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The Digital Coach Brand Management course is a practical and comprehensive training course covering all the tasks and responsibilities expected of a Brand Manager in relation to promoting, protecting and managing a brand, product or service.

It was created to fill the skills gap that universities and generalist courses fail to provide. Designed on the basis of the direct experience of industry professionals, it provides practical knowledge useful for planning an effective marketing and Digital PR strategy. Definitely the best way to get great results from your investments (ROI).

Students will also acquire the skills to professionally manage every aspect of the brand in order to develop and maintain a strong relationship with customers. The Brand Management Course is characterized by its flexibility in attendance. In fact, it is possible to follow the lessons in the on-demand mode (video-recorded lessons to be watched at any time).

What does a Brand Manager do?

Brand management courses are just some of the courses offered as brand management training. All of them show a strong interest in this digital profession, but what exactly are its characteristics and peculiarities? What is the brand manager job description? Here are some of the main responsibilities carried out by a brand manager:

  • Performs market analysis and studies consumer preferences for the same product offered by competitors:
  • Defines the most effective integrated corporate communication strategy, both on-line (web and social media) and off-line;
  • Plans and coordinates the creation of online promotional campaigns on search engines, advertising channels and social channels;
  • Defines the company’s Content Marketing strategy and coordinates with the Social Media Manager, for the creation of quality content that creates engagement, and thus allows to engage / convert potential visitors into customers;
  • Coordinates and supervises the blogging and management activities of customers, fans of company pages and followers on social networks;
  • Measure customer satisfaction with your brand and implement corrective measures;

Without a doubt, attending a Brand Management Course and, consequently, becoming a professional in the sector involves a lot of commitment and desire, but also offers many satisfactions and rewards. It takes passion and desire to get fully immersed!

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What are the most important elements of Brand Management?

By the end of the Brand Management course, the core elements of brand-related communication strategies will be clear and well defined. Each of them will have a specific role and priority. In particular, here is what cannot be missing in a well-organised brand management plan:

  • Brand Awareness: being recognized in the midst of the competition. Making your brand recognizable will allow customers to choose the product right away because, first of all, it will choose the brand it trusts or knows the most, thereby beating the competition;
  • Brand identity: it represents what makes the product unique and inimitable. The purchase is not limited only to an object / service to buy, you are looking for an emotion that only that brand is able to transmit;
  • Brand image: the synthesis of opinion. How a brand is perceived by the customer, what idea was created in the communication path;
  • Brand Loyalty: a good customer is forever. Loyalty to the brand, a continuous communication that starts from mutual respect and continuous and requested presence;
  • Brand Equity: the time that creates value. The brand slowly acquires a continuous presence over time and has its own well-organized and recognizable history;

Basically, you need to learn how to sell; sell a product, a brand, an idea well. And even oneself if we so desire. For example, to assume the position of brand manager within a company, you have to sell yourself first.

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How do you become an expert in Brand Management?

Brand Management requires not only adequate training, but also work experience in the different areas that, as a brand manager, you will have to coordinate. The steps you will have to follow to become a certified brand manager are the following:

1) Train

Brand Management Course takes into account these training needs by providing the typical training contents of the Digital Marketing Course divided into 31 training modules, the brand management course will allow you to acquire not only theoretical skills, but also on the use of various tools.

The study plan includes the following training modules:

  • Digital strategy: online & offline integration;
  • SEO: search engine optimization:
  • SEM & display advertising: convert the traffic generated on your site;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Web analytics base;
  • Mobile marketing;
  • Inbound marketing & lead generation;
  • Facebook advertising;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Digital Pr;
  • Web reputation & social media monitoring;
  • Content marketing & blogging.

At the end of the Brand Management Course program, passing an exam allows you to obtain the Brand Management Certification and to take advantage of the Placement Service: you can enter your C.V. in Digital Jobs, the job portal of Digital Coach where you can find companies that hire in the digital field.

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2) Real Practicum (Work Experience)

Field experience is the most powerful learning by doing tool, as well as a pre-requisite required by Recruiters, which is why this Brand Management Course requires you to carry out an actual 8-month internship (work experience). These are 2 professional experiences lasting 4 months in each of the 6 professional areas you have chosen from the following:

  • Digital pr;
  • SEO copywriting;
  • Inbound marketing;
  • Content marketing/blogging;
  • Visual content/user experience;
  • Web analytics;
  • Social media marketing.

What will be the digital professions in the future?

At a time when it is not easy to orient oneself and understand what work will be required in the future, it is rightful to pause to better understand the market, then decide with full awareness. The digital sector is certainly the future, far exceeding initial growth expectations.

Brand management course FAQ

Some of the most important question about Brand management course

What is brand management course?

A brand management course is a training that focuses on teaching individuals the principles, strategies, and skills involved in effectively managing and developing brands.

What do you learn from brand management course?

In a brand management course, you can expect to learn a wide range of concepts, strategies, and skills related to effectively managing and developing brands.

For examples:

  • Brand strategy;
  • Brand identity;
  • Brand positioning;
  • Brand communication.
What qualifications do I need to be a brand manager?

The qualifications required to become a brand manager can vary depending on the company, industry, and specific job requirements. It’s very important to update continuously your skills and staying informed about industry trends can help you stand out as a qualified brand manager. So to follow a course on demand can be to best choise to do.


What is brand management example?

There are some important examples that can show how effective brand management can create a distinct identity, foster consumer loyalty, and influence purchasing decisions. Successful brand management involves aligning the brand’s values, messaging, and experiences across various touchpoints to create a strong and memorable brand image.

Some of the best brand management examples are:

  • Coca cola;
  • Nike;
  • Amazon;
  • Google;
  • Starbuks.


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