professional lecturers and contributions, for direct learning from digital experts.

Read what former students think

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 In all of them you will find their Full Name and direct link to their social profile. You can thus check their trustworthiness.


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